Lexus GS Maintenance and Repair

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OK let's see if there are any problems with the 06 GS300.


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    You may be waiting a long time.
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    And we're going to add the GS 430 to the title.

    Not sure why you are looking so hard for trouble, but we'll see if this and your other discussion fly.
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    I've got a potential problem. It's been hot lately, and I like to open all the windows on my approach to a 2006 Lexus GS300 AWD. I hit the door open button on the remote and HOLD it. All the windows and the moonroof open. (This is what is supposed to happen.)

    HOWEVER, only the DRIVER's WINDOW doesn't open.

    Very strange.


    I looked at Lexus Personalized Settings, and this isn't something you should be able to do.

    Window lock isn't set (not that this should matter), and driver's winodw works normally from inside.

    It's going back to the dealer to be fixed.
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    Today my PS failed and I limped home without the power-just cranked it hard around the corners to the house. Had the car towed to the Dealor. No parts for the fix exist in this country so the entire mechanism for GS430-2006 PS being ordered from Japan. Told middle of next week at the earliest before parts installed. This is a four week old car with 1500 K. Anybody else had this problem? What is this stuff about the "Pursuit of Perfection"? This should not happen to a 60K car.Your comments please. Redspider has been bitten by really bid bug!
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    What is this stuff about the "Pursuit of Perfection"? This should not happen to a 60K car.

    Pursuit is not the same as Arrival - no car is perfect. However hopefully the huge Premium markup on your Lexus kicks in now with "near" perfect customer service. Good luck.
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    I have just purchased a 1999 Lexus GS300. The rear view mirror is too dark and it is difficult to see what is on the road behind me. No matter what buttons I push or pull, the mirror stays the same. Can some one help me. I do not as yet have a manual, so can not go that route.
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    I have a 1999 lexus gs300 and the instrument cluster went out. I found a cluster at a wrecking yard that is in perfect shape. My concern is that the new odomiter reads 15000 more miles than my car actually has. Will the computer pick this up and change the reading to the actual miles on the car?
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    I own a 2000 Lexus GS300 and my wiper MIST SPRAY does not operate when I pull the wiper control to me to activate the mist and the wiper works fine. When I push in the side button for the water spray, that works okay and shoots 3 streams of water from each nozzle I would like my MIST SPRAY to work. Can anyone help with this and explain what could be the problem.

    Thanks, Dan...
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    I have a manual for a 1998 GS 300 that I could send to you if you would like. It is the same generation car, so they are just about exact. Let me know via reply e-mail. I am guessing that you have tried the auto button right on the mirror. That will stop the rear view from auto adjusting when someone gets behind you with their high beams on.
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    has anyone looked to see if your driver seet has the little round button to make your headrest go up and down mying is missing? the head rest goes up when the seat goes back auto but there no override button like the owners book says anyone have the same problem? and has anyone tryed using the DVD audio? i have and it didnt work for my disc wonder if its the disc the dealer does not know why it dosnt work, there emailing lexus? also does anyone have the voice comands for the gps the owns book's only list some but the dealer knows some more, like say"i'm hungy" with the comand and it will show u restronts but thats not a listed comand just wodnerign if anyone has anymore comands for the gps in the 2006GS
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    I do believe the MIST SPRAY function does NOT spray windshield washer fluid. The MIST SPRAY feature is when you only need to use the wipers once in awhile. Like if a car drives by and sprays some water on your car from going thru a puddle. In a case like that you can use the MIST SPRAY function to just swipe the windshield once.
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    When you are facing the driver's seat headrest, the override button is a little to the left of the headrest. You CANNOT SEE IT, but it is under the leather. Just try and feel for it. It took me a while to find it, but it is there and does work.
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    thanks i found the botton ,, lol gosh they hide it VARY well, now only if i can get the dvd audio 2 work, plays dvd movies just not dvd audio CD's anywho I still LOVE my car
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    Could you be a little more precise?
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    I recently purchased a '99 GS 400 with 58K miles and was considering one or both of these mods and wondered if anyone had any experience with either? I would also be interested in any other comments or suggestions. Thanks.
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    I have a 2000 GS300 that was recently serviced for 55,000 miles. The mechanic at the dealer told me that the lower ball joints needed to be replaced and I spent $550 for the replacement. I thought I bought a good quality car and it came as a surprise because the car is only 5 years old.Does anyone know if GS300 has problems with ball joints? Or I was ripped off by the dealer? -- Thanks.
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    You should have taken the old ball joints that they replaced with you and then had them inspected by another shop. The GS300 does not have problems with ball joints. Ball joints do go bad, but typically not at 55K miles, Ball joints should last well past 100K miles.
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    I own a 2000 GS300 and was wondering what bolts needs to be removed to take out the headlight assembly? I removed all the ones on the top are but it is still in there solid. Are there any behind the fender splash guard? Or other places. Is there a website to explain what needs to be removed to get the headlight assembly out? Need help. Any replies will be appreciated. Thanks... :surprise:
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    I have a 1998 gs 300 with 90,00 miles. The accelerater has always been extremely sensitive.....difficult to start off without jolting the car. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    My 2000 GS300 also has an extremely sensitive accelerator when compared to other vehicles I've driven. I had no trouble adjusting to this with a little driving time (MUCH less than the 40K miles I've put on it). It's only an issue (briefly) if I've had to drive another vehicle for a period of time (something I try to avoid as nothing else I have access to is nearly as much fun). Frankly, I've come to view the "problem" as being associated with all other cars having too little sensitivity in their accelerators. Naturally, this makes them feel gutless in comparison to my GS.
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    the bumper has to be partially removed to access the headlight bolts. there are headlight bolts behind the fender wells. please go to the forum to get a good answer or install.
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    LEXUS is a good quality car. ball joints wear as any other suspension parts. i had my ball joints changed when they had excessive play on them. around 60k. you lexus is 5 years old with just that one normal wearing suspension part replaced. that is good. i currently have 155k on my 1998 gs400. and no problems at all, with proper maintence!! i also have a friend that has a 1990 ls400 with 300k miles and still running and never had to rebuild the motor or transmission, with proper maintence. imagine if you had a domestic car that was 5 years old. you probably would have had to rebuild the motor and transmission twice.
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    I noticed recently that even when the inside cabin temperature is set to the max, 85 degrees, the air temperature is at most lukewarm. The dealership looked at it, said the controls were working properly, the radiator coolant temperature was okay, and said the only way they could diagnose and correct the problem would be to remove the entire dash - an 8 hour task. Wanted to see if anyone else experienced a similar problem with the heating, what the cause and correction was before I go down this path. Thanks...
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    I want to help a friend tune-up her car. Can someone tell me how hard is it to do the spark plugs. And, on a separate note how hard is it to do the Timing Belt.

    My guess is that the Timing Belt or Chain may be to hard, but if someone could give me feedback on either one that would be great.

    1996 GS300 V-6
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    The car has 60,000 miles on it. Over the past few months it has developed an annoying problem: At unpredictable times (usually after I take my foot off the gas momentarily) the engine does not respond for several seconds when I then try to accelerate.

    This now happens perhaps 3 or 4 times on a 100-mile trip. It also happens sometimes when I accelerate from slow speed before the engine has warmed up.

    Lexus service people could not find any codes or other evidence of this happening.

    Any ideas?
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    My 2002 GS 300 with 44000 miles has a strange clunking noise coming from the rear left side. It only comes occasionally on turning or on big bumps and not necessarily at fast speed. Sometimes it sounds like a broken bit of metal is hitting something, other times it is more like a 'groan' coming from the suspension. The ride continues to be fine. The Lexus mechanic said that he could not hear anything after tightening the suspension bolts. But I find the noise to be still there and he may not have heard it as it it is not there all the time. Any ideas on what it could be and would that be covered by the warranty ?

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    Hi all:

    Can you please tell me what type of maintenance costs I can expect on owning a 2006 GS300? How much are the oil changes? Are there schedule repair every 5000, 10000 miles? If so, what are the costs associated with those?


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    Yes, standard schedule is oil change and tire rot every 5000 mi. The first one is free; the others are pay. My dealer quoted $220. That's ridiculous, so I'll be taking it to a local repair shop and will probably pay about $50.

    The Lexus dealer washes the car (worth, what $10?) and also checks for general maintenance issues and downloads codes, but if the car is running well, I hardly think that's worth more than $100.

    15,000 mile service, which I probably WILL have done at Lexus, is $400-$450.
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    My tires need replacing. I'm looking for: (1) a comfortable QUIET ride and (2) reasonably good tire wear.

    Has anyone had experience with Falken ZE512 tires?

    Any other suggestions?


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    I just bought a 2006 GS300. The bluetooth has about a 3-4 seconds delay to display a connected call so I don't know the other person has already picked up the line. Also, when another party calls in(via Call Waiting) while I am on the phone, as soon as it hangs up, the entire call is disconnected or dropped. Does anyone know the solution to these problems?
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    Could anyone who owns a 2006 GS 300 with the standard stereo (Not ML) tell me if it comes with either a cassette player or an input jack. I would like to know for purposes of using an IPOD. I do not prefer the FM transmitters. Appreciated!
  • lexi300lexi300 Member Posts: 36
    My 2006 GS300 AWD (no ML, no NAV) came with a cassette deck. I use it with my iPods, and with my XM Satellite Radio MyFi, all the time in cassette mode.

    I would have preferred an AUX jack, and wonder aloud strongly why a newly designed 2006 car would have a cassette deck. But the cassette noise is minimal, and it's more than adequate. It's much better than FM transmitter mode.
  • pfrasspfrass Member Posts: 5
    I agree on both accounts, and I appreciate the info. I occasionally will have the need for audio tapes, such as work-related instructional tapes, etc, so I am glad that they are still putting them in. Also, I can't comfortably listen to an FM transmitter on the IPOD, as I think the quality is poor.

    Thanks again!
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    hi everyone i've bought a second hand lexus gs 300 1999 a year ago with 65000 miles. i'm having problems starting the car i have to turn the ignition on and off about 20(twenty) times before it starts. then it will operate normal for about 5(five) or 6(six) times for starting then i'm back to trying to start it 20(twenty) again. what could the problem be?
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Member Posts: 292
    When you try to start it and it fails, is there any "clicking" sound? Does the engine try to turn over and fails? Is there any noise at all?
  • jitapongjitapong Member Posts: 1
    Although I have a 98 Camry, I have the same problem. I thought mine was a wheel bearing and hub. After SEVEN visits to two Toyota dealerships, 1 independent shop and 4 Sears, the Toyota dealership (which couldn't find the probelm the first time) said it really WAS the bearing and hub, AND the front drive axle.

    I'm not familiar with the steering and suspension of the GS, but yours may have a similar problem. It is VERY hard to diagnose unless you are the driver and can replicate the problem.

    Alternatively, it could be faulty strut mounts? However, the GS is not known to have this problem.

    My repair for a right front wheel bearing hub and front drive axle cost me $860 with labor and taxes.

    To answer your question, your component should not have worn out this fast, and should be covered under your bumper to bumper warranty.
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    Besitzt jemand eine Papierliste der Sprachbefehle in deutscher Sprache für meinen GS 300.

    Grüße aus Deutschland
    Jürgen Albrecht
  • user777user777 Member Posts: 3,341
    I presume you're asking about an owner's manual for a GS300 in German.

    Have you tried sending a request via:
  • pfrasspfrass Member Posts: 5
    I have a GS 300 without NAV and would like to know if the audio display can be kept on continously. Each time the audio button is pressed, the audio screen will come on, but will go back to the standard display with gas mileage, etc. after several minutes. Is there any way to either change the default screen to audio or make it stay on audio until the vehicle is powered off when audio is chosen?
  • rays101rays101 Member Posts: 2
    yes when i try to start the car, there is clicking but the engine does not try to turn over
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Member Posts: 292
    Sounds like either the starter motor or starter solinoid is bad.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Recharge the battery and if that doesn't work clean and burnish the battery posts and connections and if that doesn't work replace the battery.
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    I too have a '99 GS300, 65k miles and am experiencing the same problem. Seems worse in the cold. Took it to Lexus and after paying them $109, they said they could not find any problem. I hear the clicking noise and must turn the key 5-10 times to start the car. relay, starter, or key igition system? What solved your problem? thanks
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    As a general rule the "rapid" clicking noise you hear when turning the key to the starting position is the starter solenoid engaging, the battery cannot handle the additional load of the starter, and thus the solenoid drops out due to the sudden low battery voltage, noe the battery voltage rises...

    Most typical problem is dirty/poor battery connections otherwise an almost dead battery or bad cell in the battery.
  • pagepalmpagepalm Member Posts: 2
    problem solved, it was the starter. thanks
  • gdentongdenton Member Posts: 4

    A new battery will solve this problem.

  • larry1135larry1135 Member Posts: 43
    Has anyone ever changed their own? If so was it a pain or straight forward?
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    The same thing happen to me. The dealer had the transmission but that didn't help. It was just the battery. Got a new battery and it was just fine!!
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    Hi, I have a 00' GS300. I recently had the front,right upper control arm and ball joint replaced. My extended warranty company wouldn't pay for the entire cost of the part because they said they only pay the MSRP on the part.
    In this case the MSRP was $450.00 or so and the dealer charged me $491.00. I had to pay the difference. Has anyone come across this before?
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