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Lexus RX 450h Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • congrats on your hybrid purchase i know you will love the 400h. The CVT transmission you have in this vehicle is the smoothest you will ever drive, other than a slight feeling when the engine kicks in at certain times there should be no 'sputtering as if it has bad gas in it'. if this is happening particularlty at 35 to 45 mph this is not normal and has been noticed by a small number of 400h owners. It is a known problem\by lexus, some have tried to have thier computers reprogrammed by the dealer, computer chip replacement was the only thing that fixed it for others. Lexus corporate had to get involved for the chip replacement. Do not wait, make sure your dealer is aware of the problemm ASAP and insist on a repair that works.
  • Some Lexus dealers in the mid-atlantic are giving huge discounts on the 2006, 400h, trying to clear out their old inventory. I just got a 400h AWD with navigation, stick was $49.9, paid $44.5 + ttl. Yes, that's $5.5 off msrp. Most dealers will knock off at least $3,000 if you talk to them for more than five minutes. If your dealer wants more than this, go to another dealer. It really pays to shop around. p.s. The car is terrific, drives like a dream.
  • Hi,
    I'm looking to lease the RX 400h and I want to make sure I ask the right questions to calculate my lease. Are all these points available for disclosure by the dealer? Are there other questions I should ask? Thanks

    Money Factor
    Lease Inception Charge
    Lease APR
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,166
    Dealers aren't required to disclose the money factor.. However, the residual value is printed on the lease, and is set by LFS, and the dealer can't change it.

    If you want to know those numbers, ask Car_man here:

    Lexus RX 330 / RX 350 / RX 400h: Lease Questions

    Money factors and residuals vary by term/mileage, so be sure to let him know the parameters of the lease you are interested in.



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  • Tim - which dealer in mid-Atlantic? thanks!

    The ones I have called and on 2 occasions when I sat down in the office are only discounting half of what's shown.
    AWD + NAV = $47k.
  • 07 400h will have satellite radio capability, dealer installed xm, they are having serius problems with sirius working in that vehicle. aftermarket suppliers are working on it.
  • I'm considering to lease 328i coupe with sports package and heated seats. I'm willing to put down up to $3500(everything included) and would like to keep my payments under $500(tax included) Is it possible?
  • The dealer I bought from was Lexus of Towson, in Maryland. I highly recommend them: best price, curteous and honest. The best car buying experience I've had. My first contact was using the Internet to get a quote, then follow up negotiations on the phone. They will actually talk price, in a serious fashion, on the phone. The pick up was smooth, and I love the car. Good luck.
  • tim - strange - they're the 1st one I went to but wouldn't go lower than $47ish.

    Thanks for the info thou.

    BTW - is your 400h a gold one by any chance?
  • I would think that it's dependent on the day of the month, the day of the week, and as we get to the end of the 2006s, you can score some great deals, depending on what's on the lot.

    At the time of my deal $4300 was the best I'd heard of, but within days, we saw $5500 appear. I have no regrets, it was the right time (needed a car within five days), right color (had trouble locating Neptune Blue), right dealer (good location, will use them for service).

    You should try them again.
  • Hi ravlegend: Hmmm, I think I got the last '06 on the Towson lot. they probably have to go to another dealer to get one now. Have you considered the '07. MSRP came down about $3,400, but you have to add on $1,200 premium package to get some of the stuff you might want. That's still alot less than for the '06. Towson seemed the dealer that most wants to move cars. Decide what you want to pay, make them an offer (via Internet, then call when you get the email back) and stick to it. If they don't take it, take the offer to another dealer. I'd try Lindsey Lexus in Alexandria next, they have alot of '06. I wanted a flint mica or bamboo. The bamboo is what I got from Towson. Lindsey has a flint mica, but wanted more money, $47, but I didn't really negotiate cause Towson's deal was the best.
  • I know 2 days ago they hv a silver, a white one and a dk grey - not my colors of choice. So I search a bunch of dealers surrounding MD & did locate another 2006 of my color (bamboo) with NAV for $45K even + TTL.

    Almost seal the deal (within 5 minutes) when another dealer called back and counteroffer me a similarily equipped 2007 for $3k less MSRP- which was LOWER than what my local dealer mentioned above was offering for a 2006. :confuse:

    Needless to say a happy camper & thanks to everyone on board.
  • Hi ravlegend, Was the bamboo with NAV that you got for 45 an AWD? What dealer did you get it from? Sounds like you got a great deal. I know you're going to love the car.
  • Can someone explain to me what is TTL? Thanks!

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,166


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • Has anyone purchased a 2007 RX400H yet? I just test drove a 2006 and would like to wait for a 2007. The MSRP I'm looking at is about 51,841 with everything...but of course I'm not going to pay that. But who knows how much I can negotiate off a new car? :(

  • The dealers here in the NY metro area all told me end of September, beginning of October for 2007s. One said maybe the middle of the month. They were getting their last 2006s in the beginning of September.
  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155
    The 07 400hs have been delivered in the Seattle area. My dealer received about 10 and all are sold but one, although that one probably is gone now too. I looked at them but did not have time to test drive. The new gray color (forget the Lexus name for it) looks very sharp. The dealer is selling them at msrp and I did not feel that this early there is much give on that but expect there will be as more allotments come in and the early buyers are taken care of. The advantage of buying an 06 this month is that they are probably under msrp and also have the tax credit too. No tax credit for the 07 and at least initially may be at full price.
  • I just ordered one during the weekend at Fremont (CA) Lexus. This is a 2007 400h AWD with MarkLevinson/Navi package.
    MSRP is $51346. Bought it for a little less than $48500 +TTL.
    I didn't test drive the 2007 but it looks nicer and better than the 2006. The Navi is improved. I tested the 2006 model and liked it very much already.
  • I'm driving my 10 days "new" 2007.

    I believed the only exterior difference is the HYBRID badging on the side door bumpers. Interior may be an addition of a coin holder. Couldn't compare the nav system since I haven't seen the 2006 version.

    Premium Plus Package
    18" wheel
    Heated Seats
    Wood trims

    MSRP - $49885
    $46700 + TTL
  • Nice going ravlegend!

    A number of people have reported that the new Nav is better resolution and better layout of some controls. Can't cry over spilt milk, and since I've never had any nav before, it's like magic to me!

    Is the badging on the back also different, or is it just the side badging?

    Seems stupid Lexus didn't include a coinholder for 2006, we asked the dealer if he had any from demo or lender RXs, he just climbed into an RX and gave us a coin holder.

    There's some talk that the IRS extended the hybrid credit to 2007 400hs on September 22, but as of Sept 20, no new from the IRS or any written confirmation from anyone. Hope it's true, tho, as we are coming up on Oct 1 mighty fast.

    best of luck to the new owners, we're loving ours!
  • Hi All,

    Just purchased a 2007 400H (Flint Mica)with Premium plus package, Nav, & Wood trim for 46K +TTL. I researched online, and went to 2 dealerships. In the end, I couldn't stand the dealership games. Also, I felt like "carsdirect" did the bait and switch when it came to the price shown online versus the actual price quoted on the phone.

    We ended up using a car broker that was recommended to us. Since we didn't get the AWD, I worry that we may have over paid--then again, it is nice that the car is being dropped off at our door tomorrow--no 4 hours at the dealer stuff.

    I am so excited!
  • daloosh:

    Badging on the back seem the same as before from memory.
    The side HYBRID badging is very subtle-doesn't really screams.

    Also info on the tax credit on a 2007 400h:
  • jkjjkj Posts: 4
    I drove a 400h on Thursday and was pretty impressed. Just to get a feel for the pricing I submitted a request via Costco. The pricing was $1500 over invoice for a 350 and $500 below MSRP for the 400h. That still leaves a big spread in the profit for the dealer that will be hard to make up in gas savings (I live in DC and the fact that the 400h will not require the 7% sales tax plus the $1100 tax credit can offset the higher MSRP). I'm wondering what others are actually paying the DC area for the 400h. I drove the car at Lexus of Rockville, but could also go to other Lexus dealers in the area if the pricing is better. I really like the idea of having an SUV that gets better mileage, but I would like to see the better mileage as also actually saving money and for that to occur I would need to see sales price for the 400h in the same range over invoice as the 350, i.e., something like $1000 to $1500. Is that doable right now?

    Also, I see lots of references to the MF and residual for Lexus on this board, but I'm wondering if there is a place where you can find this information for all Lexus cars. I also have a BMW and the lease rate for all cars from BMW Financial Services are posted monthly on the Bimmerfest board.

    Finally, how about real world experience with gas mileage with mainly in town (DC) and suburb driving? We have a Pilot now and average in the low teens at best in the city.

  • If I recalled, the lowest priced 2006 was approx. 45K at the end of September for the options I was looking into & the invoice price was approx. 43K - so the spread is about $2k above invoice.

    So unless the demands dry out, I doubt you could get a 2007 400h for $1500 above invoice unless you wait out for the 2008 models to arrive .

    I wind up buying my 2007 for $2700 above invoice ($44k invoice / $46.7K price paid / MSRP $49.8) from out of state in NJ.

    The real world mileage (also another thread) of our car depends on who's driving.
    When my wife drives it - it's mid 20's because she drives it "normally". When I drives it, it's in the hi 20's/lo 30's.
  • Hey guys i am new to the board and have been looking for either a gs350 or rx400h. While the prices might be close for both cars with nav and other options, the lease prices are worlds apart. I was recently quoted by lexus dealer that he could give me the 400h with flint mica and nav for 534 a month.

    His offer:

    MSRP: 49,887
    Sell Price: 45,051

    36month/15k a year : 2500 down + (tax + inception fees) : $533.94 a month.

    Lexus leasing is kind of confusing to me because the gs350 lease i was quoted was always around 700-800 with nav and almost identical sales price. So can someone let me know if this is a good deal or should i try to go lower.
  • All -

    About to buy a 400h/AWD/Nav/RSE/Levinson/Premium Plus/18"/heated/cruise/36mo/15,000/0 down w/740 FICO

    Thus far I got .00173/55%/1,500 below MSRP/ w/0 down

    Any good?

  • Hey hybridhysteria, i too want to lease this car and this is the information i have gotten so far:

    2007 Lexus RX400h 5dr Hybrid AWD w/RSE & Navigation / (11)

    24 mo/15k mi – Residual Value 63% of MSRP – .00145 Base Money Factor Rate
    36 mo/15k mi – Residual Value 55% of MSRP – .00145 Base Money Factor Rate
    48 mo/15k mi – Residual Value 43% of MSRP – .00145 Base Money Factor Rate
    60 mo/15k mi – Residual Value 30% of MSRP – .00255 Base Money Factor Rate

    36 mo/12k mi – Residual Value 57% of MSRP – .00145 Base Money Factor Rate
    48 mo/12k mi – Residual Value 45% of MSRP – .00145 Base Money Factor Rate
    60 mo/12k mi – Residual Value 32% of MSRP – .00255 Base Money Factor Rate

    i notice the money factor and the residual are a little off.
  • This site was a lifesaver! One dealer brought in the worst offer seen, and I could tell because you kind folks taught me the cost elements as I perused the site early this morning. Thanks for this resource!

    Here's what Pohanka of Chantilly, VA offered (doesn't the last day of the month matter to these folk?) for a 2007 400h/AWD/Nav, 36 mos, 20k mi/year (I drive a lot), FICO of 805:

    MSRP 49886 / Price 47700 / Residual 51.5% / MF .00195 / TTL $3500 :mad:

    Here's what Lindsay of Alexandria, VA, er, well, sold to me today:

    MSRP 49886 / Price 45565 / Residual 51.5% / MF .00165 / TTL $3100 :shades:

    Neither dealer had any problem sharing the MF, actually. Once I asked questions about residual, MF, etc., they were forthcoming with all. I am somewhat amazed at the difference, these dealerships are roughly 20 miles apart.
  • I just purchased a 2007 400h FWD with navigation for a price of $42,787 + TTL in Orange County, CA ($500 below invoice). I probably could have gotten another $250 or $500 more below invoice but didn't have the time. Basically got 2 dealerships in same area who don't really like each other bidding for my purchase.
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