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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • Hi mtroy. The numbers that you were quoted for this car are pretty close to Infiniti Financial Services' current lease program for it, the actual numbers for a 48 month, 12,000 mile per year lease of an '07 G35 Sport are .00245 and 44%. They will be the same, regardless of what Infiniti dealer you go to, unless you find a dealer that attempts to make additional back-end profit off of your deal by marking your vehicle's money factor up. Fortunately, that is not the case here.

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  • Saprissa, while some banks' lease programs vary by region. Infiniti Financial Services usually publishes one national lease program for all of its vehicles.

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  • Actually mftmrt...if you look at the numbers I think you would have to make closer to 20%. I was running the numbers and if you take say $1000 and put it into a bank account at 5% interest compounded monthly for 3 years, it would come out to $1161.47 in the end.

    Now...if you could take that same $1000.00 and make 2 addl. security deposits and drop the money factor by .02% it calculates out to roughly $12/mo. less on your payment. So, if you take that $144/yr. savings and put it in an account at 5% compounded annually for the same 3 years, in the end it will be worth $643.36 PLUS you will get back $1000 in sec. deposits so your total is $1643.36.

    Crazy huh? Now, I'm no finance guy, so if someone can show me if I'm making a mistake, please tell me, otherwise it seems like if you have money just sitting in a low interest cash account and not invested in anything and don't need the direct access to it, it is worthwhile to use to lower your car payment :surprise:
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,103
    Its not even necessary to take it that far. Just knowing that, if I put $1k in the bank, I won't get anywhere near the $12/month you get in payment reduction is enough to convince me.

    I'm not sure about that $12/month, though. Is that correct? Seems like an awful lot. At a reduction of .0002 MF, I'm only getting about $3.60 difference. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

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  • So, I've seen you say that IFS publishes a national number for their lease programs. My main question is that the absolute bottom number, or is it possible to try to negotiate the MF lower and residual higher? It just seems that compared to other cars in the same class IFS doesn't have as attractive financing numbers. I've seen BMW and Audi quotes at least .03% lower and much higher residual rates.

    Second question...I see the Acquisition fee listed as $ that in addition to the $700 acquisition fee listed on the Edmunds TMV page for a 2007 G35 sport, or is that the same line item? Basically, can I remove that number when calculating the invoice price since it will be calculated in as part of my drive off?

    Third there a resource that has past years financial numbers posted anywhere. I'm just trying to research the exact numbers on my current lease and want to see where the dealer made their money. When I plug in the numbers on my lease term sheet everything works out, but since my end of lease buy out is $2k less than the residual amount listed on my paperwork, I'm wondering if the bank numbers were lower and the dealership just increased the MF to make a bit more profit. If that was the case, might I have some equity in the car since my buyout is less than the listed residual?

    FYI - here are the specs on my current lease if it helps.
    2003 G35 w/ Premium, Navi, Sport, full Aero body kit.
    Cap - $36750
    MSRP - $39600 (approx)
    resid - $19818
    cap reduction - $515
    Acquisition fee - $595
    License, Registration, and all doc fees - $380
    Term 48 mos.
    Monthly payment - $509.95
    total drive off $2000.00 (1st mo., acq fee, registration, and doc fees)

    Sorry for the long post. Just trying to get as agressive as I can with my upcomming lease. Thanks for all your help Car_Man
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,880
    .0002 X (cap cost + residual) = Savings

    Assume $35K cap cost + $21K residual..

    .0002 X $56,000 = $11.20


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  • If your calculator is working, you should see about a $6/mo decrease for every .0001 MF least according to my numbers...And my spreadsheet should be accurate since I've been able to plug in my current lease numbers from 2003 and they matched. It's looking like on my next lease I'm going to "invest" in security deposits since they are doing better than some of my mutual
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,103
    bah. Never mind. I'm an idiot.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • by the way...that $509.95 payment INCLUDES tax. Not a bad payment for back in the day huh? especially since it wasn't even on a car in stock. There were only 2 of the new body style 03's on the west coast with the full AERO kit and mine came right from the ship to me :)
  • Thanks Car Man. Do you have the latest lease rates for a 39 month lease (or 36, in case they only publish for full years). Currently, we were offered 0.00211, but only if we put $3,000 down. If I insist on only paying the 1st payment at closing plus license fees & sales tax, should I assume that they will push the money factor up? Or should I continue to push for the 0.00211 rate?
  • Are there still 2006 deals to be had? Is there still cash back to the dealer?

    Anyone getting good deals on the 2007's. I don't see a lot of closed deals being posted.


  • Hi there,

    I work for Hoehn Infiniti here in Carlsbad CA.....I am able to answer any questions regards to infiniti purchasing, leasing, and buy out.

    Let me know if I can be any assistance


  • Hi there,

    I am a sales consultant at Hoehn Infiniti in Carlsbad CA. We have great deals on o6 G35s....5k off MSRP and $398 on 07 G35 sedan

    Let me know if you need the figures


  • Hey Jordan...your message was a bit confusing...are you saying you have 07 G35s at 5k off MSRP? If so, I'd be more than happy to get more info. Looking for an 07 G35 Sport is desert platinum w/ Premium and Nav, and possibly the tech package depending on price. Looking to lease. I would be curious to see what current numbers are right now.
  • Car_man I asked the dealer those questions. He would not give me an answer. I got him to say 39,500. But he told me it did not matter because my intention is to give it back after the 24 months. Like I said, I really am new at this, and not to bright. If it is 39,500 is that bad? What should I tell him. And if ou can, pleaseexplain why I shouldnegotiate that price? Thank you and everyone for there help!!!!!!!!
  • mftmrtmftmrt Posts: 17
    Today I learned that the lease rate for 48 months is not nearly as attractive as for a 36 or 39 month term. In fact it's more per month than the 39 month term. That doesn't make sense. Second, as I searched through this board and the bmw lease boards, it appears that I can get a 39 month lease on 07 G35 Sport, prem, nav for about $550 per month tax included, with about $1000 drive off. For about the same or maybe $50 or $60 more, and about $3000 drive off, I can get a $54,000 BMW 530. That's because BOTH the residuals and the money factors are FAR better. I'd prefer the G35, but it seems crazy that it's more expensive than a BMW 330 and only slightly less than a 530. I may wait for Infinity Finance to get a little more aggressive on their money factors.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,103
    where to begin?

    well, there is no more 330. So if you are comparing to a 330, that means you are looking at a leftover '06. so I'm not surprised to hear its lower. Second, you are comparing a loaded G35 to what kind of 330? Third, a 330 is in a different class. If you don't need a car the size of a G35, then I'd suggest getting the 330 and save some money if you can.

    And lastly, $50-$60 more and $2k more at signing is not "a little more," IMHO. That's at least $4k more over the life of the lease. If you were to put that same $3k down on the Infiniti, the payment would be over $100 less than the 530. That's a BIG difference to most people shopping leases in this class of vehicle.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • Hi folks,

    The reason longer leasing terms cost more because of residual. The lower the term the lower monthly payment.

    I work for Hoehn Infiniti here in Carlsbad CA. We have $398 plus tax per month specials on 07 G35 sedans.

    Let me know if you need the exact payment figures.

  • I agree. I am a Sales Consultant for Hoehn Infiniti in Carlsbad Ca. We deliver sold cars in immaculate condition. We walk the customers around the car for check up. Go through all features and switches functions. And lastly, we the customer for final test drive to make sure the car is in excellent running condition.

    Any dealer that doesnt go through these check ups....shouldnt be in business.
  • mftmrtmftmrt Posts: 17
    gbrozen, sorry for not being precise. I meant 328. But anyway, here's the deal I'm comparing, based on internet quotes before any actual negotiation:

    BMW 2007 525i premium, Nav and split rear seat:
    36 months/12k miles
    drive off 1027
    MF.9 (??) / don't know resid.
    payment $599 inc tax


    2007 G35 Sport, Prem, Nav.
    MSRP: 38790
    Price: 38000
    36 months, 12K miles
    drive off: 1011
    MF .00211, resid 58%
    payment: $622 inc tax

    Granted, the BMW doesn't have sport package and some other standard stuff that's on the G35, but my guess is I could add that and still be very close to the cost of the G35. The bottom line is that for "the same" money I can drive a car whose msrp is about $13,000 more. Oh, and also, BMW pays for all normal maintenance during the period, including brakes, while I'll pay Infinity dealer for oil changes every three months. What would you do?
  • mftmrtmftmrt Posts: 17
    I think what's really going on here is that BMW's have slightly higher residuals which is understandable, but the major impact is that BMW Finance has extremely low interest rates (money factors) compared to Infinity Finance. If I were buying the car outright, it would be an easy decision to go with the G35 (which is the car I prefer), but for leasing, there's no getting around the fact that BMW has much better rates.
  • mftmrt...if those numbers are correct for the g35 your payment should still be less. According to the numbers you gave, and assuming that the 700 acquisition fee is rolled in to the cost of the car, I show your payments should be around 609 (incl. tax).

    As for the BMW...with those numbers the residual looks to be pretty high...can't be exact, but I'd say around 65% assuming that the MF is .0019

    This all also assumes that you aren't being charged any processing fees other than like 400 for title, registration, and misc. doc fees. in your drive off number. Hopefully those residuals for BMW are correct and maybe Infiniti will be more willing to negotiate theirs...even just a slight increase will be nice. I'd also push for more off the G35...I've seen people getting more agressive discounts here. I'm going to try to work a deal to get that G35 package for around 500 (incl tax). Best of luck. Let me know if you get any better numbers.
  • sin18sin18 Posts: 1
    I signed a 2 yr lease for a 2006 Infiniti G35 Sedan MT6 few months back; i started having problems with the gear box recently where it would be really stiff; i took it to a local dealer and it turns out that they have the authorization to replace the transmission and is scheduled for next week.
    I could be completely off but should i not check with infiniti and ask for a new car altogether .. a car with replaced transmission isnt a new car anymore. Can anybody let me know what my options/ rights as a customer are ?
  • I'm also considering the BMW 525i/530i deal over the G35. The G35 Journey w/ premium has all I need, but the terms for Infiniti are not very favorable in comparison to BMW, making the two cars very close in terms of lease costs.

    The current base money factor for the BMW 525i and 530i is an amazing 0.0005. The residual on the 36 month lease w/ 12k miles is 62%. I drove the BMW today... the main problem here in South Florida is that they are moving the cars quickly and it is getting hard to get the color/option combo that I want. I'll probably have to order it.

    In comparison the local Infiniti had plenty of 07 G35's in stock. It seems to me that Infiniti has missed an opportunity to move some cars at the end of the year by not providing better incentives....
  • I forgot to mention that to get the 0.0005 BMW money factor, all you need is 1 month security deposit and good credit.
  • 2007 G35-S Sedan Automatic
    Color Black on Black
    Premium, Navigation, Technology, Packages w/ Sirius Sat.
    Basically Everything but active Steering, Splash Guards, Maybe they will throw in the wing. (Maybe)!!!
    24 Month Lease 10k miles a year.
    1,500 Down + 800 Bank Fee + 500 Destination Fee + Tax 8.375
    So a Grand Total of about 4,000 Due at Signing. I Estimated the Tax to be About 1,200.
    443 a Month.

    I am not the smartest guy in the world. Need fellow car lovers help. Don't know how to figure out what the correct deal is. Am I being robbed, Great Deal, Am I in the Ball Park? If I left out any info, please let , me know, I will provide. Thank you in advance for your help, I need it!!!!!

    Car_man I asked the dealer those questions. He would not give me an answer. I got him to say 39,500. Also he is not throwing in the wing, but he will give mats, wheel locks ,cargo net, and plate covers. But he told me it did not matter what the price was, because my intention is to give it back after the 24 months. Like I said, I really am new at this, and not to bright. If it is 39,500 is that bad? What should I tell him. And if so can, please explain why I should negotiate that price? Thank you and everyone for there help!!!!!!!!
  • I'll plug your numbers into a calculator in a minute to see what the missing factors are. However...if he keeps saying that the price doesn't matter because you are turning it in in 24 months...he is full of it. shouldn't put the 1500 as a down payment. If you do anything with it you should put it towards 2 or 3 extra security deposit payments. Your money factor will go down, and your monthly payment will go up slightly, but when the lease is over you will get that 1500 back!!
  • Do you know what the residual will be and what the money factor is? did you estimate the tax to be 1200?
  • BMW is a great a machine. However, G35 offers more for your money, Standad Rear view monitor, VDC, Vehicle dynamic control for faster stops and safer agility control. ICC, Inteligent cruise control, lane departure sesnor,
    and not to mention 306 HP and 268 Torque.....

    let me know if you guys need the exact figures for leasing and buying on any Infiniti models


  • Hello there,

    We have $298 plus tax specials on all 06 G35s....
    Our current promotion is $5000 off MSRP on all 06 G35

    Let me know if you need figures...


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