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Help with valuations

fortee9erfortee9er Houston, TXPosts: 128
edited December 2016 in Maserati
I want to sell some of my cars and want to set a fair and realistic sales price on them. You guys are looking at CL ads everyday and are more in touch with the "car market" than I am. Please tell me what is a realistic price range for them:
1984 Maserati Quattroporte III
1986 Maserati 425 (4 door biturbo, auto)
1983 Pininfarina (Fiat 2000) Azzura
1983 Porsche 928S (auto, messy interior)
1983 Porsche 928S (auto, good interior)
Bonus Point: 1970 Citroen DS21 Pallas parts car.
They are all "ran when parked" some years ago. They have been stored indoors all the time I have owned them. I am including a few pictures I took today. Unfortunately because my storage space is so cramped I could not get a good angle to shoot the pictures.
I am looking forward to your comments.
Thanks in advance


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