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Chrysler Town & Country Lease Questions



  • fredm6fredm6 Posts: 51
    Hi greener1
    I too am a senior citizen and really love my new 08 T&C. I think you got a great deal. I agree with you that the 08 has a lot of features that will take me some time to learn. I had an 05 T&C Touring and the lease was up in April. I leased my new one in March and did not turn in the 05 until the end of April. My wife and I both lease and turn over every 3 years. I used to purchase, but like not having any expense for repair etc.
    Years ago I used to put 100,000 or more on my station wagons and then they were not worth anything at trade in time. When you keep them 5 years now you really don't have much equity left and you have probably had to buy new tires and do some other repair not covered my the warranty. Glad you like the new 08. Enjoy it.
  • longinotlonginot Posts: 11
    My wife and I are within 15 days of buying our 08 T&C Limited. The dealer just called with a new (higher) money factor. It is pushing the payment higher than we want. Both my wife and I have FICOs over 800. To those in the know, what should a current grade A Money factor be through Chrysler Financial. Also, we are in California. Besides the $2500, what other rebates might apply to us ie, are available to CA residents.

    Joe :confuse:
  • jensen3jensen3 Posts: 42
    I used the Chrysler Financial website yesterday to figure the new money factor and it appeared to me to me to be about .00107 or .00108. It's lower, but not nearly enough to compensate for the $1000 bonus money that went away. I'm just sick about it because the salesman I was working with assured me that the deals would stay the same or get better... I guess he was wrong.
  • jensen3jensen3 Posts: 42
    Wanted to let you know right away. My salesman just called and he said he can get me a .00068 money factor... I'm going to crunch the numbers again, but I think that will work out almost the same as the $1000 bonus cash.
  • longinotlonginot Posts: 11
    Where are you getting this factor from and how can I get some of that action? My dealer has me stuck on a 2.68% equivalent (.00112) and the day of purchase is approaching. Is there a Chrysler Financial site that outlines the factors? Also I have heard of an incentives telephone # but I have never see the number. Does anyone out there have it? I would also love to "borrow" a $750.00 magazine coupon if there is someone out there willing to part with one. Let me know.

  • fredm6fredm6 Posts: 51
    Hi longinot
    I do not have the number with me at present. Look for some of my posts back in March where I listed it. You could call the regular Chrysler number and ask them for the rebate center phone number. You might also try GOOGLE and put in Chrysler Rebate Center.
    I will look for my Chrysler Magazine and see I can find the $750 coupon and let you know. Time is short since I am leaving for Egypt on Saturday morning. Good luck.
  • longinotlonginot Posts: 11
    All of your help is greatly appreciated!!!

  • greener1greener1 Posts: 37
    one cannot get this $750 coupon transferred as it comes in the chrysler magazine with that persons name on it and it is not transferrable only to household members with proof of drivers license, etc. that was a deal pushover for me and my letter from the dealer had a note in it saying only a select few, yah right, had received this offer and he was adding an additional $200 coupon to the offer to get people in to look at the vans, he is one of those so called one price dealers, and i have dealt with him before and his one prices are very competitive with the haggler dealers and i have felt i trusted this dealer more because of not having to go back and get different figures every time
  • jensen3jensen3 Posts: 42
    The coupons are not transferable, but 1-800-227-0757 is the number for the rebate center. When you call them, ask them about the coupon. They will look up your address and tell you if one was issued to you. If there was, they will give you the number and you can use it - you don't need the paper coupon if you have this number.

    I'd like to hear from others what they are getting for a current money factor.
  • hooch68hooch68 Posts: 3
    The $750 coupon code can also be found on or
    A T&C ad is randomly generated when you visit the sites and you can click to register for the coupon. I found the ad on D=cafemom&adid=cafemom
    but the link didn't gave me an error message (something wrong with the server) hopefully it will be back up again.
    When I tried, I never came across the ad.
    The $750 cannot be combined with lease loyalty or conquest bonus cash.
    BTW, the Chrysler rebate center hotline told me if you come across a coupon after you purchase a vehicle you can call and they can try to get it to work retroactively. (not sure how successful that is)
  • jpappasjpappas Posts: 16
    CafeMom link worked for me. I printed my certificate. Thanks for sending that!!!
  • hooch68hooch68 Posts: 3
    Yay, it finally worked for now I have a total of $4250 in rebates!

    I think we're gonna finalize our lease tomorrow.
    Have never leased before, so I'm a little nervous....but we always trade in our cars every 4 years or so and we only put on about 10K miles per year so it seems like a good option.

    I'm getting .59 residual with .00185 rate...but I'm seeing others with lower figures. My dealer told me the numbers really aren't negotiable. Is that true?

    We are getting the signature pkg with sat. tv: MSRP $34,555- List price $33,030- sale price $29,857- minus rebates ($4250) for a final price of $25,607.
  • hooch68hooch68 Posts: 3
    forgot to add...27 months and 10,500 miles/yr.
  • jpappasjpappas Posts: 16

    That's true, the residual and money factor are set by the finance company( in this case Chrysler Financial). The money factor can change based on your credit worthiness. I do not have the money factor and residual info in front of me. I have been looking at 27 mo 12K miles. I will likely vist my dealer in the next couple of days to get a full breakdown. Till now I have been doing everything over email.
  • beirneadbeirnead Posts: 5
    Does anyone know the current money factor being used on a Signature Series for 27 and 36 months? I'll be leasing the vehicle on Saturday and want to make sure I'm getting the best rate. Thanks!
  • beirneadbeirnead Posts: 5
    My dealer in Wisconsin is giving me a money factor of .00151 for a 27 month lease of a Signature Series. I've seen mention of the money factor being as low as .00067 on these message boards. Does anyone have any idea how I can get the .00067? I'm going in to sign the lease tomorrow so any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • jensen3jensen3 Posts: 42
    I'm in South Dakota and I was told I was getting a money factor of .00068 - which is about what I figured when I crunched the numbers backwards. Anyway, they initially gave me a higher money factor, but then I came here and found out people were getting lower numbers for Tier 1 credit... so, I went back to my dealer and asked what was wrong with my credit that I didn't qualify for Tier 1? That brought them around.
  • longinotlonginot Posts: 11
    Could you outline the full terms of your lease? I am just about to finalize the deal. Was yours 24,27 or 36 mo? What was residual? Limited or touring etc.


  • I have been really researching for a few husband and I really want to lease a new 2008 is a touring w this package that we really want:

    ENTERTAINMENT GROUP #2 -inc: MyGig multimedia system ParkView rear back-up camera single disc DVD player 2nd & 3rd row 8" video screen video remote control wireless headphones

    the msrp says: 31180

    the sale price they are giving us is: 29617

    and the with rebates: the sale price is 26911

    this does not seem like a very good deal???? we say they need to come down off the sticker price of 29617, but they wont..they say it is as low as they can go??? I do not believe this when I see peopel getting thousenads off of MSRP....he is a young kid that does not know much and whenever I ask questions he has to go ask the "other guy" getting sick of this!!!!!

    also the quote is then 409.70/mo w 1000 down.

    this si for 12000miles/36 months

    the money factor is .00148 (but this is a quote for top tier) I have ready top tier should be .00077???

    also the residual they stated is 15,960

    this includes 700 acquisition fee and he "thinks" no security

    tell me what all you think of this is the dealership that everyone raves about but I am thinking no????

    do I go onto the next chrysler lot?? or keep haggling w them?
  • fredm6fredm6 Posts: 51
    I did my lease deal in March and am not up to date on the deals now. The $1,000 down and $409 a month sounds hight to me. What rebates and incentives are you receiving? Are you getting the Walter P Chrysler edition with (New Day Package), which gives you the $1525 DVD package free and also several other free things such as better console, remote start and controls on steering wheel. Check this out to see if there are any Walter P editions still out there. I would not buy or lease without getting this package. Also call the rebate center hotline to get the current incentives. Good luck.
  • hi thanks so this is not that walter do I find one of those? this is just a touring w dual dvd monitors and the touch screen leather//seems high to me too.....
  • jensen3jensen3 Posts: 42
    Sorry, I missed this message... my terms were:
    36 mo lease
    10,500 miles/year
    T&C Touring Signature Series Inferno Red
    (only extra beyond Sig package is the paint $225 and the engine block heater $35)
    Sticker $34,285
    Free DVD Discount $1,525
    Starting Price $32,760 (includes $770 destination)
    Dealer Discount $2,500
    Cash Back $2,500
    Coupon $750
    Final Cost $27,010
    plus $700 aquisition fee
    51% Residual = $17,485
    .000068 money factor
    Trade ('05 T&C) $10,500 - owing $10,372
    No down (besides trade difference)
    $350 First Payment (includes $49 doc fee) + tax & license

    I think that's everything... I now know I could have done better and am a bit upset with the dealership, but it's a decent price and I LOVE the van.
  • jensen3jensen3 Posts: 42
    WAY TOO HIGH! Find yourself one of the Signature Series like I did and add leather seats for the same price. Your credit history will play into your price, but make them give you all the numbers... residual, money factor, trade, etc. Then come here and we'll help you figure exactly how much you are paying and whether it's the best deal.
  • fredm6fredm6 Posts: 51
    I agree that this is way too high. As tio finding a Walter P edition (sometimes called New Day Package) tell your dealer to search for one and also go on the Chrysler website and bring up dealers in your area and check their inventory. They were to produce 25% of there T&C's with Walter P package so there should be some out there. Get the Touring with Walter P and it will be very well equipped. It should have the backup camera and leather with the L package. Do not buy without getting this Walter P package. As i said in a previous post it has more than just the free DVD screens. Good luck
  • hp7434hp7434 Posts: 7
    went to cafemom and found the chrysler add, but when i followed the link it just to me to the website? Am I missing something.
  • lklein1lklein1 Posts: 24
    Does anyone know the money factor and residual for July on a Signature Touring for 24, 27 and 36 months. Tier 1 Credit. Thanks a bunch
  • trumpytrumpy Posts: 5
    Hi Guys -

    We are in the market for a mini van and are in the process of shopping. I think it has been discussed on this board but wasn't sure what the current info was - does someone happen to know what the current money factor is that Chrysler Financial is using for top tier credit? Also, what are the residuals for the different T&C models?


  • lklein1lklein1 Posts: 24
    I received this info on another board. Not the money factor I was hoping for.

    2008 Chrysler Town & Country Touring Signature
    24 Month – Residual 54% of MSRP – .00157 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 46% of MSRP – .00154 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 35% of MSRP – .00325 Base Rate

    Residuals posted are for 15K miles/year. Add 2% to Residual for 12k mi/yr and 3% for 10k mi/yr on all terms
  • ;) I just received the counteroffer to my offer to lease a 2008 T&C Touring. I would be a return leasee. My offer was between $325-$333 per month, MF .00014, Residual 48%, Selling Price $23,600 for 36 months, 12k/yr. He is coming back at $340.07. How does this compare to others out there?
  • lklein1lklein1 Posts: 24
    What othe fees are included in this and does this include taxes? With the info you are providing the lease payment without taxes is $287.41. So what is bringing that price up to $340.07
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