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Audi A4 Lease Questions



  • li7li7 Posts: 10
    How did you manage to go 1500 under invoice, did you have a previous A4 to return, for the audi loyalty cash?
  • Hi Car_man

    I am going to make a deal on an A4 2.0 quattro sedan, either Premium or Premium Plus. Do you have the Audi Financial buy rate lease money factor and residual for each with 12k miles and 36 month term?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated as I think my dealer is playing with the numbers.
  • I assumed I would get the 1500 loyalty cash since I returned an A6 in October and that was my 3rd Audi from the same dealer in a row (thats being pretty loyal!). I was told that I did not qualify for the loyalty cash because I returned an A6 and the programs start/end dates - I thought that was rediculous!
    Going in I believed most dealers would be happy to move their current inventory at invoice right now and I would get the 1500 off - so thats the deal I offered them to take a car off their hands that day. After some back and forth they agreed.
  • Hey car-man any advice on this deal ThiS is a 3.2 A4 S-LINE 42 MONTHS 12 K A YEAR

    MSRP: $49,550
    LEV% 47%
    Residual: $23,288.50
    Adj. Cap. Cost $43,864.25
    Lease Factor: 0.00210
    Base Pay $630.92
    Tax: $58.68
    Total Pay $689.60 WITH TAXES
    Down: $6000 ($4,500 from you and $1,500 from Audi)
  • MLB999MLB999 Posts: 10
    Any feedback on this proposed deal would be greatly appreciated (New Jersey):

    A4 Convertible - only extras are Heated Seats, Metallic Paint, & iPOD connection

    MSRP: $45,125
    Sell Price: $43,500

    36 month, 15,000 miles
    $850 out of pocket (current Audi promotion - no security, no first month?)

    To add navigation & convenience package: $677/month
  • thanks for all the help from this board. here's my deal from yesterday...
    A4 Quattro Premium Plus and nav and audicare
    36 mo
    MSRP 40025
    Sale price 35,900
    $0 down
    .00169 MF
    54% residual
    $605/mo and that incl. 6% tax on total sale price of car

    i hope this helps
  • Hi mikeeau,
    Is $36,900 include the $1,500 loyal discount? also what is your total drive-off payment?

    I went to dealer for quotation, I got the followings,
    09 A4 premium plus, deep sea blue
    36 M
    12k/ yr
    MSRP 38900
    2,500 drive off
    $580/ mo without tax

    I know there are rooms for negotiation. Thanks for your help.
  • ugv22ugv22 Posts: 1
    Hi Car Man,
    Would you be able to provide the latest MF and Residuals numbers for the A4 Prestige and Premium Plus Trims / 36mo / 10,000 miles per yr lease deals?
    A dealer in NJ offered the Prestige for $41,500 sales price, no money down, $469 out of pocket up front, and a monthly payment of $699 after taxes. The Premium Plus sales price was $39,011 and monthly payment of $619.
    Both of these deals sound really high to me.

  • hi peichen

    the $35,900 did not include the $1500 loyalty because i was not a previous Audi owner. however, there was a $1000 competition conquest credit because i was a previous Acura owner. also, there was absolutely $0 drive-off. right now Audi is paying the first month lease payment. all my taxes and fees were included in the monthly.
    i'd push for a $0 down deal if i were you.
  • webbawebba Posts: 18
    Thank you for this discussion forum's help!!
    I got my 09' A4 2.0T black on black with Premium +, nav and sport package a week ago from a local dealer in MD. An exact match of what I was looking for and the only one in the area. Details are below:

    MSRP: $41,475.00
    Selling Price: $39,084.00 ($500 over edmund’s invoice/$100 over the dealer's invoice)
    Costs Added to Lease: $3,941.00 (Tax-$2,345.00; Tags/Title-$331.00; Audi Care-$650, & Acq Fee- $615)
    Cap. Cost Reduction: $650
    Residual Value: 55% + 1% (for Audi Care)= 56%
    MF: 0.00169

    $650 due at signing, First month free
    Monthly payment of $642.00 (including 6% tax)

    The dealer's initial offer was a monthly payment of $690.00. It took about two weeks to get to the final offer. Since it was the only one in the area and also not wanting to wait for a delivery of an order, I pulled the trigger.
  • RonA13RonA13 Posts: 21

    Here is my current deal. Please let me know what you think. I am pretty sure the price of the car can come down some (I know I can get a better price using the supplier discount program) and it is before my $1500 loyalty. Is the residual on this deal correct?

    I hope you can bear with me while I review the following parameters. You are leasing a 2009 A4 2.0 with a term of 36 months at 15k miles per year. You want a Ibis White with Black interior.

    MSRP Lease Price

    A4 $39,025.00 $37,104.00

    Premium Plus

    Sport Package

    Residual .53

    Money Factor .00169

    Total Due at signing 147.65 Audi waives 1st month lease payment and $ 0 Sec. Deposit due. Remainder is our fee and 1st month

    with sales tax of 9%

    Total Monthly Payment $575.53 for 35 months
  • know if you're interested, I'll need a credit card to secure this pricing scenario. Thanks,

    Model Year: 2009
    Model: 8K256L A4 2.0 SEDAN 4-DR AUTO QUATTRO
    Interior Color: QF BLACK - S LINE

    MSRP 43,500
    MY PRICE 42,100

    3000 DRIVE OFF
    36 12K

  • toyoman8toyoman8 Posts: 114
    here is my quote from Houston, Texas

    MSRP: $35,005
    Your BEST price $33,499
    Residual Value 57%
    Money Factor .0025
    Req. Fees : Zero down - security deposit waived
    Mos Payment $561 First payment made by Audi (so, 35 months instead of 36)
  • Hey webba, which MD dealer was this? Did you get an Internet quote or did you negotiate in person. If in person, how much hassle was it? Thanks.

  • toyoman8toyoman8 Posts: 114
    what is a tier 1 credit score at AUDI, some dealer told it's 830
  • webbawebba Posts: 18
    Got mine from Criswell, and it was all done on-line. The sales manager was not easy to negotiate with, especially after he found out he is the only dealer with the particular car I was looking for. They were not even willing to match an offer I got from another local dealer (Len Stoler). Even though Len Stoler did not have the car, they offered the $500 above invoice on their first offer, and they tried to get the car from Criswell. Criswell was not willing to give up the car claiming that it was too rare, and they finally (after two weeks) decided to match Len Stoler's offer. Len Stoler was still willing to get me a similar car (not an exact match) at the same price.
  • Thanks for the info. I've done a lot of business with Len Stoler Lexus and they are super easy to deal with. When it's time, I might use that connection to go to Len Stoler Audi next door to Lexus. Enjor your A4.
  • Had you replaced any of your tires during your lease or were they all original? I heard they charge you if any tires have less than 1/8 inch of tread left.
  • This is the deal that i took for my Audi Lease:

    Audi A4 Premium (with bluetooth, heated seats, wood grain interior, garage door opener, in dash 6 cd changer)
    15,000mi per year
    0$ down, but i paid all taxes and fees upfront (1,089)
    440 a month
    MSRP: was around 35,500
    Residual was around 19,300

    Sorry i do not have the exact numbers in front of me.

    What do you all think of that deal?
  • Hi guys, just leased a new '09 A4 and wanted the forum's opinion on these two add-ons that I got - are they worth it or for suckers?

    Audi Care covers all maintenance through an Audi dealer and costs $650. But since the cost was capitalized and the residual is raised by 1%, it only costs me $10 more per month or $360 total through my 36 month lease. Scheduled maintenance is for 5K, 15K, 25K and 35K but the 5K oil change is free, so if I didn't have Audi Care I would've only had to pay for three services. So with my $360 cost I'm essentially paying for only three services. Now I know that if I actually took my car into Audi for these services without Audi Care it would probably come out to more than $360, but I could also just get oil changes for $60-80 in which case I would've saved money without the Audi Care. And since I'm turning in the car after 3 years anyway, do I really need to baby it that much by taking it in for full Audi services?

    Excess wear & tear protection (the cheapest package) covers all wear & tear charges (dings, dents, tires, rims, lights, windshield cracks, etc) at the end of the lease for up to $5,000. It cost me an extra $13.46/mo or $485 total over the life of my lease. I plan on taking care of my car but justified this in that if I had to replace all four tires at the end of my lease, it would cost more than that $485. Plus I get covered for any dings/dents/scrapes I might get along the way. But then I was thinking, if I have to replace my tires before the lease is up (say at 25k or 30k miles) then this excess wear & tear protection is worthless (only covers you for end of lease charges, not charges you incur during your lease). Also, if I get an ugly ding or dent early on and I want to fix it, it's also a waste. So it's basically only worth it if, right before the end of my lease, I use up all the tread on my tires and/or get a bunch of dings/dents?? What do you guys think?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,685
    The AudiCare is a no-brainer..

    I've only had excess wear and tear charges on one of my eight leases... And, that was only $70.. so, I'm not sure I would purchase the insurance, but that is more a personal choice (like an extended warranty).

    It's not an exorbitant amount, in any case..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hey spoon,

    I got both packages you mentioned as well. I agree with kydfx that the audicare is a definite yes. On my last Audi lease, even the 15K service done at an independent dealer was $200. Also, if you're in CA, you can get a refund for the portion you don't use. My understanding was also that you have to have the services done every 10K miles, ie it's not optional and you get charged at lease end if not, but I could be wrong on that.

    For the second package, I think I overpaid. My wear/tear was $845 for $5k coverage and $1k/per line item of damage w/$0 deductible. Can you tell me what company is providing the insurance? I have 60 days to cancel and so i might switch out of mine and try to find yours! The company mine is from is called American Auto Guardian.
  • a499a499 Posts: 1
    Hi all, wanted to get your input to see if you think this sounds like a good deal, planning on putting a deposit down tomorrow (Chicago area):

    - Brilliant Black/Black 2.0 Prestige w/ Navigation $43,335
    - 42 month lease
    - 20,000 miles/year
    - $3,580 total out the door
    - $635/month
    - Audi Care
    - Plus..they're paying the last payment of $450 on my current TL lease

    I've been negotiating for a couple weeks now. What do you think???
  • I saw some other posts on here saying you can just get oil changes at those 10k service intervals and you should be fine. So I guess Audi Care is only worth it if you really want to get the full services at Audi. I'm not sure what Audi services include that you really need, besides maybe tire rotations.

    As for the excess wear and tear, I don't see much on the company providing it, the dealer made it seem like it was straight from Audi; the document says IM&A Group on it so maybe that's the company (I got my car from Pacific Audi in South Bay). There are four different tiers, from Economy to Basic to Value to Preferred. The package I got was the Economy and the price was $422. The other tiers were much more expensive. My plan covers up to $5k of damage with a $0 deductible.
  • Thanks very much for the info. I am in LA so I am going to try to cancel my excess plan and get the one you mentioned from Pacific... it's JM&A I think, as I found a company by that name. This is definitely not straight from Audi. My dealer claimed that American Autoguard had a partnership with Audi, but I am guessing there are multiple companies doing business with them.
  • ceg1ceg1 Posts: 11
    42 months
    12 K per year
    $680 due at signing
    $545 per month (and this is rolling in 2 remaining current lease payments of $626 each).

    Is this a good deal?
  • What is the total price of the car you are going to lease?
  • I'm looking for the December residual and mf on a 2009 Audi A4 Avant w/Premium Plus and navigation. It's a 36-month lease with 15K per year. Anyone have this information?

    Thanks in advance.
  • My lease on a 2006 A4 is up in 6 months. If I decide to keep the car are there incentives available? How are interest rates from Audi Financial when purchasing off-lease cars?

    Car details:
    - 2006 A4 2.0T quattro
    - navigation,bluetooth,homelink,xenon lights,bose audio,satellite radio,leather,sunroof
    - 24K miles at lease end (my lease allows 36K)
    - residual is $22,797
  • Picking up car first thing tomorrow and this is the deal i am getting any advice would be great.

    3000 OUT OF POCKET
    12K AYEAR
    PAYMENTS $612 A MONTH INCLUDES TAXES audi paying 1st payment.


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