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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Passat Lease Questions



  • selmselm Posts: 122
    I wish I had some advice for you, but I am in the same situation. I am currently leasing a 3 series. My lease on my 3 is ending pretty soon and I am trying to decide which is better: buy/lease a passat, or buyout my car for essentially the same price. Who knows, I might even buy/lease another new BMW. In most every way, I like the 3 series better, but $1200 tires every 20,000 miles is a bit excessive (If I would release or buy a new 3, I would stay away from the sports package which comes with the blasted expensive tires). And I have a feeling once the BMW is out of warranty, things could get mighty expensive. The practical side to me says get the much cheaper passat, but the emotional side wants me to stay with BMW. I don't know what to do!

    So while I have no advice, I just wanted you to know that you are not alone.
  • tntmythtntmyth Posts: 70
    I am considering a 2008 Passat Komfort with Ipod adaptor. From what I am reading on the posts, some are getting payments of about $311 - $329 per mo with 12,000 miles, 36 months. 50% resale after. And this is after you negotiated your best deal. The lease posted on VW website for a base Passat is $ and my local dealer told me it's higher at $369 for the Komfort. But I guess some of you are getting $2,000 VW Loyalty incentive or $1,500 Conquest incentive for trading in a Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai etc. bringing your lease payment down to approximantely $320/mo. including tax, tag and title.

    My questions are as follows:

    Have any of you gotten a $320/mo price on a Komfort without getting one of these incentives?

    Is the Sign and Drive event an incredibly low price that can't be passed up? (e.g. what would be the "normal" lease deal I could get on a Komfort Passat?)

    VW is now shipping their cars with the new 2.0T CCTA engine with 211 hp and more torque. This is a completely new engine and replaces the existing 200 hp BPY engine. Advantage is more torque, maybe slightly better gas mileage, timing chain instead of timing belt. and better acceleration. VW is putting this engine in all of their 4 cyl. application including the new 2009 Audi A4 2.0T. So now that the new engines are arriving, perhaps the main reason that VW has had this Sign and Drive Event was to clear out their inventory with the older BPY engine. I am concerned about this but now way to know. Interesting thing is that you can pick up a Passat with one of the new engines and still use the existing Sign and Drive incentives. It's a thought. I wonder if there will be reliability issues with the new engine while they get the bugs out in the first year or will it just be all that from the beginning??

    Basically, I am wondering if I should take the leap to buy the Passat now or wait until 2009 models come out so that I can get Bluetooth and touch button NAV along with the new CCTA engine. That's why the price is important.

    Basically, do you guys think that VW will go back to a higher lease payment once they have cleared out their inventories? Or can I expect that VW will still have decent lease deals in a few months or in the fall when the 2009's come out?
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 606
    Greetings selm!

    You asked the following questions (answers are bolded)...

    -What is the vw acquisition fee? $575
    -Is there a security deposit required. If so, how is it calculated? none required
    -Do vw leases include gap insurance? YES
    -Is there a disposition fee at the end of the lease? YES, $350

    I recently structured an "almost" sign and drive Touareg 2 lease for someone in NY. See my post #279...

    Touareg Lease Deal by delta 737h


    PS: ANYONE needing assitance with lease calculations, sign and drive leases, etc, please let me know. I'm always glad to provide assistance. You'll need to provide some specifics including your state.
  • tntmythtntmyth Posts: 70
    Getting ready to pull the trigger on a new 2008 Passat Lux. I was offered $369/mo + tax for a 36 month, Comes out to $391/mo with tax.

    12,000 mile lease
    50% residual.
    MSRP $30459.
    Sign and Drive program, nothing down, no VW Loyalty incentive, no trade in.

    Sound like a good deal? How much more should it cost me to go to 15,000 miles on the same lease?
  • tntmythtntmyth Posts: 70
    Has anyone heard about or knows anything about the new 2.0T TSI engine showing up in the latest Passats? What I know is that it replaces the BPY engine that has been the Passat for the last few years. It is completely different. It has been showing up in Passats delivered to dealers in the last couple weeks. Is supposed to be basically the same engine coming in the new 2009 Audi A4. The Audi A4 will have 211 hp. Not sure what the situation will be with this new engine. Is it a better engine? Better performance? Hard to find information about it on the web. Here is a photo of what it looks like in a GTI engine compartment. Notice the different engine cover from the "older" 2.0T BPY engine.

  • simbany1simbany1 Posts: 11
    So I just got back from Baysde VW in Queens, NY. I currently lease a 2007 Nissan Maxima and the salesperson quickly went into telling me that he could give me a great deal on an 08 Passat. He told me about the $1500 incentive to terminate my Nissan lease. I told him that I wanted the 2008 Passat Lux with no money down and $0 out of pocket. The best he said he could do was for me to pay for registration/plates (which he approximated at aroud $250) and my payment would be around $427 for 36 months, 10k miles....

    Seeing all the low monthly payments with no money down on this forum, it was hard for me to believe that this was the best he could do. I'm ready to get the Passat right now and turn in my Maxima, but he said that this was the best deal he could give me right now.

    Can anyone tell me if I should be getting a better deal then this?? I'd like to pay absolutely nothing out of pocket (but I'll pay for the registration), but want everything else rolled into the payments, ie. taxes, title, etc and keep my monthly payment in the mid to high 300's for a Lux. Is this impossible????

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Yes!! Totally Possible!! As long as you don't have any negative equity from the old lease, you'll be good to go!! I am thinking you could possibly be in the mid $300's with taxes included. The Komfort is only a bit lower in price to the Lux, so there not too much difference, I was offered $318 with the Komfort, but I had some negative equity, so my payment is $348, which is not too bad.

    This is possible! You totally need to call around though, get quotes via email, because even my dealer, though nice, I have caught them in a few lies, but I understand they are running a business, but finding better quotes and letting them know that you are willing to get the best deal and not dumb.

    Good Luck, and just be informed and ready.

    Why are you trading your Maxima so early?
  • azguy2azguy2 Posts: 10
    I am new to the leasing game, but have been reading the posts in this forum with interest. When people give their lease payments, does this normally include taxes? In other words, when someone says they got a deal on a Passat Komfort for $311 a month with nothing down, is the $311 before taxes?

    I was offered this deal tonight: $285.73 mo. (plus 23.72 tax = $309.45 mo.) for a Komfort with Ipod and mats. 36 months, 12K miles, money factor of .00023, and residual of 50%. The MSRP on this car is $28,814. Down payment of $877.62 to cover title, license and documentation.

    I was also shopping a Turbo, and on that was offered $268.25 mo. (plus 23.72 tax = $290.51 mo.) on that car. Same terms, MSRP is $26,014. Down payment of $830.59.

    I'd appreciate hearing from some of you if this a good deal right now.

  • jb1105jb1105 Posts: 5
    HI there...
    Am just about to finish a deal on a Passat Komfort and have been told that the Ownership Loyalty Program is NOT APPLICABLE on this model???
    (I have been in a Jetta lease for the last 3 years and am turning it in for the Passat).
    YOur input here or is he full of hot air???
  • saipreetsaipreet Posts: 3
    Sale Price he's offering:$23940
    For a VW Passat Turbo with heated front seats on a 2 yr lease (57% residual after and a money factor of 0.00033. The lease is the 12k miles/year lease and i will pay $940 down in title, tax and doc fees. I got this quote from the Southern States VW dealer in Durham. I tried using your lease payment calculator (in and for the numbers he gave (and with tax at 7% i come up with MUCH HIGHER MONTHLY PAYMENTS ($591 including tax) compared to his $380 a month. Not sure how he's able to give me a $380 a month deal..
    - Confused (first time Passat buyer).
  • azguy2azguy2 Posts: 10
    I forgot to mention that I currently drive a 2002 GLX Jetta, so I am getting the 2,000 owner loyalty credit plus the 750 lease credit (please see my earlier post above). Contrary to what some others have posted, there is no requirement that I trade in my Jetta, by the way, to get either of these credits. You just have to currently own a VW model 2001 or later.

  • azguy2azguy2 Posts: 10
    My understanding is that the owner loyalty program is good through the end of April. On a Passat, the Owner loyalty credit is $2,000, and you should also be eligible for a VCI Lease Bonus Program credit of either 750 (turbo) or 1,000 (Komfort/Lux). It is not necessary to actually trade your vehicle in to get the $2,000, by the way -- you simply need to own a VW model, 2001 or later.

    PS Make sure they pay your first month on the lease, so that you only have 35 (or 23, or whatever it is) lease payments.

  • jb1105jb1105 Posts: 5
    You are great!
    OK, so there are no RESTRICTIONS on which model - that's what my guy's trying to tell me...that it only applies to the "base model." Hmmmph. So he's wrong in telling me that? What should I say to him - that he's full of bologna?!! :)
    Also what's the VCI Lease Bonus Program Credit for the Komfort? Please tell me more.
    Uh OH...the guy also told me that I'd have to pay my first mo. and tags up front - total of $460ish. I told him I could do that - did I screw up?!!
    Leasing is so tricky and frustrating at times!
    Am doing a $0 down 36/12K
    Thank you SO very much for your help ! YOu are a gift to us out here!!
  • simbany1simbany1 Posts: 11
    I'm turning in my Maxima because it's a 24 month lease ending in 4 months. Had a 2002 Passat wagon vr6 for 4 years and I should've never switched to Nissan. The driving experience is just not the same so I wanna go back.

    I'd really like to get out of my Maxima early, which they are helping me with by cutting me a check for $1,500 to take care of the rest of my Maxima lease. It's part of their early lease termination program they have for people leasing Nissan, Honda, Toyota, etc. But he said that with no money down and just paying for title/registration fees, I'd be at $427/month on a 36 month lease for the Lux....there's gotta be a better deal then that.
  • azguy2azguy2 Posts: 10
    Glad to help out. I'm just passing on information I received at a dealer here in Phoenix, and also what I have read on the web. Sounds to me like you have a "bad" dealer, or at least one who is not willing to offer you all of the deals and programs that are available right now at VW. Can you try a different dealer? If distance is a factor, it might be worth it to make a few phone calls to the closest dealers outside your immediate area.

    I'm just hoping Car Man will look at the deal I have pending and tell me if it looks like a keeper (see post # 591 from yesterday). One thing I forgot to mention in the original post is that I am elible for the 2,000 owner loyalty and that they are offering to pay the first month's payment.
  • lepialepia Posts: 43
    Hello simbany1,

    I leased a 2004 VW passat from them. I was pleased with their service.

    I am planing to lease another 2008 lux. I am woundering; did they tell you how much was the lease for the vw passat lux without turning your car in?

    much appreciated.

    I am going there this weekend to negotiate another lease.

    thanks in advance,
  • simbany1simbany1 Posts: 11
    No they didn't tell me what the lease would be without turning my car in but if didn't have 4 months left on the Maxima lease, I would have been able to just put that $1500 into the deal, and lower the payments.

    If you have a 2004 VW, then you should be able to take advantage of the loyalty program and you should be able to get $2000 or $2,500 discounted off the price, but I believe that ends at the end of this month. Good luck!
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Well, you would be suprised, but your probably where you need to be with taxes, but I think you can haggle a bit more, The $1,500 acounts for about 40-50 bucks, but I think you can get them down a bit, I am down to about $338 on a Komfort, and that is with me having about 1,100 in negative equity. Not bad at all! So far, no deal out there can beat that!! But I am still interested in the 08 Accord lease, which I just got an offer for about $343 with about $400 due. So not bad either, that is on the EX-L 4cyl accord. Also, I love the Jetta, similar deal. So, I am really going crazy about what to get.

    So, I am at
    Passat $338 $0 Due
    Accord 4cyl EX-L $343 with about $400 down
    Jetta SE Stiff deal compared to Passat- $345, but love the drive!! $0 Due!!

    Special might end this month on VW!! Sign and then drive might not arrive next month!
  • I just leased a Passat Wagon, so I can kind of help you compare. Here is what your deal seems to be:
    MSRP: 28814
    Cap Cost: 24370
    Residual : 50%
    Money Factor: .00023
    Effective APR: 0.55%
    Term: 36
    Residual: 14407
    Depreciation: 9963
    Monthly Depreciation: 276.75
    Monthly Finance Fee: 8.92
    Total Monthly Payment: 285.67

    Cap Cost: 24370

    Invoice on that car is 26,953.
    With the $2k and $1k back, and add in the $575 acquisition fee, you are at around $158 below invoice.


    To compare, I got a Passat Lux Wagon with $500 down
    MSRP: 33214
    Cap Cost: 29959.97
    Residual : 40%
    Money Factor: .00087
    Effective APR: 2.09%
    Term: 48
    Residual: 13285.6
    Depreciation: 16674.37
    Monthly Depreciation: 347.38
    Monthly Finance Fee: 37.62
    Total Monthly Payment: 385.01

    My invoice was $30,996. - $1k (no trade in or loyalty :( ) + $575 acquisition comes out to about $611 under invoice. I also have the doc fee rolled into the cap cost (actually they just reduced the cost by the doc fee so I didn't really pay it). So I think you should be able to reduce the sale price by $500 and get rid of the doc fee.
    Who knows what other dealer incentives are on these. I'm in AZ, which it looks like you are too. These are some amazing lease deals.

    So if you reduced your down payment by the doc fee, and reduced the sale price $500 you would have:
    MSRP: 28814
    Cap Cost: 23870
    Residual : 50%
    Money Factor: .00023
    Effective APR: 0.55%
    Term: 36
    Residual: 14407
    Depreciation: 9463
    Monthly Depreciation: 262.86
    Monthly Finance Fee: 8.80
    Total Monthly Payment: 271.66
  • jb1105jb1105 Posts: 5
    OK, so I talked to the dealer and he built that loyalty bonus into my price....
    I still have remaining payments on my current VW (3 to be exact) so there's about $770 of it right there. The rest I guess just got me where I need to be. Haven't physically looked at papers yet.
    Any "thingies" to watch out for??!
    1. Acquisition fees?
    2. Early termination fees?
    3. Disposition fees?
    I'd love your guidance on this!

  • lepialepia Posts: 43
    I am interested on the answer as well. My lease is due on June 1, so I was woundering if I should expect the sale rep pull one on me because my lease is not due yet.
  • Just got back from my local dealership and it was a frustrating experience.

    I went in looking at a Passat Turbo Wagon - only options on it are heated seats and floormats. My employer has a "deal" with VW that allows me to get the car at invoice without the hassle.

    Sticker on the car is $27.5k invoice was about $25k - have them run some lease numbers and they come back with $440! I mention the Sign and Drive promo - which they seem to be unaware of. They "re-run" their numbers and are still off..

    I don't qualify for any rebates (not a returning VW customer - and do not have a trade in that qualifies either.)

    I'd love to get the car - but I'd prefer to spend about $250-$300 a month (36 mos - 12k miles)

    Can anyone assist with the numbers on this?
  • jb1105jb1105 Posts: 5
    Hi -
    I imagine you might have the same thing happen, I hate to say, but at least the 2K was figured in somehow - or at least part of it!
    Ho hum!!
  • lepialepia Posts: 43
    hey everyone,

    I tell you, going to a dealership to negotiate a lease is the a nightmare. I just came back from the dealer I leased from 4 years ago.

    He is offering the following:
    391 a month
    0 down, taxes rolled in monthly payment
    36 months
    15,000 miles a year.

    he also offered the Komfort at the following rate:
    333 a month
    tax up front
    36 months
    15,000 miles.

    Anyone knows a dealer that is willing to do 340-345 a month 0 down. 15k a year, 36 months, for a Passat Lux in the NYC area?

    how can this be? someone posted he got $340.00 a month.

    Sale people are the worst to deal with.

    Any suggestions? I want to get my new Passat by next Wednesday.
  • lepialepia Posts: 43
    Do you mind sharing the dealer you went to?
    Is it in the NYC area?

    thanks in advance,
  • lepialepia Posts: 43

    I went there today and they offered me the following:
    Passat Lux 08
    0 down
    391 a month tax included
    15,000 miles.
    36 months.

    supposely, this deal includes the 2,500 incentive since I already have a 04 passat lease.

    I will continue shopping around,

    hope this help.
  • lepialepia Posts: 43

    Can you share the dealer you went to?
    is it in the NYC area?
  • Lepia,

    You need to include the price and or options to get a better idea. Here is an example, based on my experiences above on what they are willing to do.
    Passat Sedan Lux with Mats and Ipod MSRP:$31,268 Invoice:$29,203
    I got $611 below invoice, not including incentives. So I would shoot for a selling price of $29,203 - $1k lease cash, -$2k loyalty - $611 dealer lowering the price = $25,592.

    I entered that into (made for cell phones, but works in any browser), and got this:
    MSRP: 31268
    Cap Cost: 26167 (includes $575 acquisition fee)
    Residual : 48%
    Money Factor: .0003
    Effective APR: 0.72%
    Term: 36
    Residual: 15008.64
    Depreciation: 11158.36
    Monthly Depreciation: 309.95
    Monthly Finance Fee: 12.35
    Total Monthly Payment: 322.31

    That does not include plates or dealer doc fees. You should be able to negotiate out the doc fees, or have them include that in the selling price. If you know what plates and registration cost, you can add that into the fee field of the lease calculator, or you can pay it out of pocket.

    If you can access the internet on your phone, that calculator comes in VERY handy at the dealer when they are trying to pull fast ones. Good luck.
  • azguy2azguy2 Posts: 10
    I leased the following deal tonight from Volkswagen North Scottsdale. Thanks to all those who offered advice. The Mocha Brown ext./Beige int. Passat Komfort came with factory-installed Ipod, Mats and Rear Spoiler, plus they gave me the wear and tear protection package at no cost (this was a negotiated item -- usually retails for around $700). They paid the first month of the lease, leaving me with 35 payments.

    MSRP: 29,453
    Customer Cash: 856.72
    Residual %: 50%
    Money Factor: .00023
    Term: 36 months
    Mileage: 12,000
    Residual Amount: 14,726.50
    Base Monthly Payment: 278.86
    Monthly Tax: 23.15
    Total Monthly Payment: 302.01

    I was eligible for Owner Loyalty. I was extremely pleased with the service at Volkswagen North Scottsdale. Also very happy with this deal.

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Lots of people fail to leave out their local sales tax when talking payments on the "deals" they got

    Some states have to pay tax on the ENTIRE sales price, others pay just on the monthly payment. 3% on the payments vs 7% of the entire purchase price makes a huge difference.

    People are pulling their hair out over 20-40 bucks a month and wondering why. Payments will vary some.

    And not everybody gets owner loyalty money. When people are pinching pennys on low end lease paymets, $1500 loyal money is 40 bucks a month differnt.

    With sales tax and loyalty money, 2 people could buy the same car and get the same deal price wise and be 50-70/mo apart in payments.
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