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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • Question ... In my 07 Tahoe V8-V4 mode works so flawlessly !! ... Why do you want to disable it ???
    BUT .. I found if you manually downshift the transmission from D (4th) to 3rd it will stay in the V-8 mode ONLY .. info per the D.I.C. display.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I recently purchased a 2007 Yukon - Is there a way to disable the V4/V8 mode, so the vehicle ONLY operates in V8 mode?

    I doubt it without hacking something. Why would you want to?? If you can tell it's running in 4cly mode, yours isn't working properly.
  • tahoefourtahoefour Posts: 16
    I have a 2007 Tahoe and I can tell when mine is in 4 cyl mode, It's like a low drone vibration. So do you think I should have it checked.
  • hawkeye54hawkeye54 Posts: 14
    Just interested to know if anyone has had ANY problems with their 2007 Tahoe? I've had several problems and it appears that problems so far are not the norm. :confuse:
  • lt3lt3 Posts: 7 Thats is where they sell the front chevy bowtie(emblem) in chrome
  • Can you always tell when your engine is in V-4 mode ? ... or just some of the time ?? .. Is the DIC V4/V8 indicator correct ? ... At what speeds and/or RPM's are you at ? .. Is your engine broken in yet ?
  • lt3lt3 Posts: 7
    I am having problems with the "L" trim pieces on the rear windows doors. They keep coming off. The dealer told me that GM is aware of this problem and are creating a new piece for it. Wondering if any of you guys have this problem. If so, ask your dealership.

    Also you can find chrome chevy bowties(emblems) at
  • What kind of problems are you having with your 07 Tahoe ?? .. Read my post #659 about the rain sensor ....
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Re: rain sensor- on my '02 TrailBlazer, there is a plastic ring glued to the W/S and the rain sensor fits in like a bayonet fitting (like auto lite bulbs). There is a thick, clear, sticky substance between the sensor and the W/S which I "think" might be to optically couple the sensor to the W/S. Haven't checked the one on the '07 Tahoes yet. But if it is the same, maybe they left the ring off. Mine is six weeks and counting.
  • Hey Hawkey54...As you will read below one problem that I too have experienced is the "L Trim" on both rear doors popping loose. However, I've got 2 other issues that my '07 LTZ is going into the shop on Monday for. Here's what I can tell you about these 2 problems:

    1.) The piece of plastic on the dash closest to the front window is warped or popping up. It's not a smooth connection between the 2 pieces of plastic.

    2.) 2 times now the ABS and Stabilitrac warning lights on the dash have come on while driving. In the CID it will also say "Service Stabilitrac" and also "Service Traction Control". When this first happened I immediately called the dealership and was told that this is just a "quirk" and if I turn the vehicle off and restart it that it will be OK...Bad Answer. I told the guy that I shouldn't have a "quirk" on a $50K vehicle and that they need to fix it or get me a new vehicle!!!

    It will be in the shop on Monday and they will keep the truck until it's fixed. Fortunately they are giving me a loaner vehicle until I get mine back.

    We'll see...............
  • For any of you out there that may also be interested in these mats, you can have a swatch mailed to you from (where Nacho bought his mats from) to make sure it's the color you want.

    I was concerned after Nacho said his color wasn't quite what he wanted so I E-Mailed them. I got a response that if I told them the colors I was interested and gave them my home address that they would mail a piece of the mat to me so I could see which best matched.

    Sounds like they offer some good customer service!! Also, they make a vinyl mat cover that fits exactly over these new mats to help protect them if anybody is interested.
  • hawkeye54hawkeye54 Posts: 14
    Received LT 3 vehicle on 2-9-05

    2-20-06 - First problem I had was the rear air conditioning didn't work. Dealer found out that the module and wires leading to the rear air was cut/crimped - dealer replaced module in one day.

    3-15-06 - Second problem was numerous errors on the dash, flashing control panel and park assist light, fuel empty reading when tank was full, then car wouldn't start. Dealer had for a week. Identified as main computer module -was a RESTRICTED part so it had to be ordered directly from factory.

    3-31-06 - Third problem is the vehicle is now shifting very hard from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. Called dealer and he said if you turn vehicle off and back on then it will probably work, but that the transmission module is probably bad and IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN. Dealer is picking up the car once again on 4-3-06.

    Next time something happens - I will request a replacement vehicle.

    FYI: The dealer is a friend and has been very accomodating throughout this whole process. Says that my vehicle is the only one they've had problems with. :sick:
  • tahoefourtahoefour Posts: 16
    I could leave the indicator off and still know when it's in V-4, with slight acceleration you can tell when it changes over. I believe the DIC is working correct.
  • nacho07nacho07 Posts: 26
    Great job Rockin ltz. I am keeping the ones i have but eventually i will order a new set and get the swatches first. So far they have worked great, they dont get dirty easily and the monogramming looks great. Let us know how yours look when you get them.
  • tahoe007tahoe007 Posts: 4
    Since Tahoes have an on going problem with the tranmission and GM will not stand behind them, I just want to get the word out to hopefully save someone the headaches of buying a Tahoe.
  • peedypeedy Posts: 27
    That is too bad for you...I have the 2007 Tahoe and have had many others without Transmission problems at all....The 2007 is far beyond any previous Tahoes in ride and build
  • pamela57pamela57 Posts: 11
    tahoe007, Would you please elaborate. Are you referring to just the 07 models? Is the transmission new for the 07? The transmission on my 2003 4wd Yukon worked great. Actually, everything worked great. GM says the Yukon and Tahoe are the same girl with different skirts. I took that to mean that the engine, transmission, etc. are the same.
  • peedypeedy Posts: 27
    This can be done with an inverter switch. The screen can be used for this without a problem but could void a warranty if issues arise with the unit...I would have it professionally done but some installers might be hesitant to do. Its against the law to be driving and have a DVD playing in the drivers view area...There is a shop here is Dallas that will do it and had it on my last vehicle.
  • peedypeedy Posts: 27
    I believe they are the same...I have the LTZ and its best one as stated that I have owned..This thing rides better than my parents 2006 suburban
  • peedypeedy Posts: 27
    Nope just goes to show you dont have to spend a but load of cash to get something that looks better....I have freinds that have the Denali and now after seeing and riding in my 07 would rather have my Tahoe for the price
  • peedypeedy Posts: 27
    Looking to see if anyone has info on buggaurds for the 07 yet. I bought one from the dealer last week but does not go over the front lip of the hood to provide protection...Putting the Clear Bra on Saterday also but would like a bug gaurd also
  • boxer916boxer916 Posts: 6
    In California

    Have the new 2007 LT1 2WD White Tahoe. When we took it from the dealer we noticed that the instrument bezel had a noticible gap between the Bezel and the fixed part of the dash board ( the rounded lip edge ). They first tried to tighten the screws holding it in place.. still gap visible. Then they ordered a second bezel.. same problem. They fig,. it must be a mnfg. defect.
    I checked out other 2007 tahoes on the lot and they too had the same issue except for one or 2... argh...
    Ive also noticed that at the top where the 2 peices of dashbord meet are not as seamlessly put together as my honda accord. My tahoes dashboard fits almost perfect but it does ahve that UN seamless transition too as described by other tahoe owners.. again not bad but not perfect either... Again I looked at other 2007 tahoes and they too share the same issues...We also had our rear 3rd row seats serviced because of faulty latches, loose day my wife couldnt even get the 3rd seat up... dealer fixed it.Almost forgot when we took delivery of the vehicle my wife notived it made a whine or like a cricket sounding squeel @ driver side engine bay. Dealer replaced alternator, still not fixed. now dealer says that Gm told them to quit replacing parts , becuase they are experinacing sim. propblems in other tahoes across the country. The GM engineers are working on it and when they get it solved they will issue a fix to our dealer. The truck is 100% drivable but if you have good hearing it kinda becomes annoying. Its not really loud, becuase the tahoes cabin is really quiet you can hear it.... Soorry to rant about some of these issues but Im sure those of you who have spent your money on the same vehilce would rather have information than be like "Am I the only one having these issues" Almost forgot carefull with your cig. light caps.. They suck, trust me they will break.. GM rep even admitted that they are getting alot of complaints on these poorly designed caps........ the hinge point snaps off so easily :mad:
  • boxer916boxer916 Posts: 6
    2007 tahoe is sweet! but for that kinda money it should outperform my 2004 honda accord ex. When i sit in the Honda everything looks so well put together. The Tahoes as well.. I really like the design if the tahoe interior i thinks its cool but still the honda is better.. anybody wanna argue well they must be smoking crack or they are in denial.. I gotta be honest and bruttal especially when im paying for Still i think this blows away a toyatoa sequia, nissan armada, etc.....too bad it cant beat my + - 30gs honda ex Interior...
  • Don't know of any ongoing problem. Tahoe007 this is your first and only post and you own a 1997 Tahoe? Perhaps you just lost your tranny (with 235,000 miles on it) and you're steamed. Perhaps not. I've got a 2002 suburban and the thing has been flawless -- everything -- and I do a lot of trailering and actually go off road quite a bit due to work.
  • peedypeedy Posts: 27
    I have noticed that same whine in the early am but not all the time...I have had mine for about 1 mo with 3000 miles on it...I noticed the whine first thing last friday prior to going to work but did not hear over the weekend or this am...I did have an issue with mine not starting 2 weeks after and my neighbor did also on his 2007....Dealer towed both of ours and now fixed without issues but something to do with a wiring harness...If you hear what they are doing to fix the whine let me know incase I start hearing it again...Email is for the Honda interior being better??? Hmmm I havnt seen a honda interior I like yet but still think they are great cars...My friend summed it up best over the weekend saying that the new 07 is less Americanized on the inside as previous years!
  • peedypeedy Posts: 27
    Oh yea the whine did not affect any part of the driving and like I said not there now??? With a new model year all this and more is to be expected. I assumed this when buying mine and makes it less easier to bear when something does come up. Anyone who buys first year model is the Lab Rat in training, but that is ok by me
  • yukon7yukon7 Posts: 7

    You can get the rear facia cover a little cheaper from as opposed to your local GM parts dept. Just ordered one for $70.34 + tax. He went ahead and shipped it free for me. They also have the tubular oval design steps. Will wait on this.
  • yukon7yukon7 Posts: 7
    Thanks rockng_ltz. Just ordered 2 samples to try and match up by 07 Yukon with. Should be at the house in 3 days according to Angie at US Speed 9
  • boxer916boxer916 Posts: 6
    I agree about being the lab rats. good analogy. The whine is not always present but it does whine and its annoying if your not I as well assumed the rat title when i bought the truck and i dont regret it yet.. keeping my fingers crossed. why becuase it is a really cool suv. In my opinion better than toyota, ford, and everyone else.. i fogot to mention my wife told me that the other day she had some issues with the electrical, locking mech. information center display and some other things. She told me that she noticed it twice in one day but she's not to sure if its a problem or maybe she didnt know what she was doing.... i wasnt there so i cant say for sure either. If you had the electrical harnes replaced then im starting to think maybe theres a chance we might have the same faulty type of harness.. Ill wil go home today and check it out.. maybe it was a fluke thing.. :confuse:

    Question.. what happens if they ( GM or dealer) can never get it right.. etc.. defect or other than what happens... ? The dealer told me that teh engineers told them to stop tinkering with the truck and waith for a team of engineers from gm to arrive here in california and take a look at the "whine" In the meanwhile we are enjoingly driving it around.. correction " :confuse: my wife is"
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