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Audi A4 Lease Questions



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 167,419
    55% residual for 36m/30K..

    I assume the residual drops to 52% for 36m/45K?

    Not a bad payment for 35 months... Any idea of the selling price imputed in the deal?


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  • gwarrenflgwarrenfl Posts: 96
    Kyfdx or Car_man

    Do you have the NEW Money Factors and other particulars that are going into the new Lease Specials offered by Audi. I need to know how it breaks down so that I can apply the same factors to a car with additional options. I'm pretty sure that the Residual with 10,000 miles stayed the same at 55% or (56% if taking the Audicare.) looks like the MF may be the same at .00027. But there must be some additional incentive as they are rolling the Bank fee into the Lease payment.

    Seems like there are a few others on here that need the same info.
  • gforce11gforce11 Posts: 225
    No problem! yeah it looks like they are actually paying for the last two payments, so thats not too bad. 1k drive-off is fine since it covers most of the fees and 1st month payment. yeah, the MF is .0002, not .00002. The deal is not bad in my opinion. The car's residual is a bit low, but there's very little in terms of finance charge, so its a good trade off.
  • jackomojackomo Posts: 11
    I am ready to lease and A4. I would like advice as to which lease program is better or if they are basically the same. One involve no money down the other has some up front costs.


    2008 A4 2.0 T CVT Special Edition
    $399 per month
    36-month lease*
    Down payment $0
    Security deposit $0
    Acquisition fee - capitalized within lease contract ($575)
    First month payment $0
    Amount due at lease inception $0

    Excludes taxes, title and dealer fees. See dealer for details.

    *36-mo. closed-end lease offered to qualified customers by Audi Financial Services through participating dealers. Must take delivery by 7/2/2008. Rate based on $31,825 MSRP of 2008 Audi A4 2.0 T with Continuously Variable Transmission, Special Edition Package and destination charge. Purchase option at lease end for $17,503.75.

    3250 DOWN OPTION:

    2008 Audi A4 Special Edition

    $299 + tax

    36 months AFS; 10k/yr; + tax; $3,250 down; MSRP $32,325; residual $17,778.75; offer good through May 31st.

  • rich50rich50 Posts: 12
    Hello Carman, Kyfdx, and All,

    This is a great site, all the helpful information is much appreciated!

    My question- when Audi has "special lease offers" like the below that are sponsored by the factory. Are the specials created by the factory's reduced money factors, increased residuals, and incentive moneys only or is the dealer's profit margin also reduced? I'm trying to figure out if the dealer still has the margin between msrp and invoice to deal with.

    For example can the reduce the price of the below to $500 below invoice on the below deal to make a good deal even better?

    "2008 A4 2.0 T quattro Special Edition
    $419 per month
    36-month lease*
    Down payment $0
    Security deposit $0
    Acquisition fee - capitalized within lease contract ($575)
    First month payment $0
    Amount due at lease inception $0
    Excludes taxes, title and dealer fees. See dealer for details.
    *36-mo. closed-end lease offered to qualified customers by Audi Financial Services through participating dealers. Must take delivery by 7/2/2008. Rate based on $34,100 MSRP of 2008 Audi A4 2.0 T with quattro, Tiptronic transmission, Special Edition Package and destination charge. Purchase option at lease end for $18,755."

    Back when I leased my Hummer H3 the dealer was able to make additional discounts but my Audi dealer is telling me that these deals are already bottom dollar..

    Thanks for the help,
  • rich50rich50 Posts: 12
    Oops one more question- we have a 2006 A4 Quattro S Line that has completed its lease term- Will Audi waive the lease termination fee if you lease another vehicle or do they just roll the fees into your new lease?

    Thanks all,
  • harrier1harrier1 Posts: 2
    Hi all, my Audi dealer is offering the same deal as rich50 but at $399. I went in to test drive the A4 and was told that $399 is the bottom line. No negotiating with regard to $34100 MSRP or anything extra thrown in such as tinted windows. So I walked. No follow up call. Guess they are confident that they will get their price.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    This lease deal is already very sweet.

    No more 08 models are being made. There will be a shortage of these lower priced 35k and under A4's special edition cars. The new 09's won't be out until the fall and I can imagine a lot of dealers will run out of these lease ad cars.

    If you're trying to get greedy and worry about free stuff and haggle over 10/15 bucks a month, then to each their own. I can see how your dealer will let you walk.

    VW was advertising a -0- down 359/mo lease special on a 27/28k Passat a while back. The A4 is 34k Quattro, so it's hard to complain about the deal Audi is offering. No matter how good a deal is, people are never happy and always want something more.

    There's a big difference in haggling with a Hummer dealer for a gas guzzling SUV that people aren't buying and fuel efficent cars that are already good deals.
  • thero0kiethero0kie Posts: 5
    Hi guys!
    I'm new to leasing and am trying to lease either a 2008 Acura TL or a 2008 Audi A4.
    I called the local Audi here in Fresno (CA) and they gave me the following monthly payments.
    405 + tax with 2000 down. (15000 miles 36 months)
    444 + tax with 0 down. (15000 Miles 36 months)
    I asked them for the residual value, MF etc.. but they weren't willing to tell me for some reason. All they said was that those things are the same as the ones for the Lease Special offer for the Audi A4 2.0 T ( the 399$ offer on audis website).
    i did however get the MSRP. 32385.
    what do you guys think ? is this a good deal or can it be better.
    Thanks in advance.
  • rich50rich50 Posts: 12

    Really I wasn't trying to compare manufacturer or models as Audi builds a whole different class of car than Hummer's SUV's (only similarity is gas mileage- H3 gets 16mpg in city, my Quattro gets 18).

    This is a really good lease program however I'm curious as to how these factory backed deals affect the spread between invoice and msrp. I'm not worried about saving every last penny but if there is$500 or $1,000 savings possible I'll take it.


    The factory backed program for an A4 SE with msrp of $31825 is a true zero down and $399 month plus tax but only includes 10k miles a year. I think you'll need the residuals and money factors to calculate the rate for 15k miles a year- yep those numbers they don't want to share. A lot of people on here advise against dealing with someone who won't share the residuals and mf's.

    We had a TL before leasing the A4 Quattro and your comparing apples and oranges. The TL has a lot of power, drives nice, and is comfortable, while the Audi is sportier, Audi interior finishing is tops, and it has that awesome Audi handling/feel to it. This is not meant as a knock to the TL in any way we really liked ours, I'm just pointing out they are very different cars.

  • harrier1harrier1 Posts: 2
    I'm sorry for being greedy and wanting something more for my hard earned money. I'll take one in each color to make up for my indiscretion. That is if you are still willing. My point is there should be some room for negotiation in any deal. Don't think for a second that the dealer isn't profiting handsomely. ;)
  • You're very welcome, phattb69.

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  • Hey gwarrenfl. Audi Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 A4 2.0T Cabriolet without quattro with 10,000 miles per year are .00036 and 55%, respectively.

    You're right, Audi introduced a new $2,000 owner loyalty / conquest cash incentive on Audi Financial Services leases of the A4 Cabriolet in May. This two grand will help you to negotiate an attractive capitalized cost for your car. In addition to this, Audi is waiving the first month's payment for free on all Cabriolet leases.

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  • Hey gwarrenfl. Please see my previous post for the answer to your questions. Thanks.

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  • I'm glad that you enjoy this site so much, Rich. Audi's special advertised lease payments are arrived at using a combination of the factors that you mentioned. Audi provides special money factors and sometimes inflated residual values for leases of vehicles through Audi Financial Services. It is also paying for the waiver of the first month's payment right now. The rest of the deal is up to you. The advertised payment assumes some sort of dealer discount, but most manufacturers' official advertised payments leave a little meat on the bone so to speak. It makes sense of one things about it. Dealers would be pretty annoyed if the manufacturer that they were affiliated with advertised the thinnest possible deal on a car. Savvy consumers who are in areas that have a decent level of competition and comparison shop are usually able to beat the selling prices that advertised lease payments are based upon, resulting in a lower monthly payment. the Audi dealer that told you the advertised payment is as good as it gets was lying to you.

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  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659

    You're sadly mistaken if you think Audi dealers are getting rich selling 34k lease special A4's. With the weak dollar vs the Euro, the manufacturer keeps cutting profit margins and there's not much to work with.

    The dealer already has to contribute from a discounted MSRP just to meet that Ad price of Audi. Most audi dealers are probably making $700-800 front end profit on a lease special car. That's not a whole lot of coin.

    You folks thinking Audi dealers are licking their chops in profit with cheap A4's are living in a fantasy world. All it is is a number towards their monthly and quarterly goals with selling new cars and a modest profit

    Used cars is where the lionshare of profits are are made for car dealers. Always has and will always be that way.
  • gwarrenflgwarrenfl Posts: 96
    Thank you again :)
    :shades: CAR_MAN TO THE RESCUE :shades:
  • jackforettejackforette Posts: 19
    We get it, rjlaero, you work for an Audi dealer. This space is for CONSUMERS looking to get the best possible deal from Audi dealers so please stop trying to persuade us to accept the dealers point of view and pay them what they state to us and allow us to share information so that we consumers can get the best deal possible. That is the function of this discussion thread, not to have folks try to convince us that the quotes we get from Audi dealers are the best we are going to get and we should take them at their word (they are car salesman after all!) My friend sells cars too and he trolls around these forums just like you do to try and counteract all of the valuable info shared between consumers by passing along the same song and dance you do so please move along. And yes I know, You don't work for an Audi dealer. Right! Neither does my friend when he posts on Edmunds either.
  • Carman, I have been an admirer for awhile and now it is time to ask for some advice. I am negotiating for an A4 cabriolet with premium pkg., convenience pkg, and audi care ....the offer on the table for 12k miles per year is $487/month and $1,062 down...How does this sound? Can I provide you anymore information.

  • luvaudi19luvaudi19 Posts: 34
    I understand that this is a place where consumers are looking for a good deal. However, when I hear the term "best-deal," I cringe a bit subconsciously. The reason...there's no such thing as the "best deal" If you shop enough, there's always someone who will undercut the next guy whether it be by $100 or by $0.01.

    I personally think the proper thing to do is to arm oneself with as much information as possible to work a fair that is in-line with market conditions. For example, it's one thing to know what invoice is for a Ferrari 599, but what would happen if one walks into a Ferrari dealership and tells the salesguy, I know what invoice is, give me your best offer......I think we all know what is likely to happen at this point.

    With resources like these forums, finding a fair deal is the easy part. I'll be the first to admit it, I work in fleet sales for an Audi dealer. However, I'm also a consumer who likes to help other consumers get what is a "fair deal" rather than the "best-deal" which IMO is impossible. To this day, I'll never understand why people buy cars and put money in salespeople's pockets when they don't even like or trust the salesperson. While I understand that the car business did this to themselves, if saavy consumers banded together and purchased from salespeople they respect and have faith in, it would weed out the crabapples and make things easier for all.
  • jackforettejackforette Posts: 19
    There is such a thing as the best deal. When I get a lease quote that is the cheapest of the 4 dealers I have gone to and the all of the other dealers say they can't match that quote and allow me to walk away, guess what, I got the best deal, not a fair deal. To have someone who works for a dealer come on this forum and advise folks to accept the dealer's price is silly and uninformed as is telling people to look for a fair deal as there is no best deal. That is all bunk. There is a best deal and that is the purpose of this forum, no matter what you car dealer guys try to do to get us consumers to pay he prices the dealer wants us to pay. Go troll somehwere else.
  • luvaudi19luvaudi19 Posts: 34
    Look, I am certainly not a troll nor was I telling anyone to blindly accept what a dealer tells them. Reread my post, all I said was to do ones research ahead of time so they know a good deal when they see it. I do not come here to solicit business, only to help fellow consumers and fellow Audi enthusiasts not get taken for a ride by shady salespeople.

    Use simple logic: any business wants to make a profit. The amount of profit is the question here. One dealer may take slighlty less profit than another so in essence, there is always "some money left on the table." I'm not going to argue with you regarding your "best price" ideal as you clearly have your belief and I mine. I assume as both of us feel passionately about this issue and both being intelligent human beings, that we are not going to change each others minds. My post was certainly not intended to be an attack to you.

    You are right, the purpose of these forums is to educate on another to find the deal one is comfortable accepting (for you it's the best price, while for some others it's a fair deal). However, to fully educate oneself, you guys and gals are going to need the help of some sympathetic dealership personnel.
  • jackforettejackforette Posts: 19
    Oh and now we need the help of sympathetic dealership personnel. Maybe we can hold hands with these trustworthy dealers/salesmen and sing Kumbaya and take there help on what we should pay for their car. These are business transactions where the dealer seeks profit and the buyer seeks to save the most money. I am an adult. I do not need one ounce of help from the dealer. I know what they want and they know what I want. The dealers have their tools helping them get the most profit and we, the consumers, have our tools, such as Edmunds forums, which help us get the most beneficial price. Again, dealership personnel, please go troll somehwere else.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 167,419
    Though we are a consumer-oriented forum, dealership personnel are certainly welcome to post information and opinions in this forum.

    I don't believe any of the Audi salespersons here have tried to hide their profession, or pose as a customer.

    Though customers and dealers have opposite hopes on the transaction price of a vehicle, they both have the same goal: To complete the transaction.

    In our forums, we strive to treat everyone with respect. You may disagree with someone, but let's keep the comments factual and not personal.

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  • rich50rich50 Posts: 12
    Hello Carman & Kyfdx,

    Finally thought I had this all figured out but after driving an A4 Cabriolet for the first time today and loving it, we decided to do some research on the rates and incentives available for the Cab's.

    Is the $2,000 Conquest/Owner Loyalty cash back available in addition to the .00036 money factor and 55% residual (36m/10k miles) lease program??

    The dealer stated the "sale" price is 500 under invoice but I'm having a hard time making the math work out. Here's the deal- am I doing good or am I just confused again:

    44,600 msrp
    41,624 "sale price"
    1,000 title, tags, dealer prep
    42,424 cap cost
    0 cap cost reduction
    24,530 residual (55%)
    .00036 m/f (.86% interest)
    first month payment only at signing
    564 monthly payment including 7% sales tax

    Since we hadn't planned on buying a convertible we decided to come home and think it over. Looking at new car pricing on Edmunds I see the same car with an msrp of $44,600 should have invoice of $41,533. If they were 500 under invoice then the sales price should be $41,033.

    With the $2,000 Conquest/Loyalty consumer incentive is 500 under invoice about the best I should hope for.

    Thanks to everyone for all their time trying to help out here!

  • gwarrenflgwarrenfl Posts: 96
    kyfdx, Car_man, Jackforrette, and others.

    This is a great forum for obtaining information, otherwise unavailable to the "Average Consumer," leaving us at a big disadvantage. It would be better if this type of information were more readily available so that we can be on the same playing field as the Dealer and salesperson. I would be willing to bet that there are only a very small percentage of buyers that actually utilize this forum.

    I know that it has helped me immensely in my recent lease/ purchases, to obtain "A FAIR DEAL." It's rare that you get that 'best Deal" and even though the salesperson or manager always says that " you stole the car from them" or that that "Dropped their pants" because the price is so cheap, the fact is they are still making a profit. Also for every savvy consumer that negotiates a "fair deal" there is at least one that doesn't.

    Even with all the information we get the Dealer still is in the drivers seat, because they have to agree to give you the deal that's "FAIR." Just because we know that there is a "$2,000 Dealer Incentive" (Conquest Loyalty) doesn't mean that they will reduce the price by $2,000 or any portion thereof. I recently leased a lexus IS250 where the MF was stated in this forum at .00020, however the dealer swore up and down that the best available was at .00050 which is still a very good deal but adds around $15 a month to the payment. However once you have been worn down which appears to be the dealers purpose it's just easier to take the deal rather than driving to another dealer for a better price and going back to have your local dealer meet the price

    Our only choice is to walk away and find a dealer that will. I prefer to deal with my local dealer rather than having to go out of the area, but generally the only way you will get your dealer to agree to a "FAIR DEAL" is to get a lower price elsewhere so that they will then "MEET THE PRICE" Somehow this seems like a lot of unnecessary work for the consumer as the dealer could have offered the fair deal price earlier, and avoided the hassle. Unfortunately it just doesn't work that way or at least not in my area and not with the local dealers.

    Bottom line is that the DEALER still has the upper hand, however with the help of this forum and Car_man and kyfdx, we can at least go into the deal armed with the information to help in the negotiations. So please lets keep these forums going and if there is a way they could be expanded to include more buyers that would be great.
    Car_Man / kyfdx please keep up your great work.

  • bagelguybagelguy Posts: 12
    I am new to this forum and would like to start by thanking you for having this kind of help and info available to the consumer.
    I would like to know if my dealer is offering me a good deal. Here's what's on the table.
    A4 Special Edition AWD with bluetooth, convenience package and wood trim.
    $483month 36month lease. Audi pays first month.
    I pay DMV and SalesTax up front.

    Thanks for your help.
  • bagelguybagelguy Posts: 12
    Sorry. Forgot to mention that the lease includes 15K miles per year.
  • jackforettejackforette Posts: 19
    I didn't see the MSRP of the car you are interested in and the hosts of this board are far superior than I in telling you about good deals but I can share an A4 deal I was offered here in NC so you can compare:
    2008 Audi A4 CVT MSRP $32,750
    36 month lease
    15k miles per year
    $0 down
    Taxes are in monthly payment
    Out of pocket @ signing of $575
    Monthly payment of $375 (which includes AudiCare for 36 months)

    Hope this helps a bit.
  • saaber1saaber1 Posts: 31
    this is what i got and signed a contract on. it wasn't the best deal i could get, in the strictest sense of the word, but it wasn't out of the ballpark either.

    2008 A4 SE 2.0T demo (1250 miles odometer)
    36 mos
    12K miles
    Convenience package
    Auto trans
    MSRP $36,450
    $0 cap cost reduction
    $470 inception fees (DMV, doc, tire tax)
    $423 per month (includes tax)

    They are also paying my last 2 payments on my lease ($860). they cut me check for the difference of this and the inception fees.

    I did get a quote for a brand new car with all the above plus ipod for the same price but it wasn’t a dealership. It was an independent auto sales co. but it was too far for me to pick up.
    I went from an intial quote of $455 per month and $1050 inception fees to the current one above. You most definitely can negotiate. Remember, the dealers give you an inflated price to begin with because of the expectation of negotiations.

    Good luck and don’t give up. Go to at least 4 different dealers for quotes
  • gforce11gforce11 Posts: 225
    You will need to provide more deals...the monthly payment is not nearly enough to know if your deal is good or not.
    You need the MSRP, Invoice, Sale price, MF, Residual.
  • ttangbeettangbee Posts: 11
    Hello Carman, Kyfdx or any other members,

    Could you tell me what the residual and the money factors are for the '08 A4 2.0 SE CVT with 12,000 miles & 36 months in the Los Angeles area? My bimmer's up for lease-end in a couple of weeks and I would like to venture into the realm of the Audis. A4 seems a good comparision to the 328is.

    Thanks in advance.

  • luvaudi19luvaudi19 Posts: 34
    Money factor: .00002 (yep 4 "0")
    Residual for the 2.0T SE CVT: 54% (add 1% if purchasing Audi Care, subtract 1% if getting the optional S-Line pkg)

    I would recommend putting as little out of pocket as possible as Audi is currently "rebating" the 1st months payment.

  • gwarrenflgwarrenfl Posts: 96
    You sure about that .00002 That would mean they are not charging anything for the cost of the lease other than the difference between the cap cost and residual. While .00036 is almost unbelievable, once you go to that fourth zero there is nothing in it for the leasing / finance company at all, except for the up front bank fee. They need some profit to stay in business.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 167,419
    If the leasing company is owned by the manufacturer, then free money is no different than a customer rebate or dealer incentive.. It just comes from a different pocket of the same pair of pants..

    Last millennium, I once leased an Acura and the finance portion of the lease payment was $7/mo., so it can certainly be done..

    Wish I could find that deal on a car that I really want.. :)

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

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  • gwarrenflgwarrenfl Posts: 96
    Thanks for the answer, and if I calculate correctly the finance portion would be around $1.00 if the MF is truly .00002.
    In a previous post I believe that the current MF was listed at .00036 ( still excellent)
    So can you tell me if this MF applies also to the A-4 Cabriolet 2.0 if so that means that Audi is currently backing the lease (36 months) with the following
    1. Money Factor .00002
    2. Residual 55% (56% if taking Audicare)
    3. Loyalty Rebate of $2,000
    4. Waive the first months payment
    In addition the Dealer negotiation is fair (aggressive) around $500 over invoice before rebate?
    Does this all work together
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 167,419
    Gee... I wish I had all those answers for you...

    Your calculation of $1 per month for the finance charge seems correct.. Car_man should be along before too long to answer the rest of those questions.. He is the expert with the numbers on each lease program.

    I will say that the numbers are usually different for each model and trim line, and the Cabriolet numbers are likely to be different from the sedan.

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  • jdunnisherjdunnisher Posts: 56

    I am taking delivery of an A4 2.0T SE CVT (not the convertible) tomorrow. I believe the $2,000 Loyalty Rebate only applies to the Cabriolet. However, the rest of your numbers are all correct (even the 0.00002 MF). There are some great leases going on with the A4 right now. The residual you have listed would be for a 10k / year lease. Add 1% for a 12k lease, and another 2% for 15k.
  • luvaudi19luvaudi19 Posts: 34
    To clarify, there are different money factors for the Cabriolet models and the sedan models.

    There is loyalty money on the Cabriolets but the money factor is slightly higher

    There is no loyalty money on 2.0T sedans but the money factor is almost 0.

    In terms of leasing new 2.0T sedans, only the SE trim gets subvented lease rates.

    Hope this helps.

  • jdunnisherjdunnisher Posts: 56
    Yep, you are correct about the different money factors. Thanks for catching that.
  • Hey guys,

    I can confirm the MF of .00002 as well, I have been quoted such by the dealer. I alse heard form a dealer today that the current residuals and MF will be running until at leats the end of June. What is not clear is if they will continue to waive the security deposit and 1st payment after May 31st.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? I am trying to unload my current car before I move on the A4, probably won't happen before the end of May.
  • rlsrljrlsrlj Posts: 13
    How does this sound?
    A4 2.0t fwd, prem. sound, sat. radio, birch woodgrain, convenience pkg, pretty much everything but Ipod, bluetooth and nav.

    down:900 includes dealer doc. fee and first month's
    424 month plus tax
    36 months, 36000 miles
    residual around 19k
    sticker 35500.00

    Thanks for any advice...
  • rich50rich50 Posts: 12
    Hello all,

    Thanks for everyone's help, finally pulled the trigger today. Here's the basics of my deal, I'll post complete details when I have a little more time.

    2008 A4 Cabriolet CVT
    MSRP $44,600 options include premium package, convenience package, bose/sirius audio package, metallic paint, and birchwood interior trim.

    36 month lease with 10k miles per year. Tax, tags, and dealer fee rolled into lease. Payments are $512.00 per month including 7% Florida sales tax, total out of pocket $512.00 (1st month payment).

    Have a great weekend,
  • audiedgeaudiedge Posts: 3
    Hi, I am looking for some advice. My local Audi dealer in Buffalo is pretty bad and has had nothing but bad words abound by friends and co-workers. I went there looking for a A4 Cabrio (For Lease or possible purchase of a pre-owned) and they had none. The salespeople did not even seem very enthused to offer me any info or point me toward another car. Very disappointed.

    So I went to Rochester, NY and found a nice 2005 Cabrio with 18K miles but not certified (Sticker was 32k got dealer down to 28k).. I found comparable cars which were certified for 27-28k at other dealers much further away. I want to take advantage of the .9% financing on a 2005/6... but $2500 extra is what it would take! Yuk.

    So, now the $479/$499 A4 Cabrio lease deals are here, and I would like to get a new A4 Quattro 2.0 (or 3.2) with NAV. And I am apprehensive about both dealers I have went to because they seemed like it would be a hardship to even look for a car that fit the lease deal (and the Rochester one did plead ignorance to the lease deal in the first place).

    Now I know there seem to be few Cabs in this area, what would be my best bet to find a lease or purchase vehicle? Any recommended dealers in the Northeast?
  • gcannongcannon Posts: 5
    JAck - which NC dealer did you get this deal at? I'm in Charlotte. Thanks.
  • squweechsquweech Posts: 1
    This offer seems to good to be true. Any comments/direction would be greatly appreciated!

    2008 A4 2.0T Quattro AT w/ SE pkg, S-Line pkg, Bose, Bluetooth, iPOD, and Audicare

    -36 months/12K months
    -$345 total due at signing
    -monthly payments of $408 + tax
    -MF = .00002
    -residual = 54%
    -MSRP (as quoted by the dealer) = $38,250

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I know everyone is trying to move their 2008's to get ready for the new models, but this seems impossible.
  • bagelguybagelguy Posts: 12
    I'm in NY and the best offer that I've gotten is:
    2008 A4 Quattro SE ,automatic,convenience package,bluetooth,wood trim and Ipod for
    $465 per month
    Sales tax/DMV up front
    15K miles/ 36 month lease
    MF .00002
    residual 52%
    MSRP $37,350
    Sale price $34,800
    Does this look right? I've been to 4 dealers and they are all in this ballpark.
  • Hi there,

    Apologies beforehand as this might be slightly off topic. I've posted a similar question under the S4 category, but this forum seems to have the most traffic w/r/t lease questions...

    I'm curious about the current money factor for the RS4 sedan (12K miles, 36 months). Any other useful info on residuals, incentives, and how much I can expect to pay at, under, or over invoice would also be greatly appreciated!

    Also, how easy is it to break a current lease with Audi (an A4) to start a new lease on the RS4?

  • loggieloggie Posts: 55
    using your numbers, just plug them into
    the payment should be $428
    if you add audicare to the lease at $650, the payment would be $446
    if you add the audi care and the bank fee at $575, the payment would be $462

    so if the inceptions are for tax, title, and registration
    the audicare and bank fee are included in the lease payment
    $465 is in the neighborhood

    according to the A4 you described has an MSRP of $37350 has an invoice price of $34792, so your sell price of $34800 is pretty good.
  • bagelguybagelguy Posts: 12
    Thanks loggie. The bank fee is in the payment but not the Audi care. I'm going to push for the Audi care and see what happens.
    Thanks again for the help!

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