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2013 and earlier Nissan Pathfinder Lease Questions



  • After extensive Internet shopping, i'm getting quoted a really good internet price from a Nissan dealer. for a 06 Pathfinder LE + splash guards & body side molding & $605 destination minus $500 manufacturer's rebate for $31,695. the MSRP is $37,985 and the Invoice cost is $33,421.

    1) can i still negotiate down from that internet price

    2) i want to lease
    a) what is this buy rate lease money factor and residual value and do i find this out?

    b) are there any benefits to no money down or a low down payment? do you just end up balancing it out with higher monthly payments?

    c) are there any benefits to the different length leases? with Nissan's great maintenance scores, one would think one could have the car 60 months with no real maintenance problems.

    d) what other costs can i expect at lease time other than what's listed on the Nissan website
    i.e. $400 security deposit
    First Monthly Payment
    $550 Acquisition fee-what is this?
    Down payment

    advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • rmlinnrmlinn Posts: 21
    great price below invoice - where are you located? MSRP seems higher than that quoted on Edmunds though - I'll need to recheck my numbers.
  • shavhshavh Posts: 12
    Went today and received the following information:

    LE Purchase Price: 32,798
    To Lease: $479 per mth for 39 mths. 1st payment down + DMV Fees
    Residual $19,368 (.53)
    Money Factor: .00086

    SE with Leather Package and DVD:
    Lease: $419 per mth for 39mths
    Residual: .55
    Money Factor: .00086

    Any thoughts as to how i can get the $$ down for the LE. I know my husband wants the LE.
  • shavhshavh Posts: 12

    LE Lease price dropped to 445.
  • rmlinnrmlinn Posts: 21
    I have Pathfinder MF/residuals for May for 36 months but have been adviused by the salesman that their "best deal" is on a 39 month lease. Anybody have info on this? I'm a little wary because the Pathfinder only has a 36 month warranty.
  • marck168marck168 Posts: 8
    Just went to a dealer today. Test drove a SE with Comfort&Premium package.

    Got a standard 36month lease offer

    $339/month with $1999 down at signing. I think this is the special lease offer posted on the (now I can't find it there anymore).

    They gave me a very good trade-in price for my old Maxima at $3400. Also I am eligible for the $500 new graduate bonus on top of that. The trade in cash should be able to cover all the money down plus tax, lic, fees, etc (about $1500). So I don't put any money upfront.

    Could anyone help me calculate my monthly payment with all these trade-in and bonus?? thanks!!!!!!

    The dealer also offered some freebies like free service loaner and free oil changes.
  • shavhshavh Posts: 12
    This is NOT a good deal. You SHOULD NOT use your Maxima as a trade in. It is like putting down $3400 in cash. If you drive off the lot in your new car and total your car - it is like throwing the $3400 away.

    I would recommend selling your car - putting the cash in the bank and using $100 a mth to put towards your car payment.

    The payments with $0 down and your $500 rebate including tax should come to about $415 per mth.

    I got a deal in NY for the top of the line SE with leather and comfort and premium package for $409 per mth. That included tax and my 1st mths payment.

    By the way a 39 mth deal works out better.
  • marck168marck168 Posts: 8
    My Maxima has some body damage on it, so I guest I can only sell it privately for about $3500 maximum. Their high trade-in price made me quite thrilled.

    to Shavh
    So did you put anymony down for your $409/m deal??

  • shavhshavh Posts: 12
    Hi Marchk168,

    I ended up changing my mind at the last minute and leased the Mercury Mountaineer Premium.

    We leased Pathfinders for 9 years (3 different cars) and after seeing the mountaineer and loving it we decided a change was needed.

    They told me at Pathfinder they would do it for the $409 no money down - just DMV fees.

    I was willing to walk away from the deal if they wanted me to make the 1st payment. I would say that you could get it for $409 with the 1st payment - it was a tough negotiation without the 1st payment.

    Good Luck to you - let me know if you have any ????'s.
  • marck168marck168 Posts: 8
    Hi, shavh

    Thanks for all the infos. This is my first time to lease a car. So I don't have a lot ideas about payment calculation and neogtiate the price.

    so far the number I got for SE 4WD with comfort&premium package, 39month 12k/year lease

    0.0005 money factor
    0.53% residual

    but the final price $1000 over invoice, which deal claims the promotion price and cash back is not for lease.

    So right now, I am playing with all 3 nissan dealers in my area to see the best offer. I don't really have any experience working with the dealers, it is quite painful. I will post my final numbers when I cut the deal.

  • shavhshavh Posts: 12
    It is VERY Painful. $1,000 over invoice is not good.

    The lease price that I got on a mercury mountainer was $400 below invoice.
  • marck168marck168 Posts: 8
    Used, they helped me to locate this deal

    2006 Pathfinder SE 4WD with comfort&premium package.
    39month/12,000miles lease

    This is the price after the $500 new college graduate bonus

    $600 out of your pocket at signing
    39 months
    $357 + tax = $389
  • shavhshavh Posts: 12
    that deal is so much better than the one you listed before!! I say go for it.

    The only way it would be better would be to roll the $600 into the payment - making it about $405 per mth. If the dealer is willing to do that then i would definitely do it.

    What state are you in???
    I just had an e-mail "argument" with a dealer in LI who claimed he would have given me that lease deal for $397, no money down.
  • marck168marck168 Posts: 8
    I am in Seattle, Wa. There are 4 nissan dealers within 20 miles to where I live. So I guess there is some competition going on.
  • dachrdachr Posts: 3
    Is this a good deal $3000 down $315 a month for 39 months 12K a year 17,400 buy out. It's a 2006 SE Premium 4X4 package Sell Price was $33,000
  • reasheareashea Posts: 1
    I am new to leasing, so I need someone's help. My husband and I just purchased a 2006 Pathfinder SE for $25,895. We bought their extended service plan and they threw in lo jack. We put $600 down and we traded two vehicles. The reason for trading is that we had negative equity...about $2000. Our payments are $448 since we had $0 down, neg equity, and service plan. The residual (?) is around $14,400. Is this a good deal, or did we get majorly screwed?
  • marck168marck168 Posts: 8
    I already set down the price of a 2006 pathfinder SE with the dealer. Now the final option the dealer offers me a the damage protection program for $499. This is my first time to lease a car, so I have not idea about it.

    The deal told me that this damage protection will let me walk away the car hassle free when return the car at the end of lease. No charges for any damage on the car's interior or exterior.

    Is it worth to buy it?? Or how much do you guys usually get charged for regular damage???

    thank very much.
  • rmlinnrmlinn Posts: 21
    These boards are great - thanks to CArman and posters. Picked up an LE with XM,mats, wind deflector (MSRP 34775) 39mo/12K lease for 440/mo which includes 6% FL sales tax. Wrote a check for 440 to get the keys, all other fees rolled in. No security/disposition. A little trouble getting the color combo that I wanted but finally succeeded. Did it all via email - much better than going in person! Dealt with several dealers in So Fla, 3 agreed to the price but only one had the vehicle. 3 other dealers let me walk at that price (they wanted around 470 for that lease configuration) so I think I did OK, they made some money and I am certainly satisfied.

    One funny thing - we also looked at an Explorer EB, similarly equipped had an MSRP about 2k higher but Ford has 3500 lease cash. Still, best deal I could make was 90/mo higher with everything rolled in. Kind of incredible - Ford dealers were much less willing to make a deal than Nissan, even when you show them the numbers.

    Anyway, thanks to all, good luck. :shades:
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi Dave. You absolutely should negotiate your vehicle's selling price before discussing its monthly payment. The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were financing or paying cash for them. Negotiate as low a selling price as possible and then have the dealer that you are working with calculate your Pathfinder's monthly payment using its buy rate lease money factor. If you provide me with a detailed description of the Pathfinder that you want along with how long you want to lease it for and how many miles per year you need to be able to drive it, I would be more than happy to give you an idea of what its current lease program should be like.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi reashea. I take it that $25,895 is your Pathfinder's purchase price. What is its full MSRP? Also, how long is your lease and how many miles per year are you allowed to drive it? If you provide me with this information, I would be happy to give you my opinion of this deal.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi marck168. I personally wouldn't bother getting the damage protection program. Most manufacturers' captive finance companies are fairly reasonable when evaluating the lease-end condition of vehicles. Of course, if you are highly risk averse you may enjoy the peace of mind that this sort of protection provides. However, in my opinion you would be better off placing the $500 that you would have spent on this coverage in the bank or in a CD and only using it at the end of your lease if you have to.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    I'm glad that you enjoy this forum so much, rmlinn. Congratulations on your new Pathfinder. Enjoy!

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  • dhollydholly Posts: 16
    Hello folks, any and all feedback is appreciated.

    I need 4wd, 3rd row seat and 7,000# tow capacity. I know the Pathy doesn't quite make the last cut, but I have always liked the VQ35DE engine and might be willing to live with the towing shortfall if the deal is right. After seeing a bazillion TV ads for the current lease special ('06 SE $339/mo., 39 mo./12k mi./yr, $1,999 initial payment = $1,660 consumer down payment + $339 expires 7/5/06), I decided to test the waters with a local dealer on a 15k mi./yr 36 mo. lease. The following vehicle was on their lot:

    2006 Pathfinder SE 4x4

    $28,650/26,496 (MSRP/Invoice)
    1,700/1,474 (P01 - SE Premium Pkg)
    1,550/1,345 (G01- SE Comfort Pkg)
    140/98 (F10 - Body Color Side Molding)
    140/108 (B10 - Splash Guards)
    80/51 (R93 - Sunroof Wind Deflector
    605/605 (Destination Charge

    $33,005/30,276 (Total w/ Options)

    The offer:

    39 mo. (they said 36 mo. was cost prohibitive), 52% residual, 0.00050 money factor, $31,875 selling price, $2,500 down for $399/mo. Tax, title, lic. fees not included. They made no mention of the current $500 cash incentive. -OUCH- I also asked for a hard trade-in appraisal on a '04 vehicle which currently shows ~$22k as a monthly Manheim Auction average. Local dealer lots are asking ~$27k. The trade-in offer was $19k. -DOUBLE OUCH-

    Obviously there is plenty of room for negotiation, but I would like to get a comparison of the current lease terms before responding to the dealer. Assuming purchase at invoice, can anyone confirm what the actual factory supported 15k mi./yr lease payments -sans dealer padding- would work out to on this vehicle for 36 and 39 mo. terms in the NE region?

    Based on some of the good info gleaned from this forum, perhaps it makes the most sense to base lease calculations on $0 down, but I don't like the idea of financing tax, title and DMV fees. Should I elect to NOT roll those into the lease if possible? I'm a bottom-line cost, rather than lowest monthly payment, kind of guy.

    Again, I welcome your help and comments. Thanks!
  • jbrognajbrogna Posts: 1
    I am new to leasing and find the whole shopping experience painful and have given up many times. I need a new car and would like to lease the Pathfinder SE 4x4 with comf. and prem package and also leather.
    I would prefer to do it over the phone and via internet but getting the run around and some dealers refuse unless I come in for a "lease presentation."
    I don't want to get taken. I did get one general quote of sticker of $33,500 for what SE 4x4 with leather/prem/and comfort package and money factor of
    I want the 39 month lease, no trade in, $3000 grand down,
    12,ooo miles.
    Any suggestions on the best way to proceed, I really want to move forward.
  • btsapalasbtsapalas Posts: 3
    I've been doing most of my negotiating for an 06 LE 4WD with Navigation package over the internet. I've been contacting and getting quotes from various dealers from Albany to Jersey to Baltimore. The best quotes i've been getting are from Jersey, outside of NYC. The cheapest one is with splash guards, floor mats and sun roof deflector.
    MSRP-$38, 565
    Invoice-$35,025(after manny rebate)
    Quote-$33,195(after manny rebate)

    Is this too good to be true? 2 grand UNDER invoice? am i going to get a bait and switch or other BS once i go in and pursue this? Realistically, what horror stories have you heard regarding stuff like this and what should I expect.

    At what point do i spring on the dealer that i want to lease? Over the internet? After i go all the way out to the showroom?

    I have an excellent credit score of 792. What Money factor should I expaect/demand?

    Realistically, what differences are there for a 36 vs. a 39-month lease.

    should i be armed with an actual lease proposal from an alternative leasing company when i walk in to the dealership in case i don't like the lease that Nissan's leasing company proposes for me?

    I'm also considering buying or leasing a Certified Pre-Owned 05 LE 4WD that i found, instead.
    i'm not quoite sure how to calculate the lease deal for a used car. I can't find any advice online for leasing Pre-Owned. any advice?

  • marck168marck168 Posts: 8
    792 credit score doesn't make the deal any better for you unless you can find a better loan myself.

    all money factor are preset by NMAC
  • btsapalasbtsapalas Posts: 3
    what about other leasing companies?
    does anyone know a reputable leasing company?

    also, i'm being told by a Nissan dealership in Baltimore that NMAC won't lease to New York residents. does anyone know if this is true?
  • gmarga56gmarga56 Posts: 17
    Hello all - Re. the $1999 + tax and tags $339 per month lease. This deal ends on 7/5 - what is the best way (and when) to get the best deal on an SE w/ comfort and premium? Is this a bottom line price or will dealers move substantially from this price? I am a bit particular on color - Red Brawn..... Should I email a dozen dealers and see who can do better than this deal or should I pretend I have not heard of this deal at all? Thanks in advance for any reponses or advice. - George
  • lawdawgmilawdawgmi Posts: 62
    Car man--I'd like to jump in on your offer, as my wife and I just went and priced a loaded LE (no NAV) today. We did not try to negotiate the selling price to get a better lease price. The lease that was offered was 39 mos, 15000 miles/year at $495. Seemed a bit high given the sticker price, which I believe was about 37000.

    We thought it seemed high for this particular vehicle. What is the best we should be able to do?

    Also, what's up with the manufacturer's rebate I saw referenced earlier--is that still available?
  • nuch333nuch333 Posts: 1
    Hi, I am looking to understand whether the following lease offer is a good deal. This is out of Boston.

    2006 LE Nissan Pathfinder 4WD (Loaded, everything but NAV)
    MSRP- 36395
    RV - 51%
    MF- 0.0050
    39 month lease
    12K miles/year
    $4500 down which covers first month and fees

    I know the MSRP is more than what this SUV is selling. How much should I expect the monthly payment to drop if I were to pay around invoice which is around $33K? Also, are the number of miles negotiable? I would probably want to up it to 15K/yr. How much more would they tack on?
    Thanks in advance for any advice offered.
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