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Subaru B9 Tribeca: Problems & Solutions



  • foxbat121foxbat121 Posts: 211
    I think I had the similar issue. Check your windshield wiper water drain area to see if there are any rocks collected there. I found couple. However, there is still some rattle/squeek. It seems to be a common problem with Legacy (and even Imprezas) for many years.
  • thanks will check that today before I leave work ... but its not a rattle but a squeek. bummer if its a common problem. especially since the B9 is so quiet inside.
  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    If it's a lighted glovebox, check the area where the light switch hits the glove box door. Try sticking some felt tape at the contact point.
  • I have a question regarding the use of the DVD. When I turn off the car, while the DVD was in the middle of a movie, then come back and turn the car on again the video on the rear screen does not automatically return. The movie does start playing right away, but the rear screen stays black until I press DVD on the remote. Anyone else experience this?
  • It seems like you have to manually turn the DVD screen back on with the remote by pressing the upper left corner botton....It's annoying but I couldn't find any other solution. And you can't seem to stop the DVD from playing even though you pressed the "stop" button. As soon as you shut off the car and turn it back on the DVD starts automatically.....Very annoying and poor design!
  • I know there is a night mode hidden in the user setting but it's too much trouble to go thru several screens to manually switch it. The auto mode which according to the navigation manuel would witch between day and night mode depending on whether the headlight is on or off just doesn't work. The screen just stays in the day time mode even though the headlight is on. Anyone has a solution to it?
  • If you read the manual ;) , you will know there is a interior light dimmer at the lower left hand side next to the miror adjustment knob. Turn down the dimmer... :) That control the brightness of the NAV as well. You properly have that set to the brightest, and the NAV will stay in daytime mode even if you set it to auto.

    But since you didn't read the manual, page 3-27, BTW, you will never know that.
  • With just 24 hours to test drive the Tribeca, I didn't bother to read any manuel....but anyway you're saying if the brightness is not set to the highest then the auto mode would work depending on whether your headlight is on or off? I really like the handling of the Tribeca and will probably get it when my Highlander's lease is over in a few months. I would like to figure out the minor annoyances before I get it though.
  • foxbat121foxbat121 Posts: 211
    That is correct. In its brightest mode (last stop of the dial), all gugages operates at brightest level and NAV screen is the same. Turn it down one or two click, it will be much nice on your eyes at night. However, I don't like the night mode of the nav screen. It's too difficult to read anything out unless it is pitch dark out there. I leave it in day mode and let the dimmer control the lighting. The brightest postion is for situations when you have to turn on headlight at day time (at lot of places now require you turn on head light when raining by law).
  • I do not remember how it is labeled, but it is the last Nav button on the right.

    Press it & it brings up briightness & contrast setting for the screen,

    I found helpful for adjusting the screen for better readability at night.

    Hope that helps.
  • foxbat121foxbat121 Posts: 211
    I just don't like the whole color scheme of night mode. Normal daylight mode dimmed by the dimmer when head light is on is very acceptable to me.
  • b9chefb9chef Posts: 5
    My problems so far. Hopefully there are solutions to some of these:

    1. On mp3 CD play, random function deactivates after each ignition cycle. To restart, you have to push random once (for random-folder), pause a second or two, then push random again for random-disc. I'd like the random to stay on its last setting.

    2. When on random (mp3) CD play, the previous track button restarts the current song only. I'd like it to play the previous song (or another random song) if you press the previous track button again after restarting the current song.

    3. Steering wheel control for radio seeks up and down. I'd like it to switch between my presets.

    4. Fog lights turn on with daytime running lights. I'd like them to turn on with headlights, so I can leave the foglights switch on at all times and only have them turn on when the headlights are also on.

    5. All the DC power ports turn off when the ignition is off. That means I can't leave something plugged in to charge (like a cell phone or iPod) when I am away from my car. My last car had a battery-switched DC port, and I know they don't drain the battery too much.

    6. Low fuel light is obstructed by the steering wheel. It just needs to be a little higher.

    7. Driver's door does not auto-unlock. If the door is locked, and if I try to open the door, I want it to open. Also nice would be auto-locking doors when the car is shifted to drive, but I can live without that.
  • foxbat121foxbat121 Posts: 211
    So all these are not problems but what you don't like the design.

    4. Fog lights turn on with daytime running lights. I'd like them to turn on with headlights, so I can leave the foglights switch on at all times and only have them turn on when the headlights are also on.

    My foglights only come on when head light is on. And I leave the switch on all the time. If yours operates differently, get that checked out by your dealer. They may get wired wrong.
  • yes your fog lights should only be on when you turn the light switch to on. my guess is you run with your lights in the first click. the running lights work with the lights turned all the way off.
  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    I have to agree with you on the first 6 items, for sure. And I believe your fog lights should only come on with the headlights. I read somewhere that it's not legal in some places to have fogs on independently of the headlights.

    However I have to disagree with the last item regarding auto door unlocks:

    7. Driver's door does not auto-unlock. If the door is locked, and if I try to open the door, I want it to open. Also nice would be auto-locking doors when the car is shifted to drive, but I can live without that.

    If you are talking about the doors automatically unlocking when you take the car out of gear, then from a woman's perspective, this is not a safe option, and probably a bad idea. Since I drive alone and in the city most of the time, I really don't want the doors unlocking as soon as I put it in park. I make it a point to grab whatever I am taking with me, look around first, and then unlock/get out when I am ready. Too many carjackings take place when doors are unlocked or left unlocked.

    However, I do think one of my car's (my Forester, maybe?) had a handle pull mechanism that did unlock the door when you tugged on it. This would be a nice feature.

    -Karen in AZ- (where it's wet and cool today for a change!)
  • foxbat121foxbat121 Posts: 211
    I think he wants the feature like you described for Forester, i.e. pull the handle and unlock the door. I know my '97 OBS has this feature (it unlocks all the doors at the same time). The feature is gone from all Subarus because of the safety concerns of unlocking all the doors. I do agree they should open the driver door at least. I think this is another case of lawyers overpowered poor engineers. SOA want to be safe than sorry. If you ever read SOA instructions about how to use cigrate lighter in the car's power socket, you know what I mean:) If you ever used anything other than cigrate lighter in those power sockets, you must replace the socket before use cigrate lighter. Otherwise, your warranty is vioded if it causes fire.
  • Karen I partly agree with you

    However, a better solution is to have the doors lock when you shift into gear.(which unfortunately Subaru does not do), then the outside & inside handles are disconnected.

    When you stop and put the car in park, the outside handle still will not open the door (unless you manually press the unlock switch) but the inside handle will now allow you to open the door and exit the vehicle.

    The way things are now - if you forget to lock the door you are totally vulnerable.
  • My Mom has a Lexus RX330 and the NAV seems very similar to the Tribeca, with a few differences of course. Must be the same manufacturer. One of the differences I found is the way Points of Interest are displayed. For example if I want to find local gas stations on the Lexus, but don't know the name of a station then I can just choose the category of "gas station" and press "list." A list of stations, and the distance away from me will come up.

    On my Tribeca, when I get to this screen the list button is not an option. It seems I must type in a name to get the list button lit up. It was a real issue for me in Manhattan last week when I needed gas. I ended up trying every gas station brand name I could think of until I found one close to me. Anyone have a better solution?

    Is it possible that Subaru saved a few bucks by limiting this feature?
  • harvptharvpt Posts: 40
    I just purchased a Tribeca 5 seater. I have had it for 2 weeks, and there is a rattle in the rear seat area. After a few attempts driving on a bumpy road with the service tech, he finally heard the rattle, but could not find the source. I left the car with the dealer, approx. a week ago, and am now being told it is coming from a "Seat Rail" under the rear seat ,this is after they broke the right rear door panel looking in the door, now I have 2 problems. The rail is on "National Back Order", not sure why they can't tighten it?, and I need a new door panel. UGH!!
    They told me they have a new Forrester with the same issue and are "working with Subaru" to correct it. Has anyone heard of this Seat Rail rattle?
    Meanwhile, I miss the car and hope this does not become an ongoing problem.
    I was given an Outback Loaner which has helped. The Service staff are pleasant enough, however don't have a lot of detail. I am also concerned now they have Subaru involved, but maybe thats a good thing. Any thoughts?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    First I've heard of that.

    I doubt it's really on back order, they probably just don't have spare parts stocked up yet since it's a new model.

    SoA supplies the parts so it's good that they are involved.

    Just try to look at it this way - you're putting miles on a loaner instead of devaluating your car.

  • harvptharvpt Posts: 40
    Thanks for the response. Good points, and I am saving miles on my lease as well. Harvpt
  • My Infiniti had the best feature regarding fuel.

    When the fuel level reached a critical level, a chime would sound and the nav screen would automatically put up a list of staions with the first on the list being the closet. Just selct the one you want and it would direct you there. A real no brainer.
  • delewisdelewis Posts: 10
    I haven't noticed most of the things on your list but I Absolutley agree with the steering wheel audio controls. The only time I ever use the seek function is on a long drive when I am out of range from my regular stations. 99% of the time I want to go through my presets consequnetly I never use the steering wheel controls except for volume. Seems like it should be a software fix. It's my biggest complaint with the car next to no aux input without RES which I don't have.

  • I don't have the manual or the car in front of me so it might be off a little.
    Goto the map screen. Tap the screen twice and you should seee a POI button on the bottom. Press that and select gas station and it will show you gas station on the map as icons.

    Hope that helps
  • harvptharvpt Posts: 40
    Well I have my Tribeca back w/o the rattle in the rear seat area, (#93). They apparently removed a seat rail and the rattle has disappeared. The seat still functions (?), and the dealer plans to replace the rail, when they can get the part. I am being told its on "National Back Order", and they will notify me when it is available. No time frame. At least now I can enjoy the vehicle and its quite ride. Its still puzzling, however, where the rattle originated. Lets hope it does not return with the new part.
  • b9chefb9chef Posts: 5
    So all these are not problems but what you don't like the design.

    Yeah, I guess you could say that. Though ultimately I was hoping that I was missing something on some of the things and that some of the "problems" could be fixed. Computers are so involved in cars these days, so I think some of these things could be fixed by a simple upgrade in the future. And I'm not that car-savy... perhaps there are fixes to some of these things that I don't know about. I guess if I knew what I was doing, I could hard-wire one of the DC ports directly to my battery, but there might be an easier way.

    The thing with the mp3 player not remembering that I am on random seems easy to fix, because the player continues the songs where they left off (as opposed to starting the song from the beginning each time the ignition is turned on). It clearly "remembers" something...

    As for the automatic doors, I can live without auto lock and auto unlock when you shift into drive and park, respectively. All I want is the ability to open my door whether or not it is locked or unlocked. In a panic, when my door is locked, (and maybe the car power is out), I want to pull the handle and have the door open. Plain and simple. The argument that SOA is concerned about people unintentionally opening the doors while the car is moving is baloney, because the doors don't lock automatically now.

    And with the fog lights staying on when my headlights were off, I don't know what I was doing before, but they are now working correctly. I think I was getting my headlights confused with the DRL....
  • I have had my Tribeca since mid June. I love it. But last week the tire pressure light came on. Just after the dealer rotated the tires. I have checked the pressure according to the door panel and it is right on the money. Not all the time, but every now and then, it seems to hesitate shifting and sometimes it stays in gear mostly around turns. And just over the weekend I have noticed when you turn the car does not center itself. For example, if you were on a straight stretch of road and you turn the wheel slightly it drifts even if you let go of the wheel it still turns like the alignment is out but if you but it happens in both directions. And one small thing I have noticed a slight coolant smell. They told me it could be the undercoating burning off but it has 7,400 miles on it, it should have burned off by now. we are bringing it into the dealer today.
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    My tire pressure monitor indicated low pressure- I checked it with an accurate gauge and it showed I was low by 1PSI- all other wheels were at 32PSI. I put in the required air in the one tire and the light reset itself, about three weeks later the light is back on. I haven't checked the pressure's yet, so don't know if I have a slow leak in one tire or if I need to raise all tire pressures to 35 to compensate for the colder weather...

    The transmission has a "learning" feature and that's probably what you are describing; hesitation to shift may be the transmission computer holding the gear in anticipation of acceleration or to aid in slowing down. Holding gears in turns is good, provides the torque to exit the turn without hunting for a lower gear. If you drive you B9 hard most of the time, the trnsmisn will stay that way, if you baby it, you'll notice quicker shifts earlier in the RPM band and will return to normal parameters.

    I haven't had any coolant smell problems: what would be nice is when B9 owners have problems lets also put up mfg. dates for the vehicle as well, maybe we can isolate problems or find our own trends...

    AKA Pearl White 7psgr LTD NAV DVD MFG DATE: 08/05
  • the dealer should have a donut style magnet that can reset the sensor. my guess is the sensor needs recalibrated. the magnet goes around the valve on the wheel.

    I am guessing they all operate the same. there must be a way to initiate the sensor reprogramming.

    if the car is not centering it self it may be your toe on the alignment is out or in. that would affect you both directions. or camber I think is the the other angle. thats where your tires are pointing together.

    no coolant smell and I have 5k on the B9. but did not undercoat mine. I haven't done that to my last 3 cars with the new coated metals used... the undercoating may even void the rust thru warranty ... I read that in one of my previous car rust thru warranties.
  • Can someone tell me if their system has the same VOLUME levels for the DVD player as the CD or Radio? I have to crank up the volume when playing movies to about 25% higher then normal. :surprise:

    Also can someone who has used MP3s, please comment on the amount and quality of the BASE playing MP3s vs anything else (CD/Radio/DVD)? I think there is something wrong in the CD player circuitry of the B9. the sound is filtered on the high and low end somehow. Even using the equalizer settings for BASE and TREBLE , the sound from an MP3 song is about 25% more BASE then any other source. I have not tried the Audio IN jacks yet to compare.

    Thanks :shades:
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