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Lexus GS Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 06 GS 300 and would like to know if anyone has purchased the clear film to put on the front bumper of the car to protect it from rocks, chips, etc?

    If so, is the film obvious? If you wash the car, does it impact the film (ends folding up)? Worth it?

  • yipperyipper Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 GS300, and I use the Motorola RAZR phone. Everytime someone calls me and if I don't pick up the incoming call while I am on the phone via bluetooth, my calls will drop as soon as the incoming call hangs up. Also, it appears when I call someone, there is a 2-3 second delay before they could hear me or vice versa. Does anyone have the same problems or a solution for these 2 problems?
  • mojan9mojan9 Posts: 1
    I own a 2001 GS430 and recently the screen for the navigation system and other options (audio, climate, etc) has been losing it's touch screen capabilities. For example, I am unable to control the climate or audio at times. Besides replacing the whole system, does anyone have any suggestion.... Thx for your help
  • cestescestes Posts: 1
    This works until you turn off the engine car and is from the website:

    Press Menu

    press Volume

    on the volume page

    touch the top left corner of the screen

    then touch bottomn left corner of the screen

    then again the top left corner of the screen

    then again the bottomn left corner of the screen

    if you do it right, an operator screen comes up. with several buttons.

    You're gonna HOLD DOWN the button that says OVERRIDE . After about 5 seconds the override button becomes highilighted (or selected, i think it gets an outline around it) When it does this, just hit back, then OK on the volume screen and you're all set. This will work until you restart the car. Then you'll have to do it again.

    Does anyone know how to override the blue tooth phone security so that outgoing calls can be made while driving?
  • billdavbilldav Posts: 18
    I have 2006 GS 300 AWD. When I back up & turn to leave my parking spot there is a bump as if I rolled over something and a bit of a pull in the steering.

    I've been told by Lexus service that a number of people have reported this and Lexus is saying it is normal?? I still want to have it checked, so I'm taking the car in on Monday,

    Anyone else had a different solution or comment from Lexus?

  • I've not driven the AWD GS300, but I suspect what you are experiencing is common to many full-time four-wheel-drive vehicles; when you turn full-lock in any car, the wheels nearer to the centre of your turn move slower than the outer wheels. Because all four wheels are linked mechanically in your vehicle and therefore forced to turn at the same speed, either the inner or outer wheels will eventually be forced to slide a little depending on which has the most grip. A 2WD car will not have this problem as the rear center differential permits both wheels to move at different speeds.
  • The following link will show you everything you need to know about disabling the safety lockouts so you can use the phone and watch DVD's while driving. I have not tried this myself. Good luck!
  • I've just purchased a GS430. and am planning on having the 3M film installed this week. I have seen it on several cars with different colors. It look pretty transparent. I will probably have it only on the lower bumber and not up on the hood. I have seen it on the hoods and a line is noticable. I know the dealer locally real well. He stands behind the product.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    I was bound to happen - my GS300 got two dings in the door from a wayward shopping cart. :mad:

    I have to bring it in for an oil change anyway, and I'm hoping that they can either plunge them out or remove the door panel and hammar them back into shape.

    Anyone have any experience with body work done at their dealer?
  • Have no fear Dent Wizard will be there.

    Most dealers use a third party contractor named Dent Wizard, they removed two dings from my wifes Accord and I was more than satisfied with the results.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Yep - I called Lexus and that's who they use. They said they would make an appointment for me with them, and they would be there when I brought my car in for the 5K mile service.

    I'm pretty picky, so I have my fingers crossed. ;)
  • clarkkentclarkkent Posts: 154
    I'm not trying to be a flame thrower, but, I get a kick out of the Edmunds car reviews by owners of various makes and models they have just purchased new.

    A review from anyone on any car they have just bought will be 99% great. If they didn't like the car to begin with they would not have bought it. ie" "have 356 miles on this car and it's fantastic"

    The best review I have ever read so far was: "I now have 36 miles on this beauty and it's everything I had hoped for" That sure told me it was a car I could count on for 100,000!

    These new car reviews are like a sky diver (who's parachute didn't open) jumping from 10,000' "This is my first jump with this chute from 10,000 and so far the first 9000 have been fantastic!"

    I'd rather see Edmunds get reviews from owners who purchased their cars new, and have had a years experience with them.

    What would even be better would be a review section by number of years you have owned the vehicle since new.

    Just a thought.
  • lmcarlmcar Posts: 2
    I have 100K miles on my car and for the last 60K, my tires are acting like they are out of balance, occassionally. I can set the cruise for 65-70MPH and the ride is smooth. Then, gradually, the car acts like a tire (sometimes front, sometimes rear, sometimes both) is out of balance. This may go on for several minutes to several hours. Then the problem will go away for some indetermate period of time. Lexus says the problem is the tires, and Michelin (who replaced the MXV4 tires once) says the problem is the car. In any case, my expensive car still acts like the tires are out of balance. Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have a solution? I'm about due for tires and would like to fix this problem.
  • Last weekend I bought a new RX for my wife. While we were at the dealer, I took a 2006 GS300 for a test drive. The voice recognition feature was terrible. I asked for "temp 72" and got "audio on." It never got better. Then I found out I can't change destination without stopping, putting the car in park, and then entering the new destination.

    I had driven a 2006 RL that morning and the voice recognition was flawless. Passenger Temp 72, FM 99.1, Find Nearest Dealer, everything worked.

    I like Lexus. We had a 2004 ES before we traded for the new RX. I never had any problems with the ES. I love this dealer. But the voice recognition on this GS just didn't work for me.

    Anyone else have problems? Was it just this car?

  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    The voice commands work well, but you have to use the correct syntax. For example, "Temp 72" doesn't work, but "Temperature 72" or "Temperature 72 degrees" works fine.

    I haven't tried tuning the radio using "FM 99.1", but switching sat. radio stations works fine.
  • Sorry, I should not have abbreviated. I did say "Temperature 72 degrees." I am glad to know that this is not a general flaw. When I returned from my ride, the salesman got in and tried to show me how to have commands accepted. He also failed.

    It must have been this car/system.

  • Thanks very much - now I have a bit of an understanding of the working of 4 wd.
  • I purchased my GS300 in June-05 and was immediately impressed with the car. Having previously owned a 2000 GS that ran perfectly, I expected the same from my new GS. Around November-05 the car (12,0000 miles)developed a rumbling noise (sounds like distant thunder) when driving at low speeds on uneven surfaces emanating from under the front of the vehicle. After 3 visits to the dealer(replaced the bushings, ripped out the dashboard and insulated the firewall), the car is still making the exact same noise. Very frustrating, looking to get rid of the car!
  • I've got the perfect solution.

    Don't read the reviews of owners with less than 100,000 miles. That would save you from agonizing over how the owner is stupidly on a "pink cloud" and has a car that will be falling apart in no time, while the owners can enjoy their purshases that they've spent well earned money on.
  • I recently purchased an '04 GS 300 with only 13,000 miles and seem to be getting about 22mpg highway, which is a little disappointing. I am otherwise very pleased with the car overall. The throttle response seems rather touchy, which is to say very responsive. I am thinking the previous owner was a spirited driver and the ECU has adapted itself to that pattern of driving. Am wondering what mpg's other owners are getting, whether the mileage improves as the engine breaks in a bit more, and whether the ECU will adjust to my more sedate driving pattern. Any thoughts?
  • You don't need to spend 400-500 for the 15K service. Just ask for the required items and the charge for me was $320. When I first went in and asked for the 15K Service they told me that it would be $500. I balked at that and told them that I only wanted the required items. Like magic it went down to $320. This was at Palm beach Lexus in West Palm Beach. I'll bet that a lot of people pay the full freight but you don't need to.
  • dwfxdwfx Posts: 1
    Based on your mileage, you probably need to replace your rotors, which get warped over time. I recently purchased a 2000 GS300 that had 90k miles and had the same problem. Once I replaced all 4 rotors with new drilled and slotted ones, problem was solved. Hope this helps ...
  • I have this problem too! It's awful... I have turned off the bluetooth feature for this reason. In my case, the callers don't actually get disconnected but rather hear whatever would be playing on my stereo (even if the volume in the car is at zero) but I cannot hear them. I also have the problem with outbound calls. Yipper, have you found a solution since you wrote this message? I just bought my car two weeks ago... Thanks!
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 400
    After selling our 2001 RX300, we are looking for a used 02-03 GS300. We wanted to try the 2003 MB E320, but after looking at the E-class problems/elctronic glitches, we decided to go with much more reliable Lexus.

    How does the RWD GS300 drive on ice and snow? Does it fish tail any or the traction control keeps it in line. Any issues with the engine/transmission?

    Are there any thing that you suggest to check? Does the engine use timing belt or chain?

  • lmcarlmcar Posts: 2
    Thanks for the feedback. I never would have guessed that, considering I felt the rumble in the car and stearing wheel rather than the brake pedal. I'll get the rotors checked.
  • I also had power steering failure on my 2006 GS300 at about 1500 miles. It was not a total failure, but it took a week to get the parts from Japan.
  • I get what I consider excessive tire noise on my GS 300. Data: 13,000 miles w/ Yokohama 225/50-R17 (94W) tires. Noise starts at 30 MPH and increases from there.

    Am told that it is "normal".

    Any comments or preferably, SOLUTIONS?
  • billyperks1billyperks1 Posts: 151
    Switch to the Falkens (Azentis-check spelling) they are wickedly quite but awful in snow.
  • donbldonbl Posts: 42
    Have the tires always been noisy or as they got above 13,000 miles.

    I have soft high performance tires on my non-lexus and they definitely get noisier above 10,000 miles.
  • They got noisier after 10,000 miles. The Lexus dealer recommended "Touring" tires with a different rubber compound to solve the noise problem.

    Like you suggested, Michelins seem to be better tires all around.

    I am hopeful that this will solve my noise problem without affecting performance much.
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