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Ford Shelby GT500



  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    These are two nice looking cars. Thank you posting pictures. Mine is due in today, fingers are crossed. That Vista Blue is one pretty paint. I was going to go with it at first, but changed my mind and opted for the Alloy instead. I hope I don't regret. I have seen some pictures of the Alloy, but can't wait to see it in person. Maybe today.......... :shades:
  • I have seen the Alloy and it looks great. You will love it!
  • My dealership will be getting one red Coupe within the next month. It will be going for $69,000 anything less is what they are currently selling for at auction. Anyone interested check my profile and I will give you more info. :)
  • My car arrived to the dealer yesterday...and w/transit damage to the front fascia and lower grille. It needs to go to the body shop for some tlc before I take delivery...nothing major, but its arrival is somewhat bittersweet after waiting nearly six months and knowing it was perfect when it left Flat Rock, MI...The transport co.'s don't give a chit about how these cars are delivered, just get them on/off ASAP and come back for more. They will pay for the repairs, but that is beside the point. So I'm looking at another week at best before I actually take delivery...and the beat goes on. :mad:
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Sorry to hear about the damage. I agree 100% about the nonsense we have to deal with when it comes to the shipping of these cars. Mine was built and completed on August 30th. The regional Ford rep to my dealership that the car should arrive to the dealership on Sep 6th. The last word I received about it's status was on Sep 8th that the car was still sitting in Michigan waiting to be scheduled for a train box. These cars are being sent out as if they were $9,000 Focus's In any event I'm glad to hear your dealership has received yours, but am very sorry to hear about the damage. :mad:
  • Thanks for your concern. I went back the following evening to take another look @ my car. It's really nothing major...they had washed the car and roped it off on the showroom floor with DO NOT TOUCH/SOLD UNIT signs in the windows...I walked around it about 10 times looking for so much as a gnats [non-permissible content removed] to complain about...but couldn't find anything outside of the original damage. Hopefully your car gets handled by someone who cares about anothers car regardless of the price...I know these kinds of things happen, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    {Shelbywise}, hope you have your Shelby by now. I just found out today mine is still sitting in Flat Rock waiting for the clutch to be inspected before it's released for shipping. Might still be weeks away. Hope to see it before snow. Any members here that have their Shelby's have any trouble with their clutches? I read some posts a few weeks ago that some owners complaining that their clutches are slipping. The beat goes on and on........:sick:
  • Unfortunately I have yet to take delivery :( My dealer is telling me I should get the car this Fri. 9/29. One of the bumper stripes was nicked by the transport co. and they were waiting for new stripes to arrive to the parts dept...Regarding your car and the clutch issue...I have read some owners are complaining about the difficulty in feathering the clutch on take off as well some odd vibrations in the clutch. I believe most of this has been deemed normal for the cerametallic clutch that is used in the GT500. I have a complete copy of the Pre-Delivery Instructions (PDI) that the dealer uses for the GT500. In the PDI it makes reference to the difficulties with the GT500 clutch due to its high performance nature...and goes on to explain that all of this is NORMAL. If you would like a copy of the PDI please email me at and I will email it to you. Hopefully your car gets released soon...
  • Picked up Red GT 500 August 5. Front chin spoiler had very minor scuffs from hauler tie down.The dealer had already noted this and ordered a new one which I have received.
    The clutch is a little different than my other vintage Mustangs, but not really a problem. I have 900 miles on this car, have nailed it a few times, and probably only done 3 or 4 " hole shots " with no slippage or vibration.
    My only complaint is the surface rust on the axle housings.
    These were probably stored outside, and are were not painted. They are now! Also the brackets the traction bars attach to were very rusty. Removed, sand blasted, and powdercoated.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    My dealer called me an hour ago to let me know that my Shelby was cleared and sent out of Flat Rock last Thursday. He is expecting it this Wednesday. Why he didn't have that info for me this past Saturday is beyond me, but right now I am quite excited. Question, are you having any trouble with your clutch? I don't expect it can be any worse than my 3 speed in my 66 coupe. HA! HA! Hopefully we'll both be taking ours home this Friday. :shades:
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    I'll have to check under mine when I get it. Thanks for the info and also the info on your clutch. Question anyone know of a good product to use to get the ultimate shine? I usually buy stuff to clean at Wal-Mart, but want to make sure I do a real good job on my Shelby. :)
  • Get yourself a Zaino Polish Kit on ebay or try It's the best stuff on the planet(IMHO) a bit priceee but well worth the $$ for your GT500...and used by many a show car detailer.
  • What do they mean by waiting for new stripes to arrive? They are not decals. They are painted on stripes. If anything, they would have to repaint it.
  • shelbydude...I hate to burst your bubble, but the stripes are 3M vinyl...the crack and peel stick-on version. Ford opted out of painted-on stripes due to their cost. The huge bottlneck @ AAI is in the striping dept...they have 4 guys doing the stripes on ALL of the GT500's...They are able to do about 4 cars/day. There are now a bunch of cars sitting in lots waiting for stripes. Any Joe-Blow can go his local Ford dealers parts dept. and order a GT500 stripe kit for his 2005-07 6 cyl. Mustang...I figure in a couple years there will be more GT500's on the road than were ever built.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    I I finally received the call I have been waiting for yesterday afternoon. My Shelby arrived at the distribution train center 20 miles from dealership yesterday afternoon. It will be arriving at dealership this morning around 9:00am. Hope there's no damage from shipping. Dealer told me LoJack will be there first thing to install it and I should be taking her home early afternoon. I will be at dealership at sunrise to get plenty of photo's of her being unloaded from truck. There predicting heavy rain, but that's OK. No chrome to polish like my 66. I will figure out how to transfer pictures from digital camera to Edmunds and will include pictures of my 66 coupe side by side. I have asked Edmunds moderator to move discussion group from present future location into permanent Mustang discussion group. So just in case it moves to it's new location wanted you all to know where it has gone. :shades:
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Did you get yours today? Mine arrived at 9:15am and was driving it home at 2:30pm. The clutch will take a lot of getting use to. It is very hard to feather first gear. It feels like the clutch is pushing against my foot saying lets go. Only took it to a little over 3000 rpm's for first drive. Hope you received yours today. I took 100 photo's this afternoon and promise to post them tomorrow. This car was well worth the wait and money. ;)
  • Congratulations on taking delivery! I'm going to pick-up mine @ around noon today. The dealer told me yesterday it was there, but I had tickets to a baseball game last night and I didn't want to miss the game or p/u the car in the dark. I too will post some pics once I get it home and settled in...Thanks ;)
  • Got it!! Took delivery about 1 pm yesterday and proceeded to drive it about 40 miles. What a beast...well worth the wait. The clutch going to take some getting used to with all of its sounds and the manner in which it is released, but this car wants to run! I too kept it mostly around 3K RPM's with one nearly 4K burst and it really sets you back in the seat. I made about three stops and it really draws a crowd. I'm really looking forward to getting a better understanding of this car...
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    That is great news. You have waited a while for it and congratulations. I was going over the owners manual and found it does not reference anything on the Shelby, or it's options. Strictly Mustangs and their options only. There is a small booklet included that discusses options, dash gauges, engine capacities, etc for the Shelby. There was a flashing arrow that kept blinking and I found out that is an option when the car wants you to shift up, gas conserve. I have 100 miles on it in two days and like you said it is turning heads everywhere I go. Have you smelt anything that resembles something burning on yours. I get that smell when I shut it off and get out of the car. It's probably the engine and exhaust heating up for the first few times. The dealership I bought mine were a great group of people, but I had more knowledge than all of them put together about this Shelby. I need to continue to read and learn all those options that we have. My wife is going to help me later today and download a few of the pictures I took the past two days. I'm not to how you say up on all the new gizmo's and I know that it shows just how old I am. This car is everything I hoped it would be, and more. :shades:
  • Mine had that burning smell at first. Just curious, what color were your dash lights set at compared to the color of car you got? Mine is set in Blue which matched the color of the car. I was curious if the factory is setting the colors to match the car's color or if they all come set in blue. The my color feature lets you set the dash lights to a 125 different shades of colors. That arrow that lights up is for telling you when to shift. You can set that to use the arrow, or it can be set to make a sound or set to light the arrow and make the sound. You can also reset that and adjust it to come on at different RPMs to fit your driving habits.

    One thing I noticed is that crising between 70 - 80 MPH it feels like only 40 MPH. At a 100 MPH it feels like 60 MPH. At 130 MPH it feels like 80 MPH. This baby just cruises at 100 MPH like it was made to be driven at that speed normally. 130 MPH is the highest was able to get up to before other cars getting in the way and having to back off.

    It does want to just GO! It can be a pain driving in traffic. It wants to just get up a go and with to many cars on the road it can be a pain.

    Right now I'm averaging just over 15 MPG which seems pretty good for this car. At first I thought it seemed like a real gas guzzler but I guess that is due to having a much smaller gas tank than I'm used to filling. I had 208 miles when I last filled it and it took 13.6 gallons.
  • Congrats to you and shelbwise on getting your cars. You will love them!
  • "I was going over the owners manual and found it does not reference anything on the Shelby, or it's options."

    You can download a GT 500 manual supplement from here:
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Mine is the Alloy and I'm not sure what the factory set mine at. The sales manager was going over options before I drove it home and he was fiddling with all sorts of buttons I have no clue as what he was doing. I can tell you that it is currently at the blue setting now. I did have mine on Saturday up to 80 mph and it seemed like I was going 55. The dealer filled my tank and I have roughly 115 miles and topped it off last night. It took 8.25 gallons so I guess my first 100 miles I averaged just under 14 mpg. Most of my miles have been in 4th gear doing between 40 and 50 mph. I love this car. Kirstie our moderator will be posting some of my pictures when she gets a chance that I E-mailed to her. I can't seem to figure how to put them on my car space. :shades:
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    You can find the GT 500 manual supplement inside the packet that they gave us with the car. It's a small booklet clearly marked.
  • Gentlemen:

    When I was a kid of owned a 1967 GT 2+2. I have since owned a 2004 Premium Convertible. I sold the 2004 about 6 months ago. The thought of owning a GT 500 makes me dream of my youth and of the time when American Torque Monsters roamed the highways. Can you tell me what dealers are selling these cars for? I am in the market for a 2007 Mustang GT, but if I can snag a GT 500, I might get it. Since I have a family to support, I have to put things in perspective.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    My Dad showed me his original invoice some time back on his 2+2. Don't recall the actual price he paid, but he regrets selling it. I gave him a ride this past Saturday in my Shelby and he loved it. Most dealers in my area are holding private auctions at their dealerships with closed bidding. Average price you will find a coupe on eBay is somewhere $55K to $60K. $5K more if it's a convertible. I assure you if you purchase one it will more than fulfill any of your dreams. Good luck. ;)
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "My Dad showed me his original invoice some time back on his 2+2. Don't recall the actual price he paid, but he regrets selling it."

    I hope you kept your '66 coupe. I've got a '66 fastback that I think would be a terrific graduation present for my daughter - in 12 years.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    I need some help. I have read everything that I received with my Shelby, but nowhere can I see or find any info that refers to the super charger. There is a gauge on the instrument panel that reads 0 to 15 psi that I think has something to do with the super charger. Anybody Know anything about that gauge? I read some postings somewhere on the web that claims you need to disconnect the battery before taking delivery of your car or else the super charger won't be programmed. I asked my dealership about that but they claimed you never disconnect the battery or else you will get multiple error codes. I bought mine from a small Ford dealer and like I said in previous postings I believe I had more knowledge about this car than they did. Page 8 in the Shelby supplement references the PCM feature that limits boost pressure, but very little or no information in detail. Anyone know where I can read up on the super charger in our Shelby's? :confuse:
  • Pre-Delivery Instruction (PDI) #J10 (Shelby Only) makes reference to the the disconnecting of the battery. I believe you must 1. Disconnect the negative side of battery. 2. Reinstall the battery cable. 3. Turn ignition key to ON position for 10 seconds, but do not allow the car to start...This will satisfy the J10 instruction with regard to the PCM re-program. And if you had been getting a high rev at start-up this should no longer happen. The gauge you speak of is the S/C boost gauge. The owners supplement is clear on when boost becomes need to romp these things pretty hard before you actually begin to see it produce any boost...Don't be afraid, thats what its made for! Hopefully this helps. If you would like me to email you a copy of the complete PDI, please forward your email address to
  • BTW....our mechanic claims they no longer need to disconnect the battery cable for pre-delivery. You need to drive it for 5 consecutive miles then turn it off then on again to get full power. Or wait until you have turned it on and off for 50 consecutive starts. We took mine out for a 5 mile spin and then turned it off and started it again. My mechanic claims that is all that needed to be done to restore full power.
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