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Lexus ES 350



  • mattvdsmattvds Posts: 2
    I got the UL package.. and I love it... :) But I have a few questions.

    I am noticing quiet a bit of wind noise when I drive above 60 mph (gets really bad when i get to 80)... I didn't notice this on any of the other cars I test drove .. but then again I didn't drive them that fast. Is anyone else noticing this problem? Or is there something wrong with my car? :confuse:

    The Climate settings with NAV... I can't get it to work.. but the Toyota Prius has the same nav system and the climate settings work.. so i find it hard to believe that we need a new chip.... But if we do need an upgrade.. would it be covered under warrantee.. I mean it supposed to work.. its in the manual after all.
  • robynlrobynl Posts: 38
    That will be a concern for me too. I test drove an ES premium plus and didnt notice wind noise. Is it the roof that causes the noise? I drive 80 often and don't want to have that problem.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    I drive 80 often and don't want to have that problem

    Uhhh, where in the U.S. is the speed limit 80? ;)
  • bobbyshredbobbyshred Posts: 44
    I called the dealer today. Nothing, no word of when the ES I ordered March 15, 10 weeks ago is coming in. Very disappointing. I told him I wanted to take another ES for a test drive and guess what? He has no ES's in stock. He's gotten 3 of them so far and sold them all.

    They were supposed to keep one for test drives but got offered $3000 over MSRP so they sold it. He's hoping they will get more soon but he sounded clueless as to any time frame.

    I can only go without having a car so much longer and sharing my wife's She's at work all day so I'm stuck home everyday and now that my health is better I really want to get out more.
    So I'm going to go out and look at other cars again. I still want to go drive that Buick Lucerne, but I may end up getting a Camry.

    How the heck can Lexus put a car on sale about 6 weeks ago and the dealer has none to sell? I think there must be a problem somewhere which scares me off this car.
    I just don't understand the hold up. When Toyota got the new Camry's they got one, then a couple more the next week and then another 7 the next week and now they have a bunch in stock.

    I'm venting so here it is:
  • rocketdanrocketdan Posts: 28
    I've been looking at the ES350 and reading all the good info here, but I am really puzzled at the Dynamic Radar CC option. The Avalon Ltd.(which I'm also looking at)has one for < $700. The only way to get this on the ES appears to be with a precollision system and it's over $2200! This seems to me to be a worthwhile option since normal CC is iffy in a lot of highway driving. But not for $2200. None of the cars in inventory seem to have it, and no one even talks about it. I'd love to have an option like the Avalon has. Did I miss something?
  • bobbyshredbobbyshred Posts: 44
    Believe me I spoke to the sales manager, and the only other dealer here in southern Viginia, a ways away and they are in the same boat. No idea when the real supply of cars are coming in.
  • dp5dp5 Posts: 55
    I have the UL package on my car and I have not noticed any excessive wind noise when driving at higher speeds. The car has been extremely quiet.
  • neocortexneocortex Posts: 22
    I just picked up my new ES 350 yesterday - Tungsten (aka Silver) w/ Black interior. I'm really happy w/ my purchase!! Got a great (or what I consider a great deal). $36970 + TTL w/ Premium Plus, Nav., Sirius (system + install) + 9 months of Sirius Service.

    I was told that the Sirius isn't available for a little while (maybe a month...or more). Does anyone have any info on the availability timeframe? I'm also curious about getting a spoiler and the associated costs w/ doing it - purchase/install, etc.? Any help would be appreciated!
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    I noted that the recommended service interval for this car is 5000 miles. I intend to drive about over 20000 miles a year. This will be my first lexus and would like to find out what I can expect to pay for the maintenance of this car.
  • bobbassbobbass Posts: 34

    I have radar cruise (no PCS) on an '04 Toyota Sienna MiniVan and IMO, it's not very practical. It's really kewel and a neat gadget to play around with and impress your friends, but traveling in typical situations, I rarely use it.

    If you are driving in VERY light traffic, it can be useful.

    But, in "medium" traffic when a regular cruise is useful, the radar cruise is not all it's cracked up to be.

    The problem is during passing. You really have to anticipate the pass when you come up on a vehicle in front of you. If you don't move over to the passing lane soon enough, even if you have it set for the closest distance, you'll find your car slowing down and losing momentum. You may not even be aware of it until you've dropped 5 mph or more. Then, when you do pull over in the passing lane, the engine gets the "go-ahead" and takes off like a bat-outa-hell. Hardly good for gas mileage.

    Maybe it's because I'm more familiar with traditional cruise, but it seems a lot easier to just use that under most circumstances than the radar cruise.

    Now, maybe having the PCS might be a worthwhile safety feature, but I do not intend to pay the extra $ for the combined package.
  • rocketdanrocketdan Posts: 28
    Thanks for the insight. When going through intermittently heavy traffic if gets tiresome constantly hitting the brakes, then resume. A perfectly operating automated system would seem to be a dream come true. I guess it is only a dream! It sounds like the cure may be worse than the problem. This actually makes picking a car easier, since I couldn't find an ES with this anyway.
  • stevencatystevencaty Posts: 11
    Hi neocortex
    Congratulation for the new car, can you tell me how much you get discount for that car and can you tell me what the sticker price for that one ( I have the dealer Ray Catena in NJ discount for me only $1424.00 the sticker price is $37424.00 ) thank you
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    I just picked up my new ES 350 yesterday - Tungsten (aka Silver) w/ Black interior. I'm really happy w/ my purchase!! Got a great (or what I consider a great deal). $36970 + TTL w/ Premium Plus, Nav., Sirius (system + install) + 9 months of Sirius Service.

    What state did you buy in?
  • lahamjatlahamjat Posts: 7
    When I decide to buy it it will also be my first Lexus. It looks as though we are getting pinched here in the midwest for allocation. I will just wait til winter and if I do not get a good deal here, I will fly somewhere, maybe florida and purchase the car down there. Why not? Spend some time with the wife and especially during winter here. If I can save 3K+ then why not use the money saved on a mini-trip. Just to clarify, you got the UL version? Did you look at any other package besides the UL. If so, I know that the UL has better leather or softer. Is it true? Thanks and congrats.
  • neocortexneocortex Posts: 22
    I'm in Southern California and e-mailed every dealer w/in 100 miles to see what the lowest price they could give me - I gave them a very low price to beat and only 3 came w/in my range of $37K. (I e-mailed at least 14 dealers).

    I looked at going through Costco or AAA, but those deals were at least $2500K more than what I paid on this vehicle. I guess since the car is new those discounts don't work yet - I got a quote on an Acura TL and AAA was able to get me below invoice, but since this car is hot - go dealer direct via the web - it's the only way to shop.

    The retail on the vehicle was $40,799 (Premium Plus and Nav). The Sirius (system + install) + 9 Months of Sirius was an extra that I was able to get lucky w/ as I asked one dealer for a discount and he threw it in the deal - the rest of the other dealers couldn't believe it, but they matched it too.

    My recommendation is be ready to buy and know what you want. Get your finances in order if you are going to finance and know what you want for your trade. Don't discuss anything other than the price of the car and the features. Then e-mail them w/ a very clear listing of your needs: color, packages, extra features, etc. and give them the lowest price you want to pay. Then just see who comes in w/ the best deals and let each of them know where they stand. You'll know how far you can push when they start telling you they can't go any further.

    Some will be high and others will come close to your number - then it's up to you to figure out the best deal. Don't expect to get the guy who's offering you a so-so deal to come down in price by as much as some of the others - they just are playing the game. Go w/ the person who steps up and wants to get the deal done. I was in and out on my one dealer w/in 90 minutes of agreeing on the price.
  • amf1932amf1932 Posts: 79
    Yes, I noticed this wind noise also, and called Lexus Corporation and made a formal complaint to make them aware of this. They in turn were going to contact my dealer to see what can be done to correct this problem. When I get somemore info about this I'll post again. :cry:
  • dotbowelsdotbowels Posts: 43
    I'm not as fortunate as you being in Iowa there may be 6 dealers in a 3 state area and 2 guys owns 4 of them :( Dorothy
  • Neocortex,
    I am also in Southern California but I am planning on leasing (more write offs for me in my profession.) Could you let me know which dealerships were willing to "step up to the plate". I have requested a few quotes from local dealerships over the internet but would like to know which dealerships, in your experience, are serious about making the deal.
  • nedb52nedb52 Posts: 10
    I had my 350 in for a free, 1000 mi. get to know the service dept. look over. I told them about the same problem you are having. After I demonstrated that we did know what we were doing, they called Lexus, The technician was told "it is a known problem" and they have (or are working on - I can't remember what he said!) the software upgrade/solution "but they were not sure when it will be available" to the dealers.
  • kumar2kumar2 Posts: 12
    Just go it in Silver last night..paid 1000 over invoice (Coliseum Lexus in Oakland). Have the price in the price paid section.
    Driven about 70 miles so all the little features. Did not notice wind noise at higher speed though.........will continue to look for that.
    More driving impressions in a week or so.
  • x10acnx10acn Posts: 3
    Neocortex: What was the MSRP on the ES 350 you purchased? The local Lexus dealer in my area is unwilling to negotiate, stating that the model is selling routinely for MSRP. Also, where did you get your great deal? Thanks, I need all the amunition I can get.

    P.S.: The version I am looking at has both of the majot option packages you note plus a few other options and has an MRSP of $40,539. Thanks
  • dtezladtezla Posts: 88
    But when you go to your local grocery store, you don't tell the cashier you want to give them $2.50 instead of the $3.25 price tag. There is a difference.
  • stevencatystevencaty Posts: 11
    Hi Neocortex
    Dic you really buy the car and what the MSRP on that car, and where did you buy it.
  • neocortexneocortex Posts: 22
    I purchased my ES 350 from Jim Falk Lexus in Beverly Hills. Lexus of Oxnard and Longo Lexus also were also very competitive w/ price. Go through their internet departments - this is how I did it.

    My MSRP was $40,799 - Premium Plus Package with Additional Options (did not include the Rear Seat Airbags). My price before tax, title, etc. was $36,972.00. The Sirius install and system was thrown in at no additional cost.

    I was dealing w/ them at the end of the month and during Memorial Day Weekend. Don't rush it either this all happened over the course of a 5 days.

    So any info on when Sirius is coming?
  • alfaynvalfaynv Posts: 5
    I am deep into researching the purchase of an ES 350 and, at this point, have an unresolved question in regard to buying it from a dealer that is located 300 miles away (there is one Lexus dealer in the town where I live).

    Question: If a problem even relatively minor such as excessive wind noise or an issue with the NAV as has been reported in some posts is noticed or, worse, a transmission-related problem (also reported) occurs which necessitates getting the car to the dealer, will the local dealer handle the problem or must one get the car back to the point of purchase?

    I have found significantly lower prices out-of-town but would first like some input concerning the above question before planning on a &#147;long distance&#148; purchase. Thanks.
  • x10acnx10acn Posts: 3
    Thanks for your help. I too was able to get below invoice on the Acura TL, and that was the dealer's initial offer. When I initially started looking, the 2007 ES was not available and I completely disliked the 2006 model. I decided to wait for the 2007 and was glad I did...a great improvement, and I do like it better than the TL.

    Because very little info was availble on the web about the 2007 ES, I used Consumer Reports car price services. I started with their bottom line price, per their recommendation, which for the optioned model that you have was around $35,000. I told them what Acura was offering for the top-rated car in its class (per Consumer Reports), the same class as the ES, but their basic response was they didn't need to deal like Acura because their car was in greater demand.

    I told them that I knew the invoice price for the base car as well as all options, and that I knew that even at $36,000 they were still making a respectable 5% profit margin. I too was prepared to go to around $37,000, but they wouldn't even counteroffer. After two hours of game playing, I walked away. I have started the internet game today and hope that I am as successful as you. Most responses so far are requiring that I come to the showroom to get any price info.

    P.S.: The last time I dealt with this Virginia dealer was 15 years ago, and they wouldn't deal then either. They lost a sale to Mercedes and I reminded them of that fact. The sales manager assured me it wouldn't happen again...but guess what, it seems to be stacking up that way! I'll keep trying, but am prepared to go with the TL if I have to.

    Thanks again. Love to hear if others were successful in negotiating a good deal.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    it seems to be stacking up that way! I'll keep trying, but am prepared to go with the TL if I have to.

    To each his own....I drove the TL (auto + stick) and had a deal cut already. This would've been my first Acura/Honda in a long time, after a number of Toyota's/Lexus. Then I drove the ES350. In my opinion, two totally different cars - the former is noisier, smaller, different suspension and not nearly as comfortable. Then I drove the ES350 - in comparison, silent; different suspension, much larger and way more comfortable. IMHO, I would have felt cheated had I purchased the TL. It IS a nice car, but it's not a Lexus. I just can't get past that Honda feel.
    Regardless, whatever you get--enjoy it!!
  • harmonk7harmonk7 Posts: 1
    We've purchased a blue onyx ES 350 with the light grey interior. Wife wants to add the gold package. I'm against it (silently), but need some ammunition. Would this be considered a fashion faux pas with the grey interior/gold exterior? Love the car.
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