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Audi A4 Lease Questions



  • adikaadika Posts: 6
    Audi A6 3.2 quatro
    Audi car care
    Premium package
    15 K
    36 months
    Refundable security deposit: $0
    Acquisition fee: capitalized within lease contract ($575)
    First month's payment: $0
    Taxes, title and dealer fees:2900.00
    Monthly payment:590.00
    Exterior Color: Black
    Interior Color: Silver
    The best experience ever- Dealership : Paul MIller in Parsipany,NJ
    Name of salesman: contact me via e-mail :P
  • skibum3skibum3 Posts: 5
    I just finalized a deal in NJ for an A4 2.0T Quattro for my sister with the dealer that sold me my past two A6's.

    Bluetooth, IPod, wood trim...MSRP $35,250, Invoice $33,207

    36 Mos, 12,000 mi/yr, AudiCare, $1100 out of pocket for bank fees, reg/title, doc fee, 1st month paid by Audi

    $387.85/mo + 7% tax = $415/mo :)

    DCH Audi in Milburn, NJ
  • rjorge3rjorge3 Posts: 144
    Hi soluve, they came to inspect the car today and this is outcome. I went over my miles (5,505) for a cost of $1,376.25. I also have to repair the crack in the windshield (I knew that) at a cost of $450 but I think I can repair that cheaper somewhere else.

    The dealer called me and they said that they would buy the car back from me, certified it (6years/100k) and then re-sell it to me. I have currently 58,0005 miles, so I would definetely add the extended warranty. I think they told me that I can have the car for $16,995 (certified). I believe is a decent deal, but I will explore other options as well.

    They also offer me the following lease on a 08, wich I will post it again to ask the forum if I am getting a good deal:

    2008 A4 Quattro 2.0 6manual
    IBIS white/black interior
    Special Edition Package
    IPod interface
    Destination charges

    MSRP $33,050
    Selling price $31,247 (discounted $1,803)
    12k per year
    36 months lease (audi will pay the first month)
    Doc fee $195
    Motor vehicle fee $358.50
    Total upfront to drive off the lot $464
    Monthly total pmts (includes NJ taxes) $448.61

    I have been taken care very well by them and our office have a personal relationship with the GM. However, I have seen some pretty agressive deals ion this forum and I am wondering if some dealers are letting go of the 08s at a loss???? I believe that someone on this forum (I think is fish) just got a sweat deal for for $360!!!!! even including taxes, that is only $390 so that was pretty good.
  • rjorge3rjorge3 Posts: 144
    Hi gang, just wanted to run a recent quote from my current dealer on a 08 A4, let me know what you guys think:

    2008 A4 Quattro 2.0 6manual
    IBIS white/black interior
    Special Edition Package
    IPod interface
    Destination charges

    MSRP $33,050
    Selling price $31,247 (discounted $1,803)
    12k per year
    36 months lease (audi will pay the first month)
    Doc fee $195
    Motor vehicle fee $358.50
    Total upfront to drive off the lot $464
    Monthly total pmts (includes NJ taxes) $448.61

    I have been taken care very well by them and our office have a personal relationship with the GM. However, I have seen some pretty agressive deals here and I am wondering if some dealers are letting go of the 08s at a loss???? I believe that fish got his for $360!!!!! even including taxes, that is only $390 so that was pretty good.

    Also, I have to pay $1,376 for overuse mileage of my current 05, do you guys think that they will forgo that if I lease the above car from them?
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    Hi all,

    Deal obtained for my sister today:

    2008 Audi A4 (Special Edition) 2.0T Frontrak CVT
    Ext: Ibis White
    Int: Beige
    Terms: 36 mo / 12k
    MSRP: $31,825.00
    Selling Price/Cap Cost: $29,038.41
    Adjusted Cap Cost: $30,263.41 ($575 Acq fee / $650 AudiCare)
    Rate: .00002
    Resid: 55% (w/o Audi Care, subtract 1%)
    Mo. Payments: $384.72 (includes LA sales tax of 8.25%)

    Itemized Drive off fees:
    License: $253.00
    Ca Tire fee: $8.75
    Doc fee: $48.71
    Security Dep: $0.00
    First Mo payment: $0.00

    Total Due @ Signing: $310.46

    Whole experience... test drive, detail, credit app, finance - in and out within 2 hours. Had them pull and detail the car before we left, which they did, but upon arrival, we noticed it had 197 miles on it. Fortunately, they had another one that only had 23 miles on it, and they switched cars with zero resistance.

    E-mail me for Internet/Fleet contact. Excellent service, honest, friendly, no games.
  • awinnerawinner Posts: 26
    you did not post your email...can I please get the name of contact....thanks.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    I thought I had my e-mail posted, sorry 'bout that.
  • rablawrablaw Posts: 16
    I am looking to lease an A4 also; and am in Northern NJ. Can you email the name of your salesman at Paul Miller? Thanks.
  • oncdoc36oncdoc36 Posts: 1
    I am currently researching audi dealers for a lease on a 2008 A4 AWD cabriolet in the dc/md/va area. If you are from the area, could you post your dealership's information....sounds like you were able to negotiate a good deal
  • I don't know what different between West coast and East coast, but it seems to be cheaper in CA.

    Got the quote from a dealer-

    MSRP 33050
    Selling price 30050

    If 15K with Audi Care/ 384+ tax (415 for LA County),
    If 10K with Audi Care/ 356 + tax (385 for LA County),
    DMV fees due at signing $320

    The other dealer said she can match it and lower, will make the final call this weekend and post to experience dealer later.
  • smotalasmotala Posts: 1
    Hi would you be able to get me your Internet/Fleet contact? I would love to get into a Audi A4 today (Mercedes Lease expiring Friday!!)
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    Sure, my e-mail address is listed a few posts up.
  • samuel17samuel17 Posts: 9
    I have been offered the following for an 08 A4 SE Quattro Quartz w/black interior, where the only added extra is IPOD.

    36 months
    12,000 miles per year
    1st month paid by Audi
    Audi Care $418 a month including NJ tax
    $1071 total out of pocket at signing

    Is this considered almost as good as it gets in the NJ area? Thanks
  • adikaadika Posts: 6
    Try to contact Paul Miller audi at 973-575-7750. I got the best deal for Audi A6 3.2 quartz. If you need salesman name contact. I'll gladly sand you his name.
    Good luck
  • rjorge3rjorge3 Posts: 144
    Whoaoaa, that was a great deal! I guess the prices are indeed lower on the West Coast. My dealer will only go down aprox 5% off MRSP. I think I will just return my car and keep using my other daily commuter car for now.
  • limomlimom Posts: 6
    All set to get my A4 when a friend told me to ask about the termination fee to make sure that there wasn't one. Salesperson informs me that there is a $350 fee if I do not take the car after the lease ends or go into another Audi. I have never paid a termination fee when I leased any other car from GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Saab, etc. Salesperson told me this is Audi charge and there was nothing she could do about it. Comments?
  • limomlimom Posts: 6
    On Long Island they want to charge me $650 plus tax for the Audi Care on 2008 Audi A4 Cabriolet.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    This is pretty standard practice as most banks charge a disposition (turn-in) fee. They are usually waived if leasing another vehicle of the same make and through the same bank.
  • awinnerawinner Posts: 26
    Hi all:

    I just came home from picking up my new A4. Thanks to Jordan for telling me about this dealership. They picked me up from my home (40 miles away), I got there, waited 10 minutes, signed the paper work and was out of there in about 1/2 hour. I think I got a pretty fair deal:

    2008 Audi A4 2.0T CVT sedan
    Special Edition package
    Dolphin Gray Metallic / Black Leather Interior
    Ipod interface
    Chrome Wheels
    36/months-36k miles
    $363.05 + 8.25%= $393.00/month for 35 months
    Only DMV owed at lease inception =$319.46

    I will definately use them again when my wife's lease is up next year and get a Q7 from them.
  • jackomojackomo Posts: 11
    Which dealer did you work with?
  • awinnerawinner Posts: 26
    An Audi dealership in West Covina
  • jdunnisherjdunnisher Posts: 56
    Congrats on the great deal, awinner.
  • I just picked up an A4 too. Although after the irrational exuberance of getting a new car died off and having read thoroughly my contract, I'm not so sure I got the best deal. I though that I had negotiated the MSRP down, but they charged me the full MSRP plus some. I love the car though, however should I say something to dealer and see if they can renegotiate? Here's what I got:

    Brilliant Black
    SE with S-line package
    MSRP $38,800
    $369.00 DRIVE OFF

    What do you guys think? My credit scores were 655 and 682. Is this why I got this deal? Do they charge more on cars with options?
  • jdunnisherjdunnisher Posts: 56

    That payment does seem quite high for an A4. What was the negotiated sales price of the vehicle itself? I see that you posted the MSRP and cap cost, but not the vehicle price. Even with rolling in the acquisition fee and any dealer charges, I don't see how the cap cost could be over $41k. That seems crazy! Did you have a trade with negative equity rolled in?

    With credit scores below 700, it's likely that you didn't qualify for Audi's insanely low MF (0.00002), but I still wouldn't think your payment should reach $600 a month.

    Take another look at your contract and see how they came up with your numbers. I'm not sure whether California has a "cooldown" period or not, but that would be your only chance to return the vehicle and try to negotiate a better deal somewhere else. Keep in mind that most states don't have any such law. Typically, once you've signed the paperwork and left the lot with the vehicle, it is a binding contract.

    I hope everything works out for you.

  • awinnerawinner Posts: 26
    California does not have a cooling off period.
  • gwarrenflgwarrenfl Posts: 96
    Finally picked up my new A-4 Cabriolet on Saturday. This was ordered by the dealer over two months ago (they didn't have any available with Nav in the colors that I wanted) and just came in. I did originally negotiate the sale price and Monthly payment as they locked in the MF and Residual prior to the changes in May.

    The Salesperson at Champion Motors in S FL did agree to honor the Current deal which was obviously better than the original price with the $2,000 loyalty and Audi PAYING (not Waiving) the first month.

    So ultimately I feel that I have received a very good and very fair deal. This with only a reasonable amount of haggling to go through. Tried to use a higher MF (.00061), :surprise: but I caught it when the numbers didn't add up and only then I got .00036
    (Money Factor does show up anywhere in the paperwork)

    Details Details

    MSRP $46,725 (Invoice $43,503)

    Cap Cost Originally agreed upon at $43,900, and with the $2,000 Loyalty
    Came in at $41,900
    Acquisition Fee $575
    Audicare $650 (Increased residual by 1%)
    Dealer Fee (Profit) $399
    Adjusted Cap Cost $43,524

    Monthly Payment Tax in is $540.29
    with 10,000 miles and 36 months
    Audi paid the first month and Inception was just tax, tag, and title.

    Glad this is done for the next three years. :) ;)
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    I think they sold him the car @ ~$1000 over invoice, probably around $37,800ish, but then add the acq fee of $575, Audi Care @ $650, you've got a gross cap of right around $39,000. Average deal on the part of sales - but I think finance hit him at full tilt on the "wear and tear" plan at around $2k.

    Just glancing at the mo payment, it looks like they gave him the base rate or very close. To get an almost 0% lease with less than a 700 FICO is still pretty good - no, wait, that's amazing! They just needed to make up some profit elsewhere.

    To Mark:

    I personally would dump the "wear & tear" plan, especially on a lease. Don't tell the finance manager that I told you to do that - she'll hate me forever! This can be done on items purchased in the F&I dept, but you'd better do it within the next day or two. The negotiation on the vehicle is set.
  • macbjgmacbjg Posts: 11
    Just leased an A4 SE w/ tiptronic, BT, iPod and AudiCare, 36 mo, 10k/yr for $407./mo exclusive of taxes with $0. up front. Try as I might, I could not get the dealer -- with whom I have a long term relationship -- to drop below invoice (actually $79. above invoice). Fact is, there is no supply of A4's anymore and because of the ridiculous money factor the demand is brisk. So, at least in this region you will not see the sub $400. deals that were either reported here a month ago or, perhaps, are still available out west. Indeed, I called other dealers -- who were recommended here -- and they have no stock. So, don't drive yourself nuts trying to get that sub $400./mo deal. The dealer is entitled to a few bucks (even accounting for dealer holdback) on the deal. That said, I must say, I am somewhat disgusted by what I perceive as deception by Audi of America with the $575. acquisition fee on top of some $365. in silly fees added onto the invoice. There's $20./mo right there.
  • So I've had some time to cool off and drive the car through the canyons of Los Angeles and up and down Sunset Blvd today in S-mode, use my cool bluetooth system, plug my ipod in my car, and had so much fun. I'm surprised I never discovered the thrill of driving an Audi sooner. At this point I made a deal with the dealer for a price I was willing to pay. It's totally worth it.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    You like the car, you can afford it, and most of all, you're happy - that's all that really matters. Just enjoy the car for the next 3 years and don't even think about the numbers 'til it's time to get a new one. Congrats!
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