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Infiniti G35 Real World MPG



  • g35_rong35_ron Posts: 12
    I drove my 6 MT Coupe from Boston to Texas and got 24.9 mpg. I then drove from Dallas to Austin and back and got 25.9 mpg. Highway speeds for both of these are in the 80 range. My typical driving (kinda aggressive) around town gets me 21-22 mpg.
  • In mixed city/highway driving (with tons of traffic thrown in) I always get right at 20 mpg. I once managed to drive a little slower for a full tank and got more like 23 mpg but it wasn't nearly as much fun :D
  • sd_diversd_diver Posts: 20
    With 193 miles on the odo (198 overall), I bought gas for my 05 g35 sedan (5AT) for the first time today. 11.3 gallons, giving me 17 mpg. I know it will improve, plus I am not sure how topped of it was when I got it from the dealer. New experience buying premium (91 octane) for $2.899 (San Diego). Ouch!
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    to get at 20+miles a gallon?
    i suspect many of you use the 87 octane right?
  • mkrzyzekmkrzyzek Posts: 17
    I have a 2005 G35x with 3k miles, and I am averaging 17-19mpg. My 1998 Maxima was averaging 20-24, so I'm ok with the G35x. Most of my mileage is highway driving, but I suspect I don't drive the car the way a normal person would (ha).

    Regarding gas type, I thought the owners manual recommends premium fuel, as that is what I have been using. Where does it say you can use regular?
  • I use premium, 93 octane ALL the time. I just have never questioned it. I get 20-22 mpg of mixed driving. I belong to COSTCO. Their gas is consistency a lot lower priced than other stations in the area. Last fill up I paid $2.35 a gallon for premium. The car seems to love it. I can get over 400 miles from a tank at times.

  • mnrep2mnrep2 Posts: 200
    The 05 G35x manual clearly states that 87 octane is the recommended fuel type. You can use a higher octane for getting slightly better performance. This is only for the G35x sedan not the coupe.
  • klpeelklpeel Posts: 46
    I'll double check my manual, but I just read it two weeks ago having recently bought an 05 G35x, and I remember it recommending (but not absolutely requiring) premium of at least 91 octane. In the Washington DC area, gas stations have 87, 89 and 93, which means I have been using 93.
  • I just got back from a long trip through the mountains.....25.2 mpg for all highway with the cruise set at 75-79 mph.
  • redz06redz06 Posts: 25
    I get 19 mpg in mixed city/freeway driving. I get 22 mpg in 80 mph cruise on the highway (sorry, cannot drive this car 70 or 75). The car always gets 87 octane regular. It has been driven this way for 29,000 miles. For those of you that think the mpg will increase if 91 or 93 octane fuel is used, I think you have your head up your gas. :)
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    I have been told by engineers that octane is no big deal and to buy the cheap stuff.
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    I have heard the following:
    1/ Higher octane will allow higher compression so the engine can make more horsepower. Newer computer controlled engines with good knock sensors will back off the timing to allow use of lower octane fuels. Should not damage the engine, you may notice a slight decrease in performance. I'm not sure about mileage though the above post suggests no difference.
    2/ Most higher octane fuels (name brands) also contain more cleaners. Does it help in the long run??????? makes you kinda go hmmmmmmm.

    I lower octane works for you, go with it.
  • colklinkcolklink Posts: 20
    Have had my '05 G35 6MT Coupe for almost 3 months.

    Haven't used anything but Premium in it (91 recommended). Speedway sells 92, Shell 93. I seem to be able to tell a difference even between the 92 and 93. I've noticed some rattle/knocking when shutting down the engine with the 92 octane (Maybe I got a couple bad tanks of 92?). In my area, the difference between the cheap stuff and good stuff generally runs an extra dime/gallon. I'll fork over a couple bucks a tank to keep it running smooth.

    MPG: Drive it pretty hard sometimes (why not?): only get around 13 - 15 MPG city driving. Highway is much better. Last fillup I calculated around 21 MPG. Didn't get it for the MPG. Got for the fun! :D
  • 4444444444 Posts: 8
    I have always gotten good gas MPG on the 2003 and now on the 2005 which is rated 1 MPG lower then the 2003.
    HWY:at 75mph we get 27MPG
    CITY: from 30-55 we get 22MPG
    COMBO: from 30-75 we get 24.5MPG

    All at pretty spirited driving. We get up and go.
    We use 93 octane. We are not in the cheapest state but not the most exspensive
    either last at the pump was 08/25/05 paid $2.60 a gallon for 93 octane I live in NC
  • Drove 800 miles, all highway w/ 91+ octane (whatever was available) and got 23.5mpg (all interstate at about 75mph).

    Have also checked w/ 89 octane and doesn't make a bit of difference on mpg, however using 87 is not recommended (mine knocked severely) the one or two times I tried it.

    Gets 20-22 average (80%highway) on my commutes. I think my driving is just normal, I don't act stupid and I don't drive like a granny, but I do like to pass cars and occasionally get up to 90ish in the process.
  • cpv35cpv35 Posts: 6
    Car has 30,000 mi., always premium gas, K&N air filter, synthetic oil.
    City commutes and daily errands: 17.4 mpg
    Highway (best on Atlanta-Seattle round trip - Wyoming at altitude - 75mph) 27.5 mpg.
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    Similar to others:
    Commute - no highway = 17.5 mpg :)
    Trips w/ 80% highway = 23.5 mpg :D

    I'm not at all disappointed.
  • knr5knr5 Posts: 85
    On my 2003.5 6MT I get 17-19 city, and 25-27 highway mpg. Overall mpg (32k miles) is 22-23 on premium gas.
  • I've had my G35-6MT since April 2005 and have averaged 22.5 MPG overall. I used premium for the first 10k miles and averaged 22.4 mpg during that time. As an experiment I have used mid grade for the past 7k miles and have averaged 22.7 mpg during this time. My driving is mostly freeway commuting at 70-75 mph. My mileage was lower during break-in;
    ........ cuml mpg
    0-1000 20.5
    0-2000 21.2
    0-3000 22.1
    0-4000 22.4

    The engine feels a little more eagar with premium but it is very subjective.

    I've taken the car on 2 longer trips and averaged about 24 mpg at 75-85 mph. I don't drive slow but I do try to drive smoothly.
  • art234art234 Posts: 99
    I have a 2005 G35X with 14K miles. It gets around 16-17 when my wife drives-short commute, local driving, and I am averaging 18-19 with combined street and highway. I would have expected better, but the gearing in the car has the engine revving much too high for the speed--should be well below 2000 RPM at 60 mph, and it is around 2400.

    I am considering a trade for an M35X though, mileage should be similar.
  • mickeyveemickeyvee Posts: 12
    Also, legally, to advertise the highest, most competitive tested HP & performance, they must tell the consumer what they have to do to get it. Otherwise, from advertising/ marketing, it's illegal.

    How much performance do you need in stop & go traffic in Chicago??? I'm going 87 :cry:
  • delikiddelikid Posts: 1
    I actually have been tracking mine, so I can harrass the dealer who swore to me that the G35 got "great mileage". I've gotten a little bit of fre servicing from them. I guess as long as the salesman works there, I'll work them over on his me! ;)

  • mnrep2mnrep2 Posts: 200
    05 G35x 15K Miles, new air filter, semi syn oil, Last road trip totals:

    688 miles Avg MPG 26.1, Avg. speed 66.1, Regular unleaded.
    :D Perfect.....
  • jlo_onejlo_one Posts: 12
    You need to slow down and reap the rewards:

    57mph highway...34mpg

    at 70mph highway...28mpg

    in the city, if no bumper to bumper around 23mpg. Bumper to bumper is a killer 17mpg.

    What we need is a G35 hybrid for the bumper to bumper and stop light driving.

    Try slowing down and listen to the music!

  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858
    ...You need to slow down and reap the rewards:

    57mph highway...34mpg

    ..granted that is fine, fine fuel efficiency for your G35c..

    ..but don't you see a lot of abberant behavior (flipped off, folks waving pistols, stuff like that) at 57 mph?

    ..still that IS great MPG!

  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    you beat me to it ezshift5. You'd get highway delivery of a hot cup of coffee from me if you drive 57 on the highway... please tell me at least you ALWAYS stay far over to the right side and NEVER in the left lane!
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858
    ....You'd get highway delivery of a hot cup of coffee from me if you drive 57

    .....I guess that qualifies......

    ..still, most folks could handle hot coffee when the alternative might just be spelled G-L-O-C-K.........

    hang in there, 5

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,685
    Anyone have MPG reports on the new '07 model?



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I have purchased new 2007 Infiniti G35 Journey with Premium Package and drove about 400 miles so far.
    I am so disappointed on the city miles per gallon on this car. I am only getting 13.8 miles with very conservative driving habit. The EPA number clearly shows 19 in city but it is no way close to the 19 miles.

    I called the sales man and he explained to me that after the break in on 2007 G35, the MPG number will get much better. I would like to believe, but it is not likely true.

    I am not expecting 19, but it is 5 miles less that what Infiniti is claiming. I am very disappointed.
    I have seen other post that they are getting much better miles. Does that mean I may be stuck with the lemon.

    Steve127 :cry: :lemon:
  • I have 2007 G35 Journey and getting the worst MPG.

    - First 300 miles - 13.8 MPG with Premium and 70% City and 30% Highway.

    - Next 270 miles - 14.3 MPG with Premium and 60% City and 40% Highway

    Even though it clearly says 19 in City 25 Highway in EPA MPG some cars are not getting far less than that.
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