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Audi A6 Lease Questions



  • 2008 A6 with premium, dvd nav and ipod

    MSRP $52,315
    Cost $48,995
    Fees and first $1962
    MF .00027
    resid .0049
    Term 12k/36 mon
    $1500 cash incentive

    Lease $669

    Good deal?? Anyone? :)
  • My 48 month lease of a 2004 A6 2.7T S-line is coming up at the end of next month and I am evaluating my options, including the possibility of buying the car. My contract residual is $20,850, but I don't want to buy the car without getting the CPO extended warranty to 100k miles. I have asked the dealership who sold the car initially to make me an offer based on them buying the car from Audi financial, completing the CPO inspections etc. and reselling to me. They're playing games, however about telling me the current MMR range on my car.

    Could you please provide me the most recent Manheim Market Report numbers on my car so I know the approximate wholesale price that Audi FS will charge the dealer? My car has 45k miles on it and is good to excellent condition.

    Thanks in advance.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    I am coming to the end of my second Audi A6. I had an 02' A6 with CVT 3.0 engine. Great car. I am now driving a leased A6 05' 3.2 Quattro with NAV, Keyless feature, Sirius Radio, Voice Command, the upgraded leather (door panels), the upgraded 18" wheels from sport pkg without the sport package. It is black exterior with ameretto interior...beautiful car. Going to Audi dealers, they seem to not care at all that I'm a previous Audi customer. They won't charge me the disposition on my current car and no security deposit (I think about $550) on the new car. I am currently paying $625 month plus tax...I get 15K miles/year on a 36 month lease and I only gave them a total of $1,000 at start including my first month's payment and tax and everything or anything else they wanted to call it...$1,000 total to dealer and I drove off the lot. Now, I'm getting for a similarly equipped car quotes of $750 to $800/month plus tax. Why so much more? I thought all the banks were in a credit crunch and would be more willing to deal on cars. I know the programs just changed starting in March...I know they are still giving $1,500 off for leasing. If somebody knows of an Audi dealer that is willing to deal on price, please let me know. I am in the South Florida area (near Champion Motors, Prestige Audi, etc). My experience has never been good at all with Prestige Motors whether servicing my car or for getting a new car there. The last one I got was from Braman in West Palm Beach based on price. Any help would be appreciated and I will travel to get the car...not as far as California but somewhere in the Southern area. Thanks.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    When Audi came out w/ the A6 in 2005, the MSRP was around 41k to start for a 3.2 Quattro. You could get a fully loaded one for just over 50k. Now the same 3.2 Quattro starts @ 45k. With premium, nav, tech, milano leather, it's over 55k.

    As a comparison, you can't buy a fully loaded 2008 MB E class V6 or BMW 5 series for 625/mo w/ $1000 out of pocket @ 15k miles a year and get all those high end features. Go look on BMW and MB websites for their lease offers. Most of their leases are $4 - $5000 out of pocket if you want to get 600/month. And your NOT getting all the high end options at that price.

    I wish eveything stayed the same in life, but it's 3 years later and deals change.

    Your lease paymet on your previous A6 was quite low considering all the equiptment on it.

    Did you trade out of you 2002 A6? Maybe you had some equity in your car and you put it towards the 2005 A6 when you leased.
  • jdmassjdmass Posts: 14
    It looks like there was a $1500 cash incentive in place in February. Does anyone know if it is still available, or if not, whether there are any replacements?

  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    Forget that. It's time to say goodbye to Audi. I am looking at a fully loaded Infinity M35 or M45...better NAV system, same HP, free loaner (although some Audi dealerships will do this) and dealer is much closer to my house. I can get a fully loaded 6 cylinder M35 with 1,000 at start w/ 15K/year for $635 plus tax. Audi is getting too big for their britches. They forget too soon about how they were struggling with their crappy reputation a few years ago and nobody would touch their cars. Watch, I'll get my Infinity and in two months, I'll get the call from the Audi salesman to come in and do a deal.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    You'll always get a few more gadgets in a Japanese car with Acura and Infiniti, and everbody knows that. There's somthing distinct and special aboout the way German cars handle and drive on the road.

    If you can't afford one or are simply to cheap to pay for one, it has nothing to do w/ Audi being too big for their britches.

    The German cars are very expensive to manufacture and bring over here. Audi is one of the few companies still building all their cars over in Ingolstat. BMW and Mercedes are building cars in Alabama and South Carolina and still charging top dollar. Audi is crushing Mercedes on reliability. The current A6 is rated as one of the safest cars on the road today in any class. The E class, M35/45, 5 series are not double best picks by the IIHS. They're fine cars, but the build quailty and safety on the A6 are above reproach.

    Many Audi's are still priced below what BMW and MB are charging MSRP wise, so there is still a lot of value there, although they are getting more expensive every year.

    The US dollar is at an all time low and worth 1/2 as much as the Euro. Audi is making far more money keeping their cars in Europe.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    Looked at the Infinity this past weekend. The NAV system rocks compared to the Audi's. The performance is great too. Get the sport pkg on the Infiniti and you've got better handling than the Audi. There is a great road feel with the Audi and I loved driving two of them for the last 6 years. All I'm saying is that there is a lot of choices out there today and I am opening my eyes to a lot of different options. Does the Infiniti drive the same as the Audi...NO. Does it drive great...YES. It's not that I can't afford to drive one. I just prefer not to pay $200 more a month for the same car (and maintenance isn't included anymore like it was on my 05'). Even the Cadillac CTS, the brand new one, is a nice car and one I never thought I would look at until I priced a new Audi.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Audi Care is $600 that pays for 4/50 maintenace that was free in past. And they will bump the residual 1% to compensate for it, so it esentially pays for itself.

    There's $2000 Audi Loyalty money on A6's thru March to my knowledge. So with a good deal from your dealer, I doubt an A6 like you want it will cost you $200/month more on a lease payment than the M35.

    Add 40-50/mo to your Infinti lease payment as an average for service. It'll probaly cost you $1500 in oil changes, tune-up, filters, etc to keep an M35 running for 50k miles.

    Infinity makes a nice car, so I'm not saying it's not a good car. Most 50k cars are well built and there's plenty of good choices in this market segment.

    I'm personally not a fan of Infiniti's "ATM machine" style dash layout.

    I'm on my second A6 (Have a 2008 4.2 Sline), and I really like the MMI system in Audi's new cars.
  • donnymacdonnymac Posts: 14
    I love my 2004 A6 2.7T S-line Quattro, and when I bought it I got a hell of a lot more car included "standard" than the BMW 5 series or MB E series offered back then. But it is true that Audi has upped prices and increased the nickel and dime approach. And the new A6 isn't nearly as fun to drive. The 6 cylinder engine is smooth but blah, compared to my 2.7T and the steering and handling now feels more like an American car - too much power assist and not as precise. So I can't agree with you that it has the kind of unqiuely German feel of the BMWs, which are what set them apart from the Japanese luxury cars.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I don't like BMW's steering. It's too heavy. Audi's servotronic lightens up at lower speed and tightens up @ higher speeds. It's a lot easier to navigate and get into a parking space in an Audi because of the servotronic. Older BMW's can be so heavy at times it almost feels like your driving a car w/o power steering.

    I'll admit that Audi's 3.2 A6 is underpowered for the maket and needs more juice. 09 models are going to get the valvelift technology and 10 more hp to 265 from what I here. But it still needs a little more.

    Aud's new 2009 A4 coming in the fall is growing by a whopping 6 inches in the wheelbase, and will bring the car very close to the current A6.

    If the 09 A4 is so close in size to the A6 and can be had for 40-45k, it's should be a heck of a value and something to consider.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    Don't forget that my brakes were also included free before in 05'. I got it in May of 05' when that was still included. First of all, a brake job on an Audi is about 800-900 dollars for the full brakes. I'm not saying they are cheaper on an Infiniti but I have had Japanese cars in the past and most local secondary (not dealer) shops that specialize in Japanese cars will do it a lot cheaper than that. I agree with someone else that mentioned they weren't a big fan of the "piano" style dash on the Infiniti. I'm not a big fan either. I love the MMI as I am used to it after 3 years of driving. Also, didn't know the money off was $2,000 for March. It was only $1,500 in February.I'm not knocking Audi...just wish they didn't increase price so much for same thing.
  • minturnminturn Posts: 5
    Here's the deal. I normally purchase, and do not lease. But I have a unique problem. I just brought in my 2002 Audi A6 due to intermitent engine light. Found out I need a completely new engine / rebuild. Cost is insane. I asked if they would be willing to take the car and lease me a new one. Ignoring the insanity of a car dying at 65k miles even after all maintenance done at the dealer, I thought I might be able cut my losses with a lease. Here's what they offered.

    2008 A6 3.2 Quattro

    Includes premium package, cold weather package, ipod integration.

    msrp $51,315, net Audi loyalty offer of $2000 to get a sales price of $49,315.

    Lease end value = 50%

    money factor = .00092

    They are offering $2000 for my 2002 A6 which is essentially junk value.

    This doesn't sound like a great deal. I'd like to get some other opinions. I've copied the offer below. It has the rest of the detail.

    First Payment Date: 04/13/08 18) Audi Care: $ 590.00
    ) Lease Institution: AUDI 19) Cash Cap Reduction: $ 2,000.00
    ) M.S.R.P.: $ 51,315.00 20) Total Trade Allow: $ 2,000.00
    ) Residualized Equip: Adjusted Cap Cost: $ 47,476.15
    ) Mileage Calc: 21) Customer Cash Down:
    ) L.E.V.%: 50.00% 22) Total Sales Tax: $ 2,067.50
    ) Lease-end Value: $ 25,657.50
    23) ***MONTHLY PAYMENT***: $ 673.35
    ) Term: 36 Base Monthly Rental: $ 673.35
    ) Money Factor: 0.00092 24) Security Deposit:
    25) License: $ 259.00
    ) Selling Price: $ 49,200.00 26) Registration:
    ) Extended Warranty: 27) Upfront Acq. Fee: $ 575.00
    ) Gap Insurance: 28) Doc Fee: $ 179.00
    ) Acq. Fee Included: 29) Luxury/Gas Guzzler:
    ) Dealer Mark-up: 30) Amount Due At Start: $ 4,067.70
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 166
    Wow they have not discounted the car at all. You would be able to get it for much less if you go through internet sales. Why don't you try selling your old Audi to Carmax? They might give you a better price. Also I hear there is $3000 hidden dealer cash? You can easily get it below invoice if this is true
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    Whis engine was in your 02 A6?
  • minturnminturn Posts: 5
    Thanks for the confirmation on the deal. I agree with you on Carmax.
  • glfanglfan Posts: 13
    Hi, I was offered $1k below invoice on an Audi A6 Quattro before the $2k rebate(purchase price at $3k below invoice). Did someone say that there's a $3k dealer cash? Is it on top of the published $2k rebate? The lease factor is 0.00033, that's virtually nothing(below 1% effective APR), right? Residue is at 50% on a 12k/36month lease. Is this good deal or not? Can anyone comment? When is A6 going to have a model change? This is the 4th model year. BTW, thanks to you all. This is a great forum!
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    The current A6 is going to soldier on several more years most likely until 2011 before any major styling changes.

    The 08 models will likely get a small power increase to 265hp as in the new A5 and upcoming 2009 A4 3.2.

    The leases are pretty good on the A6's right now. The residuals are just ok, but the money rate factors are crazy low @ less than 1% interest.

    Putting a new engine in an A6 is extremely expensive. There's nothing a dealer can do with your car except take it to the auction.
  • suv800suv800 Posts: 41
    Hi everyone,
    I'm looking for an A6 Quattro 3.2 with these options.
    1. WB6 Premium Package;
    2. PTA Technology Package;
    3. PND Audi Navigation System
    4. PAW Cold Weather Package
    on 36 months, 10000 miles per year lease. no money down, would like to put everything into the payment. out of pocket / drive off will be the first month's paymet.
    I'm in New York City, sales tax 8.375%

    MSRP $55125.00 Invoice $51320.00 ( I got these numbers for

    Residual Value =
    Money Factor =

    Can anyone please give me an answer for the residual value for 10000miles, 12000miles, 15000miles.

    I thank you very much

  • glfanglfan Posts: 13
    Here's the residue chart on a 36-month lease:

    47% for 15k miles
    49% for 12k miles
    50% for 10k miles

    If you purchase the optional $650 Audi maintenance package, you can add another 1% to the residue. On a $50k car, it kind of pays itself. However, the package doesn't include any wear and tear items such as brake pads. To get the residue value, apply the % from above to the MSRP.

    Money factor is a steal, 0.00033. That's equivalent to less than 1% APR. Hope it helps.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi jdmass. Audi has actually raised the $1,500 cash incentive that it was providing on A6 leases in February to $2,000 in March.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • dtopgeardtopgear Posts: 25
    Does that rebate and money factor include the Avant? Thanks!
  • jpdcjpdc Posts: 17
    I'm currently leasing a 2004 A6. My lease expires in July and I'm trying to decide whether to buy my current car or to lease a 2008.

    I gather that Audi is offering extremely low money rates for new leases -- less than 1%. But those rates seem to be expiring soon. Does anyone know if they are likely to be extended? Also, if they're expiring and I want to move now to take advantage of them, any experience with my options? Will I have to buy out the current lease or is there any other possibility?

    Finally, last time around, my cap cost was way below MSRP -- probably just about invoice. What's the real life situation these days?
  • luvaudi19luvaudi19 Posts: 34
    Guys and gals, I just got off the phone with my area rep. Got great news for you.

    In addition to the $2000 lease incentive on 2008 A6 leases, there is also an extra $1500 available now. Money factors are still low at .00018 and residuals will vary by engine/drivetrain.

  • dbrousedbrouse Posts: 4
    Wow! Thanks Jerry. Is the $3500 exclusive to the CA area, or is that Nationwide? Also, I was in the Audi Dealership today, and they were giving me higher Money Factors. Do dealers mark these rates up?
  • luvaudi19luvaudi19 Posts: 34
    Dealers often do mark up the money factors or interests rates. It's another profit center for the dealership. In terms of the extra incentive monies, I think it varies by region, as I am on the West Coast and the call was from my regional rep. I do not see any nationwide bulletins for the extra incentives.

  • dbrousedbrouse Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply. Very informative.
  • cabluecablue Posts: 48
    Thanks for the info. Am I correct in understanding that there's a $3,500 incentive, a residual of 49 or 50% on a 12/36 mo. lease? Is the MF .00033 or .00018? I've seen both now. I'm very new at this and trying to figure it all out, hoping for a new car by this weekend. I'm in CA also.
  • Crap. I just went out and signed a lease order on a 2008 Audi A6 3.2 Quattro w/ Prem, CW and iPod.

    I thought the incentive was just the $2,000 as was originally posted. So when I got an offer of $2,411 under invoice I jumped at it (I figured the dealer had contributed some cash). I live in NY. Can anyone confirm the extra $1500 incentive exists on the East Coast? Because if so, that gives me another $1K worth of negotiation room to bring the payment down.

    FYI, if anyone's curious, I'm currently at $679 (sales tax in the payment - 8.625%) for 36 months with 15K miles/year and only money out-of-pocket is First Month's Payment and DMV Fees. I was quoted a residual of 48% (47% + 1% for Audi Maintenance Package) and a money factor of 0.00018.
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