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Lexus GS Maintenance and Repair



  • kfolkfol Posts: 5
    My 2003 GS430 has gone through 5 sets of tires now (35,000 miles) and I am told by my service manager that its normal. I informed him that I would almost agree with him if it was normal tire wear but in my case the tires are getting feathered and cupped on the outside edges (plenty of tread life remaining). I'm not a kid and do not drive agressively so I think there is something wrong with the car.

    Anyone have this experience or any helpful tips?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    outside edge wear only is usually excessive toe-out (alignment) and cupping is usually defective front struts or a wheel balance issue.

    Here's a site that shows you various wear patterns:

    You definitely have something wrong with your car.
  • kfolkfol Posts: 5
    Lexus has replaced the tires the past 4 times under warranty but are now refusing to so. I have a meeting scheduled with the Regional Tech Rep tomorrow to look at the car. The service manager at the Dealership said he spoke with the Rep and reviewed the maintenance history on the car over the phone and he gave him a verbal "no" to replacing the tires under warranty. I am not holding out much hope to winning this argument even with all the information out there on the web regarding tire feathering.

    I'm just glad I'm leasing this pig, unfortunately the next sucker that buys this car will not know about this problem.
  • kfolkfol Posts: 5
    Forgot to say thank you for your reply and reference you attached

    I'm just so mad at Lexus right now!
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    couldn't wheel bearing problems also cause cupping?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Gee they'd have to be so bad as to cause the wheel to wobble...seems to me they'd be screaming for help at that point.
  • kfolkfol Posts: 5
    Had a very dissapointing and odd meeting on Wed last week with the regional Lexus rep. He had the dealership check the aglinment on the car (which checked out good) and told me bluntly that my issue was with the tire mfg and that my warranty claim was denied. He further told me that the tire wear I was claiming to have was impossible based on the aglinment check result. I asked him to go out and look at the vehicle for himself and he refused. I showed him the information I pulled off the internet (from Michelin and others)regarding "feathering" and he dismissed it as being "a general statement" and that "feathering was normal". I further asked him directly if this abnormal tire wear was a known issue with Lexus (as I suspect) and he refused to answer me (very odd). At the conclusion of the meeting I asked that the results of the aglinment check be documented and that the rep state that "tire feathering" was normal. He agreed to document the aglinment check but flatly refused to make the statement about "feathering".
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    well I suppose you could take the "certified" alignment document and make a claim against the tire manufacturer. If the tire manufacturer says its the car's fault and the car manufacturer says its the tire's fault....well least you know one of them is wrong....

    Possibly you could re-inforce your case by having the car checked at a highly specialized alignment shop, like one that specializes in setting up exotic cars (who aligns the cars for the Ferrari dealership or Porsche dealership in your area?) and see what their report says.

    It might come down to whether you want to "die on this hill" in a legal battle or ditch the car.
  • donbldonbl Posts: 42
    Old saying,,,,,

    Keep pushing up the food chain until you find someone who cares.

    There is always someone.

    Might be Japanese.....

    Keep pushing.

    good luck,
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    Dear Mister_Shiftright

    Since the Lexus made the choice to have that brand of tires on their respective vehicles, then it seems they are responsible for their decision.

    Is there a lemon law in your state as there is in Calif?

    Good luck to you.

  • kvd2pallakvd2palla Posts: 29
    Holy Cow !!!! I just noticed the same thing on my car!!!! I just hit 11,000 miles, and I too am tired of all BS. I have had the dash worked on 8 times, this car has been a real downer...especially after about 2000 miles. Did you called Lexus N.A? If so, what they offer to do for compensation and or resolution. They have my car now, I am now looking at the 530xi...Shame on me buying a first year production car. Did they ever find the issue? or did you throw the towel...
  • kfolkfol Posts: 5
    I did call Lexus and was told that having the regional rep review the issue was the last step and arbitration is the only thing left available to me. I think at this point I'm the "bear in the shooting gallery" here with the tire mfg and Lexus pointing at each other. I am waiting for a letter from Lexus re-capping their decision not to honor the warranty claim. I haven't tried going to the tire mfg yet, not sure if I'll bother as I'm sure they will just point back at Lexus and it will just waste more of my time. I'm sure that's the game they are playing ---- run the guy through a bunch of hurtles until he gets frustrated and goes away.

    I have seen several other posts in here and elsewhere citing tire noise after just a few thousand miles. If these folks check they will find they are having the same "feathering" issue I'm am having.

    FYI -- the regional Lexus rep had the b_lls to make this statement to me when the meeting was coming to an end. "Other than the tire issue its really an awesome vehicle isn't it"? I about fell out of my chair!
  • dnneednnee Posts: 1
    Could anyone tell me if the climate control and heater faceplate on a 00 GS 300 could be replaced?
    Dnnee :)
  • cgs1238cgs1238 Posts: 11
    I am picking up my new GS300 tomorrow night.
    I need some guidance on the use of a Bluetooth Phone. On Lexus' site, it recommends Cingular service. I have had Verizon forever and do not want to change.
    Can someone explain to me in simple terms if I buy a Bluetooth enabled phone and want to keep Verizon, if this will work with the phone in the car?
  • kvd2pallakvd2palla Posts: 29
    I have the Verizon Razr, works fine. The only thing you will have to keep in mind is that you will NOT be able to transfer the phonebook from the phone to the can be done if you transfer the address from your phone to a non verizon phone and then transfer the addresses from the non-verizon phone to the car...
  • cgs1238cgs1238 Posts: 11
    Thanks for your response.
    Can I somehow manually enter all of my names and phone numbers into the car or does it have to be linked from the phone?
    (I am really clueless on this stuff)
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Sorry - no manual entry from within the car.
  • Has anyone had any experience with a remote starter and full alarm on a 2003 GS 300. Some idiots decided that they were going to practice their lock picking technique on my GS 300 :mad: . Luckily they were not able to get in and the only damage was to the lock cylinder and door handle :sick: . Right now I'm looking at the Audiovox Prestige APS 997 with a Two-Way LCD. The factory alarm only goes off when someone actually breaks a window or pries open a door. This particular alarm will give warning chirps when there is a small impact to the car and will go into full mode with a more severe impact.

  • cgs1238cgs1238 Posts: 11
    I am having trouble with song and artist titles appearing on my screen. Sometimes only have the words appear and sometimes no name or title appears.
    Do I need to change a setting or is this normal.
    Also, the AM station volume seems low and muffled. Could my Sirius radio be interfering with the AM frequency?
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    I am on my second GS300. First a 98 which was T-boned at 89,000 miles. Great car. Mileage 21/22 about town. 26/28 on highway at 70 / 80 mph. Car was totaled. Now have a 2002 with 61,000 miles. Mileage the same. I run my tires at 36 psi for good dry road holding and mileage. Michelin HydroEdge. One size oversize.

    Purchased both cars used with 30,000 miles.

    The only issue I have with the 2002 is a lag shifting from 1st to second after a slow down to near stop, i.e. 5 to 8 mph, when it is just between the 1st and 2nd gear. The rpm has to come up to about 1,600 to 1,800 before the 2nd gear engages with a bit of a lurch. It feels like driving a manual transmission and you are slow to release the clutch between shifts.

    There is no hesitation when starting from standstill. The shifts then are normal between 1st & 2nd. The dealer says there is nothing wrong, that it may be the ECU that adjusted to the previous owner. (The previous owner wanted a hesitation????) It is quite annoying. Manual shifting works just fine.

    Any solutions? Can you reset the ECU to new specs?

    Help ...... Harbo
  • lazer30lazer30 Posts: 3
    GS300 is RWD. If you have two GOOD tires and two OK tires - which should go on the front?

    ThankS! :confuse:
  • lazer30lazer30 Posts: 3
    What's the recommended PSI on the door panel?
  • lazer30lazer30 Posts: 3
    I'm answering my my own post as no one has posted an opinion. I think this subject tends to elicit different opinions - are there any experts on this forum? :confuse: See the following tread:
    Question: Hello, My car is RWD. What is your recommendtion if I have two GOOD tires and two OK tires, on a RWD - which pair should go on the front and which on the back? :confuse:
    Thank you for your inquiry. I recommend that you match the tires (brand/model) to the other two. Then you should put the new tires on the Rear. This will give you the most balance in an emergency handling situation. Please give me a call if you have any further questions.
    Hi Rudy, Thanks for responding. The tires are all the same brand and stock - just that two are newer. wrt an emergency handling situation - it's not safer on a RWD to have the better tires on the front? :surprise: That leads the car when steering...
    Your actually correct about that, but the reason the Tire Rack recommends the rears is RWD cars tend to oversteer ( This means the rear actually starts to come out and around in an emergency situation). If the rear end comes loose the car will do a 360 and at this point you have lost control of the car. When you loose control of the car you could end up in a bad situation. Hopefully this clarifies my reasoning.
  • binuavbinuav Posts: 1
    Hello everyone:
    I have a 99 gs400 and it has about 65k miles on it. my engine shutdown on me completely two times All the dash lights lit up and i can start it back up with no problem. Both times it happened when i was at a light. it has a new battery in it. Anyone had this experience or have any idea?
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    FYI: People (at least I) tend to skip messages in ALL CAPS as they are hard to read.
  • mlushmlush Posts: 2
    Is anyone having transmission shifting issues? I have the GS300, and after about 1 month, the automatic shifting became worse and worse. Lexus has had the car 3-4 times for a total of over a month of service with no improvement. They are now starting to tell me that they dont notice the issue, even they acknowledged it at first, and even put in a new transmission! I'm about to go up the food chain to corporate so let me know of any advice you have, thanks!
  • mlushmlush Posts: 2
    Sorry to hear of your tire problems...good luck. Is anyone having transmission shifting issues? I have the GS300, and after about 1 month, the automatic shifting became worse and worse. Lexus has had the car 3-4 times for a total of over a month of service with no improvement. They are now starting to tell me that they dont notice the issue, even they acknowledged it at first, and even put in a new transmission! I'm about to go up the food chain to corporate so let me know of any advice you have, thanks!
  • cammer2cammer2 Posts: 38
    I have a 2005 Lexus Gs-300 that is white in color. Every time I wash the car I am finding the sides of the car are covered in tar that shows up easily on white. This takes about 1 hour to sit down and remove all of the tar. I have had previous Toyota products that have had factor mud guards that I can not seem to find for my GS. So was wondering if any one had purchased mud guards for their 2000-2005 Gs that fit like factory?
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