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Audi A3 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



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    ericlau01ericlau01 Member Posts: 15
    I received an offer from a dealer at Livermore Audi:

    2007 A3 2.0T Automatic
    Ocean Blue Exterior
    Grey Leather Interior
    S-Line Package
    Illumination Package
    Technology Package
    Cold Package
    Sky Roof Package

    MSRP ~$34k and as of 11/3/07, he is offering $30k just for me test driving it.

    I want to go to an extreme and start with $26k.

    With this time of the year, does it look insane?

    Anyone out there recently bought one and prices paid?
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    ssanders1ssanders1 Member Posts: 4
    I just purchased one yesterday, '07 A3 2.0T DSG Red from Audi of Concord, in the Bay Area.

    S-Line pkg
    Tech pkg
    Audio pkg
    Sky Roof pkg
    Cold pkg

    MSRP was $35,000. Dealer accepted my offer of $28,000 and even threw in the Audi Care plan because it is getting close to the end of the year. I guess they really wanted to get rid of their '07 cars and make room for the '08s.

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    ssanders1ssanders1 Member Posts: 4
    I don't see why it is insane to lowball it. It's the end of the year and it's to their advantage to see as may cars as they can to make their quota. Selling 20 cars looks better than selling 19, 100 is better than 99, etc...
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    jccai1jccai1 Member Posts: 113
    I'm in the Dallas area. There seems to be few A3 2.0T equipped with S-Line, especially one without Open Sky. The big sunroof is not very practical in hot Texas summers. I found one stickered at $33,420. Edmunds invoice shows $31,136. What would be a fair price for this car? What kind of deals are people getting on the 08 models? Thanks much!
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    lomlilomli Member Posts: 1
    Hey guys I'm so glad I found this forum. I tried out an A3 last week and am in love. I've always leased cars before, but the lease deals quoted me at a couple of dealerships are really terrible- mostly because of a very poor residual value. So I might be purchasing a car for the first time, but I have no clue as to how to bargin for a car. I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on pricing.
    I've been offered:
    A3 2.0L S-line 2008
    Brilliant red with upgraded tan leather seats
    Convenience Package
    AudiNav with 6 cd changer
    Xenon headlights
    60 month purchase at 4.9%
    MSRP $35,320
    Sale Price $34,340

    I noticed that the Edmunds TMV is $34,164. So I was thinking of offering $34000 and asking for free audicare. Should I be more greedy with this?

    Thanks in advance!
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    aljer77aljer77 Member Posts: 1
    I live in NJ this is the deal i was offered for 3.2L 6 CYL 4V

    Cold Weather package
    Open Sky System
    Bluetooth phone prep
    Heated Seats
    Dealer Prep Fee
    total price $36,360.

    Lease 2000 down and 675.35 a month

    good deal??

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    saintforlifesaintforlife Member Posts: 2
    I am in the market for a used Audi A3 and I was thinking that the used car prices listed on TMV is a little too conservative. The particular model that I am looking for 2006 A3 6-speed MT with leather seats and less than 30,000 miles is listed at a dealer price of $18,500 on TMV. But I cannot find a used A3 with the options I want for less than $22,000 anywhere.

    So is the TMV price really conservative or will the prices for a 2006 model come down later in the year since it is still Q1 of 2008?
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    andres3andres3 Member Posts: 13,730
    I think that the reality of life is somewhere inbetween the TMV of 18.5K and the asking price of 22K+. I'd say if I were selling my 2006 A3 sport package with DSG I'd want at least 21K to let it go and I have 35K miles.
    '15 Audi Misano Red Pearl S4, '16 Audi TTS Daytona Gray Pearl, Wife's '19 VW Tiguan SEL 4-Motion
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    blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Member Posts: 6,249
    In socal we see 06 A3s getting listed for 22-23k with 25-30k miles. Cracks us up as we bought our 2006 DSG with 12k miles on it for 22.5k in March of 07. Not often you can buy a used car and feel like you can resell it for the same price a year later.
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    jxbst15jxbst15 Member Posts: 21
    Here's what I paid for my wife's A3 in Maryland...probably could have negotiated price down a bit more but liked the dealership and didn't want to have to go 50 miles to the other Audi dealerships who were basically selling at or below invoice.

    2008 A3 2.0T 6sp Manual
    Misano Red Pearl Effect
    S Line Package
    Heated Seats
    Open Sky
    iPod interface
    Sirius Satellite Radio

    $32,500 drive off the lot price. Tax is 6% in MD, and tax/tags/MD $99 dealer fee come out to about $250.
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    bajafreshbajafresh Member Posts: 11
    Hi all. I would like to purchase a new 2008 A3 next week in the Detroit area, and I would like some thoughts on the deal. Here are the vehicle details -

    2.0T manual
    Premium package
    Heated seats
    Open sky roof

    Sticker price $29,755

    Negotiated price $27,500, including Audi Care maintenance

    With tax + fees = +/- $29,450 out the door.

    It seems pretty good to me, but I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks in advance!
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    davenyc1davenyc1 Member Posts: 1
    I was recently offered...

    Invoice plus 400.00 for any options and arrangements that I want.

    This was at every single NJ dealer that I went to.

    no free audicare. (649)

    its ok, but not great as the car is set for some noticeable upgrades in 09.

    should get for list flat
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    hopalinahopalina Member Posts: 2
    Great tips on this forum. Thanks for all your help.

    Wanted to run this by you before I make the lease plunge. Does this seem like a good deal on a lease?

    Black A3, with navigation plus, open sky, premium package, convenience package, bi-xenon headlights, and bluetooth.

    Msrp is 35,320
    your price is 33,769 (cap cost)
    12k miles
    acquisition fee is 575
    tire fee is 8.75
    doc fee is 45.00
    money factor is .00035
    residual value is 49%
    drive offs (including acquistion fee, 1st payment, and lic./registration ) is 1457.36
    monthly payment is 475.94 plus tax or 515.21 total (unless you put more money down)

    Also, what is the difference between pvez engine and s-lines? I'm not a big car person, so any general pros/ cons would be helpful.

    thank you for your help in advance
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    jxbst15jxbst15 Member Posts: 21
    The S-Line is not necessarily a different engine, it's available as a package of options to make base/2.0T model more 'sporty' (including stiffer suspension, differnent rims and tires, different leather seats up front, some badging on the car, and a few other goodies).

    There's also the 3.2 S-Line model, which is a different engine with a different set of features, including the features in the S-Line package on the 2.0T model + quattro + a larger engine + a couple other goodies which are available as options on the 2.0T model.

    Generally speaking, people that get the A3 3.2 are purchasing it for Audi's quattro, because otherwise the costs don't outweigh the benefits. The 3.2 doesn't get the same fuel economy as the 2.0T model, and doesn't give you as much of a performance boost as you'd expect given the larger engine. Also, it is only available with the automatic DSG transmission.

    So unless you're an audi-phile passionate about quattro, the 2.0 (PZEV or not) is probably sufficient to meet all your needs.
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    hopalinahopalina Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for your response on the engine. Think I'll go with the 2.0 engine as I'm looking for fuel economy vs. performance.

    Any feedback on the lease prices? Hoping to make a decision pronto.

    Thanks all - much appreciated! ;)
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    maxbosmaxbos Member Posts: 6
    Hi guys,

    Do you know what the current residual and money factor values are for leasing a A3 2.0T (manual) in Massachussetts (12K per year, 36 months), without waiving security deposit?

    I also wonder whether it makes sense to wait until August-September (my current lease expires at the end of September, but they are offering me a good deal on early termination because the mileage is very low). Does Audi run good incentives during that period usually?

    Thanks a lot,
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    nomowhalenomowhale Member Posts: 17
    I just picked up a 2006 Lava Pearl Grey Certified pre-owned 2.0T (6-speed manual) on Friday with 36,275 miles on it for $23,450.

    Sports package
    Xenon headlights
    Open Sky System
    Sport Suspension

    It was difficult to find one here in CT. I am okay with the price, but I traded in my 2003 530i which was underwater on the loan so I rolled the shortfall into the A3. After driving a 3-Series then a 5-Series the last 4 years I wanted something smaller, and after a lot of research I decided on the A3. I love the way it drives. The engine is fantastic. The low end torque is very impressive. My wife had 2 A4's from 1998 to 2001 so I am familiar with the brand. I think they make great cars, and with the price of gas around $4.50 a gallon for premium here in CT I am going to be happy with improved gas mileage over the BMW.

    I am a big hatchback fan and I was very disappointed that BMW did not bring a 1-Series hatch over here. I don't see myself returning to a BMW (which I love) unless they bring over a diesel hatchback. I would love to see Audi put a TDI engine in the A3 over here in the US, but for the next few years I am very happy with what I will be driving.

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    cubcubcubcub Member Posts: 4
    Just bought the following:

    2007 A3 2.0
    Open Sky

    23K Miles


    Love the car. Was looking at leasing new but the money factor was awful. Good luck all.
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    blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Member Posts: 6,249
    Nice. You'll enjoy it.
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    zeppzepp Member Posts: 1
    New 2008 A3 2.0T - 6S Manual
    Ice Silver Metallic
    S Line package
    Convenience package
    iPod Interface

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    huntzingerhuntzinger Member Posts: 356
    It seems that the prices on leftover 2008s are getting pretty serious...

    New 2008 A3 - Ocean Blue
    Premium Pkg
    Open Sky
    Convenience Pkg
    Heated Seats
    BOSE/Sirius satellite

    MSRP = $34070

    1st Offer from Dealer: $31600
    (Claimed as "$500 below Invoice"; Edmunds lists Invoice at $31,739 )

    2nd Offer from dealer: $29,750. Expect to pick it up tmorrow.

    Onto some other factors....

    Also asked about adding a 3M "Invisible Bra"; dealer claimed MSRP of $995, but would discount to $795 - - no thanks. The DIY kit is $150, so that's asking more than $600 for the 2-3 hours of labor. There's a local guy that does it for the dealerships that asks only $450; will probably it with him next week.

    Something that is a good deal is Audi financing: if you qualify (credit score over 740), its 2.9% interest for up to 72 months. Since we can earn 4% on a 7-month CD (and rates are likely to continue to go up), its worth taking advantage of.

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    blugekkoblugekko Member Posts: 5
    Yes, the model you are most likely buying is the old engine with the timing belt. Audi has incentives on the old inventory with this engine. The newer models 2008.5 do not have these incentives and they have the timing chain.
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    jxbst15jxbst15 Member Posts: 21
    What incentives on the older 2008 A3s? I haven't seen anything about it, but makes me think twice about getting a 2nd one for myself...
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    blugekkoblugekko Member Posts: 5
    I am not exactly sure what they are. I am in Austin and I forwarded some of the "deals" listed by people in this forum to my sales rep. and I was told they were the old models with the timing belt (aged inventory as they call them). Audi has incentives to move all of those older models out. To me they are all old models because of the refreshed 09's are coming out in a few months. The best I can do is about 300-500 over invoice for one of the 2008.5 models. For that price I might as well wait for the refreshed 2009 model to arrive. I currently have a lease ending at the end of Sept. so hopefully some will arrive by then or I will have to get something else... or maybe by then all the 08's will be considered aged inventory.
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    nomowhalenomowhale Member Posts: 17
    At a dealer in CT, I was offered $200 under invoice for a nicely loaded 2008 A3 and $2000 under invoice for a pretty bare bones A3. I passed on both because he lured me back to the dealership when I told him I was going with 2006 pre-owned by telling me the fully loaded one was $2000 under invoice. When we sat down to finalize the deal, he told me he made a mistake and the one I wanted was only $200 under invoice. At that point, I decided to go with the 2006 pre-owned that was pretty nicely loaded. The sales person told me the incentives were based on the age of the vehicle, and that they were getting a rebate from Audi.
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    huntzingerhuntzinger Member Posts: 356
    Pre-2008.5 revision?

    Ah, that might explain another piece that came out at closing.

    It turns out that there was some sort of giveback in the price that hadn't been mentioned and the issue was that the 2.9% financing that we had been offered wasn't technically eligible to be combined with it.

    Our salesman apologized for the error, then made good with a $858 refund on the spot. This is the difference in the payments between 2.9% and 3.9% times 60 months...makes me now wish we had taken 72 months instead ;)

    Since we didn't need the financing (the 2.9% rate was too good to pass up - it let us leave our money invested, earning a higher rate), the numbers work out less favorably at 3.9%, so we'll probably look at paying off the loan within a year or so.

    Insofar as design details of the timing belt -vs- timing chain, it doesn't really concern me that much. Afterall, if its like the A4 that this A3 replaces, we'll only need to replace it once while we own the car, at roughly 75,000 miles. Plus having the "last of a design" means that most of the bugs have been worked out, as opposed to having to be the Beta tester of any "first year" teething pains. While VW-Audi isn't as notoriously problematic about this sort of deal as GM historically was, they've not been immune to it either, as modern automobiles these days are pretty complex products.

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    gkelmgkelm Member Posts: 9
    Wow, killer deal...and the one ssanders1 got back at the end of 07.

    I've been looking to replace my 01 325i...looked at TL, G35, Accord Coupe, etc, and stoppped in the Audi dealership on a whim. Loved driving the A3.

    They showed me...

    - 08 A3 black/black
    - 8,800 miles (service loaner)
    - S-Line (and maybe IPOD?)
    - ext. warranty
    - priced at 28,900

    Sounds like I ought to be able to get one more fully equipped, new, for a lot less, eh?

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    audifansaudifans Member Posts: 8
    Hi folks
    First time using this forum. looking at three A3 CPO in Socal. Dealer reluctant to start with invoice or willing to settle for 2500 off the internet price. $28.000 Service Loaner 11k on Odometer
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    audifansaudifans Member Posts: 8
    I am just wondering if 2008 A3 CPO (loaner car) with below 15K miles and asking prices approx $28, I am offer around 26,500 included Tax & Reg. Please add some feedback. Can't wait to get my hand on DSG. thxxxx
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    jxbst15jxbst15 Member Posts: 21
    I think that's way too high, but you'll need to elaborate on what options this car has.

    I just got 2 separate emails from 2 area dealerships advertising their 08 A3s inventory for $3500-4500 off MSRP (and that's before any negotiating).

    Was offered a manual 2.0 w/Xenon, Sport Pkg, Open Sky, Cold Weather Pkg, Convenience Pkg, Bluetooth for $31.5 OTD with Audi care (taxes are 6% where I live, tags about $250).

    This is a great time to negotiate prices down on a used A3 or just buy a new one, especially with the refreshed 09s due shortly.
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    audifansaudifans Member Posts: 8
    Seriously consider a CPO. Was told the break in period will determine how the car will last. Most CPO are lease return. Does any one having problem with lease CPO.
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    audifansaudifans Member Posts: 8
    You wont believe what the Dealer around Socal (OC) quoted me 08 A3.
    Front License plate holder

    MSRP $34370
    (I told them I was borned yesterday)hihihihi ;)
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    audifansaudifans Member Posts: 8
    New 2008 A3 - White
    Premium Pkg
    Open Sky
    Convenience Pkg
    Heated Seats
    Approx. $28,300 with Audi 2.99 APR and Approx $26,700 (without Audi Finance) roughly 5.99 APR third Party Financial Inst. ...With Tax & Reg.

    Any comments folks ( I getting tired just listen and talking to these sale pro. )
    Thanks a millionsss.
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    huntzingerhuntzinger Member Posts: 356
    I'd tell him that you would much rather special-order an '09 that has just the options you want, instead of paying top dollar for an over-laden '08 leftover that has "junk that you don't want"...particularly if you want to talk him down on the '08 leftover.

    You can also mention that you know that Audi has been accepting 2009 orders on their computer system for a couple of months now, so he can go in "right now" and put in your order, as soon as the two of you agree on a price.

    BTW, here's the change point list for the 2009 A3 from marketwatch.com:

    A3 2.0T Front Manual $26,920 A3 2.0T quattro S tronic $30,500
    A3 2.0T Front S tronic $28,400 A3 3.2 quattro S tronic $36,975

    -- Exterior and Interior freshening including new wheels.
    -- 2.0T S tronic now available with quattro all-wheel drive.
    -- New simplified offer structure concept.

    Standard Equipment Changes

    -- Hill-hold assist - now standard on 2.0T manual (already standard on
    S tronic models)
    -- Sirius satellite radio - now standard on all
    -- Leather seating surfaces - now standard on all
    -- Flexmetallic interior trim - replaces Matte interior trim on 2.0
    -- Leather steering wheel - now standard
    -- Aux audio input - standard on all
    -- Ashtray / Smoker pkg - deleted on all (replaced with storage tray)
    -- 3.2 only: Standard Bluetooth, Bi-xenon headlamps with LED DRL, and
    Open Sky
    -- 3.2 only: No longer standard Symphony, Sport Suspension, Sport Seats

    Option Program Changes

    -- New offer structure concept
    -- Discontinued: iPod adapter (replaced by standard Aux-input), Wood
    trim, Sunshades for rear side windows, Premium Vienna leather
    -- New options: Audi magnetic ride, Sport package

    FWIW, I was out in LA around two weeks ago, and based on the highways that I drove on, I'd not want 18" wheels or the S-Line package - - the standard 17's and suspension are IMO firm enough for highway runs; be sure to test-drive to make sure that there's not too much NVH.

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    malibu8malibu8 Member Posts: 1
    Model Year: 2008
    Model: 8PA59X A3 2.0T 4-DR AUTO S TRONIC FWD
    Exterior Color: A2A2 BRILLIANT BLACK
    Interior Color: MB BLACK
    Options: 3FB OPEN SKY SYSTEM

    MSRP is 33770. Got it for 29520 with 0.9 APR financing for 36 months.
    This is in Atlanta area.
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    4hero4hero Member Posts: 1
    2008 Audi A3 2.0T
    Automatic tranismission

    Lava gray - exterior
    Black leather - interior

    Open sky system
    Heated front seats
    Bluetooth phone prep
    Audi DVD navigation w/ Ipod adaptor
    Premium package
    Convenience package
    Bi-xenon headlights

    M.S.R.P. - $36,220.00 + fee's (tax, title, license)
    Your price - $32,064.14 + fee's (tax, title, license)

    I just wanted Lava Gray + audio package, but the dealer said this is the closest they could find "in the state." I requested a quote for the 2009 model with the exact options that I want. Shoud I go for this loaded 2008 model or wait for the 2009 model?
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    jxbst15jxbst15 Member Posts: 21
    That's a judgment call only you can make. Whilst the 2009 A3 is just a facelift, MSRP prices are going up, as are options configurations (e.g. leather is standard, no more iPod integration but an AUX port is standard).

    Some people love the Quattro, which is now available on the 2.0, which would be a big reason to wait. But if you don't care about Quattro, and you don't really care about the updated R8 style headlights, no reason to stay on the sidelines.
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    audifunaudifun Member Posts: 1


    MSRP $32,920
    Purchased for $29,200
    (about 3 weeks ago)

    Invoice was $30,671 including destination, dealer claimed invoice of $31,025 after including advertising and other nonsense charges.

    Audi is/was running a $2,000 dealer cash promo.

    Dealer offered $29,650, I countered $29,200, dealer accepted.

    No further surprises or miscellaneous charges. Probably could have negotiated further; other 2008 A3 buyers should consider lower offers.
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    greenghost1greenghost1 Member Posts: 1
    Trying to figure out the price for a 2007 with 200 miles
    - A3 2.0T Auto
    - Premium Package
    - Open Sky
    - MSRP ~30600

    It's considered a used car, and the warranty started back in November, so only 3 years left, and 2008 incentives do not apply.

    I really have no clue about how low I should go. Is $24,000 a reasonable price for the car? I don't have his first offer yet.

    I'm thinking: it's a "used" car, 2 year depreciation since it's a 2007 and the 2009s are almost here, warranty already counting, so the price of a good used + $1000 extra would be fair. But I don't know the price of an used 2007, I just see asking prices. Edmunds TMV is about 23500 private party, 25100 dealer asking price.

    How should I start, I'm inexperienced, but I feel there could be a good deal here.

    Thanks for any comment.
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    maxbosmaxbos Member Posts: 6
    Bought a basic A3 with manual transmission (MSRP $26.705) for $22,700. No special Audi financing though... The car is black, 10 miles on the odometer, fresh stock.

    Hope it's useful for someone negotiating a purchase.

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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 238,870
    That's a lot of car for $22,700... :)

    Edmunds Price Checker
    Edmunds Lease Calculator
    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

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    rocklakerocklake Member Posts: 1
    I am looking for a A3 in MA right now. Can I know the dealer and the city you got the price?Thanks
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    maxbosmaxbos Member Posts: 6
    It was Herb Chambers in Burlington. I found it easiest to negotiate over the phone. The price included supplier discount from my employer, but that should not make more than 300-500 difference.
    You can see their (and other dealers') inventory on cars.com.

    Good luck!
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    musickittymusickitty Member Posts: 1
    2009 models have been out for a while. Anyone has buying experience? What's the invoice price like? Thanks!
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    trulynowtrulynow Member Posts: 1
    Hello there,

    I really like the A3 (am coming from a BMW 330xi and need something smaller), but haven't seen much discussion on pricing for the 2009 models.

    I'm still balancing whether to go DSG or manual, and here's my first "internet only" offer from a dealer in Virginia. How does it strike you in the Audi community?

    The following is full description and Costco/internet price for an in-stock 2009 2.0 FWD S-tronic A3.

    Trim: Premium
    Color: Brilliant Black
    Options: Convenience Pkg, Cold Weather Pkg and Open Sky System
    MSRP: $34,125.00(includes $825.00 destination)
    Invoice: $32,158.00
    Internet Price: $32,458.00

    Thanks for your help!
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    JLaw012JLaw012 Member Posts: 11
    Premium Package
    Open Sky
    6 speed manual
    Brand New 2008
    MSRP 32,000

    I got it shipped from MA to Audi of Alexandria VA
    and paid a clean $25,000 about 4 months ago
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    cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Member Posts: 5,510
    Well done! If that car were red, I'd have been all over it as well, if I could have found one like it.

    How many miles on it when you got it?

    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
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    JLaw012JLaw012 Member Posts: 11
    it was brand new with like 200 miles on it from test drives.. I was looking for a used one originally but when i realized i could pay only a few thousand more for a new one then i sprung for it and i am glad i did, i think it was a good deal.
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    riles246riles246 Member Posts: 4
    I live in Central NJ and I am having a bear of a time trying to get a reasonable deal on a new A3. I went to Bell Audi in Edison, and they will not budge on MSRP. As soon as I mentioned that I was looking at A3's the guy looked at me like I was some poor jerk since I didn't want an A4/A6/ etc...

    He quoted me some lease rates and they were insane, so I said I'd rather just finance. The model I configured for myself doesn't have too many options- Sport Package, Manual Transmission, Cold Weather, and Rear Side Airbags. The MSRP on this car is $29,170, so I asked "Ok, so what can you give me this car for?" And he said "$29,170".

    How are people getting these great deals? Should I try a different dealership?

    The guy was such a [non-permissible content removed] he didn't even give me a business card to contact him in the future. Ugh, only in NJ are you treated like trash for wanting to spend $30k.
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    ebbgreatdaneebbgreatdane Member Posts: 278
    Take his offer to a competing dealer and bargain a new price. FAX, call, email in a 100 mile radius.

    Take the lower price back to the '[non-permissible content removed]' and negotiate a better deal.

    Take the better deal from the '[non-permissible content removed]' to a competing dealer (or the same competing dealer from the line above if you liked them) and work a slightly better deal. Buy the car.

    Call the '[non-permissible content removed]' afterwards and thank him for his time but that his first 'offer' failed to 'strike while the iron was hot' (good advice i once got from a fortune cookie) as well as pushing you to Un-douchy-dealership, Central NJ.


    If you're really sour you could visit the showroom a week later and drop the competing dealership name to patrons. I love car sales people.
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