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Audi A4 Lease Questions



  • igoraligoral Posts: 23

    I promised to let you know how I did with my lease. Your salesperson was not available. So, I talked to another one.

    Here is what I got:

    A4 2.0T Quattro
    Black and Ebony
    Premium package
    Convenience package
    Heated seats

    MSRP: 36,110
    Selling Price: 34,234 (Invoice + $200) By the way, apparently, invoice includes $495 adv and prep fees.
    Residual 73%
    MF: 0.00115
    Monthly Payment: 397.75 + Tax
    Fees: 575 + 169 + 250(DMV)

    I wish I could have gotten this car for less than invoice, but... :D

    What do you guys think - good deal or not?
  • tjrusstjruss Posts: 12
    sounds like a decent deal. I almost bought the same car. I was debating about bumping up to the conv. pkg and the dark wood int. trim, but I was already over where I wanted to be.
    What did you think of the dealership? I was surprised that they really didn't want to haggle and that their 1st offer was pretty decent. I guess they've been moving alot of these A4's, that they don't need to give them away...
    Good luck with the car!
  • Took the plunge today and leased a 2.0T auto quattro black/black A4 with conv, prem, audio, bluetooth, sport suspension (not the S-line package). Payments come to about 437+tax since i got the buy rate MF and 73% residual. My final price was 6% off MSRP (before the dest fee and adding back the dest fee after the discount) so it came to about $100 below invoice. The thing that made a big difference when I drove was the sport suspension... love the way the car handles and I look forward to 2 yrs of fun! Thanks a lot everyone with all your helpful postings and a special thank you to Car_Man.
  • atsenbatsenb Posts: 29
    After seeing the "Bloomberg Special" rate on Friday 12/29/06 for $319/month lease + 1065 upfront down + 575 acq. fee I decided to take a look at leasing the A4.

    Read through most of people's deals here on the board, and decided to hop over to westside (I am in NYC) to Zumbachs (sp?).

    Dealer was not well-staffed. Wanted to test drive the A4 Quattro 2.0T w/Sports Suspension, was told that they don't really stock those. Ended up test-driving a 3.2 manual. Okay feeling, kinda light on steering.

    Dealer gave a pretty poor deal and was refusing to negotiate because they don't really have inventory. This is the rate they gave me:

    Quartz Metallic w/tiptronic, heated Seats
    MSRP: $33,985
    Selling Price: $32,985 (would not even budge a penny!)
    Residual: 73%
    MF: 0.00115
    Monthly Payment (incl. tax): 472.30 (rolled acq. fees in)
    Total upfront at pickup: ~ 760 = 472.30 + TTL + doc. fees.

    Went back to the office, made a call to Great Neck's Audi, and got quote for exact same car:
    MSRP: $33,985
    Selling Price: $32,800
    Residual: 73%
    MF: 0.00115
    Monthly Payment: $464.94 (including tax)
    Total upfront at pickup: ~ 680-700? (not really sure, didn't get confirmation)

    Called a third dealer in Lynbrook, Long Island and got quoted for a pearl paint car:
    MSRP: $34,260
    Selling Price: $32,710 (about 360 over invoice)
    Residual: 73%
    MF: 0.00115
    Monthly Payment: $450 (including tax)
    Total upfront at pickup: ~660 (including 1st month, TTL, tire fees, etc.)

    Overall, I think I paid about 360 over the invoice, but I did this last minute at around 7:30pm over the phone, so I didn't bargain for the last couple of hundred dollars. And the reason that I went with this dealer is that they don't really have any other "dealer fees" added into the #s, which is pretty good since they lumped everything into the Selling price. Probably could have lowered the overall monthly payment by about $15 (360/24), but I guess it's better to get in on this deal while it is still available.

    Thanks to all who shared their experiences and how to demystify leasing!
  • igoraligoral Posts: 23
    Thanks tjruss!

    By the way, did the dealer explain to you the deal with DMV fees that they are charging?

    I spoke to my salesperson and he told me that these amounts that they list as DMV fees ($197 in NJ and $250 in NY) are not exact. The actual DMV fees for your car will be significantly lower. So, once the car is registered, you are supposed to get a refund for the difference between $197 and the actual amount of DMV fees paid.

    Just make sure to have the dealer tell you how much exactly he paid to register your car.
  • atsenbatsenb Posts: 29
    FYI, got a call back from one of the dealers and he's telling me that the Audi Financial Service's special lease is extended to 1/7/07.

    Haven't see the actual extension on Audi website.
  • tjrusstjruss Posts: 12
    igoral, Thanks for the heads up.
    No he didn't mention it specifically. He did say that the 'Starts' (acq fee, dealer admin, dmv, etc) may fluctuate a little, which must be the DMV fee because the others seem like they would be fixed costs.

    When do you pick-up you car?
  • igoraligoral Posts: 23
    tjruss, I am picking up my car tomorrow. How about you?

    Re: Fees...When you are signing the lease, make sure that they show you exactly what fees they paid on your behalf, how much and for what.

    Also, make sure that they calculated tax correctly. Double check their calculations. And, if you are capitalizing the tax into your lease, make sure they quote you the correct total payment. When I asked how much the monthly payment would be, if I were to capitalize the tax, the number they gave me was $6-$7 higher that it should have been according to my calculations. When I pointed out the discrepancy, they tried to tell me that it had to do with interest on the tax, but after I said that it didn't make any sense, they tried to play dumb by saying that this is what "the computer calculated" and they have no control over those numbers, which is BS. So, as the saying goes, buyer beware!

    Other than that, enjoy your car, you did get a good deal!
  • igoraligoral Posts: 23
    That's true. I received the same info from another dealer.
  • I saw the lease deal listed and extended until 1/7/07 on aol autos.
  • fellyfelly Posts: 16
    I see pretty good deals posted here, but my question is are you putting any money down and how much. My dealer is offering me a $34,000 07 A4 for $523 montly payments. This sounds pretty high for me.

    Thanks for any advise
  • felly,
    Don't take this as being rude -- but -- please read back through the last few pages of these posts. Do NOT put any money down -- Car_Man (Host) has repeated this over and over and I have repeated this in my posts to other folks here. If you read through the last few pages, you'll see why.

    Now for your deal, with no other details, no one can tell you for sure. We'd need MSRP, Invoice and net cap cost -- along with terms of the lease mo/miles. $523 sounds pretty high to me even if it includes tax and no money down. My own deal was under $540 a mo including tax with no money down (and I'm in IL where you have to pay full amount of tax as if you bought the car).
  • felly, when I first spoke with my Audi dealer, I did not mention the special lease deal going on. As a result, he quoted me about the same numbers you are looking at, nearly $500 bucks. He was also using a money rate of .00020 instead of .00115. When I asked about the special lease deal at Audi, he then gave me the details and the payment dropped to $359/month....if I went with the 2yr/15,000 mile lease. Metallic paint added $7 more per month but who cares. The negotiated price I worked out was 31,550...not MSRP.
    Good luck!
    Woody (Boston area)
  • igoraligoral Posts: 23
    Picked up my car a few hours ago. Very nice ride! :D

    They corrected the sales tax figure to match my calculations and gave me an option to capitalize sales tax and the acquisition fee with the correct total payment that I calculated, as opposed to $7 higher payment that they calculated before!

    Overall, I had a very good experience at the dealership. No pressure. No BS. Willing to spend as much time with you going over financial details as you need.
  • fellyfelly Posts: 16
    Sorry for not including enough details on my first posting. I'm also new to this Audi forum. The car in question is a black 2.0T Quattro with Premium and Convenience packages, Bose and Heated seats. Selling price around $34,500. The dealer is offering this with the 3yr/10,000 mile lease. $520 with 2 down seems quite high to me.
  • The dealer has quoted me a price of $399 per month plus tax for the following 24 month lease. I've tried to do the figures myself but need assistance. It seemed slightly high to me.

    2007 A4 awd sedan
    black, cold weather, premium, convenience packages
    MSRP: $35935
    Selling price: $34250

    $1350 due at signing

    The money factor and the residual value is the standard that audi is using I am told. .00115 and 73%.

    Is $399 plus tax the correct monthly payment for these figures?

    Thanks in advance.
  • All,

    My 2003 A4 1.8T is coming of lease in February. I have gone significantly over mileage (60k Total) and am facing a penalty of $3k on turn in. I have a buy it price of 14,900. According to my searches online, the value of the car is higher than the buy price. Would I do better to buy it and sell it to another dealer/3rd party? According to my calculations, I think so, but I wanted to get others opinions. Thanks in advance.

  • I got an A4, not a quatro, with premium pkg, wood trim and metallic paint for $381 including tax with $1000 out of pocket which included the first payment. They also made the last payment on my previous car. The present lease deal until 1/7 is 900 and change out of pocket and $359/mo without tax.
  • I just read that it was a quatro. I believe the lease deal on that is $379/mo plus tax/15,000 mi and premium pkg included(2 yr lease) Not sure about the cost of the options. If you check online, you can see the price of each option on the audi A4's. I believe I found it by going to aol auto.
  • I would double check the tax amount that was rolled into your monthly payment. If you compare the total taxes before they were rolled in, you will find that they were somewhat lower. I don't think the total tax amount should change to a higher amount just because it is rolled into the cap cost of the vehicle but this is happening. For anyone reading this let me know your opinion.
  • vizviz Posts: 58
    Does 14,900 include taxes as well?
    Did you check with a fair condition? How much was it?
    Do a reality check before buying it. Do you have carmax dealer nearby? Go there and get the selling price for free.
  • Stopped by the dealer this afternoon. Checked out an A4 2.0T Quattro, metallic paint, wood trim, convenience pkg, heated seats, Audi maintenance plan.

    Quoted $481/month, $690.50 out the door - first month payment and DMV fees, everything else rolled in.

    Residual was 60% (36month/10k year), which I thought was quite poor.
    Money Factor was .00008 which I thought was quite good.
    MSRP 36,485 ; negotiated price 34,375 (500 above invoice).

    What do you guys think? Your suggestions are appreciated. I've loved reading through the forum.
  • guru_ckguru_ck Posts: 23
    Hey Carman,

    I posted these numbers previously but I think you skipped my post :( . Can you tell me how I did and if I could of improved on anything? I am going to go down and help my friend lease another car and I'd like to know if there is anything better I could negotiate this time around.

    2007 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro 6 speed

    Base: 30,340.00
    Exterior Deep Sea Blue Pearl Effect 475.00
    Convenience package 2,100.00
    Premium package 800.00
    MSRP: 33,715.00

    KBB Invoice 31,502.00
    Edmunds Invoice 31,934.00

    Gross cap: 32,834.50
    Cap reduction: 1196.66
    Adjusted cap: 31637.84
    Residual value: 25137.55
    Rent charge: 2289.23
    Lease payments: 24 months
    Base monthly payment: 366.23
    Tax: 30.21
    Total monthly payment: 396.44

    Down payment explained:
    Cap reduction: 1196.66
    Taxes on cap reduction: 98.72
    Acquisition fee: 575.00
    Sales tax: 47.44
    License fees: 277.00
    CA tire fee: 8.25
    First monthly payment: 396.44
    Total: 2600.01
  • You're very welcome, igoral. Good luck in your quest for a new A4.

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  • No problem, bchan88us. As long as you have not physically taken delivery of your new car, technically you should be able to discuss the specifics of your deal with the dealer that you are working with and have them change something if it is not right. Of course, being able to do something and actually getting the dealer to do it ate two completely different things.

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  • Congratulations on your new car, megsf. I'm glad that you were able to get such a good deal. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your deal with everyone. Enjoy your new ride!

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  • Hey woody50. This looks like a very good deal to me. If you like the car, I personally don't see any reason not to pull the trigger on this deal.

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  • Hi igoral. Given the fact that Audi is not providing any cash incentives on the 2007 A4, the $200 over invoice that you got yours for is a very good deal. This looks like a great lease. Enjoy your new car.

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  • You're very welcome, theprogrammer. Congratulations on your new A4.

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  • Hi ltsmith. Let's work up a lease payment on this car using the numbers that you provided. According to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2007 Audi A4 that has an MSRP of $35,935, a selling price of $34,250, a money factor of .00115, and a residual value of 73% for 24 months, I come up with a zero down, pre-tax monthly payment of around $404. As you can see, the $399 per month that you were quoted is about right for this deal.

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