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Honda Accord Real World MPG



  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Save your money. Don't even think about "fuel efficiency gadgets (magnetic Fuel Boss or Tornado system)". All such products have been tested repeatedly by independent organizations and proven to be advertising-hyped ripoffs.
  • oldjoeoldjoe Posts: 132
    Mileage indeed does improve...I have a two month old 05 Accord 4-dr EX-L 4 cylinder and got 30-33 MPG on flat Interstate jaunt between cedar Rapids, IA and Rapid City, SD on the first weekend I had the car. Speed was 65-80 MPH. At 2,600 miles on the odometer, I took a trip this weekend from Cedar Rapids to Praie du Chien, WI - 206 miles round trip over non-Interstate highways and averaged 34.5 MPG...speed 60-70 MPH in rolling hills.

    I am a new Honda convert from the domestic "stuff". This time I figured if I couldn't beat them...join them. The 4 cylinder has about the same "pull" as my 2002 Ford Escape V-6 (200 HP) whose best run...downhill with a tailwind was 26MPG and regularly gave me 14 - 18 MPG in city driving. The Accord gives me anywhere from 20-25 MPG in lead-foot heavy city driving...a bit less if I am waiting for my friend and keep the engine running for the AC. Fit and finish of the Accord is the best I have ever seen and is a mystery because the Accord is built in the UAW the would seem so. After 50 years of driving I am totally impressed by the Honda experience, passing "punch" of the 4 cylinder Accord is great and a lot more than I expected.

    I think it is interesting that the Honda Accord has a 1,000 lb maximum towing capacity (I have a small boat to tow)...the same as the Ford Escape I4 and Escape Hybrid. both of which also get less highway mileage than the Accord Sedan.

    Great gas mileage from a good looking well-made auto!
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858
    ...a great thread!!!

    ....7/24 delivery: '05 Accord EX V6 6-speed. Full tank: At 160 odo, fuel needle has moved little. Former car was V-6 Solara:5-speed with 32-34 FWY MPG capability. I'm confident this 240HP VTEC can push hard on that envelope.. :P

    all the best................ez
  • reticentreticent Posts: 11
    Accord 2003 4cyl. coupe - auto. Only 11k on odo.
    full tank - about 266mi.
    NY local 75%
    Freeway 25%

    The reason behind buying a 4cyl was to save some bucks on fuel, but it's not happening. Any idea to increase the fuel efficiency? Thanks.
  • 03accordman03accordman Posts: 671
    2003 Accord LX Auto, 4 cyl, 60k miles (about 60% city).
    At 65-70 I get 34MPG
    At 70-80 I get 32-33MPG
    At 80-90 I get 30 MPG

    Had tranny replaced under warranty at 35k miles, Honda extended warranty to 60k. Car drives like new, love it.
  • josephjb1josephjb1 Posts: 2
    49K on my accord now and my mileage keeps getting worse. I was getting 32 mpg 40/60 city/hwy mix, and now I'm getting 23 mpg under the same conditions. What gives. In the last year my mileage has slowly been getting worse and worse. I've taken my car to three dealers and they all insist there is nothing wrong with the car, after charging me 100 dollars to look the car over. Plus, they keep telling me this low mileage is within normal. However I didn't buy a I4 to get 23 mpg. My car has had been well taken care of, and I'm still having this low mileage issue. Tires pressure is also perfect. Anyone have ideas?
  • edededed Posts: 1
    I had an issue with my brakes, yes brakes. This may be a remote chance you are having the same problem, but worth a look.

    I have discs front/drums rear. One of my front calipes were stuck in the "brake" position. If you can build a mental picture, when the brakes are NOT applied, 3 pads are floating away from the rotor, but 1 is always in contact.

    In effect, I had 25% of my front brakes always on!

    The way to check for this problem is to first look in the "sight hole" in your calipers. Check to make sure pads are wearing evenly across all 4 pads. On mine, I had excessive wear on the pad that was "always on"... Duh!.

    If stuck, you will have to remove caliper pins and grease. Pad replacement recommended, along with resurfacing rotors.

    My results..... gas milage went from 28mpg to 32mpg on my 96 Accord. Costs of pads and grease paid for itself :)

    Good luck.
  • redoneredone Posts: 1
    Recently purchased 2002 Accord Coupe (2weeks ago)
    25,000 miles - Paid $16500.00
    Runs great but mileage is really poor. I just cannot figure out how a car that runs and idles this good has such poor gas mileage.
    1st tank - 19.5 Strictly in town
    2nd tank - 18.5 Mixed (150 mile round trip strictly highway) rest in town
    3rd tank - 17 Mixed
    I can sit at a light and actually watch the gauge move.

    Any suggestions at all would be appreciated.
  • mkmeademkmeade Posts: 1
    I have driven my 2005 Accord EX V6 over 1,000 miles, and noticed it is getting much worse fuel economy than I expected. One tank of gas gets me 200 miles before the low fuel light goes on. Yes, I am driving in Chicago city traffic with the AC on, but I still wouldn't expect it to be so low. I called the dealer and they claim this will persist through the first 5,000 miles due to something about the "catalyst not running" and the car learning my driving style (?).
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Catalysts don't run. The catalytic converter is a passive device in the exhaust stream, in line with the muffler.

    Your mileage may improve slightly as the miles accumulate. But, the key to real improvements is your driving style. Fast acceleration, hard braking, extra cylinders, excess weight in the trunk and driving up hills costs fuel as much as heavy traffic and high air conditioner useage.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858
    ..blane points have merit here: weight, driving "style", a/c.....these add up.

    EX V-6 6M Coupe: 1st tank: 27.7; 2nd: 25.6.......third tank (just above 1/2 tank on guage) indicates 215. Odo = 855.

    ..these cars are engineered for both performance AND fuel efficiency: work with 'em

    all the best, ez
  • Hey ezshift5,

    Great car choice, I have a 2005 Zainoed Black EX V-6 6M Coupe w/NAV. I put on a Borla Exhaust, Sylvania Super Whites (still toying with getting Xexons), and K&N Air Filter. Mine is just getting broken in at about 8,000 miles.

    I get about 23 mpg commuting to work 22 miles one way (7miles at 80, 7 miles at 65, and 8 stop n'go). I get about 30 mpg on pure highway driving at 75 mph.

    I probably could get better mpg, but it is too much fun to drive sporty.

    Cruis'n in 6th :shades: ,

  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858
    ....midcow, you are right!

    It's a great car. about 950 on the odo now.....

    ..appreciate your 30 'pure highway'..........(that's what the EPA shows: 30 Highway.

    Question: Is the V-6 interference or non-interference. Nearby dealer indicates non; I'm not so sure he's correct......

    all the best, ez......
  • Unfortunately the V6 is an interference engine, however the belt change interval is scheduled at 105,000 miles.

    Motor-On :shades: ,

  • ronsteveronsteve LooavulPosts: 437
    I'm at 52K miles right now, and recent trends are not good this summer.

    Since June:
    In town: 19.x
    Highway: 27-28

    Previous summers I had usually managed 20-21/29ish, and this past winter/spring was 21-22/30 until the sharp drop in the first part of June. Tire pressures all around 34 psi cold.

    If I don't end up trading it on a TSX (love that 6-speed, but can't quite pull the trigger), I might have to see if the air filter merits replacement before the 60k service.
  • Have 6500 miles on this car, usually returns 20 to 21 mpg in town and 31 to 32 on the
    highway @ 65 to 70 mph. I just replaced the oil with Mobil 1 0w20 and filled with
    Shell V-power, I'll post any changes in mpg.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858

    1055 odo....3rd tank (mostly around state capital; some ac use):


    ...this is a really well engineered automobile...........

    all the best, ez
  • anyone know how to fix this problem. casey honda says it cannot help. this can is driven by my mom. 76 years . no hot rod. thanks dave
  • mrd2mrd2 Posts: 6
    Picked up car with 11 miles and "full" tank from dealer, drove all city miles and a/c running most of the time.

    1st fillup:
    227 miles
    9.4 gallons
    24.1 avg.

    Not bad so far.
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    I do not know what is going on but I am on my second tank (around 400 miles on the odometer - city driving with no abnormal stop/go's)

    Used about 1/2 tank and I am at 130 miles! That would yield approximately 260 miles for a full tank - about 15mpg. The first tank (dealer filled it up) was around 15 mpg figure too.... And this is not stop/go traffic in congestion, your regular city traffic in Chicago (I drive my car on the weekends, no drive from/to work).

    This does not sound right, does it?
  • jfergusjfergus Posts: 30
    It doesn't say "V6" on the trunk lid, does it? :P

    Seriously though, it is probably too early to tell. You are still early in the break-in period. Everything in the engine is still tight. That'll loosen up as you get more miles on it. I'd start to worry after 3000 - 5000 miles and getting the same MPG. Some ideas:

    1. Check the cold tire pressure and make sure it's in line with the PSI recommendation on the tire, inside the door, in the manual, wherever you can find it. Maybe they did not adjust it properly at the dealership when they were prepping it.
    2. Are you filling up at a brand name gas station (Exxon, Chevron, etc..) or using the el-cheapo stuff? Stick with one station for a few tanks, and if there's no improvement, try another station.
    3. I see the temps are nice and mild up in Chicago. Just don't drive with the windows down unless at low speeds (< 25 MPH) because the air flowing through the car creates drag, making the engine work harder. At high speeds, you are better off using the A/C if the interior is too warm. Otherwise, you can run just the fan w/o A/C and save even more gas.
  • ronsteveronsteve LooavulPosts: 437
    1. Wait until YOU have filled it up twice, and don't have to speculate on whether it might have been a short fill from the dealer.

    2. When you do fill it up, divide your miles driven by the number of gallons YOU PUT IN, not by the fuel capacity.

    3. Don't judge your mileage on a gage-indicated half tank!

    If your mileage is still poor, check your tire pressures. And otherwise, have patience until you're through the break-in period. You probably won't get close to the EPA numbers until after 1000-2000 miles.

    BTW, is it automatic or manual?
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    Thanks guys, I'll do what you recommended and go from there. No it is not a V6, and it is stick shift.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858
    ...after 4 tank-ups: range 25.5 to 27.7. About 70/30 highway/city...........
    ...all this on 87

    best, ez :D
  • scrumscrum Posts: 12
    We've got 37000 miles on our 2004 coupe V6 with 6-speed manual.

    87 octane, K&N air filter and changing the oil every 3000 miles.

    My around town driving is 70/30 city/hwy.

    Around town: 25-26 mpg <--- Bit of a lead foot.
    Hwy 75-80 mph: 28-29 mpg

    One tank below 25 mpg which was 23.8 mpg.

    A recent run down to Miami and back (1600) miles at 80-85 mph the mileage was 29 - 29.5 mph.
  • My car currently has about 14,000 miles on the spedo. Mpg improved slightly during the first 5,000 miles and has since leveled off.

    On a recent highway trip of about 2,000 miles from Texas to the midwest and back at an average cruising speed of 78 to 80 MPH, the car average 31.2 mpg (a/c and cruise control on 100% of trip). Better than the EPA estimate of 30 mpg.

    Mpg average on daily comute to work is 27 to 28 (60% highway at 70 mph, 40% city). The 04 V6 replaced a 98 4-door LX 4-cylinder Honda. The 04 V6 gets within 1 mpg of the 4-cylinder on the city and highway driving.

    Finally, I also own a 2000 4-door LX V6 Honda. The 04 V6 car gets about 3 mpg better than the 2000 V6 in city and highway driving.

    Needless to say I am impressed with the overall mpg of the 04 V6 considering it has anywhere from 40 to 90 more horsepower than the 2000 and 98 Honda models, respectively.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858, Space...

    ..looking forward to fuel efficiency improving > 5k....., ez
  • wiseone2wiseone2 Posts: 15
    I have just over 200 mi and I'm getting
    27mpg. Very casual driving, windows up
    a/c on for highway, mostly city miles
    so far, very pleased. This is what I was
    hoping for, approx. 10mpg more than my
    Pathfinder! We'll see once its broke in,
    winter mpg in my suv was about 13-14mpg.
    I'm thinkin this Accord was the right move
  • I have a 2005 EX V6 with Nav 6-speed manual with 9,800 miles. I added a K&N air filter and a Borla exhaust.

    These are some mileage figures I go on a recent highway trip with AC on.

    Pure highway constant 80 mph with cruise-on relatively flat = 29.6

    Pure highway constant 65 mph with cruise-on relatvely flat = 32.5

    EPA estimates 20/30

    6th gear is fairly tall at approximately 30 miles per hour per 1,000 rpm.


  • gpkgpk Posts: 38
    70-75 avg 35 mpg is that awesome or what.
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