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Infiniti M35/M45 Maintenance and Repair



  • csrmaxcsrmax Posts: 9
    I have an 07 M45 Sport with the same issue, usually when the car is cold. Has Infiniti offered any solutions?
  • I have an 06 M35X since September 05 and I have a constant problem with the intelligent cruise control. When working the system is perfect but the issue is for any reason when you are running at 65 mph on the highway the system beep and stop to work creating a very dangerous immediat slowdown, then the system cannot be re :mad: activated. Next day the system work fine! I contacted the dealer, a new software was installed but I still have the same problem. That is very dangerous I almost get hit in the rear when the "intelligent cruise control" stopped to work last week. Do any body experimented the same problem?
  • duker98duker98 Posts: 6
    2006 M35x with the same shifting problem (btw 2 and 3, especially when cold) and the tech "reset some settings" but it does not function properly. Will be taking it back in again.
  • max929max929 Posts: 16
    I have an '07 M35X with ICC. I have noticed the same tone along with shutting off of the cruise control. It seems to happen when driving into a very bright, low Sun. I have not noticed that happening any other times.
    If you are driving into a morning sunrise or evening sunset it is probably the reason.

    I dont have anything else to offer except you can turn it off and back on again and reset it. Not sure if there is a fix.
  • nrwaynenrwayne Posts: 45
    As much as I like my M35x, it's got two major problems and one annoyance. The Bluetooth just plain stinks. No matter what I do, people I'm calling complain about the echo. So I had to get an aftermarket Bluetooth speaker to do the job. Pity, since the incoming sound on the built-in Bluetooth is great. Unfortunately, the outgoing part of the equation is essentially unusable. My dealer says "they'll have a fix soon." Doubtful, in my opinion. Second, the transmission needs a higher gear for highway speeds so the engine can run closer to 2,000 rpm. That would mean less wear and tear on the engine and a nice bump up in gas mileage. I get 23-24 now on the road and think higher gearing could easily push that up 10% or more. Third, the gas cap holder is a hit or miss proposition. A slight modification of the holder would hold the cap securely and eliminate the occasional pop out when you're filling up. This problem, however, is minor compared to the first two.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    I don't find the same issues w/ my M35's Bluetooth ... although I don't use it a great deal and perhaps if I were to use it more I would receive the same complaints.

    Absolutely agree about the transmission gearing ... my old Caddy got me 28 mpg on the highway so a 5th or even 6th highway gear could push the M to ~ 30 mpg.

    Nit-picking (as is the gas cap holder) they MUSY ventilate the eyeglass compartment. Glasses stored in there become unwearable in the desert heat. My wife's Lexus has a very similar compartment, but ventilated ... no problem there.

    Some things big, some little; all readily fixable IMO. Bart :shades:
  • I have a 2-month old 2007 M35 that has a loud rattling noise in the rear end when the car is shifted into reverse after a period of rest. We've only noticed it in backing out of our garage (so it may not be limited to going in reverse), but it sounds like something is trying to catch for a couple of seconds, and then it disappears. The noise is loud enough that anyone that hears it comments about it. If you shift back to drive and then into reverse, or park for a brief period of time, it doesn't come back. Anyone else heard this?
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Haven't had the problem w/ my M35 and have been on this thread for two years and not heard this from anyone else. Back to the shop for a fix! My M has been in for oil changes only ... not a single "fix" needed. The best deal in town. Oil change, filter, full check-up + a thorough cleaning inside and out ... for $37.95! :shades: :) Bart
  • nycdudenycdude Posts: 33
    After 17 months and 15,000 miles, I just had my first non-routine maintenance problem. The driver's seat made a severe grinding noise when moved forward, and a ball bearing was found on the floor. The excellent service department had the necessary part over-nighted and got the car back to me within 24 hours. The service rep said that the seat track had "failed," a so-far unheard-of problem. The repair was covered by warranty, of course. Has anyone else on this thread had such an experience?
  • Hello -

    No fix as far as I know. I'm taking my M35x in for its 30,000 mile service in month or so and I will ask about it. I can live with it so long as it's not damaging the transmission, but all the rest of the shifts work well in manu-mode. If I get any valuable info I'll post it.

  • My '06 M35x has an irritating popping/clicking noise in what seems to be the roof in the rear section of the car. Strangely, it ONLY happens when the car has been parked and warmed by the sun and then only in maneuvers that would cause the car to slightly "flex" (turns at an intersection or in a parking lot for example). Once I drive for a while it stops! I've looked everywhere around the car to see if something is loose, rolling around in the trunk, etc. but no luck.

    Anyone else experience this?


  • Sounds like it could be the fit of the rear window with the roof frame.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    I wouldn't consider that a "problem"; I'd consider it a nuisance. Man made stuff breaks ... it's as simple as that. If lots of seats were doing that it would be an issue ... albeit a minor one. Bart :shades:
  • kiwikkiwik Posts: 10
    I have a 2006 M35X(journey pack.) that I bought when they first came out in 2005. Absolutely love it - right now it has approximately 12K miles on it and the problems are starting - car will not start. This began about 1 month ago....I noticed the clock in the console was losing time. Dealer replaced it. About a week later I am in a mall and car will not start. I called RoadSide Service and they started it right away with a battery charger. I immediately drove it to Infiniti and they could not find any problem with it, battery was fine - so I left. Earlier this week I noticed new clock was losing time again. Sure enough a few days later, when car was in my garage - it would not start. I did a Google serach which led me to this web site and your Nov. posting. I did not realize that you could try the car again after about 20 minutes and it would start. After I read your posting, I went to the garage, tried it and sure enough it started up. Today, I was downtown in a major city for lunch, went back to my car and once again car would not start - called RoadSide Assistance. But before they got there, I tried it again and sure enough it started right up. I did hear a noise in the console that sounded like the DVD player was trying to access a DVD. I do have DVDs in there, but never use it as I listen to the satellite radio all the time. Drove it to the dealer and now a I have a loaner car for a few days. Dealer is supposed to pull the entire console apart which I am not crazy about, but have no choice. Did you ever get your problem resolved? Please advise - thanks.
  • kiwikkiwik Posts: 10
    Oops. I meant to say CD player not DVD player.
  • When you say the car will not start, do you mean the engine turns over but will not start, or when you push the start button, nothing happens? From your description of the slow clock and something (CD player?) running while the car is shut off, it sounds like you may have some drain on your battery. Does the battery have a separate emergency reserve?
  • kiwikkiwik Posts: 10
    What I mean is that nothing happens when I hit the start button. Engine does not turn over. When the problem first started occurring, I heard just a little pop sound and that was it. However, this past week after it would not start, a few minutes later as I was sitting in the car calling Roadside Service, I heard a churning sound as if it was trying to access a CD (I mistakenly said DVD in my write up) then the sound stopped. It was very hot inside the car so I stepped outside and then rentered the car from the passenger side about 10 minutes later. All of a sudden the churning started again trying to access a CD and then stopped. Dealer has no idea what is wrong with the car. Wanted to return the car to me on Friday and I said NO WAY! Something is definitely wrong with the car. I did some more on-line research and found out that an Infiniti consumer alert was issued in Nov. 2005 on the M35's saying there was a major electrical problem in the console. I purchased my 2006 model in Aug. 2005 when they first came out so I assume mine could be affected. I relayed this to the dealer Friday afternoon and they wanted to keep the car over the weekend to check out the electrical wires near the steering wheel. Then they wanted to allow the car to go into "sleep mode" for 6 hours and start it up on Monday morning. They did check the battery out twice and claim there is nothing wrong with the battery. I am not sure if the battery has an emergency reserve?? but its the original battery that came with the car.
  • Sometimes when there is not a good connection between the battery and the cables, not enough power is available to start the engine yet still allow other electrical items to operate. This can be a sporadic occurence, the engine starts one time and not the next. I wouldn't expect this would happen on such a new car, but I'd suggest they disconnect the cables and clean them and the battery posts.
  • kiwikkiwik Posts: 10
    That is exactly what happened - they cleaned the cables and tightened them - they said there was a loose ground wire. I have had the car back 5 days and its working perfectly!! Thanks so much for you input.
  • I was almost hesitant to suggest that as the problem since as I said you would not expect that in a new car. I'm glad it was a quick and easy fix for you.

    My charge for the advice is a nominal $100. You can pay by money order or PayPal, but please NO personal checks, I don't even know you! :D :D :D :D
  • njm35njm35 Posts: 7
    I have been having similar problems. My seat does not always come into position when I start the car and the memory looses its memory.

    I just took it into the dealer to be fixed and they said they reset it and it worked fine a dozen times in a row. As soon as I picked the car up that night it would not go into position automatically.

    I have to take it back again now. Big waste of time!
  • njm35njm35 Posts: 7
    I have the same problem and I just took it to my dealer for warranty work. I was told "yea we know that problem and there is no fix for it". But we noted it in the computer.

    I am also haveing problems with my power seat memory.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    I just was reading the service manual on adjustment of the HID low-beams. There are two different procedures depending on whether you have the AFS system or not. Without AFS, you can mechanically adjust the lights. With the AFS, you can only adjust them with the computer +/- 15%, since the height is controlled by the vehicle height sensor on the rear suspension and a servo motor. Next time I'm at the dealer's, I'm going to ask them to set it to the max height and see if it makes any difference, since I have the AFS on my car. I'm going to check to see where it is actually pointing first, and see where that actually is relative to the manual system's specs and the specs for the car with AFS. Note, the height is adjusted based on the load and the driving and road conditions. It seems to integrate the changes with accelleration and decelleration so you don't have the motor constanly making small changes.
  • j21mj21m Posts: 22
    Much to my surprise, I just picked up my M35 and found that the doors do not auto lock when driving...worse than that, if you lock the doors, they do not automatically unlock when you try and leave the cars, which my E320 had an I was used to...
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    The only time the doors will automatically lock is if you unlock them, but don't open a door within a (fairly) long time. They do not auto lock or unlock. Many people find this odd...doesn't bother me, but that is the way it is.
  • spaceguy1spaceguy1 Posts: 2
    Just thought I'd let y'all know what the resolution of my issue with the rattle coming from the rear of the car was. It seems that one of the brackets holding the exhaust had been jarred loose by a pretty hard scrape on the undercarriage. Not sure when it happened, might have even been present when we first got the car. In any event, it was about a $90 repair job, and now all is well.
  • j21mj21m Posts: 22
    Same that the way it is supposed to be???
  • My '07 M35 went in for 5 irritations in March '07. This was only one of them. 2 different gas stations, 2 different weekends with temperatures below 5 degrees. The gas station spicket had 3 settings. I put it on the slowest rate of fuel-in, knowing it happens on this car. Pump stopped at half way. 'tried manually filling and it stopped and I left station with a half tank. Dealer says "we've heard of this issue, but you brought your car in with a full tank, so we cannot check it". Imagine, dealers "heard of issue" but needs to see it happen fothemselves. 'same fuel station, never happened with car at half this price.
  • badboymiabadboymia Posts: 6
    the only problems i have with the lightin system is the materaial they use for the head light it gets scratch very easy i hate it!!!
  • I have had my M35x for almost 2 years. Early this spring it started to do the same thing and my dealer cannot seem to fix it. They actually witnessed the problem, but were not able to duplicate it the next time. There is also no particular pattern which makes it even more of a challenge; however, I have the problem most of the time (except when the car is at the dealer). They contacted Tech Line and indicated to me that the problem has not been reported.

    Were you able to have it solved?
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