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Honda Pilot Real World MPG

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
This topic is for Pilot owners to report their actual MPG.

"Real World" Fuel Economy vs. EPA Estimates

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  • gprodickgprodick Posts: 36
    This message board is a glut of topics.I think there are about 40. It's a mess! Why would you want to had yet another one? Instead of adding topics, you ought to eliminate about 80% of the existing topics and get it down to a manageable level.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    I'm not sure what page you're looking at, but there are only seven discussions on the Honda Pilot Owners Club page.

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  • skyking1skyking1 Posts: 2
    We have an '05 EX-L. We have just reached the 7500 mile service, and I have noticed a change in the mileage. Initially, 17~18 in a mix of country commuting with some stop and go. Now that is more like 20. Took a road trip this weekend, had some really bad holiday traffic on the freeways. Stop and go, fast and slow. First tank was 22. The conditions improved, and got 23 doing some 60~65 on cruise mixed with some 75+ and climbing two passes. Overall, I am satisfied that it gets similar mileage to EPA, and could beat it with conservative driving.
  • 6buck6buck Posts: 4
    I have about 20K miles on my '04 that I got the end of last September. I get between 19 and 21 consistently. I just got a tow package added and I'm interested to see what the trailer does to the mileage, I know it won't be good. I just switched to premium fuel, on the recommendation of the manual related to towing. I'll see what that does to mileage without the trailer too.
  • shodanusmcshodanusmc Posts: 14
    03 Pilot, 30K, 14-20
  • cyniccynic Posts: 58
    05 Pilot, 9k, 17-19
  • klangerklanger Posts: 7
    We have a 2005 Pilot EX. Only 1400 miles right now, and getting 17-18 MPG with about 50% highway driving. Hoping to get EPA mileage eventually.
  • meyervillameyervilla Posts: 40
    Does anyone know when Honda will modify their V6 to run on E85? What about a Pilot Hybrid?
  • durability05durability05 Posts: 142
    You will be pleasantly surprised to get close to EPA numbers after 5000 miles.
    We initially got 15 city and 21 highway when new. Now it is 17 city and 22 highway. This SUV is one of the few that gets close to what it says.
    Use to own a 2001 Ford Escape 4WD V6 that only got 14 city and 22 highway and it was suppose to get 18/23 . And that Escape weighed 800 pounds less.
  • tcp27705tcp27705 Posts: 14
    I have a 2005 EX-L that we got in December. It has 8000 miles on it now. I get 16-17 MPG city, 20-22 MPG highway.
  • normkolnormkol Posts: 135
    My 2005 Pilot has 5500 miles. I get 17-19 in mixed driving, haven't done any straight highway yet.

    I also own a 2002 Tribute V6, which gets about EPA numbers. 18-19 mixed driving, 22-24 straight highway.
  • durability05durability05 Posts: 142
    The Pilot mix driving I can get 17-18, the straightway , I got anywhere from 23 mpg on an easy 500 mile drive at 70 mph, however a 75-80 mph desert run only got me 20 mpg highway. I use to own a 2001 Ford Escape V6 4wd, that thing only got 14-15 mix driving and 22 highway, to sum it up the Pilot has excellent mpg numbers for a midsize SUV, we took it to the mall today for shopping, and it was excellent, entirely in its intended purpose a Station Wagon, or shall we say a Cross-over. Definetely not an SUV.
  • sportymonksportymonk Posts: 258
    Filled up first time at 255 miles.
    Next 1250 miles were almost pure interstate at 70 to 75 mph as we left on vacation with 300 miles on the odometer (Not the original plan but thats the way things worked out). tire pressure was 33.5 - 34. I keep it a pound of so higher so that if I loose a little air over the course of time, I wouldn't be underinflated.

    @ 578 miles = 21.62 mpg

    @ 937 = 20.93 mpg (Dropped here as lead foot Bodine, whoops, excuse me, my lovely wife who keeps flow with the traffic was driving.)

    @ 1292 = 21.44 mpg

    @ 1525 = 23.28 Through with vacation(?)

    @ 1843 = 19.28 Some city and some hwy

    @ 2150 = 19.28. Same

    The problem with measuring city driving is that other than the EPA defined city driving, it is too variable. Different lights (especially sensored ones) have different intervals of green and red. Traffic at 5:30 in downtown Atlanta is dramatically different from traffic at 20:30 AM even though it is the same route.
  • Just took a quick trip and measured MPG first time.

    185 mile trip, 40 miles of interstate and the rest twisty mountain driving (the kind you brake, accelerate, up, down round and round).

    20.5! I thought that was great all things considered.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    anyone have numbers to share while towing?
    don't forget to say how much you are towing.

  • normkolnormkol Posts: 135
    I just drove yesterday 360 miles, almost all highway. I got 21.5 mpg.

    2005 EX-L.

    I was hoping for a bit better.
  • Noted MPG for the first time ...the Pilot is new with only 600 miles on it right now.

    Got 17 mpg - all of it suburban driving with many small trips of 10-20 miles each.

    Does the mpg increase after the "newness" wears off?
  • Many will say that it will get better. My Pilots MPG did not increase at all statistically. I am now getting an average of about 16
  • jim70jim70 Posts: 27

    I was curious. Is that a pretty even mix of highway and city? And how many miles do you have on it now?

  • I have 31,000 miles on it. Yes, its pretty much an even mix, but in the Chicago land area, even highway miles is often stop and go. I get about 20 mpg when I am moving at 70-75. Now I have noticed when I am in a rural area where there is not that 10% Ethynol mixture or Oxygenaged gas, my mileage is 1-2 mpg better. I used a Durablend oil, and change it every 3 months. I do not hot rod it. I also realize it is a fairly large SUV, but for the mileage I get, I would rather have a larger engine and more pep.
  • lfanlfan Posts: 61
    I was getting 18-19 MPG during 1st 4 tankfuls before 1500 miles. In my last 2 tanks, I've gotten 22 mpg with the same driving pattern (70% hwy 30% suburban stop and go). I drive moderately with speeds ~72-75 on the hwy. My coworker with an '03 EX says he regularly gets 24 mpg so that's something I will shoot for.
  • Approaching 20K miles on a 7 month old 2005 Pilot that commutes from Orange County to Beverly Hills 3 days a week and to San Diego once a week. The average is about 15 MPG around town with a best of 18.5 on the road. Using the AC makes a big difference. The same commute in my 2003 Explorer (XLT 2WD) brings 17-18 around town and 21 on the road. I average about 40K miles a year on the cars that I own, not counting rentals.
  • walleye5walleye5 Posts: 26
    I just got back from a fishing trip where I towed my ~1300 lb boat; 95% was towing with the rest short trips into town. I averaged 20.4 mpg for the entire trip. I drove easy, no fast starts, cruise control at 68 mph. Mostly fairly flat roads here in Wisconsin and the wind was mostly in my favor or neutral; no head winds. I ran the air after about 9 AM once it warmed up, both directions, so drove 2 hours w/o each day and the rest with it on. The total miles I put on was 950, so a good test. Also, I averaged 19.8 last year on a similiar trip. I've noticed wind makes a pretty big difference, I consider these my best figures under near-perfect towing conditions. Not bad for an AWD vehicle.
  • leoleo Posts: 9
    Seems like everybody getting 21mpg one way or another. I took the car on vacation to Sunriver Oregon in July with 4 people, 3 bikes and the third row fold down for lots of carry on. I am getting between 19.5mpg(drove thru rain 65-70mph) and 21.5mpg(70-75mph) on the way back. 20.5mpg around town in Sunriver.
  • Guys:
    I just bought a new Honda Pilot -05 EX.
    The dealer gave me a tank Full, but he put 87 Octane level. When I asked him he says that this level of Octane is fine.

    When I was reading thru the Owners manual it says that the Pilot needs a minimum Octane Level of 91 or above. I am confused now and was wondering what you guys suggest and what do you put in your Pilots.

    Thanks for your thoughts. :confuse:
  • 87 Octane is just fine, I've been using it for a year with no pinging or hesitation. I think 91 is for towing if my memory serves me correct. Enjoy using the cheaper 87 as the Acura MDX needs the 91.
  • My Pilot gets as high as 24 on the interstate and as low as 17 in city with a/c. There are other factors that come into play as you have noted. Wind is a BIG one, tail vs cross vs head, which gets compounded by luggage on the roof.

    Anyone that rides a bicycle very much will know when your automobile using the most gas and when it's not!
  • I'm very disappointed with my MPG numbers. Every car I have ever owned, rented, or borrowed, I have gotten the same results with. I always get close to the higher end of the scale, but with the Pilot I can't even get up to the worst MPG. With 70-80% highway driving I still haven't been able to get even 17 MPG.

    And no, it's not my driving style that's the problem.

    Other than the dismal MPG, I like the car a lot.
  • I have a one month old o5 pilot , I am only average 12.5 MPG and combination highway and city drive, I called the dealer and they said wait tell the 1st 1000 mile , do any one else have this kind of problem, thanks
  • Our situation sounds similar. We have a one month old 05 Pilot with about 800 miles on it. We do probably 75% city driving. Originally, we got about 16 MPG which I thought was low but we do use the AC often. However, our last tank averaged about 13 (which included actually more highway driving). Since this was the first time getting such a low number, I am going to check the mileage for a couple more fill-ups before I give the dealer a call.
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