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Infiniti FX35 / FX50 Lease Questions



  • Im suposed to go tomorrow to sign the docs to get my FX35,
    Please let me know if Im getting a good deal
    Navigation w/Sirus Sat Radio, Touring, roofracks, blk on blk
    1500 down (includes the 1st month payment) than $499 includes tax :confuse: for 21 mths
  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    Your leaving out a lot of important information so I'll try to guess. The MSRP for everything that you mentioned is $45810. If you can get $500.00 below invoice, then the price for the vehicle is $41340. If you are doing a 21 month/12k lease, then your residual is 72% with a money factor of 0.00044. Your monthly depreciation is $398 with an additional $37.20 in interest (bringing you to about $436.00). Then you must add in your state tax. For example, NJ is 7%, so the payment would become $466.52. This is an excellent price for a $46,000 vehicle. I think you should try to get them down a little more (in my humble opinion).
    Good luck tomorrow and let us know how you make out.


    P.S. - You can mention that you found out about the factory to dealer incentives this weekend and feel that you should be able to get a better price.
  • I believe that I was told the MSRP came to 46,123
    He said he went off their "lease/profit" sheet
    and that im 25$ below invoice...this was as of this past friday
  • this quote was for a 36 month term 12k and the options was touring and hands free... you are right about the 21 month lease term. This quote was done around june 22 2007, now with all of this information I am starting to believe that the MSRP he did quote me was too high. My main focus is to make sure that I am not getting robbed. I am going all alone (did you notice how many times I said that?)
    Can you take a look at what I sent him:

    2007 FX35 AWD Black interior & exterior
    Options: Touring & Hands free
    MSRP: $41,960.00
    Sell: $37,455.00(this includes that incentive $1,000.
    Term: 21 months
    Residual: 72%
    M.F: .00044
    Down Pymt: $1098.00
    Taxes: 8.375%
    Acquis fee: $595.00

    This is the deal that I am going to aim for... do you think I should try to throw in the Navi as well... looking at the recent post above I may be able to :confuse:
    I would like to express how I really APPRECIATE your help, it really means a lot to me to know that there are other humans that you can turn to for help and who genuinely gives it so freely, I really am greatful :blush:
    NOW let's get back to number's... so from my info above is there a way that I can calculate the monthly payments and is MY negotiating too far fetched ;) ?
  • I think I got it :)
    Are my monthly payment's $586.96 including the sales tax of 8.375% ??????
    Please say that I am right!!!!
  • How did you coime up with that an additional $37.20 in interest, is that apart of the MF?
    I tried the leasing formula everything checks out well I yes I just get stuck on the MF you stated that it's not .44, oh gosh I HAVE to get this right by tuesday.
    Maybe my adrenaline is too pumped up it's stopping me from using my common sense and I am not even @ the dealer yet :sick:
    okay I gotta go...
  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    No, something is wrong with your math. That's way too much. Let me try to break it down for you.

    MSRP: 41960
    INVOICE: 38524
    NEGOTIATED PRICE: 38000 (about 500 below invoice)
    RESIDUAL: 41960 X 0.72 = 30211.20
    TOTAL DEPRECIATION = 38000 - 30211.20 = 7788.80
    (NOW DIVIDE THIS BY 21 MONTHS = 370.90)
    30211.20 (RESIDUAL VALUE) = 68211.20 NOW MULTIPLE THIS
    NUMBER BY THE MONEY FACTOR 0.00044 = $30.00
    (30.00) = 400.90/MONTH
    NOW ADD IN THE TAX: 400.90 X 1.085 = $434.37/MONTH

    So your monthly payment should be about $434.37 per month. Even if it's a little more, it's a strong deal. Your start up charges should be about $1400 to $1500 (depending on your states DMV charges).
    If you decide to get the Tech package, MSRP goes to about $46000. Shoot for about $480.00 to $490.00 per month with only $1500.00
    inceptions. Good luck and let me know how you make out. :)

  • aephemeaepheme Posts: 48
    Wow... This is an incredible deal! 1.0% APR and a 72% residual after 2 years. I might go check out an Infiniti dealership now... Good luck to those leasing.
  • This 21 month lease below I closed Saturday, June 30th. Ended my 2006 FX35, 12 month lease (Sport, Technology-XM, Touring, Hands Free, Cargo Protector and Splash Guards) and picked up 2007 FX35 with exact same options.

    $48,310.00 - MSRP

    $43,837.00 - Invoice

    $44,099.84 - Selling price

    $95.00 – DMV Registration Transfer

    $595.00 - Acquisition Fee

    $44,789.84 - Total Cap Cost

    0.00044 - (1.06%) Money factor

    $34,783.20 - (72% ) Residual value

    $10,006.64 - Depreciation / Amortized Amts

    21 - Number of Lease Payments

    $511.52 - Base Monthly Payment

    $30.69 - (CT 6%) Monthly Sales Tax

    $542.21 - Total Monthly Payment

    $299.00 - Doc Fees

    $17.94 - Taxes

    $859.15 - Total out the door (1st Mo, Doc Fees and Tax)


    $542.21 - Infiniti Limited Engagement Summer Event 1st Payment Credit. Event ends July 25 and was an exclusive offer for resigning a new lease with IFS I received in the mail last week. :)
  • THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!!! This is what I was quoted:
    Fx35 with Touring,
    Hands Free and Tech package w/Sirius. Please see Below.

    MSRP $46.625
    Invoice $42,947
    Cap Cost $42,700
    Residual 33,570 (72%)
    Money Factor 0.440
    Bank Fee $595.00
    Ny Lic $155.00
    Doc Fee $ 135.00
    Gap is Included

    Based on the above numbers, the monthly payment would be $529 month with a total due of $1098. This is a 21 month lease with 12000 miles per year
    There is something wrong with his NY lic fee and money factor.

    The other qoute I asked you to disect, the dealer tells me it's only good for yesterday (7/2/07) when we schduled an appointment for today (7/03/07) so now this mourning he says that he has to see the new programs for July 07 at 1-4pm :mad: , so if a customer comes in and want to lease a car is he going to tell him come back between 1-4pm? I guess I will be looking for those programs via internet. :mad:
  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    Hey Red,
    That's the exact same model that I have (same MSRP). My payment is $493 per month and I handed them $1500 at inception. I think you could do better with the dealer incentives now in effect (as long as the lease rates stay the same). Invoice is $42571. The dealer let me have it for $42096. Try to haggle a little more. If the lease rates don't change, try to low-ball them. Offer $475 per month and see what they come back with. Can't hurt. :P
    Let me know how you make out. Good luck.

  • the dealer called me not too long ago, I hope the lease rates don't change i'm still searching for incentives for some reason Infiniti is holding on real tight to these FX35 2007, a person would think that there is no 2008's coming out, I just want to get my car and not be robbed, I was all ready to go and he emails me telling me that he has to wait for the July figures, to call around 2pm is this something that generally happens, it really sounds like a joke to me.
  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    Are you dealing with only one dealership? If there are a few in your area, I would play one against the other. Competition drives down prices.
    I don't think that the lease rates will go up. In fact, the purchase finance rates recently went down to 1.9% for 60 months. To be honest, you don't have a bad deal on the table.....I just think that they could do better. Hell, when I contacted the first dealership, the goofs quoted me $699 per month with $1550 down. NOW THAT IS ROBBERY! Of course, they didn't get my buisiness.
  • trubajtrubaj Posts: 1
    Carman, need some help with what I should target for a monthly payment for an 07 FX 35 with Tech, Sport and Touring packages. I'm interested in the 21 month lease arragnement with 20K miles per year (I do a lot of driving)...This would assume the only cash I walk into the deal is with first month, acquisition, bank and other transaction fees...Thanks
  • Is this dealer incentive $1000 on the 07 FX35 a reality ??

    Im due to pick up late tonight and want to know if i should be addressing this prior.

    Any help is greatly appreciated !!!

    Thanks :)
  • jmac03jmac03 Posts: 3
    Hi All: I am looking for a 39 mo. lease w/ 18K miles. My local Infiniti dealer claims the $1000 incentive is only for purchases, not leases. (Is this true??) Also says the new July money factors went up. I was previously quoted (in June) a money factor of .00135 (3.24%) for 39 month lease and .00692 (1.66%) for 21 month lease. Seems these were higher than what I saw others on this forum were being quoted from their dealers... Now, as of July 1 or so, the rates are apparently higher?? Anybody else seeing this?? Residual for 39 mo w/ 18K miles was 52.7%, and for 21 mo w/ 18K miles was 69 or 70%. Seem reasonable?? Any feedback appreciated.
  • Yeah unfortunately, After today I will not be dealing with just that one he play too many games...I am really nervous about this months number's. Guess i will just have to see but if you hear anything before I do please inform me..and thanks to you I have that lease formula down pack ;)
  • aephemeaepheme Posts: 48
    Well, unfortunately, it looks like bad news. Infiniti has the new lease deal on their website. You can back-calculate the numbers and see how things have changed. For an FX35 AWD, 24 mos, 12k miles:

    Residual: 72% (June) --> 67% (July)
    MoneyFactor: .00044 (June) --> .00026 (July)

    The money factor / interest rate has gone down (a good thing), but the residual has also dropped significantly (a very bad thing). If you were to use the example on their website ($3k down, $2k over invoice), that results in:

    -$12/month due to the lower interest.
    +$86/month due to the lower residual.
    +$73/month total

    That's a HUGE increase over last month (disclaimer: the previous months numbers here are for a 21 month, not a 24 month lease -- the residual value may be 1% higher for a 21 month). Argh! I had just decided on this one, too!
  • I'm hoping for some feedback on the deal I was offered
    I'm about to sign for a 21 month lease on a '07 FX35 AWD.

    Sports Pkg
    Tech Pkg
    Touring Pkg

    12K miles

    $461 per month (first month)
    $835 Tax
    $78 delivery fee
    $187 proc. fee (They wanted $345 but cut it in half)
    $595 bank fee
    $45 dealer fee
    $22.5 misc. fee (No idea what this is)

    Total out of pocket $2,223.5

    Am I leave money on the table? Could I get a better deal?
  • pmeswanipmeswani Posts: 11
    this looks like a really good deal to me. where are you locatd?
  • Long Island. I didn't get the actual cap cost and the money factor etc. So I wasn't sure if this was really good.
  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    Looks like a great deal to me. MSRP must be around 47500. That's a steal. Good luck.

  • pmeswanipmeswani Posts: 11
    DO NOT go to Douglas Infiniti in Summit. They are a bunch of crooks!
  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    Hey just out of curiosity, did they honor the $1000 factory to dealer incentive? I can't see why they wouldn't, but some people in the forum said they were told "No". Your deal makes me believe that they did. Did you get it yet?
  • aephemeaepheme Posts: 48
    Can anyone verify what the new July lease variables are? Residual / Money Factor for a 24 month / 12k lease?
  • dwass1dwass1 Posts: 3
    Would you think the July resdiual is reduced because we are approaching the end of the model year? Would the residual increase at the onset of the 2008 year?
  • bmoney1bmoney1 Posts: 9
    Should be 68% with a MF of .00026
  • kinlochkinloch Posts: 1
    went to my local Infiniti dealer in Richmond last night to lease an 07 FX35. Had a number to get to based on info from this site. Looking at tour, tech hands free with a 46,620 msrp and wanted to get to 41,700 buy price. First they came back with an 08 instead of the 07 and wanted $818/mo for 24 mo and 15k mi/yr. Told them I didn't ask for an 08 and they were crazy with the $818 even if I did. So they went back to recalculate and returned with $620 for an 07 with sports rather than tech!!! Again told them forget it. The insisted there is no way I could ever get the FX package I wanted for anything less. Looks like I'll be driving 2 hours to Tysons Corner like I did last year when I bought the wifes G35 coupe.
    Am I realistic thinking I can get this FX for around $500/mo for 24 months 15k mi/yr? The lease calculators say I can.
  • bmoney1bmoney1 Posts: 9
    I think that might be a little on the low side for a 46K car. 66% residual for 15K and a MF of .00026 you can kind of get a ballpark of what you should be paying. Try If you go to Tysons talk with Mike Walker (the GM). I've dealt with him a bunch in the past. He's one of the good ones! He won't BS you.
  • aephemeaepheme Posts: 48
    An e-mail today from the Infiniti dealer in Troy, MI gave a first offer of this:

    2007 FX35 AWD w/ Touring & Misc
    MSRP = $42425
    Quoted CapCost = $39,483
    Invoice = $38,878 (from

    Residual = 67%
    Money Factor = 0.00026
    Bank Fee = $595
    License Fee = $15
    MI Tax Rate = 6%
    Calculated Monthly = $489
    Quoted Monthly = $507

    Here's how they're making their money:

    CapCost Mark-up = $605 over invoice
    Doc Fee = $199
    Monthly Add-on ??? = $18/month

    I really, really hate dealing with dealerships. :P
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