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Audi A4 Lease Questions



  • guestguest Posts: 770
    By the way, I was Floridabob1, but now that I registered it came up as unknown. I leased from Braman, as not to confuse the responses. Good luck!
  • I was told the same story in FLorida. They said I would be penalized $400 if I didn't do 15/25 checkup at audi. I might not do it and take my chances. I usually do oil and tire rotations on a lease car. My other leases have been for 3 years and I never did any thing else. Especially on a two year lease, what could it really need? Keep me posted if you hear anything else. Thanks
  • Braman audi in Palm Beach
  • Hey Car_man, thanks for the response. MSRP on my car was 33,715.00 (according to
  • hahah nice price :d
  • Why was that funny? :confuse:
  • Thanks car_man! I actually did already and i'm really happy with the car. There was one thing though that wasn't clear to me at the time of closing the deal. i showed the numbers i had written down last time i was at the dealership to the dealer (36mo/12k, 0.00115, 59%) and he said this time that if i didn't take the sevice plan the residual would be 58%. in the end he agreed to give me the service plan for $270 instead of $550 and use the 59% residual. Also the car had a tracking device already installed (i didn't need it but figured it would help the insurance quote, and got it for $300). This is what the deal looked like:

    2007 A4 2.0T manual
    S-line package
    Titanium package
    MSRP $32,860
    negotiated price (Cap Cost) $31,200 (including service plan)
    tracking device $300
    document fee $45
    drive-off fees $1276.56 (includes 1st month payment)
    $0 down
    monthly payment $395 + tax
  • hey catonic,
    here in socal as well. where did you go?
    happy with the dealer? i am in the market
    for an s-line as well. have an a4 now.
    let me know...thanks!
  • Does anyone know whether Audi Financial's current (excellent) 24 month lease deal can be used to lease a new 2006 A4 2.0T (either really "new" or an untitled demo with a couple thousand miles on it)?

    Also, same question as it relates to the lease numbers that might be applicable to a 2006 A4 Cab (with the 1.8L Turbo and CVT).

    I assume the answer, based on Car_man's post from the October timeframe is "no" . . .

    Thanks so much to everyone in advance -

    Happy Holidays!

  • bew1bew1 Posts: 4
    2007 Audi A4, 36 mos., 12K mis, Premium Package, Heated Front Seats, $388/mo. plus tax. NY/CT area. What do you think? Any thoughts on how much more Convenience Package should add to price? Bose? Thank you.
  • I am thinking of using my trade-in to lower the cap cost by 4-5k on a new A4 24/mo lease. Is this a very bad idea? I have heard you can lose that money.
  • Put it in a savings account and earn some interest on it instead. If you need it to offset your monthly payments then just take a little bit of it out each month.

    I have heard that you can loose any money you put down to adjust the cap cost if you total the car or it gets stolen.

  • Do NOT ever put any money into a lease! When you go to sign the lease papers, they will ask for your insurance info and enter that on the lease. Remember, the leasing co (in this case, Audi Financial) owns the car, not you. They want to protect their interest and they will need to be put on your car policy -- because if you total the car, they are the ones that get paid (get made "whole") not you. So, if you put any "extra" money into the lease -- you will never, ever get it back.

    Buying down the lease with cash, credit card payment, a trade-in, gold bullion -- whatever -- is a bad idea. Put zero down -- regardless of whatever the lease "deal" is, all you have to do is ask to have this done and know how a lease is calculated. It's not black magic, it's really pretty simple and understanding this will allow you to get the best deal.

    The price of the car is negotiable, just like if you bought it. The lower the price, the lower your payment provided the dealer doesn't try to fudge and lower the residual value or increase the money factor. You always want the highest residual and lowest money factor and there are plenty of places to ask/find this info on the net, including here on Edmunds/Carspace to get the details of residual, mf, miles allowed, etc.

    Hope this helps.
  • igoraligoral Posts: 23
    Maybe these questions have been answered here ad nauseum, but I am new to the whole leasing thing. So, I apologize in advance.

    I'll get straight to my questions:

    Right now, Audi offers $379/month, 24 months lease with 0 down, 0 sec. deposit for A4 2.0T Quattro with Tiptronic, premium package, heated seats, 17" wheels and 15,000 miles/year.

    Is this a good deal or not? If anyone knows, how much should I expect to pay at the dealership to drive away in this car (total fees) in NY or NJ?

    Also, if I agree to limit my annual mileage to 12,000 miles/year, is it possible to negotiate the lease payment down or this kind of promotion is a "take it or leave it" deal?

    And one last question, there is an identical lease offer for Audi A4 2.0T Quattro with CVT, but for $359/month. Why is this deal $20 less than the one with Tiptronic? Is CVT really inferior to Tiptronic?

    Thank you to anyone, who can help me!
  • vizviz Posts: 58
    Anything less than $379+taxes would be good.

    Well, it depends on the delership and location; but i am in Oh. Mine was take it ot leave it.

    I took Quattro because I drive in snow.
  • I wish I have found this forum before I signed my lease agreement (A4 $359/ month, $0 down deal). I just realized I got ripped off by the car salesman at my local audi dealer. I admit that it was entirely my fault, I did not do my homework before I did the deal. My question is .. can I cancel the lease agreement even after I signed it? I have not taken home the car yet because they said the brand new car was not ready to be taken home yet (they needed to do some checking/ testing etc because the car has just got delivered to them). I signed the deal on Saturday Dec 23 and the car is ready to be picked up on Tuesday, Dec 26. Please advise. Thanks.
  • igoraligoral Posts: 23

    How were you ripped off? What was wrong with the lease?
  • Nothing wrong with the original lease deal it self. In fact, many people here think it is a great deal. I traded in my Honda CRV (that's my 1st mistake). The sales guy "persuaded" me to trade it. The money factor was not like what I read from this forum (0.00115), after I calculated all the numbers at home, the mf that I got seemed to be higher! (that's my 2nd mistake..). I live in CA and I heard in CA, there is a law that says we cannot back out of the signed lease agreement. Is that true?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,046
    I'm pretty sure that CVT models are not Quattro..

    The CVT model is only available in front-wheel-drive..

    That could account for the difference in pricing.



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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,046
    Before you back out of your lease deal, make sure there is something wrong with it. People trade in their cars every day. That doesn't make it a bad deal.

    If the terms of the lease are the same as the advertised deal, then the only issue is the amount you received for trading in your vehicle.

    As far as backing out? If you still have your trade, no money has changed hands, and the new car is still at the dealer, I doubt they can make you take the car.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • "Trading" in a car doesn't make it a bad deal -- but in effect it does if the trade-in value was simply used to reduce the capitalized cost which in turn will lower the per month payment. See my earlier post and those of Car_Man throughout these leasing forums -- he always advises against putting money down (and a trade-in is effectively the same thing).

    If you total your new car and let's say your trade-in was worth $5,000 and that was used to lower your capitalized cost, when the insurance company pays out - YOU don't get paid to reimburse you because YOU don't own the car. Audi Financial Services gets paid -- THEY own the car and THEY will be made whole with the insurance payment.

    If, in my example, you put $5,000 (your trade) into it, you will NEVER see that money again. However, if you ask the dealer to cut you a check for $5,000, you can put that money in a CD and you'll still have it, even if your car gets totaled.

    The bigger thing to remember here -- if the dealer now has to pull the trade out of the lease (which would bring the capitalized cost back up by $5,000 in my example), you will see a corresponding increase (a BIG increase if your trade was actually $5,000). Here's a quick way to look at it: take $5,000 and divide by 24 months (the Audi lease deal term in this case) -- you'll get $208.33 -- and that's with 0% interest! So you see, this is how the dealers "take" the uninformed consumer by getting them to put money down or a trade into the lease to reduce the monthly payment.

    Hope this helps folks understand it a bit better.
  • I'd love to know where you found this vehicle. All my local dealerships are telling me an A4 with nav and sport suspension are near impossible to come by.
  • Thanks for the reply. Forgot to mention my third mistake....I did not negotiate the selling price, so I am paying MSRP for this lease deal! I was so uninformed that I thought this A4 year end lease deal's only valid for the full MSRP. Like I said, I would not get ripped off if I did my homework, i.e. researching it in the internet, reading this forum, etc, so I blame no one but myself. I would have probably save at least $2500 if I ever read this forum first before making a deal, may this be a lesson for me...a hard one if I may add. (In the past, I always did a research before I buy something, I didn't on this one because on Friday I was only thinking of test driving the car, but i ended up getting the lease signed)

    Well anyway, I am picking up the car this afternoon and will just enjoy it.
  • igoraligoral Posts: 23
    Other things being equal, how much less, per month, would you expect to pay for a 24 months/12K miles per year lease versus 24 months/15K miles per year?

    A dealer told me it is about $5 for every 1K miles. Does that make sense?
  • Your messages on this board were very helpful as I went to negotiate a deal on an A4 lease. My salesman (Reitzl Audi in Hingham, MA) told me that my monthly payment would be $479 (24 months) with amount due at start of $1347. He also suggested I purchase the Audi Care pkg for $500 to cover regular maintenance if I were leasing for 36 months at $471/month.
    Did I miss something or is there really a deal for $359/month with NO money down?
    Thanks for the other tips too!
  • Can you give us more information on the car, the negotiated selling price, money factor, etc?
  • The $359/month (exluding tax) and NO money down is for A4 with premium package only and non-metallic color (black, red and white). If you add navigation, convinient package, etc, your payment will be more. No money down does not mean that you dont have to pay anything, you still have to pay something...example:

    Down payment $0
    Refundable security deposit $0
    First Monthly Payment $359
    Acquisition fee $575
    Amount due at lease inception $934

    and $934 is excluding Excludes taxes, title and dealer fees!

    Dont make the same mistake like I did, make sure you ask the salesman to give you all the numbers such as the MSRP of the car, the selling price of the car, dealer fee, title, etc..... I mean everything, before you say "yes"! And remember that you can always negotiate the selling price for this deal!!! If needed, once you get the numbers, post them in this forum to get some feedback.

    Hope that helps!
  • Thanks Guru. The money factor he originally used was the .0020. I reminded him that the actual rate currently is.0015... and he apologized for the mistake.
    I negotiated from 35,385 to 34,100 dollars. It was for a deep blue color and I asked about the A4 Wagon...with heated seats and premium pkg. He just called me with the specifics of the deal, so now I know about the colors and that it is for a sedan mistake.
    I appreciate your quick response. We'll see what I work out tomorrow morning.
  • Sort of right -- you can have the acquisition fee simply added to your capitalized cost. This would mean, under the A4 lease (which does not require any security deposit), that all you would have to pay to drive off is the 1st month's payment.

    The math is really simple:
    Capitalized Cost - Residual / # of months of lease
    add this number to:
    Capitalized Cost + Residual x Money Factor

    The total of those 2 numbers is your monthly lease cost.

    Capitalized Cost is your negotiated price for the car PLUS anything else you are adding, whether that's dealer accesories, acquisition fee, state sales tax, license fees, title fees, etc. Just add up everything you want to "finance" in the lease. This is why it's important to have negotiated a good price on the car 1st.

    Residual is ALWAYS calculated on MSRP -- simple math and there's lots of places to find this info that will give you residual for the #miles per yr and #months lease.

    For the A4 quattro (the "$379 special") --
    73% resid, 24 mos, 15K miles a year
    59% resid, 36mos, 15K miles a year
    add 1% resid if you buy the maintenance package for 36mos
    61% resid, 36mos, 12K miles a year
    again, add 1% resid if you get maint package

    I know for sure that the maintenance plan DOES NOT include wear items like brake pads, wiper blades, etc -- these are things that BMW does cover in their normal warranty that includes maintenace.

    I also know Audi requires a brake fluid flush after 2 years, regardless of miles -- and I don't think this is included in the maintenance plan -- I believe it only covers the 10K, 15K, 25K and 35K normal services but you can check with the Audi dealer to be sure.
  • igoraligoral Posts: 23
    Here are the numbers I got from the dealer for A4 2.0T Quattro with Tiptronic, Premium package, and Heated Seats:

    MSRP $33,510
    Selling Price: $32,000
    Monthly Payment: $379
    Acquisition fee: $575
    Down Payment: $0
    Security Deposit: $0
    Title Fees: $125
    Money Factor: .00115
    Residual: 73%

    Does this seem fare or could I have done better?

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