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Chrysler Town & Country Lease Questions



  • Hi, thanks much for the fast response. I need to make a decision by Monday or Tuesday.

    I'm looking at the sheet now to give all details.
    MF - 0.0014
    Res - 48% (amount - $12759.20)
    Cap Cost (after rebates) - $23,539
    36 mth
    base mthy payment - $323.88, tax $16.19 = $340.07
    MSRP - $28,665 (T&C Touring, no extras)

    How does this computer? I built a spreadsheet off the quotes the dealer was giving me. I was able to match the way the came up with pricing so I could play around with numbers.

  • lklein1lklein1 Posts: 24
    Those numbers jive. Your first post said a mf of .00014.
  • Thanks, one too many "0". Does the monthly payment seem fair?
  • iamfrankiamfrank Posts: 16
    What is this world coming to when CHRYSLER doesn't give away their products?!

    The audacity of Chrysler for overtly trying to make money on their minivans!

    Tell me .... what is this world coming to?

    I have a 2006 T&C Touring; 12K year; 27 months with 0 down and $189/mo (with 6% tax) ... How could they expect me to jump to $304/mo for the same vehicle??

    I've had 4 Chrysler minivans of varying degrees of quality (or lack thereof) ... each time the price kept getting cheaper and the options more plentifull. Why are they ruining a good thing?

    They've made me a 'crack' addict to their minivans ... I'm going through withdrawal and I have 2 weeks left on this lease.... somebody help me!

  • dadamdadam Posts: 4
    please help me figure this out

    08 TC Touring Base 28, 210
    Customer Preferred M package 4,980
    Premium sound 795
    Swivel n Go 495
    Tow package 600
    Sunroof 895
    Power 3rd row 595
    My Gig GPS 1300
    Sirius Backseat tv 495
    Dest Charge 770

    total 39,135
    we get it for 32,000
    the lease is based on either 36 or 39 months 1000 upfront which is 1st month tax title payments $560 month.
    4% on a 36 5% on a 39

    the problem we are running into my wife HATES the light color grey int with blk ext. I am not driving a mini van without a sunroof. In order to get dark int and a sunroof we have to go with this m package which gives us stuff like a remote start 17' wheels Nav things we really don't care about.

    Is this a bad idea?
  • iamfrankiamfrank Posts: 16
    Here in De-toilet, Michigan, your best bet is a 27 month lease, HOWEVER, you are at the end of the model year for 08 and the residual values are not as good. You may be better off holding out for an '09. But what the heck do I know???
  • dadamdadam Posts: 4
    that is what I am thinking.

    We like the T&C for what it is. Another van. We are getting rid of a Sienna and thought about an MDX or Acadia but the lease on those is too high and our kids are only 4 & 6 so a van still makes sense.

    Anyhow I am not happy with the $560 payment, simply because they don't have the car we want and they can't locate it so they claim. We don't need an M class and are paying for things that we might enjoy but are overkill on a leased mini van.

    How do we extend our current lease? I will go month to month there if I feel the T&C will drop when the 09's come out. I can't imagine a lease rate on 09's being so high. We looked at a lot of SUV's crazy the price to lease those are so high with the demand not so good.
  • iamfrankiamfrank Posts: 16
    I've decided to extend my lease ... I will call Chrysler Finance ... they usually mark your lease up 50% per month to extend (or to encourage you into a new lease). I would rather extend my lease a month or two then be forced into a car I do not want (or a lease payment I'll be reminded of every month). I once owned an 05 (in 04) Chrysler T&C Touring and an 04 Toyota Sienna simultaneously. The Sienna drove like a Lexus and achieved 1/3rd better gas mileage than my T&C, but that was when Chrysler was using their old (but new for the model year) 4 Speed automatic. They are now using the jointly created (w/Generous Motors and Ford) 6 speed auto.

    The T&C's are made a 1/2 hour from here in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Chrysler is closing the other plant near St. Louis shortly.

    I just checked my voice mail and the dealer is telling me "his boss" has told him to 'get rid of all T&C at all expense including losing money', I don't believe Chrysler and the dealer operate on deficets like the Federal Gov't .... I have a hard time believing he'll lose money ... but I am kind of a smart @$$ ... I always negotiate with a smile .... and since they'll consider all 'offers' , I am going to offer him $1.98/month; 27 mo; 15K per year ... that ought to bring in the manager right away!

    The best part is ... I don't care if I get a car .... I'll wait'em out.
  • fredm6fredm6 Posts: 51
    Hi dadam,
    I think you made a good decision not to lease. The monthly payment is way too high in my estimation. I believe that you could cut out some things and get a nicely equiped T&C. Do you really want the built in GPS for $1300. Buy a nice 4.3 inch Garmin, Tom Tom or Magellan for around $300 and save that $1000. I know you probably want to sun roof, but I had it in my last T&C and used it very little. Remember that the sun roof takes up some extra room in the ceiling and changes some things. Far be it from me to tell you what to buy, but that is my opinion. I also had GPS in my 05 and did not get it this time.
    Why don't you look for a Walter P Edition or New Day Package with the extras including the DVD (two screens) free, plus remote start, deluxe console and better yet the information system that operates from the steering wheel. The L package is much less than the M package. I got the L package with Walter P and mine is nicely equipped. I am paying $394 a month including the tax. I have seen better deals than what I got in March. Keep looking and dealing. I have Sirus back seat TV mainly because it was on the one they found for me in the color I wanted. It is really nice for my Grandkids and works well, although now only two channels. I realize that you may have a hard time finding a Walter P Edition with the other things you want such as tow and swivel seats and power third row seat. You might want to consider giving up the third row power seat, since it is not difficult to raise and lower the rear seats.

    Good luck.
  • dadamdadam Posts: 4
    I don't want a 3rd row power seat, or tow package. GPS have it now hardly ever use it and most newer cell phones have it anyhow mine does.

    What does the Walter P involve? My daughter is named after Walter P! (Payton)

    We want black. Tan leather is only in the limited in this color. Stupid. Dark grey works.
    Do want the tv's for the kids and the swivel and go.

    What was your down on the $394 payment? I am all about dropping a car payment below 4 bills if possible. The dealer actually had the balls to tell me to just put more down and my payment would drop. I guess some people are that stupid.
  • fredm6fredm6 Posts: 51
    To answer your question about Walter P. For several years now they have built a few of the special edition with some extras for free. They always called it the Walter P. Chrysler Edition. With the new owners of Chrysler they still referred to it as the Walter P. Edition and also named it the "New Day" Package. My 05 was a Walter P. that included navigation and sunroof at a greatly reduced price. They were building the Walter P. this year for several months and said that %25 of the production would be with that package. It took $1525 off the sticker for the DVD and included several other things that would not come with the L package. Those included remote start, the deluxe console (much better than the normal one), the Walter P Chrysler badging on the side panel up front. If it doesn't have this it is not a Walter P. Also and very important to me the control for your information such as miles to empty , tire pressure etc. was controlled from the steering wheel. Without that you had to reach through the wheel and push something on the dash. They also included the tire pressure monitor that gives you the pressure for each tire instead of the icon on the instrument panel. Many of these things would not be on the touring and on the Limited.
    A word of warning: Several dealers said that they would give me the Walter P package even though it was not built that way. In other words they were deducting the $1525 for the DVD and calling it a Walter P. It was actually a Touring without Walter P. You can easily tell the Walter P. by the small emblem on the side front panel, so when you are looking on the lot just look for that. It will also appear on the window sticker with the deduction.
    Since I leased in March I do not know if there are any Walter P editions still out there on dealers lots or if they are building them now. It is a no brainer to go for the Walter P instead of just an ordinary Touring.
    Hope you can find one in the color you want. Let us know.
  • fredm6fredm6 Posts: 51
    Hi, I forgot to tell you what I put down. I do not remember all the details now, but I got $4250 in rebates and incentives and believe that at delivery I gave $700, which included taxes on the rebates (Ohio) , first months payment and title and registration fees.
    Sure , if you put more money up front it will reduce your payment. They call that cap cost reduction. It is funny to watch the ads with low lease payments advertised and then look in the small print and see a huge amount up front. They also play with the miles and some offer only 10 K. I got 15k and 36 months. I still saw better deals than I got on this forum.
  • vs2424vs2424 Posts: 4
    Hi I am in NY and have only seen the 2500 cash rebate. How is everyone getting over 4,000 in rebates.
    Also, what model do you suggest I get if I mainly want leather seating, power everything, swivel seats w/the table and the dvd system?
    I am confused here. :confuse:
  • fredm6fredm6 Posts: 51
    Get the T&C Touring with the L package and try to find a Walter P Chrysler Edition. Hope there are some still out there. That will get you leather and power everything and DVD. Just find a model with the swivel seats and table. You do not have to add much to this configuration. Avoid the Navigation since at $1300 it is too expensive. As I said in an previous post get a Garmin, Tom Tom or Magelan portable unit.
    As to rebates I am not up on hwat the current offers are. They vary some by region. Call the Chrysler rebate center and also ask the dealer to show you the current sheet listing all the rebates. Some also vary whether it is a lease or a purchase. See if they have conquest cash and also owner loyalty. Good luck.
  • Hi lklein1. According to the latest information that I have seen, Chrysler Financial's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease of a 2008 Chrysler Town & Country Touring with 15,000 miles per year .00162 and 54%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical 36 month lease of this van are .00154 and 46%.

    When negotiating your lease, make sure to take advantage of the $2,500 to $3,500 lease cash (the amount varies by region) and $500 bonus cash that Chrysler is currently providing on this model.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • iamfrankiamfrank Posts: 16
    I just received another $1k certificate yesterday in the mail. Does Chrysler really expect me to PAY for their vehicle?!?!? Additionally, around here (Detoilet, Michigan) ... 27 months is a better value than 24 or 36 month leases.
  • vs2424vs2424 Posts: 4
    Ummm, Hi IamFrank,

    I would be more than happy to take that $1000 coupon off your hands
    if it's transferrable. I will be a first time Chrysler customer. I am nervous if anything goes wrong with the minivan because I hear the dealer service dept. is beyond horrible. Do I have to go to a dealer to get my service done if leasing? :confuse:
  • fredm6fredm6 Posts: 51
    It was just announced today on NBC Evening News that Chrysler is getting out of the lease business due to the declining value if used cars, especially minivans, trucks and large SUV,s. I am glad I leased in March. Anyone else know anything about this?
  • iamfrankiamfrank Posts: 16
    Roomer Mill around here in Detroit (Detoilet) is Chrysler's new slave master ... Cerberus actually wants to make money on Chrysler products. They can't make money subsidizing their lousy resale values on their vehicles .. .hence ... out of the Leasing business ... temporarily we think. Also they own/have an ownership in GMAC and we believe GM is next in line. This really stinks because my T&C is due next week and I cannot get near the $189 w/tax that I am paying currently. I am being quoted $340 ... which is forcing me to look at Honda.
  • iamfrankiamfrank Posts: 16
    I usually only lease Chrysler products for 27 months. Anything that goes wrong .. (ie. rear power door, rear interior plastic molding that fell off, weather stripping around rear hatch, having to duck under the weather stripping while getting in the car) will be returned to Chrysler in that manner next week. I had it in once for the ubiquitous low tire pressure light (in the winter which was never remedied) and they replaced my front suspension for some reason.
  • iamfrankiamfrank Posts: 16
    Here is what I just received for 27 months; 15k:

    Touring: .00137 and 53%
    Touring Signature: .00187 and 53%
  • lklein1lklein1 Posts: 24
    Omg, unless you pull the trigger over the next few days it isn't going to happen with Chrysler Financial. I can't believe they are going to stop leasing. My local dealer has 60 2008 Town and Country's on the lot. These are going to take forever to sell. What are they thinking?
  • I was debating whether to lease a '08 or buy my '05 after lease. It has 30k miles and I know the owner.. me. Chrysler Financial called on Monday - I was 11 days away from turning it in or buying and they offered me $2,200 off the residual if I would buy it.

    Plus, they took off the $400 security deposit immediately. I couldn't pass it up. Took the local Business Manager at the dealer a while to accept it. What a sweet deal!
  • iamfrankiamfrank Posts: 16
    Duuuuuuude ....

    Those are disposable' cars ... I made the mistake of buying the minivan off the lease and had to dump it less than a 1.5 years later because of all the problems the vehicle had.

    I would lease the '08's...
  • lklein1lklein1 Posts: 24
    Well, I'm bummed. I'm not ready to lease until October and while I could purchase a T and C with cash I don't want to for the same reason Chrysler is getting out of leasing. I guess I will be leasing a Volkwagen Routan in Ocotber -- exact same interior at T & C with Volkswagen badging. Hopefully, they wil have favorable lease terms.
  • Frank, what kind of problems, major?
  • iamfrankiamfrank Posts: 16
    I'm LMAO ...

    The Routan IS a Town & Country (minus Stow & Go)! It comes out of the Windsor minivan assembly plant using Chrysler's engines, transmissions, vendors for seating, carpeting ... etc. Don't be fooled by the badging (not to mention VW has terrible quality write ups in Consumer Reports as well)
  • iamfrankiamfrank Posts: 16
    I had an engine vibrations that was fixed during the warranty period return and the car and engine were leaking 'stuff' all the time. I couldn't take the car in anybody's driveway without soiling it. I am trying to remember other stuff, but I'm having a senior moment.
  • lklein1lklein1 Posts: 24
    Yes, that is what I am saying. The Routan is a T & C basically with VW emblem on the front. It's the same engine--so shouldn't the quality be the same just has a VW stuck on it? The only reason I would go with the Routan is because I want to lease and my current lease is up in November long after Chrysler quits doing subsidized leases.
  • iamfrankiamfrank Posts: 16
    I see your logic. This is my take. Chryler up until this year was forced to produce cars and attempt to make money on volume because they had to pay their UAW/CAW workers nearly 90% of their wages to watch Oprah. Now they are under a new contract and they are buying out senior union members to hire new ones at $15/hr. Chrysler will cut capacity in the future to reduce supply. I think they'll return to leasing after a cooling off period but the leases of today will be a distant memory. On the other hand, VW is one of the most profitable auto companies. Even with a new models returning high residual rates I wouldn't hold my breath and think they will offer anything that compares to what you and I are used to.
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