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Ford Shelby GT500



  • So when my dealer tells me that I will have to pay 20K over MSRP then that's what I am going to have to pay if I really want this car?

    What are your thought's on waiting till I can get one for MSRP? Or are there ever going to be a day when that will happen?
  • shelbydudeshelbydude Posts: 90
    The Hardtop will have side stripes and racing stripes over the top. The Convertible will not have racing stripes over the top but you can get it with side stripes. The side stripe will have "GT500" in it. Go to this link and look at the pictures.
  • ruquickruquick Posts: 1
    There is a couple of things I don't understand. Everyone is complaning about the GT500 selling for Over MSRP. If the car has an MSRP of $40k and you pay $30 over, the cost to you is $70k. Yet I don't see any one complaining about the ZO6 Corvette selling for an MSRP of $70k+. If ford had priced the GT500 at $70k and forced dealers not to sell them for a penny over MSRP, we would all still be lined up to buy one. Ford makes the money or the dealer makes the money who cares. I'm sure we all agree that this car has 10 times the history of the new ZO6. If anyone wants my dealership has Two on order one coupe and one convert.
  • sssstsssst Posts: 21
    Spoken like a true salesmen. You can't compare a Vet ZO6 with a new Shelby GT 500. Hey believe me if I could afford it I would hands down have chosen the Shelby. This car was promised to be (for the consumer) under $40,000. I think we all figured it would be slightly over that mark ...But not by $30k. That and that alone forced me to turn to a competitor for my performance needs after being a Ford person forever (GTO, and not a bad little car either) and maybe in the future be able to pick-up a used Shelby.
  • mcnasty1mcnasty1 Posts: 6
    like i said,i dont care if the convert. doesnt have the stripes over will be a classy shelby gt 500, and i may avoid some speeding tickets.i heard over the weekend that my dealers closest competitor received one of their gt 500, and my guy said that theres will be here next couple of days. i am going to call him later this morning to see if the train came in. i am still hopefull that i will be getting my shelby june 1 st. as promised.i am so stoked that i will have the car in a couple of days, and at the most a month.but its finally here.....
  • shelbydudeshelbydude Posts: 90
    It sounds like they are confusing the Shelby GT500 with the Ford GT. The Shelby has not gone into production yet. I even check inventory nationwide through over 3700 Ford dealers and there are no Shelby Mustangs showing up in stock. What is the name of this dealer that supposedly got one? What state is it in?
  • shelbydudeshelbydude Posts: 90
    Well I can tell you what the cost will be on the Shelby Mustang........

    The coupe is $40,930 base price and the Convertible is $45,755 base price........

    Plus $745 destination & delivery, plus $1,300 gas guzzler tax....

    Optional equipment is $595 for premium interior trim package, $1,295 shaker 1000 system, $195 SIRUS Satelite radio........

    So a fully loaded coupe MSRP $45,060..........

    A fully loaded Convertible MSRP $49,885........

    Plus any mark up over MSRP.
  • rkhan3366rkhan3366 Posts: 1
    I visited a dealer today to enquire about the gt500 and was told that they were selling for 75k. That's at least 30k over MSRP. I currently own a 04 Cobra, it seems that I will be hanging on to it for quite some time.
    Some people have commented that the same thing happened with the previous Cobra in 2002 and that the prices eventually fell but the 04 Mustang was being phased out and that reduced demand. The 05 mustang will be around for many years so brand new Shelbys will probably always sell for above sticker.
  • genez4genez4 Posts: 3
    I think it unlikely that the Shelby GT500s will always sell above sticker. The selling price at dealerships will get in line with next years model. I am 3rd in line at a dealership that will receive 4 cars. The dealership has not given me the opportunity to order one the way I want it equipped, and I am not about to pay $45K+ for a car that is a compromise. Wait for 2007, order one the way you want it from a dealership you trust, and let the crazies play alone in this years bidding war. Your 04 Cobra is a great car, be happy.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    If your in line to be #3 of 4 at your Ford dealer and you want this car you may want to reconsider. There may be no next year to these and even if there is I'm sure it will remain the same silly nonsense of lets build another 8,000 units. With all the reports of how bad Ford and Chevy are financially hurting and they have a vehicle selling for double the actual cost, it's a no brainer. If they go belly up who's fault is that? Good luck, I know I'll be watching too for next years Shelby's, but I too will pass on paying double for anything. Also what happens to the one who pays $20,000 more than the sticker, who feels well if a vet is selling for $70,000 then these are worth the extra $20,000. What happens when some idiot slams into it and either totals it or the guy who has theirs stolen, is their insurance company going to pay the owner $20,000 over the sticker because they will feel Ford under priced their Vehicle? HA! HA! I have ocean front property for sale in New Mexico too.
  • genez4genez4 Posts: 3
    You make an excellent point on the insurance issue. When the "new" T-Bird came out, there was teh same frenzy to get one, and customers were paying $K's over sticker for the cars. A couple of weeks ago, my local Ford dealer still had a 2005 T-Bird (new) on the lot, and heavily discounted. If you want a really good mustang collector at a great price, locate a 2003 Mach-1...if you can.
  • shelbydudeshelbydude Posts: 90
    The only big difference being they built 10's of thousands of T-Birds per year for 4 years. The first 2 years dealers were getting from $2k - $5k over MSRP for that car. In 04 and 05 they couldn't give them away. Mostly because it was way over priced to begin with. $40k - $43k MSRP on a car that should not have been priced over $30k to begin with. The Shelby on the other hand is the most powerful factory produced mustang ever built by Ford and it is only being built for 2 years with a very limited production of 8,000 per year.

    Look at the 2005 GT Mustang. Many dealers got $2k - $5k over MSRP on that car and they built 10's of thousands of them. More GT Mustangs built in 2005 than any other year and every year after that with even more production on the way. Yet people paid well over MSRP to get one in 2005. Not the case here with the Shelby GT 500. This will be a highly collectable car to get and with only 8,000 per year for two years only, I seriously doubt you will get one for just MSRP even in 2008. You may not have to pay $20k - $50k over but you will pay over MSRP regardless. Count on it! With the exception of a FEW dealers that don't believe in selling cars for over MSRP and that is a very few. Those dealers probably already have those sold to regular customers.

    In the end you will only find one from the big greedy dealers that are holding out for rediculous amounts over MSRP and in the end they might eventually let loose of it for $10k or so over. If you are lucky! Over 300 million people in the US with only approx. 16k units to go around over two years. I think they will all sell out with no problem at all. There are far to many more people than there will be Shelbys to go around and the ones that WANT one will pay to get it rather than go without and leaving it to chance to save a few thousand trying to hold out.

    Remember, there are FORD DEALERS across the country offering up to $20k over just to buy other dealers allocation on this car. One Ford Dealer just offered $20k just to buy a customers powerlease voucher on one. That means there are thousands of customers willing to pay a lot more than $20k over to get one if Ford Dealers are offering $20k over for allocation on these.

    Also look what happened with the Ford GT. Ford watched what dealers were getting for these and then Ford raised MSRP by $10k in the first year when the last of the 2005's came out. So expect to see a big price increase on these from Ford in 2008. I would guess a $5k - $10k price increase on the 2008 after Ford see's what most of the 2007's go for. Only time will tell for sure.
  • squiddersquidder Posts: 6
    I am going to order an 07 Shelby This Sat.6/17 and am wondering if its to late to order an 07. I am paying 10K above sticker for an 07 and do not want to pay above sticker and have to wait for an 08. I have contacted the dealership and Ford cust. svce., who seem to know less than I do. If anyone knows the cutoff date that ford is accepting orders for the 07 Shelby it woukd be greatly appreciated.
  • 52tuff52tuff Posts: 4
    The Shelby ordering has less to do with date being ordered than it does with the allocation that the dealership has. The '07 will be scheduled throughout the year. They will be manufactured from now until next May, so its definitely not too late for an order. Cars are typically scheduled to be built at most - a couple of months in advance. To guarentee an '07 model year make sure the dealership hasn't oversold their allocation. Most every dealership gets one allocation, with the exception of SVT dealerships and President's Award winners which get more than one to sell. There is no use putting money down on a car that may or may not be built this model year.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    My local Ford dealer has 2 Shelby allotments and has yet to find anyone willing to pay his asking price of $15,000 over sticker. As bad as I want to order one I will not pay a premium of $15,000. I want the coupe so it's sticker would be around $40,000. To have the option of buying and ordering my choice options I would probably pay a little over sticker, but probably no more than $2500 over. This is a bad time for Ford to be coming out with the Shelby, with interest rates climbing and gas prices soaring. How much would you be willing to pay over to get one? Will there be dealers not ordering their allotments because they can not get their asking prices? :confuse:
  • vette86vette86 Posts: 1
    Why would you pay 75k for any ford?the corvette z06 is a hell of a lot faster and it is cheaper.
  • hkplinkerhkplinker Posts: 1
    I recieved a call Friday to come to my Ford dealership to order my car. They received their allocations for the cars and I have a deposit down for mine.
    I am getting a vert and I recently read a different axle gear can be factory ordered, and was dubbed a "drag pack" like the late 60's Mustangs.
    Should I call SVT for help? I live in the woods and the dealership is clueless about the options offered. They sugguested I pull them from a Ford website, thich I did.
  • jfk123jfk123 Posts: 3
    I was told today by my dealer that my Shelby order was on hold because of what he called a Commty HOLD". He explained that was most likely because FORD was short on some parts to build the car. Has anyone heard of such a thing?
  • 52tuff52tuff Posts: 4
    This is very common on cars with an option that was undersourced by Ford. For example, say the Marketing folks only project that 40% of vehicles would want a moon roof. When orders come in, say 75% of orders were with a moon roof. Suddenly they have a problem because they don't have enough supply to meet demand and orders must be put on hold or sold without the option. This is common on new vehicles.

    The Shelby however should not have any commodity holds. The only major option is the Shaker 1000 sterio system. I haven't heard if they've had supply limitations on that, so if that is one of your options it could be holding up your car. I would probably guess your dealer promised you a car without a scheduled build date - hoping that it would get put through. These are scheduled to be built throughout the 2007 production year, not all at once. Since everyone wants/expects their cars at the beginning it creates a problem. I'm not sure what your dealership told or promised you, but be patient - it will be here soon.
  • There was, is a hold on the Shaker 1000. I don't know why. Just realize even if I were to order a car today with a PowerLease Cert. which has priority over all orders, I would not recieve it until November. So good luck and good patience!
  • I could E you an order guide if you still need it.
  • jfk123jfk123 Posts: 3
    Thanks, you're probably right about the lack of a scheduled build date. I was getting the feeling something like that was going on. I got a great deal so I can wait. Thanks again for confirming my suspicions.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    It was explained to me today while I was ordering my Shelby that it's only on the convertible Shelby's. Dealer wasn't sure why it only effects the convertibles and not the coupes. It is due to the Shaker 1000. Please disregard all my previous notes I have posted about not wanting to pay a premium. It's true I didn't want to, but I have to have one of these cars and I'm afraid the prices will only go up. The trend I have seen over the past few weeks is crazy and fear it's going to get worse. :blush:
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Why would you pay 75k for any ford?

    Why would anyone pay $70K+ for a Chevy? Build quality on the z06 is not all that great.
  • psimonyipsimonyi Posts: 1
    I too have been calling all over the country and find most want $30k over. I feel it's time for all of us that want a shelby at a resonable price to boycott the ford company. I have been a lifelong ford buyer and resent the greed that is being displayed by the dealers. :mad:
  • squiddersquidder Posts: 6
    I ordered an 07 Shelby which can be delivered anytime between now and May of 07. I saw a post regarding a pulley swap to increase hp and boost. The selling dealer will do the swap if I can get the part number.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Why would you want to boost the horsepower anymore? With 500 wild horses pulling me no need for increasing anything on mine. HA! HA! There are no streets in Massachusettes that I know of that would hold that many horses. One good thing to remember about these cars, owners will have nothing to prove to anyone how fast they are. Also most owners will be old farts like me where good judgment should prevail. Also my eyes aren't quite as good as they use to be. If you should get on it and get caught good luck with your insurance rates. HA! HA! :D
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    I found myself last week calling all over New England trying to find a dealer that would sell me one at a modest mark-up. Every dealership I called either told me their allotments were already sold or they were holding theirs back and ordering them one at a time. What their going to do is have interested customers coming in to private auctions at the dealerships. Sealed bids and all. I wasn't going to get into anything like that so I choose to go with the deal where I could order what I wanted, but at a premium price. I too am a life long Ford customer and have always wished to have been old enough back in the late 60's to have been able to order a Shelby. My ultimate dream has come true at a cost. Make a complaint to Ford, but I don't know what the right answer would be. I feel these premiums are going to increase with every week that passes. Good luck.
  • advequityguyadvequityguy Posts: 138
    ...and you can go down to your local chevy dealer and pick one out in any color you want. heck, it'll probably even be in stock and ready to go. after you buy it, you can wave at the several hundred thousand other corvette pilots as you pass eachother on the road. if, however, you'd like to stand out a little, you can pony up and put your name in one of the lotteries, or place a sealed bid in an auction, or do whatever in the world you need to do in your neck of the woods to get one of these. if you get lucky, you can get one for about 15000 over sticker in a color that you didnt select, with options you didnt pick, and you will have gotton a bargain. why are they selling over sticker?....because if they didnt, people would buy them up at sticker, put them on ebay, and sell them for 15000 over sticker anyway. instead of dealers making a profit, speculators would. i think i remeber something about this from economics market or something. if the common corvette suits you, buy the thing. i know if i have 60000 available, my name would definatly be in the hat for one of these.
  • We have them available. They are 25k over MSRP. We have sold 8.
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