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Ford Shelby GT500



  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    What did Mr. Shelby even do in designing this car? Other than a man's name, what does it have in common with the other GT500 that Carrol actually had an integral part in designing?

    FOMOCO did not even engineer a special powerplant for the vehicle. For Pete's sake, the car uses a 10-year old blown v8 that was lazily conceived, to say the least, when first introduced. Anyone can make crazy power by supercharging a large v8 -- let's see something original. Why the hype?
  • shelbywiseshelbywise Posts: 21
    Your right on ALL accounts. Carroll Shelby had about as much to do w/the design of the S197 generation of 'Shelby' Mustangs as he did on the post 67' cars...It's interesting though how history repeats itself. Not a single pre-2007 Shelby (65'-70') had a 'special' powerplant that was Shelby specific...and yet,the last time I checked, those car were still highly collectible and bringing big $$...Just my .02 worth...
  • advequityguyadvequityguy Posts: 138
    I know it brakes your heart as you are obviously not a Mustang guy, but as far as the svt cobra goes, anyone that actually bought an 03/04 got one helluva car. Those people can trade them in today, even though the body has changed, and as a percentage of sale price, get a whole lot for them on trade. I've sold lightly used '03 coupes for close to 30k. I doubt many Vette guys see anywhere close to that kind of return if they are dumb enough to trade after 2 or 3 years. No one in their right mind is going to collect a z-06 vette. That is not what it's for. reguardless of you accepting it or not, the Shelby is indeed collectible. If it doesn't appeal to you, let those who it does appeal to enjoy it. Not often you can buy a car that has no good reason for even existing.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "I know it brakes your heart as you are obviously not a Mustang guy...."

    First of all, it's "breaks".

    "Brakes" are those round thingy's behind the wheels used to stop a car.

    Second of all, you don't know me very well. The restored/modified '66 GT fastback in my garage (which is set up for mild open-track use) may be a clue to where my heart lies.'t...with....Chevy.

    I also understand WHY the most collectible Shelby's are the '65 and '66 models, with the collectibility tapering off to the least appreciated '69-'70 models.

    Do you know why?

    It's because Carrol Shelby had EVERYTHING to do with the earliest models. He got Mustang shells from Ford and built HIS cars to HIS specs in HIS factory. And it shows from the fact that these cars were very successfully raced back in the day (against small-block Corvettes no less). The later Shelby's were street poseurs, great at looking good and laying down a patch of rubber on the street; but otherwise a styling excercise built by and used by Ford to maintain excitement in the Mustang.

    The current GT500 is the same. It has about as much to do with Carrol Shelby as the '03 models did; which is essentially NOTHING.

    Face it, these are nothing but the lastest SVT Mustang Cobras (developed by SVT; NOT Carrol Shelby) with "Shelby" logos stuck on it.

    Will the initial buyers drop stupid money on the SVT Cobra because it has "Shelby" logos on it? Sure. Some folks have more money than brains. But will the "Shelby" logos be enough to KEEP the demand up so high that Ford will run through the entire 16k production run with dealers able to demand huge ADM?

    Regarding the 03/04 cars; if memory serves, the initial buyers of THOSE cars were also paying a big markup. I found this post from March of '02 regarding the anticipated markup on the '03 Cobras:

    texaszach, "Mustang Cobra / SVT Cobra" #53, 27 Mar 2002 7:20 am

    In it appears this little gem:

    "This particular dealership happens to be SVT certified. I spoke with him yesterday regarding the new snake. Their allotment of '03 Cobras is a total of 6. They have a waiting list for these cars despite a rumored premium of $10,000 above MSRP at their dealership."

    Yet only a few months later, the going prices were under MSRP. Will history repeat itself? History has a strange habit of doing so.....
  • advequityguyadvequityguy Posts: 138
    Glad to hear you are not a chevy guy. I'm not trying to insult you, brother. I just have a different opinion. Your opinion counts about as much as mine. deek. neither you or me is going to buy one. You because it doesnt make sense to you. Me because I already have enough toys financed. 17 coupes slated for the whole state of florida for the 1st 2 months production, btw.
  • Design a special powerplant? The small block Chevy dates back to nineteen hundred fifty-three (for Pete's sake), yet the LS7 derivative is a pretty "special" powerplant. What in the world does "lazily conceived" have to do with whether or not the Shelby has a good powerplant? There are lots of "lazily conceived" '03/04 Cobras out there that will prove that statement wrong on a moment's notice.
  • just lapped the parking lot in one. all i can say is wholey sheet, man i've got to get on that. "lazily conceived" or not.
  • ....also, i think i could see myself lazily blowing past pretty much anything else you could conceive on the road. and not to mention looking pretty darn good doing it.....looks like i need to cash in a bond or something.
  • john500john500 Posts: 409
    I think the pricing of the Shelby Mustang is a good strategy by Ford. Due to the added fat (800 lbs) of the Mustang relative to the Corvette, the acceleration of the vehicle will be comparable to the base model Corvette. Therefore, Ford was setting the base price at the performance level of the car (~ $45-50 K). If anyone pays more than that, they are simply getting "less car" compared to the Z06 in the $60 K range.
  • Now here is a subject that has been beat up over and over again on countless GT500 sites and I'm sure most of the Vet sites as well...A GT500 vs. C6 or Z06 comparison is absolutely ridiculous! Yes the base Vet and GT500 share similar price structures, but thats where the comparison ends. As far as the Z06 goes, good luck getting one OTD for less than the very high $60K's...If the fastest car on your block is what your looking for, I'd suggest buying the GT500, strip 800lbs of crap off of it...and spend the difference in price to the Z06 on mods...and VOILA, now you got yourself a comparison!! Just my .02 worth
  • again, the point is no one, Ford included, cares if you think the corvette is a better value. In fact, no one, including Ford, even cares if you buy one. Brother, they have very little invested in this car and an even smaller hope for profit. It is an effort to get some free press, nothing more. It's a 2 year limited run. Trust me, they will all be sold well beyond what a base vette sells for. Go ahead, offer any dealership on the planet 60k and see what happens. For a volume manufacturer, the profit lies in 200000 Mustang V-6's or 1000000 pickup trucks. It aint in 8000 specialty cars. I'm not saying its a bad thing. If I had the cash, I'd get one and enjoy the feeling that very few other people will have one. If the Shelby appeals to you, great. Do what you gotta do. If it seems foolish, get a vette. your local dealership probably has more of them than they do Cobalts. You may even get a discount. You can wave at all the other mid-life crisis guys in vettes as you pass each other on the way to the VFW for $1 beer night. Just my .02.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    My dealership called me this afternoon and gave me my Shelby's VIN #. They don't have the actual build date yet, but with getting the VIN # has excited me to no end. I asked the dealership to find out what the cost is for the new recovery system Lo-Jack has come out with. Is there anyone familiar with the costs? The original Lo-Jack system installed will be $695. Lo-Jack claims the new recovery system automatically notifies the police once stolen. I have half the rafters on my new garage extension and hope to have it roofed by next weekend. Question, these cars are on the dealership lots and arriving daily. Should this forum remain in future vehicles?????? :shades:
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "You can wave at all the other mid-life crisis guys in vettes as you pass each other on the way to the VFW for $1 beer night."

    And just WHO do you think will be dropping $55k+ on the GT500?

    Maybe guys who always wished they'd snapped up an original Shelby Mustang before the prices went out of sight and see THIS as their opportunity to recapture what they missed when they were younger?

    Uh, like the mid-life crisis guys in their Vettes?

    BTW - what is the current limited-edition Ford which is officially modified by Shelby, IN SHELBY'S FACTORY, to Shelby's specs with Shelby's parts (and receiving an official Shelby VIN) for street use?

    Hint: it ain't the GT500......
  • It's kinda like if U2 came out with a crappy album...It would still go platinum...There hasn't been a Shelby Mustang built in a Carroll Shelby factory since 67' and yet the post 67' cars are bringing BIG $$...Fortunately the trolls and naysayers will not control the price nor collectibility of the S197 Gen. cars...I'm thankful for that!
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "There hasn't been a Shelby Mustang built in a Carroll Shelby factory since 67'"

    Actually, the new Shelby Hertz car is pretty close.

    Ford is shipping black Mustang GT's (all automatics) to Shelby's factory in Vegas. The Sheby workers then install the intake and exhaust mods, suspension mods, body mods, and paint the gold Hertz stripes (not much different from the way Shelby did the Hertz cars in '66, except of course the factory has moved from California to Vegas).

    After the cars are run through Hertz (and eventually sold in 'gently used' condition :surprise: ), Shelby vin numbers will be added and the cars sold. They don't want to add the vin panels while the cars are rentals.....not all the vin panels would return with the cars.

    And they're only doing about 500 of them (as opposed to 16k GT500s). One can only imagine the markup should adequityguy get his hands on one.......
  • I dunno, if all Shelby does is put an intake and an exhaust on a GT, I think I'd rather have the kind he doesn't actually touch at his shop.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "I dunno, if all Shelby does is put an intake and an exhaust on a GT, I think I'd rather have the kind he doesn't actually touch at his shop."

    Me too.

    Of course, then I'd see no reason to drop an extra $15k just for the Shelby name on what is otherwise just the new SVT Cobra.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630 14

    Apparently, Ford and Shelby are teaming up for a 325 hp version of the regular Mustang GT for a run of 4-10k cars slated to go on sale after the first of the year. These cars will ALSO be 'Shelby Mustangs'.

    Out of curiousity: if the value of the current Shelby GT500 is tied to: 1. limited Availability and, 2. the Shelby name, does the presence another 4k - 10k units (hmmmm, maybe called the Shelby GT350?) have any impact on the collectibility of the GT500?

    Will there soon be enough Shelby's built to meet demand?
  • Just an FYI...My GT500 was built yesterday 8/8...It should roll into the stripe shop in the next few weeks...AAI will probably hold it for a couple of additional weeks after the striping is completed for testing and quality checks...I'm probably still looking at 5-6 weeks before delivery to CA...But of course that could push either way.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    You ordered yours on May 2nd and it was built yesterday? Do you recall what date it was when they gave you a VIN # ? What color did you order?
  • Ordered 5/2, VIN Rcv'd 7/21, Built 8/8...Performance White, Vista Blue stripes, Charcoal Interior...NO options
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    You must be quite excited. I ordered mine on 6\24 and received my VIN # on 8\7. Question, I talked with several dealers in New England over the past year and no one could give me any information until the first week of June. How were you able to order yours in May if the dealers around me had no ordering info? Did you have a power lease option? I know when I did receive my ordering package from my dealer I believe it was dated March 06. Just curious. Good luck with your Shelby and thanks again for responding. :)
  • Yes...I'm very excited, although it looks like I still have a bit of a wait. Regarding your ordering question...No PL...I have a good friend that is the New Car Mgr.(She personally orders every new car for her dealership) @ a fairly large President's Award winning dealership in So Cal...She has been giving me updates on the GT500 since word broke it was going to be a reality. The dealership is going to get 2 coupe, and a vert for the GM...The very first day I could place my order was 5/2, two days later I rcv'd my DORA. I've been fortunate to receive realtime production updates from a friend who works @ AAI (Mustang Production Factory) since receiving my VIN...everything production and delivery related tracks off of the VIN...
  • Actually, the order banks were open back in April. Dealers could place their orders, but production wasn't scheduled to start until June 5th. Mine was ordered on 4/20....Ford scheduled the build date on 7/14 and it was scheduled to be built the week of 8/7 and it was built yesterday, 8/10. It is estimated to arrive at the dealership on 8/23. I got Vista Blue with white racing stripes. PS...has anyone got insurance quotes for this car yet?
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    I called and spoke with my insurance agent and they claimed a month and a half ago they still had no rates for the Shelby, but prepared me for a shock. I seen my very first Shelby tonight on my way to work. The dealership is closed, but I will be licking the show room windows first thing in the morning. It's sitting on Herb Chambers show room floor in Braintree, MA. It's white with the blue stripes. I can't wait to see it in person. I ordered my coupe in the Alloy and put everything on it except the Sirus radio. ;)
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    You are very fortunate to have such good friends. I was wondering does any one know if there is a web-site where anyone can track their Shelby from build to delivery using the VIN #? I thought I read an article some where. Judging from the dates that I'm reading I probably am looking at the middle of October before I will see mine. My garage addition is all most done, hope to shingle roof this weekend. I need to take my 66 out and keep my mind occupied. HA! HA! I'm getting way to excited. :D
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Pictures do not speak enough for this beauty. Anyone who ordered the white with blue stripes will not be disappointed. The white appears to have a pearl in it and the blue stripe you see the metallic sparkling in it. The only thing I believe that could possibly improve the appearance of this car would have been Ford putting a louver on the rear side windows. Besides that it gets a 10 in my book. Can't wait to drive mine. :shades:
  • pecpec Posts: 3
    So today, what are Shelby buyers paying for it?
  • grntdgrntd Posts: 7
    I absolutly agree with you that's wha I was thinking
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