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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Passat Lease Questions



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,383
    15K miles to 16K miles is 3250 extra miles over 39 months... not 1000 extra..


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  • Holy balls - I'm an idiot. Thanks.

    Also, the Passat is OUT for me - I just drove one and my initial instinct was correct - I'm not comforable in bigger cars. Quite frankly, it didn't seem much different on the inside than a Ford Taurus. For some reason, I remember the Volks interiors to be more distinctive in the older models - maybe I'm completely off-base, but that's my feeling.

    I re-drove the GLI and it's pricey at 30k, but that type of car suits me better. I won't get as good a deal - 500 over invoice - residual is 53% and the MF = .00130, so the payments go up to 410, getting ever closer to an Audi's range.

    You guys can disregard my previous posts as I'm going to have re-think this entire situation.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,383
    I only caught it, because I've made the same mistake a few dozen times..

    If you are interested in the GLI, my local dealer ran an ad today... Leftover '07 GLI for $5K off MSRP.

    There must be some dealer cash involved there, because if you take that price, you aren't eligible for the subvented financing rate.

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  • 2008 Komfort Wagon... got it at dealer invoice plus $2k owner loyalty rebate...
    money factor for wagon is .00125, residual 51% of msrp.

    Excellent salesperson (internet dept.); honest, up-front, absolutely no bs. Got me the color I wanted even though they didn't have it on the lot. Traded in my 06 Passat sedan, received a very fair price (even though one loses quite a bit in the first 2 years). Final cost: $308/mo., including tax. Having dealt with 3 other dealers in the area, this one is tops.

    Commonwealth: Orange County VW, Santa Ana, CA
  • Well, after numerous test drives of Passat's, GLI's, GTI's and EOS's, I liked the GLI the best, but was not terribly wow'ed by any of them, except the GLI's really have some zip.

    While staring out the window in the showroom, I noticed a pre-owned A4 I hadn't noticed before. It was new to the lot, I inquired on the price, drove it and realized this was the car for me. I haggled like crazy and ended up driving the A4 off the lot around 1am this morning. I think I did pretty well on the price. The following link is my car - it's all accurate except it's actually an auto - not a manual tranny. It's really a sweet ride. After 6 years of driving my beloved Focus ZX3, I'm finally adding an A4 to my collection.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,383
    Looks nice! Congratulations..


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  • Hello all and hope everyone's holidays are going well.

    If someone could help me figure this out - I'm trying to get into my first VW Passat lease. I went and test drove one and liked it:

    08 Passat Komfort sedan
    12k mile lease with $0 down
    Net Cap cost: $29251.48
    MF: 0.00118
    Residual of 51%
    Monthly payment of $423.60

    Does this sound ok? I have a 3.2% tax for VA and the invoice price is $27,788 plus a $575 acquisition fees which this guy says he cannot take off. After that, I still am $988 and some change short of the net cap cost listed it fair to assume that that's tax? or should I be asking him to take the acquisition fees and the $988 and change off?

    All in all, it looks like a decent deal to me - I just would like to know if there is any more 'wiggle' room to get the monthly payment lower?

    Thanks for any and all input in advance!
  • This seems high... you should be able to get a cap cost of invoice. How many komfort sedans do they have on the lot? Remember, you should be negotiating as though you were going to buy the car. Would you buy one for msrp? Probably not. It looks like the dealer is not cutting you a deal at all, since VW is floating the low money factor.
    Offer him invoice for the car; you'll still have to pay the acquisition fee, tax and license.
    Check out which should give you a good idea of what payments would be.

    The VW site offers a base turbo sedan at $349/mo (plus tax & fees), (10k per year), $0 drive-off for 39 months. I can't imagine that a Komfort model with 12 k should cost you
    $80 more per month. VW picked up the first month's payment, plus I got $2350 owner loyalty since I owned a VW (2006 sedan traded in for 2008 wagon). Good luck!
  • Hey, thanks for the reply.

    The actual invoice is $27,788.00 plus a $575 acq fee and $988.48 in taxes. I do not pay anything upfront and VW takes care of the first month's payment as well.

    Does it still sound high?

    Kindly do let me know since I want to get in on this offer.

  • bpitt1bpitt1 Posts: 6

    If you're getting the car at invoice, you should be ok; ask them if VW has any other dealer incentives they can pass on to you to help defray the tax and fee. (They actually should quote you a figure which includes ALL tax and fees, otherwise it's not a $0 down lease.) Be sure to get enough miles included -cheaper to pay upfront rather than at end.

    BTW, if you have ANY use for a wagon... I'd definitely get that instead of the sedan. It drives the same, gets the same mileage, and is versatile. I think it looks better than the sedan (and it definitely is more useful). Since you're leasing the price difference is negligible.
    Money factor for a wagon is slightly higher: .00125 vs. .0018.
    I had the sedan for 15 months... really like the wagon now.
    Good luck...
  • I am researching a Passat and received the following from a dealer in Florida. .

    Is this a good deal? When I run the numbers in a lease calculator, it looks like they are selling the car for around $17k to get to that payment.
  • Just received a quote today on a '08 Passat Komfort (w/ heated seats) of $26,689. Also, was made aware that $1,500 in trade assistance is available for trading in a Honda.

    Lease quote as follows:

    36 months (12K/YR)
    $0 down ($550 due at signing)
    Pmts: $366 + Tax
    MF: 0.00115
    Residual: 50% (MSRP $28,655)

    Does this look like a good deal? Milwaukee, WI
  • Hi vw_shpr. In addition to the $1,500 incentive that you mentioned, Volkswagen is providing an additional $750 cash incentive on leases of 2.0T Passat models through VW Credit right now. If I was in the market for this car, I personally would shoot for a selling price of around $500 or so over dealer invoice and then have the dealer subtract all of the aforementioned cash incentives from that. You can look up the exact invoice price of the Passat that you are interested in by visiting the New Vehicle Pricing section of

    The money factor that you were quoted for this car is higher than VW Credit's February buy rate for it. VW Credit's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 Passat 2.0T Sedan with 12,000 miles per year are .00023 and 50%, respectively. Make sure that the dealer you are working with uses this program to calculate your car's monthly payment.

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  • Hello Car_Man and All,

    I would greatly appreciate your opinion on the quote I received for leasing 2008 Passat 2.0T Lux, 36 months, 15k miles per year. The cash price is $500 below invoice minus $1,500 VW loyalty. According to invoice posted on Edmunds, this would make the final price $26,797. The payment quoted by the dealer is $390/month, $0 down, including 6.5% sales tax on the entire cost of the vehicle.

    My other question is whether 48-month lease would look more attractive, as I have no information on it. Chicago, IL.

    Thank you for your help!
  • what are any current VW lease incentives? looking at an 08 Komfort wagon
    with an MSRP of $30.134, and trading a Nissan.
  • Hi,

    I have the following offer:

    2008 Komfort with heated seats and IPOD adaptor (that I don't really want)

    36 months $392 with only $143 down (plates)
    48 months $362 with only $143 down (plates)

    The money factor for 36 mos. is .00023=.6% and .00083=2% for 48 mos.. The residual for 36 mos. is 50% and 43% for 48 mos.. The Net Cap Cost is $28192. Keep in mind, I am using a $26,300 tax credit which equals an additional $1,775 in savings. This means you actually only pay $83.30 in taxes over the full term

    The tax credit has thrown me for a loop… Am I getting a good deal here?


  • I got a quote for the komfort package for 2000 down at 317 a month all included tax title reg, blah, blah.
    Now I got them down to 287.00 with 2000 down is this a good deal the MSRP was 25,867 she said 500 below dealer invoive with also 1750 incent and rebate. cant get VW loalty. with money factor is 0.00023 with 51% residual.
    I ddi all math and think it i my dad said dont do it because why can they drop the price so fast. I said it is end of month and they want the car off the lot.
    Please ANYONE let me know if that is a good deal.
    BTW the Residual at end is 13,200.
  • Just saw an online add (in fact there's one on this page) that they are evidently extending the "sign and drive" event. It will be interesting to see if the lease rates are the same. Now set to expire March 31st, 2008.
  • ny_wpny_wp Posts: 2
    I just got way high quotes compared to that. How many miles per year?
    and where is the dealer??? i'm in NY
  • I got only 10K miles for the 266.00 that is all I need it is a second car, but for 12K I got priced at 286.00
  • ny_wpny_wp Posts: 2
    compared to mine thats an excellent deal, I got a quote of 36moX382 for 12k with 1300 total down & msrp of 26990 of komfort trim with heated seats

    so how did you negotiate? I think my dealer has excess inventory so i'm in good position.

  • greatcarsgreatcars Posts: 66
    I had never leased a car. When buying a car we can negotiate the purchase price. But for lease, can you also negotiate the base price of the car on which the lease payment is calculated? And the otehr terms like milges/ per year, APR and down payment? For lease it's probably more tricky because when the purchase price is not good you can simply walk away and go to see another dealer or brand.
  • ok here it is, I had 4 dealers I was working with, first to see right off who would give me the best price, also i mentioned i did research on Edmunds and know what they are selling for. I also did NOT state i was leasing at first but then later told them, but not much for prices changed. I started at one dealer he said price was for 428. month 0 down and 12K. I snickered, and said thank you and bye.
    so now I had 3 others to go with. one my wife just hated the sales man he was low but very arrogant, I have lowest prices and now one can beat me. then said are you gonna buy this car or not, so later I said, "NOT"
    now we have 2 dealers, one my wife really liked the salespersonlady, oh how she seemed so caring for our needs, I told my wife dont be suckered inn she is still a sales person. while my wife was working with her i had a side deal with the last dealer, who right off the bat gave me a great deal no negotiating.
    My wife said that the person made her lowest offer and the next day i said to her how about goinh ten dollars cheaper on the monthly payments and go into holdback to make it happen she said the typical ill get back to you, and guess what she went 10 less, I said to my wife if she already said it was lowest she could go then why and how did I get ten dollars cheaper??? So the other dealer was already 15 less than her and I said we will go with you if you also throw in rubber mats for winter and rain FOR FREE!!! no added price since i asked him for all the numbers and he gave them all to me before i asked for free mats.
    So here is the deal i worked out.
    I got a 2008 KOMFORT Passat (NOT A BASE MODEL) fully loaded of MSRP 28,854. dealer invoice 24,612. purchase price of car for me 23,012. and what ever he did the payments are 266.00 with 10K per year, (that is all we need ) we have a second car. the only thing I am sure they got me on was a doc fee for 299.00 was prebuuit in the lease contract. I am sure and know they made out also but as long as my payments are where i want them I am happy, and my wife is also, Now we are going from a 2004 leased Audi a4 with buyout of 15,897, to just returnung that to the dealer and going into this VW. it is bigger, smoother ride and fun to drive also. alot more leg room in rear.

    email me if you need a one on one with questions,
  • greatcarsgreatcars Posts: 66
    I think you did great. The08 Komfort has the MSRP 27900 and Invoice of 26064 on its national base price tag without any options. And you got dealer invoice 24,612 and purchase price of car for you 23,012 on a fully loaded one. That's incredibly good and the best deal I have read and are like the price for the 2.0T base model price without options. Would that price be good if purchase instead of lease? I guess it was.
  • jack108jack108 Posts: 1
    sounds like you did really well, you put down 2,000 right?
  • yes it was a lease only, and dont know what it would of been buying it,
    Yes I did put 2000. down which we did not want to do but it worked that way for us, each 1000 only raised or lowered it by 26 dollars.
    Really I dont know if we reaLLY got a good deal or not.
  • jay2001jay2001 Posts: 19
    That seems like a great deal.
    Did the $2000 include drive off fees (1st month , plates, etc) ? Is it a 39 or 36 months lease?
    Thanks for the info.
  • 64221306422130 Posts: 44
    I am interested in the sign and drive deal. The base model appears to be $329/12K. Was wondering if the residual % and money factor are the same for the Komfort and Lux models/ Also, is there a similar (lower monthly) on 39 months?

  • I just leased a Komfort Passat for 36 months/ 12,000 miles
    heated seats, rear airbags, window tint
    adjusted cap cost 25554
    money factor .00023
    no sales tax (military family will register in NY where there is a sales tax deferment)
    payment is 322.00 per month
    1st month's payment was made by VW Credit
    this deal was done at Findlay VW in Las Vegas, NV and we were able to negotiate everything over email and drive down and get the car.
    Sales person was John Coats.
  • So i went back and forth, i hate car shopping, it always causes a headache, I never want to hear someone getting a better price than me, i just dont want to be scammed by these car sales people....

    So my final selling was based on 2 options:
    1) $1900 down (basically to cover fees) and $256 a month for a 36 month lease at 12000 miles a year


    2) $0 down and $314 a month for a 36 month least at 12000 miles a year

    I think i am going with the $314 a month.

    Yes this is for the komfort, with heated seats, i pod connection and i was able to get them to thrown in a cargo tray and the wall weather mats....

    do you think thats a reasonable price?

    I hope so because i tried to get another dealership to beat this offer, and i couldnt....
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