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Audi A6 Lease Questions



  • luvaudi19luvaudi19 Posts: 34
    You are correct in that there is truly $3500 now. The money factor is based on previous Audi Finacial customer or not. the extra .00015 is for security deposit waiver.

    I'm not always on the forums, so you can feel free to use the email in my profile for quicker answers.

  • luvaudi19luvaudi19 Posts: 34
    Don't worry, I think the extra 1500 is Western Region only.

  • Hey Jerry,

    Thanks for the information. I confirmed that the extra $1500 is in fact in NY as well. After reading your post, I called several other dealers and asked them to match or beat the deal I got ($679 incl. tax for 36mos/15Kmiles w/ FMP+DMV OOP). One dealer actually walked me through the process and told me that the $2000 was a manufacturer to dealer incentive and the $1500 was a capitalized cost contribution.

    The $2000 is applied towards the negotiated selling price of the car.
    The $1500 is basically Audi giving you $1500 to put down on the car which is why my deal required so little out of pocket.

    After conferring with other dealers, no one could match the deal I got except maybe for a few dollars off. So I stuck with the deal and could not be happier.

    I went to several Audi dealers in Long Island and have done a lot of the legwork, so if anyone wants to benefit from it and pick my brain, feel free to PM/e-mail me or just respond here.

    In closing, I'd like to thank everyone in this forum for the immense amount of help they've given me in getting my last few lease deals. Leasing a car is no small task and is a huge commitment but the information given on this forum eases things up a lot. Because of this forum, a few years back I realized that I had to start shopping by which car had the best lease program rather than which car I wanted to get. I think we all are okay with dealers making a fair and reasonable profit, we just want to know what we are being charged for openly and honestly so we can make a rational decision.

    This board and others like it do so much to level the playing field between dealers and customers and have totally transformed the car leasing/buying process for so many people. And people like me who are frequent post-readers but seldom post ourselves are the ones that benefit from it. So for that, and to all the people who have helped me and my friends and family save tens of thousands of dollars, I say thank you.
  • Here's the official statement from Audi's website about the additional $1500 (

    Audi is pleased to offer you $1,500* towards the lease of a new 2008 Audi A6.

    *This offer is valid for a limited time only and can be combined with all other current Audi offer including special AFS lease rates. Offer requires financing with Audi Financial Services. New contract must be signed and vehicle delivery taken from dealer stock by May 2, 2008. Valid at participating Audi dealerships in the United States only. For complete details, please see dealer or call 1-800-FOR-AUDI.
  • vkjvkj Posts: 67
    i have a 2005 audi allroad whose lease is expiring at the end of June 08. the car seems to have held up its value pretty well. its a low mileage car with 23k on the odometer. the residual is around 25k and i would like some options and strategies about releasing it. the original msrp was about 44k and it think its blue book is around 28k. also i have a lease protection policy of about $5000 and i am trying to see if i can get this to cover some of the issues with the car or get an allowance for when it is eventually turned in ( the car needs new tires and the bumpers are pretty marked up from living and Parking in NYC). I saw on Audi may have some pretty attractive lease rates on used audi's. I figure i would have to work with an audi dealer and that could make the car CPO and then lease it back to me.

    please provide any information here or direct me to the correct forum.

  • trw4trw4 Posts: 1
    The advertised deal is $999 down, $575 acq fee, $549 1st mo pymt for total due up front of $2,123. 36 mo lease of $549 a mo. MSRP of $50,425 invoice of $46,950 (prem pkg incl $775 destination). MF of .00018 and 50% residual for 10k mi / yr. I tried to work backwards into the numbers from what I know. It appears Audi is basing these lease #'s on a sales price of $44,950 which is $2,000 below the invoice.

    Any thoughts about this lease offer? Is this one to jump on? I know several months ago the offer was $579 with $4k+ due at signing.
  • As mentioned earlier, Audi is also providing a $1500 cap cost contribution in addition to the $2000 incentive. With the added contribution, it should make your total due up front around $600. As far as the deal, I don't know what the $999 down is about but the $549 a month does not include sales tax, title or registration so that has to be added as well.

    After a long time researching lease programs and wanting the A6, I finally jumped on the recent A6 promotion. The Audi money factor has been stellar for a while now but the residuals have always been pretty bad. It seems now that the auto industry is in a monumental slump, Audi's providing what amounts to a $3500 incentive to make its lease programs competitive with those of BMW, Acura, Volvo, etc.

    As far as jumping on this deal, I needed a car right away and I thought the Audi was the best car in its class. There are other deals to be had, however. I got quotes on the 528xi, A6 3.2 quattro, RL w/tech, Infiniti M35x, S80 V8 AWD and with the same deal structure, they all came within $25-35/month of one another (All under $680/month including NY tax). Which for me, meant that price was basically a wash and I was free to choose the car based on other factors.

    The S80 was heavily promoted the last few months and I'm sure that it will be the cheapest of the bunch when similarly equipped (I priced mine with the V8 instead of the V6).
    The RL is probably the best bang for the buck. It comes with the tech package so that pretty much has all the added options you would want in a car.
    The Infiniti M35x is a great car but the ride is a bit stiff and having a good friend who has a Murano, the interior felt far too 'Nissan' for me to spend that much money on.
    The 528xi is a great car and was the main alternative, but it received poor frontal crash test results from the NHTSA and poor side crash test results from the IIHS, which ruled it out for me.
    The A6 was the best balance for me. Best pick by IIHS. 5-star crash tests by NHTSA. Great driving dynamics. Very roomy and luxurious interior. Great standard options and inclusion of Audi Care Plan at a very very minimal cost.

    I also had originally considered the Cadillac CTS and the Mercedes Benz E350 but the CTS came out to the same price as the above cars and and I just felt that these cars were a step up. And the E350 was just way too expensive. The only car I didn't really consider because I don't like the brand or the interiors much was Jaguar.

    So that's why I chose the A6. Bottom line: There are a LOT of deals out there right now. And in the midsize/large luxury sedan segment, all the cars are relatively similar in price and the dealers/manufacturers know this. Do your research. Make sure whatever decision you make, that you get the best deal. But in the end, drive the car you want to (and will hopefully love to) drive for the next 3 years.

    Just my .02
  • I think I got a pretty good deal- what does everyone think:
    A6 3.2 quattro, Premium pkg, Tech pkg, Cold Weather pkg., Audi Care
    MSRP $53,525, invoice$49,833
    negot. price $48,892
    $3k down includes: $1,025 fees, 1st month payment of $533.82, the rest down payment)
    36 month, 12K with MF of .00018 and residual of 50%
    monthly payment = $533.82
    I think I did OK thanks to this website.
  • capsfancapsfan Posts: 5
    Jefferiah -

    Just wondering where did you get the deal?
  • Ira Audi, Danvers, MA. I think it was a good timing thing- they were trying to get rid of a silver w/ grey interior that was on the lot for awhile. That's what they said- not really sure how that works, but they were anxious to move this particular one. Wasn't my 1st choice of color but that's OK.
  • I would appreciate some input.

    I just got quoted the following lease rates for the cvt, non quattro A6:

    36 month 15k a year 46% and .00080

    24 month 15k a year 54% and .00080

    I am a USAA member so I get the car at 1000 under invoice plus any incentives. Can someone clarify the 2000 plus 1500 rebates/incentives and also confirm if the .00080 is right or wrong, as I have seen .00018 and .00033?

  • luvaudi19luvaudi19 Posts: 34
    currently, the money factor from AFS is .00018. The dealer is marking-up the rate.
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    Just make sure you give the car back after the lease is up. Have had almost 9 years of Audi ownership experience and this is not the type of automobile to OWN. Audis are lease-type vehicles that are given back at the end of the lease/warranty, no questions asked.
  • tee2nutee2nu Posts: 2

    I think I just got ripped off by a Audi Dealer in San Jose. They did not give me a clear money factor even they told me that the APR % was 2.5%. I signed the contract and need to sign a couple of more paperwork once the car is delivered. Is there anyway I can cancel the contract?

    I am paying $920/month for 15k/36mo. This includes taxes. The price negotiated is $900 over invoice for a total of $53,571.

    I really need help in getting this renegotiated or cancelled all together. Is there anyway to do this.

    Is the $3500 dealer incentive still in effect with a MF of .00018? I am going to raise hell and give the dealer a very poor service if I can't get this resolved.

    Thank you in Advanced for all your help! :mad:
  • luvaudi19luvaudi19 Posts: 34
    In CA, nothing is final until you take delivery of the car. If you have, you're SOL. If you have not yet....then call the dealer and tell them you are no longer interested: don't tell them because you think they ripped you off, but "something changed" in your life or some other PC excuse....

    You are correct about the dealer incentive and the MF.
  • mishmash1mishmash1 Posts: 16
    I'm a Current 2005 A6 leasee Looking to lease a new A6 with an MSRP of $55080. I've read there is $3500 total in incentives .Are they still available? Is this off the negotiated price or the MSRP? I'm looking for 36 mo. 15K a year. Is the residual still 47% for that? Will I get an additional 1% with the care plan still? Money factor still .00018?? Thank you all. You were a great help on my last lease. Looking for help again. I'll post my final deal for others. Any other suggestions? What is a good target for final cap cost? A lot here I know, sorry.
  • tee2nutee2nu Posts: 2
    Thanks luvaudi19. I took your advice and they re-negotiated. :) This forum is what the consumers need! My deal is below:

    $2500 off Invoice Price
    and MF .00043 about 1% apr
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    920 mo on an 53k A6 3.2 sounds high.

    Are you putting any money down, or trading something in w/ negative equity?

    If the car isn't delivered and sitting in your driveway, you can refuse to take delivery.

    Some laws state that if a customer never drove a car off the lot, the paperwork can't be enforced unless it hits the curb so to speak.

    Also, if signatures are missing, they can't send the paperwork in anyway.

    Even w/ no money down on a sign and drive, you should be able to lease a 53-54k A6 for low to mid 700's.
  • mishmash1mishmash1 Posts: 16
    Hi, tee what was your msrp/invoice/final cap cost/monthly payment? Your MF was higher then others have posted here? I've seen .00018 about .5% which sounds crazy but very nice.
  • mishmash1mishmash1 Posts: 16
    I'm getting quotes $2000 below invoice in the northeast but a higher MF (.00028) same residuals. Does anyone know of the $1500 extra in the northeast? Also, is anyone aware of other fees? Bank, dealer fees aside from DMV?
  • mishmash1mishmash1 Posts: 16
    Thanks loggie I was at the website too. How'd I miss that.
  • jabberjabber Posts: 57
    $575 Acquisition AND and $350 disposition. The acquisition fee is to be expected, but a disposition fee of $350??? Has anyone successfully negotiated that?
  • luvaudi19luvaudi19 Posts: 34
    sorry mate, but both are determined by AFS (Audi Financial Services) and the dealer has no control over this
  • jam550jam550 Posts: 10
    Hello all,

    Great insights on this board - I am hoping to just get to the bottom line and have folks list out what I should expect to pay to lease an A6 in Charlotte, NC. I will be looking for the base car with 36 months / 12k miles per year.

    Please let me know what my target cap cost should be when I speak to the dealers. Thanks!
  • jam550jam550 Posts: 10
    Thanks - looks good but since I am in Charlotte and will be buying after 5/2 it won;t apply. Anyone else? I am really hoping to go to the dealership armed with a target cap cost next week. Again, looking for this for an A6 Quattro. Thanks!
  • jpdcjpdc Posts: 17
    There are no guarantees, of course, but I suspect that it will still apply -- more or less. I brought in my 2004 A6 for service last week and spoke to the dealership about my lease-end options in July. They advised sitting tight because they have a lot of A6s to sell and they expect that the offers will only improve.

    My guy was upfront about the $3,500 in Audi cash that's available, at least in the DC area. Plus, he said I might qualify for $1,000 more in conquest money for "switching" from another luxury brand (my wife's car is a MB). Not sure if that will pan out, but it's in his interest if it does since I'm happy and he gets the money anyway from Audi. If that's not an option, and you currently drive an Audi, see if they're offering loyalty money instead. I was told there's none right now on the A6, but stay tuned because it moves around

    Anyway, assuming all that's true, I don't plan to pay more than invoice (not MSRP) less $3,500. The dealer then makes $1,000 -- which is fair enough. And I'll try to shave $500 off that. I know they want to sell me my car because I had them do all my maintenance for the last 4 years, and that's where the dealerships really make their money these days.

    Finally, don't let them make up the reduced sales price on the money factor. I'm not sure what it is right now, but others on this list will know. I do know it's heavily subsidized.

    So, in sum, get the dealer invoice price from Edmunds with all the options you want, then reduce it by at least $2,500 (and more if you can qualify for one of the other rebates), and IMHO that should be your target.
  • luvaudi19luvaudi19 Posts: 34
    From personal experience in the car business, leases should get worse as the model year ends from here on out. As the new year models show up, lease support for the older model year actually goes away in favor of "marketing allowance" that cannot be combined with special subvented lease rates.

    Currently, with the incentives on the vehicle and a money factor so close to 0, the current A6 lease really cannot get better as the year moves along (remember, the residual lowers as the model year moves along)
  • ytka98ytka98 Posts: 3
    I'm in LA area, got my A6, 2008 w/premium package, Nav and iPod connector (MSRP $49,165), a few days ago. $1300 down, $533/mo (including tax), 49% residual, 12K miles/yr, plus includes Audi Scheduled Maintenance. Money factor is crazy low 0.00018. Negotiated price down to approximately $40.6K +650 for scheduled maintenance – for those pricing A6. Note, money factor will expire as of May 2, 2008, if I’m not mistaking, not sure if they will keep it that low or will make it higher after.
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