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Audi A4 Lease Questions



  • Hi a4fan. The problem with leasing pre-owned vehicles is that manufacturers usually do not provide as much support on them as they do on new vehicle leases. There is a good chance that you will find that it is actually less expensive to lease s similar brand new 2007 Audi A4 than it is to lease a certified pre-owned one. If you are set on leasing, make sure to compare the cost of leasing the CPO A4 that you are considering to the cost of leasing a new one. If you really want to go used, then you may be better off financing or leasing your A4.

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  • Hello jasonscott. Audi is currently running a special lease program on 2007 A4 Convertibles, but its special program on convertible models is not as attractive as the one it is currently running on A4 Sedans.

    You can use the following lease calculator to work up lease payments: Lease Calculator. You also can calculate them on your own by using the formula that is outlined in the following article: Calculate Your Own Lease Payment.

    You would be better off trying the following discussion for feedback on what color seats to get: "Audi A4 2005+".

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  • Hi alcarmedia. $250 over dealer invoice is a very good price for an Audi A4. Furthermore, the money factor that you were quoted for this car is right in line with Audi Financial Services' buy rate for it. The two main profit centers on your lease for this dealer look good to me. If you like the car, I personally don't see any reason not to pull the trigger on this deal.

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  • Hey hydesmile. You can get a good idea about how much maintenance will cost on this car by playing with the True Cost to Own Calculator. Here is a link to it for your convenience: - True Cost to Own Calculator.

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  • Hi jasonscott. The A4 Convertible's lease program varies by trim level, term, and mileage allowance. For now I will assume that you are interested in a 36 month lease of a 2007 Audi A4 2.0T Convertible without quattro with 15,000 miles per year. Let me know if you want something different. Audi Financial Services' buy rate lease money factor and residual value for the aforementioned lease are .00250 and 61%, respectively.

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  • You're very welcome, bwhitehead. Congratulations on your new ride. It sounds like you got a good deal. Thanks for taking the time to share the details with everyone. Enjoy your A4 :) .

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  • Hi valuecarforme. The lease payment that you mentioned in your post looks pretty good to me, but in order for me to give you a detailed analysis of this deal I really need you to provide me with this car's full MSRP and selling price. These numbers will show me how much of a discount you were given on it and will enable me to use Audi's actual lease program to estimate what your payment should be. Let me know and I'll tell you what I think.

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  • Hi pootie562. Dealer invoice is a very good selling price for an Audi A4. Using the prices that you mentioned in your post, an MSRP of $33,000 and a selling price of $31,000, and Audi's current lease program I estimate that this car's 36 month, 12,000 mile per year, zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $370. I used Audi Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor of .00080 to calculate this lease payment.

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  • Thanks. Now I have it figured out. Looks like the ad uses a Capitalization Cost of about $1200 over invoice.
  • Car_man,

    I placed a deposit on the following deal:

    2007 Audi A4 Quattro Tiptronic Automatic Trans (MRSP $31,540)
    Metallic Color ($750)
    Premium Package ($800)
    Heated Seats ($450)

    Total MSRP of $33,540

    I am not sure what the selling price was, since we were negotiating on the final lease payment per month, and the dealer was playing with that number. I would really apreciate if you can estimate that number for me, looking at other figures that I provide.

    So here is what I got:

    36 months 15,000 miles per year

    $450 per month INCLUDING tax (8,375% in NY)
    Acq Fee + First Month Payment + Registration + DMV

    Let me know if that deals sounds good to you?

    Also do you know approx. how much will be registration and DMV fees?

    Thanks a lot.
  • The DMV fee, if you are getting new plates should be $140. Other fees to look out for are inspection fee $10, waste tire recycling fee $12.50 and doc fee $45. Please note that the dealer doc fee is optional and can be negotiated. I noticed you did not include the destination charge of $720 in your total MSRP. If you include the destination charge, your total MSRP would be $34,260. This is what your residual should be based on. Hope this helps.
  • Everyone is talking about the residual percent being fixed. Does anyone, and can you negotiate the resitual %?
  • Thanks Car Man. Your insight, and this forum, have really helped me out and i am most grateful. I will now go out and preach the 'CarSpace' mantra to all those who will listen.

    One last thing..I would recommend Forum readers looking to pull the trigger on an A4 lease to go with the all season tires. They are less expensive to replace at the end of the leasse.

    Cheers CarMan.
  • Carman,

    If the car was around 33k and was sold at 31k with around a monthly of 370 pretax, how much would the drive off fees be in southern california.
  • Hi ppl,

    After reading this forum I am getting inspired to lease an '07 A4 2.0 Quattro Sedan! I am planning on trading in my '04 Merc C230 Coupe (bought it new in '04)with 30,800 miles on it. I dont intend to put any additional money down. I still owe approx $12K on my car. My credit rating is excellent (just checked a few days ago). I recently got offered $16-17K for my car by an Audi and Lexus dealer as a trade-in value (tho' at that time I was looking to buy). I want to keep my monthly payments below $417 (this is what i pay currently for the Merc). My absolute must haves for the Audi are - Auto, HID lamps, sun-roof, heated seats, and Audi Care Pkg. I live in WA so the tax here is 9.1%. What do you reckon would be a really good deal to negotiate with the local dealers? Even if you give me a range that'd be great. I have never considered a lease option before and if I do decide to go for it, it'll be my first time. Please let me know if I should watch out for anything during the negotiations. Thanking you all in advance! :)
  • afrazafraz Posts: 1
    Hello somebody,

    I have following offer from my deal

    $34,635 Silver/Black 2.0 Quattro:

    426/mo 12k miles year
    415/mo 10k miles year

    Total cash down: 1500

    Looks like it is around most folks range.. does have any recommendation.. Afraz
  • I leased an Audi A4 2.0T 2007. Three days and 160 miles later, the car stalled on the freeway. The dealer towed the new car back to the dealer and gave me a loaner. Today I found out that a device that controls the hydrolics in the transmission was defective and it was being replaced. They also said that they wanted to test the car for at least 30 miles, to make sure everything was OK.
    My question: Can I legally request the dealer for a new car and refuse the car being repaired even though I drove it for 3 days and 160 miles?
  • Does anyone know where I can find some audi a4 brilliant black touch up paint cause there is a tiny chip of paint missing on the edge of the driver door? brilliant black and is it easy to fix
  • Hi Car_man and everybody. Thanks for this cool forum. Very informative!

    I have a question regarding a lease.

    I currently have a 2004 A4 1.8T Cabriolet, with sport suspension, and heated seats. 40k miles. It's pretty basic. Current payments are $500 with tax included.

    My lease is up in a couple of months and I'm looking at getting into the 2007 A4 2.0 CVT Cabriolet. The MSRP for the car is 42,500

    I'd like to put little or no money down, have them take over the final payments and roll all the license and registration, deposit and all the rest into the payments.

    Would you have some recommendations of what a reasonable monthly for this situation would be? I'm hoping to put as little money down as possible and put all the other fees into the monthly for ease.

    Thanks a lot for your response.

  • Here is the deal I was offered on a 2007 A4 Quattro 2.0... it seems a little high to me and I'm unsure as to what the money factor is and what I should be requesting on this car. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    MSRP 36985
    Price 35799
    24 Mos
    15K a year
    rate .00130
    residual .65
    Adj res 24040.25
    total due at signing 3226.64
    Monthly payment 567.74
  • From my recent experience (not in WA) here is what I ran into:

    Best MF Buy-Rate: .0008 (1.92% interest)
    Get the Audi Care package because it is $550, but it raises your residual by 1%, so it really raises your monthly payment by about $4-5/month
    THere is a web site on linked in this forum somewhere that will show you everything you need to know about how to calculate the lease payment, and it helped me a lot.

    When I was at the dealership and I knew what I was talking about it helped me negotiate a deal at invoice and at the bank buy-rate. Only thing I couldn't get enough money for was my trade in.

    Anyway, hope this helps a little. Check out about 3-pages back for the link to the lease calculation example. will help you with all you need to know.
  • I am in the process of negotiating a purchase on a 2007 Audi A4 and the dealership is actually offering me a little better price for a SmartBuy program, rather than the lease. I am not familiar with it, but he insists the program is just like a lease in the sense that there is a baloon payment at the end, but if you want you can walk away from the car and turn it back into the dealership.

    Why would there be these two deals that are essentially the same, yet offer different rates? Also, is there anyone that is familiar with this program, and are there any additional risks than that of a lease?
  • What state do you reside in?
  • Texas right now....chance I could be in WA or AZ by the time the program would be over.
  • Here is a some info from, they call it "premier purchase" not smartbuy.

    Our Premier Purchase* option combines the rewards of ownership with many of the benefits of leasing. As with purchasing, the title of the car is in your name and every payment you make builds ownership. But like leasing, your monthly payments may be lower.

    At the end of your contract, there is a final payment called a "balloon payment," which is predetermined at the beginning of your contract. Audi Financial Services offers you the following three options at the end of your contract:

    Pay off your contract balance, which includes the final balloon payment on the vehicle, and you take ownership of your Audi.
    Finance your final balloon amount.
    Return the vehicle. Just notify us 30 days prior to your contract end date and make arrangements to turn in your vehicle.

    I hope this helps a little.
  • a4fana4fan Posts: 2
    Thanks Car_man
    I 'm going to finance
    A4fan :)
  • nyaudinyaudi Posts: 25
    We have a 2005 3.0 on a 36mo/16k lease ending in Dec. I anticipate running out of miles in Sep. I have been told that sometimes Audi will give you a deal on re-leasing with them if you turn it in early, such as splitting the last payments since you are effectively giving them the car not as old, but at tgt mileage, so meeting somewhere in between makes sense. Any experience on what they offer? Should I negotiate this or just plan on letting the car sit in my garage for 3 months come Sep?

    I have also considered starting the replacement lease earlier than Dec (like soon) to overlap a bit and spread the miles out a bit. But this has two issues I see - more insurance, plus I doubt I will avoid the $350 turn-in fee that is typically waived when you re-lease.

    Any ideas on best way to proceed?

    Also, historically, what is best time to lease? I was happy with the deal on the 2005 because new models were just about out and the money factor worked out to 0.6% int. I know that was a little unusual because new models were coming mid-year. I was set to buy cash, and decided why bother when they'd basically float me the car interest-free - good decision since that $38K has been in the stock market making great money the past couple of years! So what is the best time for balancing residual vs. MSRP to get best net cost? I don't have to have the latest model if it matters.

    Thanks for any advice!
  • Hi Car_Man,
    I would love your opinion.
    I was offered this deal in Socal.
    A4 Avant 2.0T Quattro
    Convenience Pkg
    Cold Weather
    Bose Audio
    MSRP $43785
    Sale Price $40550
    Residual 54%
    36 mths
    10000 miles/year
    MF .00080
    AquisitionFee $575
    Payment: $559 per month including CA tax of 8.25%
    Is this a good deal, does it match your calculations? and what would 12000 miles a year work out to?
  • could you please tell me what the RV's ar for the A4 Avant 2.0T Q?
  • If I place and order for an A4 and am intending to lease, am I bound by the MF and residual rate for the time when I place the order (Feb) or the rates when the car is delivered (May)?
    thanks for any help
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