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Lexus RX 450h Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I don't have a link at my fingertips (shouldn't be that hard to find on google or yahoo) but yes, it is well known that the Ford hybrid vehicle uses basically a FIRST generation Toyota hybrid system (ala the original Prius; the newer Prius is 2nd generation, the 400h third generation). And yes, I heard from several sources that there was a patent dispute and Toyota (being the leader in this area and holding basically all relevant patents) licensed some of its hybrid patents to Ford.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 30,783
    I heard from several sources that there was a patent dispute and Toyota (being the leader in this area and holding basically all relevant patents) licensed some of its hybrid patents to Ford.

    Toyota may not hold all the hybrid patents. It is in court.

    A Toyota spokesperson confirmed the lawsuit, but said that company policy prevented comment about pending litigation.

    Solomon alleges that the hybrid transmission drive in the Toyota Prius and Highlander infringes a number of claims contained in its U.S. Patent No. 5,067,932.

    hybrid lawsuit
  • one of my buddies is on a very long waiting list for a 400h. i thought i'd post here to see if there is any availability at below msrp in california. we live in the bay area. thanks.
  • I received a price quote in NJ for a 400H with all options except rear entertainment for monthly lease of $558 and out of pocket (1st month, bank fee, MV/doc, tire tax, cap cost) of $6000, and MSRP quoted was 49,930. This is my first time leasing and not sure if this is a good deal I am getting… Any info would be appreciated.
  • Just bought (yesterday) a RX400h in Oxnard for nearly $2000 below sticker. We just walked in, test drove one of the five they had sitting around and bought it. All we did was ask them to match an email offer extended by Lexus of Thousand Oaks. There is no reason to wait and pay sticker, they are available below if you go to the right spot.
  • Congratulations! I bought mine in Bakersfield CA Nov.15th. We were on the waiting list for about 2 weeks. I only received a $500 discount and paid cash. Bummer! We live in the Central Coast and just as easily gone to Oxnard. The only real negative in the buying experince was the Finance lady who would not let up on trying to sell the extended warranty, she gave me the worst migraine,and actually convinced me the 400h was going to fall apart when it left the lot. I almost didn't buy the 400h. The other problem is my Motorola Razor bluetooth phone won't put numbers from phonebook into car bluetooth correctly. Going to exchange for new phone this week. I wish they would of offered cargo mat that others received.
  • mobymmobym Posts: 1
    I'm in Princeton and was quoted 621/mo with 12K miles/yr with 5700 down, so your deal sounds better. Which dealer do you use?
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    FYI - Sony Ericcson (SE) cell phones are the only Bluetooth compatible handsets that will transfer the entire phone book with no hassles or issues. If you dont have a SE cell phone borrow one to send the entire phone book to the vehicle's onboard Bluetooth system. There after you will be able to add individual contacts one at a time.

    First pair the SE with the vehicle. Extract the SIM card from your cell phone and place it into the SE GSM phone. Please note the telephone numbers must be on the card not in the phone memory otherwise the contacts will not be transferred.

    Next follow the instructions in the SE owners manual and your are set. Return the SIM card to your phone. Good luck! ;)
  • I'm looking to buy a RX 400h with nav, rear-seat entertainment, Mark Levinson, and heated front seats. MSPR is $52,748. Any idea how much I can get this car for? I'm in the NY Metro area if that makes any difference. Seems like it's been many weeks since ppl have posted price info and I wanted to get the latest. Thanks so much.
  • ctoddctodd Posts: 1
    I bought a fully loaded RX400h just before year end. I think Lexus had given their dealers some incentive to sell a lot in the last month of the year. The MSRP was about $52,700 and I paid $49,000, or a discount of $3700. I bought from Longo Lexus in El Monte Calif. They delivered the car to me in the San Francisco area; they drove it up and the driver flew home at no extra charge.
  • My deal was with Ray Catena lexus in new jersey
  • Lexus of LV is offering $3,500 off of MSRP on the RX400h via their internet sales dept (request a dealer quote thru Keep it in your back pocket and press for the best deal. The onsite salesman will start you off at an $1,800 discount. Then pull out the email to get yourself even more. I got $3,900 off (lease) after showing my distaste for the "game." Nav, Mark Levinson, etc., MSRP $49,988.

    Separately, does anyone know if you can get the hybrid tax credit if you lease (36 mos)?
  • Answering my own question...

    YES, both purchases and leases qualify for the tax credit. The credit for RX400h is estimated to be $2,200. ( )

    BTW- I was very reluctant to go Lexus, but I LOVE my RX400h. It rides SO much better than the RX330 thanks to the ECVT. It feels like it is floating. I have an Audi with CVT and hated the RX330's rough and clumsy ride.

    BTW2- The Range Rover Sport was my 1st choice, but decided to keep an open mind. Glad I did b/c it saved me $17K. Plus, I bought myself 36 mos to wait for the RRS to come in a diesel or hybrid.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,860
    While not a tax expert by any means.. everything I've read suggests that you can't get the tax credit, if you lease... as the car is not in your name..

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  • Unfortunately, you are wrong. The 2006 tax credit can be taken ONLY if you purchase a qualifying vehicle. If you lease a car from a dealer, you CANNOT take the tax credit. I looked at the article you mention in your e-mail and, based on how it was written, I can understand why you thought your lease would apply. However, the Internal Revenue Service's guidance states as follows: The purchaser may claim a credit in the certified amount with respect to the vehicle if the following requirements are satisfied: (1) The vehicle is placed in service by the taxpayer after December 31, 2005, and is purchased on or before December 31, 2010. (2) The original use of the vehicle commences with the taxpayer.(3) The vehicle is acquired for use or lease by the taxpayer, and not
    for resale.(4) The vehicle is used predominantly in the United States." Thus, it would appear that you can purchase a qualifying car and take the credit even if you lease it out to someone else BUT you must be the owner of the car (not the lessee) to get the credit.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Thus, it would appear that you can purchase a qualifying car and take the credit even if you lease it out to someone else BUT you must be the owner of the car (not the lessee) to get the credit."

    I don't see it that way; it appears to me that item (3) indicates that it is the taxpayer who is getting the lease:

    The vehicle is acquired for use or lease by the taxpayer, and not
    for resale.

    I would consult a professional tax consultant on this one...
  • Item (3) does not stand by itself - you have to read it in context with the start of the sentence which states "The PURCHASER may claim a credit in the certified amount with respect to the vehicle if the following requirements are satisfied....(3) The vehicle is acquired for use or lease by the taxpayer, and not for resale" Thus, you have to be the PURCHASER of the car AND also satisy the items set forth in the IRS's guidance to take advantage of the credit. The IRS website has press releases and memos that clearly set forth what this provision means. There are also several sites with articles written by tax experts stating the same thing. If I get a chance, I'll post some links.
  • Here are some links that might be helpful to those of you wondering whether the 2006 hybrid vehicle tax credit applies to you;
    This is the IRS's site and the above link goes to a recent press release.
    2) This article is written by William Perez, a tax professional who previously worked for the IRS and now works for a private CPA firm. He states in his article "There are three criteria to qualify for the hybrid tax credit:
    1. Purchase a qualifying vehicle in 2006.
    2. Purchase the vehicle new, not used.
    3. The vehicle must be used for your own personal or business use. The vehicle should not be bought with the intention of re-selling it."

    3) This is the Tax Incentives Assistance Project (TIAP) site. TIAP is a coalition of public interest nonprofit groups, government agencies, and other organizations in the energy efficiency field. In their FAQs section they state: " Who is eligible for the tax credits? Buyers and lessors of qualifying vehicles. For purchases by tax-exempt entities, however, it is the seller who is eligible for the tax credit. The benefit of the vehicle credit may be reduced or eliminated for taxpayers subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax; IRS will address this issue in future guidance."

    It is, of course, important to confirm this information with your own tax advisor. AND - the IRS might change its mind before the end of 2006 to allow lessees of hybrid vehicles take advantage of the credit.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 30,783
    I might add that if you keep the vehicle less than 3 years you may be subject to repaying some of the incentive. At least that was part of the former incentive.

    If any of these conditions change within 3 years of purchase, you may have to return some of the money saved by the deduction.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "tem (3) does not stand by itself - you have to read it in context with the start of the sentence which states "The PURCHASER may claim a credit in the certified amount with respect to the vehicle if the following requirements are satisfied..."

    I understand your argument, and I did read the entire context the first time. However, the taxpayer is the person applying for the tax credit, and the taxpayer has to be the leasee, so the only way I see it making sense is if it applies to both purchases and leases. It would make no sense to have the Purchaser someone other than the person filing the taxes (the taxpayer). Typical IRS poorly written guidelines. I stand by my interpretation, but I am not a tax professional.

    Anyway, as I said earlier, check with your tax professional.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,860
    ...on their website... that leasers can't take the credit.. Of course, they could be wrong...

    Individual purchasers of a Lexus RX 400h ...


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  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "...on their website... that leasers can't take the credit.. Of course, they could be wrong... "

    US Government DOE website says you can lease. Who knows?

    "Individuals and businesses who buy or lease a new hybrid gas-electric car or truck are eligible for, and can receive, an income tax credit of $250-$3,400 – depending on the fuel economy and the weight of the vehicle. "
  • The first paragraph of that article states as follows: "The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT), signed by President Bush on August 8, 2005, offers consumers and businesses federal tax credits beginning in January 2006 for PURCHASING fuel-efficient hybrid-electric vehicles and energy-efficient appliances and products". As I've said before, if you purchase the car you can then lease it and the PURCHASER can take the credit. As you know, the Department of Energy is not the IRS. However, in an effort to correct any confusion for people who visit the DOE's site, I have sent an e-mail to the Secretary of the department advising him of the sentence you cited and asking that they review the IRS's guidance and issue a clearer statement of their position on this matter.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    Yup, the government is speaking out of both sides of it's mouth again - as usual...

    However, I don't buy the "Purchase then lease"; I think that the original purchaser has to keep the vehicle. I realize that technically the leasing company owns the vehicle, so you may be correct.

    I think my original idea (not mine alone) is the best - consult your tax professional...
  • lexuslvlexuslv Posts: 4
    Thanks to all for the additional info (and interpretations). I'm sufficiently confused. Will seek advice from a pro at tax time.
  • lexuslvlexuslv Posts: 4
    UPDATE: Lexus is now offering unusually low money (lease) rates on the RX400h (.00146 = 3.5% APR). Rates went down President's Day weekend.

    I leased at a substantially higher rate a week prior and Lexus re-wrote the contract without any hesitation. I was WOWed. Again, I wasn't very keen on buying a Lexus, but the 400h has been great and I've been able to take their great customer service to the bank.
  • Don't hate me but I just paid 47500 for a fully loaded (had everything except the wood option and tow hitch and 12 miles on the clock)06 400h in the NE. E-mailed dealership on 27th asking for best price. E-mailed me back with 47500 on the 28th or 52and change on the 1st. Wasn't planning to buy so soon but the deal was too goodto pass up. Sat in it and test drove it for about 10mins the 1st time on the 28th came back in to the delaership and signed all the papers and paid. Picked it up today. I was not the most pleasant person to deal with as to be honest I don't like the flashy look of the car that much, nor the way it drives without a lot of torque, and think that the seats are not as comfortable as they might be but the Lexus service rep is true, they are really top notch. I was switching out of a X5 which I love (prices are all ex trade, before trade was even in the picture, but they gave me $500 more than BMW was going to give me on the trade which cut my taxes in half) mainly for environmental reasons, cost savings with the fuel economy, and because I am a pirahia in the pick up line at school with the X5. The 400 is a bit smaller than the X5 and my leg touches the center console where as it didn't on the X5 and the X5 had more comfortable seats also the X5 has better visibility (at 6'4" my eyes are at top of win screen level the drivers seat need to drop another inch or two, anyoe know if that can be done?) but drove it for a hour or so and considering that this car is about 20K less than a new X5 and easily get double the mileage than the X5 it isn't a bad car. Part of it I think is getting used to the electric acceleration vs the off the line torque punch of the X5 but I was able to pull in to traffic from a stand still in the 400 surprisingly well. The ride is very quiet compared to the X5 and the stereo impressive. I still have to figure out how all the systems work but te bottom line is that every minute that i spend in the car I like it more and miss my X5 less. The car is for the wife and is almost a foot shorter and loves it. Looks like I lucked out in spite of myself :blush: :D and i really have to commend the guys at the Lexus dealership, they couldn't have been more accomodating even though they made almost nothing on the car (took a peak at the invoice on the car when the finance manager wa out making copies). A class act and I will be seriously thinking about trading in my 7 series this fall when their big sedan comes out with AWD and hybrid.
  • kbsocalkbsocal Posts: 2
    I just bought a new FWD 400h with Nav, Mark Levinson, and heated seats from Longo Lexus in El Monte (So Cal) for $43,500 (+TTL)- less than the carsdirect price for the area. I agreed to the price over the phone with the internet department. And yes, they did put it in writing in an e-mail back to me. They e-mailed me a credit application which I faxed back. A few hours later, they sent me an interest rate quote and the financial terms of the deal.

    When I got to the dealership a few days later, I examined the car, the printed paperwork, and I was out of there with my new car in little over an hour! As smooth a car-buying experience as you can have and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them in the area (a complete opposite experience than with Santa Monica Lexus which tried to change the price on me after I got to the dealership)!

    I hope this information helps other prospective purchasers in the area.
  • Congratulations, looks like you got yours for the dealer's invoice price. My fully loaded AWD was about $400 over invoice. I guess they are heavily discounting the 400h now, surprising that they would have to as it is a phenomenal car. Can't wait to trade my 7 series for the 500+hp LS460L AWD hybrid late this year if the performance in this hybrid is anything to go by!
  • kenbtkenbt Posts: 33
    Can you tell me what the MSRP was on the RX400h?

    I want to try to configure the car on the website.

    I am located in San Pedro and Longo isn't that far away.

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