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Lexus RX 450h Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ravl1ravl1 Posts: 1
    Hello everyone

    I am trying to buy Rx400h in the seattle area and it seems like there its a tough shot with few dealers around here and very low inventory..
    can some one please share prices paid recently for the '07 ?
    Any tips to negotiate would also be very helpful

  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    Hi Ravl1...I live in Redmond and bought my 2005 RX from Lexus of Riverside (Southern California)and had it shipped up here (about $500-$600). That was still a significant savings over the cost of buying locally. You might want to try the same with the 400h. There have been several Southern California dealerships mentioned in these forums that provide good purchase experiences with better pricing than those in the PNW. Good luck, and let us all know what you find! I am also interested in the 400h when my current RX 330 lease expires in a year.
  • I am very interested in a similar car but AWD. Your price seems great!!Would you be so kind to tell me the name of the dealership?
    Thank you very much,
  • I think this is a good deal, based on my recent experience. I also had a .00165 money factor, even with a credit score of 805. All the other numbers are similar to mine, except that I added 8k miles per year to your figures. I paid $1000 over invoice, so your deal is better.

    The sales floor featured a large sign about the $600, at least giving the impression that the dealer "couldn't" get that fee waived. Of course, they can take more off the car price...
  • Newport Lexus and Westminster Lexus. I started with Westminster, told them I had a direct connection with Newport (which was true), got Westminster to offer me invoice, then went to Newport, got a match, then went back to Westminster for under invoice price.
  • Ethan what was your salesmans name? Will call now! Thanks!
  • Hi,

    We got the final price of 2006 Lexus 400h with preimum package for $41900 out of door price (including TTL). This new car has 36k milage on it already. Is that a good deal? Also I don't get it how come the preimum package has everything (heated seat, leather trimmed interior....but no navigation) That's not the specifications on Lexus web site.
  • Forgot to mention that it's AWD with heated seat, rain-sensing intermittent wipers with mist cycle and sun-roof. We are in DC area.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Just a heads up that the sub-thread of Lease Offer Evaluation was moved to the discussion Lexus RX 330 / RX 350 / RX 400h: Lease Questions
  • pman7pman7 Posts: 1
    Hi merick, what is the final price you received from Westminster? Is this an AWD? Thanks,
  • apg97ssapg97ss Posts: 21
    seems this site has gone a bit quite. can someone share recent price experiences, particularly for premium, NAV version w MSRP of 49,886. references i have seen in this site are all wrt a lease, not purchase. that make a difference in purchase price?
    Also, first conversation w dealer suggests they want $795 to complete the install of XM. what experience on that.
  • eshapireshapir Posts: 24
    It shouldn't make the least bit of difference. For my lease we first discussed purchase price and then calculated monthly payments, etc.

    The best I found was $44,549 and don't buy from any dealer who says that these things have been going very near retail price because they're so hot. Call around or submit pricing requests on this site and only ask to speak to the internet sales manager.

    Good luck.

  • merickmerick Posts: 8
    for a 2007 front wheel drive 400h with navigation, i paid 42,687. I had my XM radio installed with a recharging auxilliary direct ipod connection at HB Auto sound for $500. xm radio goes right through the navigation screen and works great, including live sports scores updated almost instantly on the screen. i would avoid the dealer cause you won't get the ipod hook up as far as i understand.
  • merickmerick Posts: 8
    42,687 was final price for purchase, not lease........front wheel drive. i just bought cables for going in the snow..$70.
  • apg97ssapg97ss Posts: 21
    Thanks Ethan
    I submitted bids through Checkbooks CarBargains service. They are supposed to shop the deal to 7 local dealers and come back w best price. I will post on site what they come back with to help others (assuming it is good deal). My first pass w salemen at $600 over invoice got nowhere, so appreciate your advice to work w internet sales mgr.
  • suvnowsuvnow Posts: 2
    Hi Merick! I'm talking with Westminster, among others, for an AWD RX400h, Nav, Mark Levinson, 18" alloy, tow prep, wood trim, etc. Did you say that $42,687 was what you PAID? That means that Tax, Title and License were included in that price? I'm only getting around 46,000 offer price, and then it's another 10% roughly, for TTL. Is that any good? I'm looking at a color that is hard to find! :) I'm also looking in the Bay Area, since we spend time north and south.
  • apg97ssapg97ss Posts: 21
    i think Merick's price is for FWD not AWD. Closest compare is Ethan's at about 45,500 but that is without Mark Levinson, so 46,00 may not be bad? Maybe Ethan will clarify
  • eshapireshapir Posts: 24
    The thing about TTL is that you can't get around having to pay for it and its included in both leases and purchases/finances. Its a forgone conclusion, so most people just refer to their purchase price + TTL. I live in NY so our sales tax was 8.0375% plus the registration of $129. Thats probably the only stuff a purchase would have in addition to the purchase price (there may be dealer prep fees but check out ( to see if its a BS fee.

    FWD is not as expensive as AWD by the way and they can be bought for a few thousand less. If we're talking about the car with a MSRP of $49,886 then we're probably talking about the same options, AWD, Premium Plus, 18" alloy wheels, Nav, Heated Seats/Rain Wipers, NO Mark Levinson, etc....

    If you're getting Mark Levinson, u got to figure thats worth an additional 1-2k so I would compare your deal with the $49,886 MSRP car.

    Good Luck,

  • gtophgtoph Posts: 22
    What's the actual MSRP for the one you are looking at?
  • apg97ssapg97ss Posts: 21
    Hi Ethan.
    you seem to have gotten best price i have seen in this space. I am ready to get serious about purchase of 400h AWD/NAV over weekend. Where did dealers first open over invoice, how many iternations did it take to get near invoice, how many dealers did you play off against each other, and any other tactics you used would be appreciated. i made note of your advice of only dealing with internet sales mgr.
  • eshapireshapir Posts: 24
    I submitted pricing requests through first but of course all the dealerships called as opposed to emailing their quotes like I requested. The lowest offer I got was $45k from Prestige Lexus of NJ. I next called Ray Catena in NJ and asked if they'd match or beat the deal I received (didn't mention other dealership). If they wouldn't I was still happy with the price I was given. Surprisingly when you deal with the Internet Sales Mgr, they don't play games because they assume that you're an educated consumer. As a result there were 0 iterations before they gave their best price. Compare that to my experience when I walked in and test drove at Lexus of Manhattan. The sales rep. had the audacity to say that these cars were going for retail and that he was doing me a favor by knocking $1,500 of the retail and giving me a MF of 0.00175. No thanks, I'm not an idiot.

    Good Luck,

  • dalooshdaloosh Posts: 15
    Omigod, I just remembered Lexus of Manhattan last summer. They opened with something close to MSRP, when I came back with my offer (somewhere around $500 over invoice), they said they couldn't do that, which wasn't surprising, but they countered with something insulting, like $750 under MSRP. Never called them again, not gonna waste my time.

    Best of luck!
  • suvnowsuvnow Posts: 2
    Thx Tim,

    For that Prem Plus, Nav, Levinson, 18" wheels, Tow prep, etc that I mentioned before, actual MSRP was:
    $51346 and my price is quoted as 46288 plus tax and lic.

    Whaddya think? Any good?
  • gtophgtoph Posts: 22
    Just kidding :) Here's my story that I literally just completed this week.

    For reference we are talking about the same car with the 51346 MSRP:
    2007 Rx400H AWD
    prem plus
    nav/ml package
    18" wheels
    wood trim
    Tow Prep
    heated seats
    cargo mat or net (don't remember which)
    wheel locks

    pretty much everything except the RES and the cruise control.

    Please people, don't pay MSRP! Even if the deal says "these are hot cars... people are paying MSRP." I had one send me the edmunds TMV (MSRP) and the kbb value (over MSRP) and said something like "see this is what they are going for." Please! No knock to edmunds, and there are disclaimers about the TMV, but people are idiots for paying MSRP.

    1. Take five minutes to either talk in person, or send an email and you can at least get around 1000 off of MSRP.

    2. Take 20 minutes and you can get over a 1000 off... even if it's a "hot" car.

    Anywho, on with my story......
    There are all of 4 dealerships in my state (actually only 2 as each owns two stores). The best I could do through email/internet requests was in the 49.5k range. An actual visit to the closest dealer produced 48.5k after a half hour. Still not where I wanted to be mind you.

    Where did I want to be you ask? Well here's the numbers I came up with, some of which took some real digging, and there all approximate and from memory as I don't have my papers sitting in front of me....

    MSRP: 51346
    Invoice(1): 45741
    Invoice(2): 45259
    Invoice(3): low 44k (don't remember exactaly)

    Here's what the invoices mean:
    1) Invoice given from the deal and adds up with other figures that I'll explain later.
    2) What I call "public invoice" in that that any auto site will give you this one (if they can include the cargo & wheel locks)
    3) what I call the "true invoice". This is the one that took a little more digging. This figure factors in dealer holdback (pretty common knowledge these days), wholesale financial reserve, and TDA (toyota dealer advertising).

    Holdback on this specific car is 852 (2% of base msrp)

    fin. resv. to the best I can find out is 426 (1% of base msrp)

    TDA I couldn't find out specifically, but figured it was around 500 for this car. Which leads to invoices 1 & 2: a difference of 482 (the TDA fee).

    Now yes, it is a little "hotter" of a car that others, especially depending on the part of the country you are in. (I'm boiling here. :) ) Keeping that in mind, my plan wasn't to really dip into the hidden dealer profit (but definitely keep it in mind).

    Actually from many peoples accounts on this board, I contacted several of the southern cali dealers already mentioned and basically asked for the best deal they could give. I got a couple back (much less that I sent out) and, I don't want to say played them, but basically said here's what I currently have, can you do better. I only did this once or twice, which I why I would say I played them. :)

    Anywho, I ended up with a price of 46.65 which I thought was pretty reasonable, so I took it. Plus, at least here, the dealers want to tack on a $400 "dealer prep" fee to the final negotiated price... basically it takes someone an hour to peel off the plastic and put on a deal sticker. There was no such fee doing it this way, so the price really was 46.65.

    All of this doesn't include TTL by the way.

    Long story short, yes I think it's a great deal and would take immediately. Not that I can be bitter or anything as my deal is done, but ya beat me. :)

    Shoot me a message if ya have any more questions.
  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm in the negotiation phase now and have narrowed down to two dealers. I did all inquiries thru dealer websites to establish a contact and indicate my package preference (400h w/navigation, premium plus package, MSRP: $49,866). Once I was contacted, all of my negotiations have been thru email exchange.

    I started working with 8 dealers in the Maryland/Virginia area. The initial offers were just 1-2 thousand off the MSRP. But as I kept at, I narrowed it down to two dealers. I have now got the price down to $45,678 and am waiting to hear back from the other dealer (last offer was $45,979). Some dealears refused to budge below a certain price, so you can develop a feel as to what the best price you can get is.

    My target price was $45,000 to $45,500, so I feel happy with the price I've got.

    BTW, the cars come equipped differently depending on what part of the country you live. For the mideastern states, they come with or without navigation and specific options (e.g., 18" wheels, heated seats, etc.). With nav means the base price is $49,866. Since they are all the same, this makes negotiating a lot easier.

    I plan to go with one of the two dealers today and pick up my car tomorrow!!
  • apg97ssapg97ss Posts: 21
    Hello Rockville1,
    This is very valuable news. i also live in MD/VA and want to get a deal done in next day or so with exact model your are after. Would you be so kind to tell me what your final 2 dealers are and if you are going through salesman or internet manager.
    I worked through Carbargains, a service where they do some bidding for you, and results didnt come back too sweet. Best offers are in Baltimore area and would prefer to stay closer to DC.
    Also can you clarify if your offers have the usual tricks of added advertising fees (1.25% of MSRP?) and document prep fees, or if your 45,678 is all except TTL.
    Really appreciate help.
  • merickmerick Posts: 8
    my car was for a FWD, standard stereo system. I couldn't tell a whole lot of difference between the Mark Levinson system and the standard one so i went without. the lexus dealer would have had to special order that one cause they weren't selling the ones with the extra stereo cost. i'm still happy with my price i paid.
  • apg97ssapg97ss Posts: 21
    Hello Rockville:

    one more question. you have any discussion w dealer activating XM radio? I understand you can do w 3rd party aftermarket, but would prefer to have dealer do it. first pass, dealer quoted $795. assume can do better but wonder what are experiences are out there?
  • Great! I'm glad you found this info useful. The dealers I narrowed it down to were both in the Baltimore area (Lexus of Towson and Len Stoler Lexus). These dealerships are only 3 miles apart and they apparently compete aggressively for one-another's business. Two other dealers told me this after they couldn't match the Baltimore bids.

    Both salespersons were the Internet Sales managers at their locations. The quote of $45,678 from Towson said that was the final price except taxes and tags. I did not specifically talk about advertising fees, but I plan to take his email (with final price) with me and pull it out if they try to add any additional fees. I have never paid advertisging fees on any car I have bought. They usually balk when you try to get out of it, but they always bend on this fee.

    I did not check into satelite radio installation as I do not plan to have installed at the time, so I can't help you with that. I will ask about it tomorrow though.

    BTW, it takes a few back and forth exchanges to get the price down, so keep it at. It really helps if you can get some lower quotes from some other dealers first to use as leverage. Lexus of Annapolis was my 3rd lowest with a price of $46,860.

    I hope you find this info helpul.
  • apg97ssapg97ss Posts: 21
    First of all my great thanks to Rockville1 on this site. You lead to me a good deal with a dealer who was a straight shooter, offered a fair price, and provided excellent delivery exprience. I took Rockville1's homework and did a similar deal ($45,700+TTL) on the common 49,866 msrp nav/awd version through internet manager at Towson Lexus. For me, it was 60mile drive but worth it. Dealership was very professional, never played games, was willing to do all the bidding and Q&A process via e-mail. Took all the stress out of being under the hot lights and games with typical dealer experience. Any DC people out there, suggest you work with Towson Lexus. You will save big bucks and get good experience. Thanks to all at this site for the help. Particulary, Rockville1. I owe you and your wife a nice dinner (as soon as i figure out how to contact you).
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