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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • normynormy Posts: 17
    Thanks again justamom2,

    I was just looking at the inventory myself this evening. Looks like I will be doing the same.
  • normy,
    Lemme know what the dealer says! And if you end up taking one off the lot....
    Your going to love it...Mine is at the dealer today having the paint protection done...I don't normally fall for that stuff but I had some problems with the paint on my 02 Tahoe. Anyone else have this done? Did you think it was worth it?
  • nbxnbx Posts: 28
    Looking through KBB and Michigan Highway Patrol Vehicle Tests information, I come up with a curb weight increase of 496 pounds for the 2007 Tahoe 4wd over the same 2006 version. Also note that the 2007 Tahoe maximum payload has come down about the same amount to a skimpy 1290-1300 for 2007 versus about 1600 for the 2006 models. After driving my 2003 and 2004 Expeditions a combined total of 84,000 miles, I can say without a doubt that the high vehicle weight (5,720 lbs. for my 2004 NBX with full tank)is a significant negative and by far my number one dislike for the 2003 and up Expedition 4wd models. From braking to acceleration to comfort of day-to-day commuting to simply jacking the Expedition up in the driveway, this major amount of weight is always there to deal with. The NBX has good brakes, handles and tows well, but simply must be put in the 3/4 ton vehicle range as far as feel, driving comfort goes.

    I have always had my eye on Tahoe/Yukon pending not being so upside down on the Expedition. But, now I have a sinking feeling that GM may have foolishly followed Ford and Nissan and completely missed the boat by increasing curb weights so much on the 2007 Tahoe/Suburban. The 2007 Expedition goes another 150-200 lbs in the wrong direction (over 6,100 for new Expedition XL in 4wd)in my view given present and likely future gas prices. Do we really want to lug massive frames around just to get a bit more highway ride smoothness or whatever the purpose of all that weight? The new 2006 Explorer 4wd checks in nearly as heavy or maybe heavier than yesteryear's 1500 series full-sized Bronco, Blazer, and Tahoe.

    The 2007 Tahoe is one of the best looking SUVs to ever hit the market, but why the additional 496 lbs? Think what EPA numbers would be for the 2007 at the 2006 curb weights.

    What about it GM guys?
  • rwernerrwerner Posts: 7
    Thanks for the reply I'm also trying to get an answer to these questions. I would like to make sure that we are getting full bennefit of this great system. If I get any answers I'll also post them.

  • sdronsdron Posts: 29
    Excuse me but what is an NBX???? Curious, have you driven the new Tahoe or Yukon? I drove an 07 4WD Yukon and with the new brake system, even if you are correct about the weight increase, braking is not a problem. Then again, neither was acceleration.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Just confirmed today that although mine was scheduled to be built last week (week 5), due to the nav/radio and rear camera unavailability, it's on hold. :( :mad: :cry:
  • normynormy Posts: 17

    I am going to the dealers this AM to get another vehicle or get my money back.

    I may consider the protection. They wanted 200.00

  • normynormy Posts: 17
    73 Shark,

    I am fustrated myself !!!! I have been waiting since 2.18.06. I am simply getting another color
  • zeeman84zeeman84 Posts: 16
    Same here. I am cancelling my order today and getting a different vehicle.
  • I had to settle for a different color too...but thats ok...I ended up getting the same color I had on my 02 Tahoe....and I still Love it!!
  • nbxnbx Posts: 28
    The NBX for 2004 and early 2005 is the off-road package model. Starting mid-year 2005 there in no badge such a
    NBX or FX4 and the off-road package is now offered in a broader range of Expedition models as a $320 option (except when air shocks are ordered).

    No I have not driven the 2007 Tahoe.

    I'm sure that engineers have done their homework on new Tahoe brakes. You can stop an airliner or jet cargo if you have large enough brakes.

    My comment in the post about the overall vehicle weights comes from my experience driving my four new lighter weight Broncos (4,500 lbs)hundreds of thousands of miles, my 2000 Expedition 4wd (5,350lbs) 90,000 and the 2003 and 2004 Expeditions(5,720 lbs) 84,000. Have bought 11 new Ford suvs for the family since 1981.

    An extreme example of trying to move something heavy would be the old freight train. Sure enough power and brakes will make it stop and go, but the stoppimg and going is not going to happen very quickly no matter the power or brakes and not at a low cost.

    Even improved as the 5.3L must be for 2007, I just don't see how it will ever have enough torque to muscle the 5,700 lbs of the new 2007 4wd Tahoe. The long stroke, broad torque band 5.4L Ford Triton does well in either 2V or 3V, but the towing torque still is nothing to write home about. Look forward to seeing the MHP vehicle tests in the fall for 0-60 times for the 2007 Tahoe.

    To recap, there is a point where high enough overall vehicle weight makes you feel like you are driving a 3/4 or 1 ton type truck instead of a traditional weight 1500 series suv. It's a feel and comfort thing--for me anyway based on my above million suv miles.

    Thanks for your reply.
  • noneillnoneill Posts: 11
    The paint protection is WELL worth it. There is no better or (other) way to GUARANTEE AND WARRANTY - the paint from the environmental damage like acid rain, bugs, trees and birds. I have the product put on ALL my cars!
  • nbxnbx Posts: 28

    Make that about 5,524 lbs. per KBB for 2007 Tahoe and difference 314 from 2006 Tahoe curb weight. These base curb weights probably would be without the third row seat? I saw the 5,700 for 2007 Tahoe somewhere recently.

    Point is the same. Just today the Government announced increased EPA SUV fuel mileage goals for 2008 as new 2007 GM and later 2007 Ford full-sized SUVs hit the streets heavier that last year.
  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    I would guess the extra weight helps towing considerably. It might hurt starting and stoping, but overall handling would be better. Imagine towing 7000lbs in a 4000lb car on a windy day or on slipery roads. Make that a 2500lb cargo trailer with tall sides. A good cross wind would have fun pushing around a little suv.

    Once you get the weight moving it won't hurt mpg much, plus it will coast better on the down hills.
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    I have a 2004 Silverado ECSB 4x4 Z-71 w/5.3l & 3.73 rear end right now. The 5.3l in the new SUVs has had its hp and torque numbers bumped up a bit since my truck was built, and it definitely shows. My truck weighs less than the new Tahoe, but on the test drive I took in a Yukon SLT (different appearance, same basic vehicle, as you most likely already knew) 4x4, the engine was quite a bit stronger feeling. And the brakes were an even bigger difference, though most having driven 2004 1/2 ton Chevrolet pickups won't find that part strange. It felt like a vehicle that's as big as it is, but not from acceleration, braking, and handling standpoints- purely from a looking out over the hood view. ;)
  • yukon7yukon7 Posts: 7

    Nice pics. Looks great.

    Where did you get the fascia cover from? Not sure if they make it for the 07 Yukon. Picking up one tomorrow afternoon. :)
  • nbxnbx Posts: 28
    First, will try to make this my last post on the subject. Ha!

    I guess in summation, buying a vehicle that is utility something means that you as the buyer must be willing to put up with the dislikes and enjoy the features that closely fit your needs and budget. I have had to also cross these hurdles looking at quality lawn and garden tractors and especially various types of boats. There seem to be endless compromises and price points for the companies and the customers to deal with.

    Would like to thank all how have taken time to think, reply, etc.

    P.s. Going to test drive that a black 2007 4wd Tahoe I saw on dealer's lot. Some kind of sharp vehicle!
  • noneillnoneill Posts: 11
    You can pick up a rear fascia close-out that covers the hitch, as well as a front fascia and/or color matched grill from your gm parts department. If you really want to dress up the 07 - switch out the running boards for the chrome tubulars and add a chrome gas cap. If I could figure out how I would post the pictures of my 07 Yukon with all the factory accessories.">
  • yukon7yukon7 Posts: 7
    Thanks for the information. Love the board.... :)
  • tahoefourtahoefour Posts: 16
    Just picked up rear facia close out. Can you tell me where to drill the three holes. Instructions don't look real clear. Thanks
  • nacho07nacho07 Posts: 26
    The instructions are very confusing. It is hard to explain but you need to tape the template that comes with the kit next to the hitch to guide you. If you are not sure i would go to the dealer because you dont want to drill in the wrong place.
  • I did not use the template ... the bracket lined up on the bumper just as good as the template ... I held the bracket to the bumper with some duck tape and then drilled the holes...(a little undersize)... I also used a couple of pop rivets just to be on the safe side.
  • I's now been one month since I pick up my 07 LT3 Tahoe from the dealer. I now have over +2K miles on it... FYI.. I did change the oil&filter (3) three times ... The first change was at 250 miles! .. Everyone ... very carefuly take the first oil filter apart and look at filter element and in the bottom of the filter can ... you will be amazed at the AMOUNT of metal & stuff that you can see ... just imagine what you can't see and it's in YOUR engine too! ... At the third oil change I started using Mobil 1..

    The one problem I have is that the rain sensor (ultrasonic ??) came unglued from the windshield and the dealer can't get the parts yet ... GM uses a non hardening very soft & sticky rubber type of adhesive ... IMO.. the heat of the sun softens it even futher and it looses its holding power and unless GM changes the type of adhesive it will happen again....

    I'm very impressed with the DOD V8-V4 engine. BUT anyone with a heavy or NASCAR right foot won't get the full potential from the system.... I found that at speeds of 25 to 60 mph.... that if I leave the Tow-Haul ON ... It will down shift the transmission to third (3)... With raises the RPM's a little and more into the powerband of the engine.... And on level ground (cruise on or off) it will stay in V-4 mode for miles and miles!!
  • pharden1pharden1 Posts: 4
    After you have had 2000+ miles on it what has been your experience for gas mileage both around town and on the highway? I'm concerned the increased weight offsets any real gain in mileage
  • Gas mileage ... Around town & Highways & Interstates ... IMO .. There are just to many variables ... your speed, ..traffic, .. stop & go conditions, .. your vehicle weight & loading, .. 2 or 4 W.D., .. wind & air resistance at higher speeds, .. and a personal driving style to name just a few... Turn your D.I.C. on .. to the V-8 & V-4 indicator and then retrain OUR right foot is the best way to increase gas mileage .... At a STEADY speed of 60 mph my mpg's are in the low +20 range with Tow Haul ON .... You will also note on your DIC that the slower your are traveling your mpg will improve (wind resistance & less rpm's)... I can feel the engine loosing up & more power & MPG's ... How will it be after 4k or 6k ect.?? ... time will tell...... Keep in mind .... A 6000 lbs vehicle is NOT for anyone worried about Gas Mileage !!!
  • c280manc280man Posts: 7
    What's a chrome bowtie? If they are what I think they might be, I would like to know where to get them too.
  • nushkanushka Posts: 1
    Hi Brandie 7 - Wanted to know where you purchased your '07? What dealer in what town and state. In CA, I can only find a discount of $1,800. How did you negoitate the deal? Thanks!
  • greg33greg33 Posts: 6
    I just bought a '07 Tahoe LT3 including 20" wheels, center buckets, 3rd row seats, power lift gate, rain sense wipers with MSRP of 42,775 and KBB invoice of 38,615 including destination.

    I paid 39,550 before TT&L. That's 3,225 off MSRP or 935 over invoice (2.4%). I negotiated with several different dealers over 6 weeks and that was the best deal I could find in the central Florida area.
  • pamela57pamela57 Posts: 11
    We ordered our 07 Tahoe on March 17th. The dealer called and said it will be built on April 10th, and we should get it one to two weeks after that. We got it in Gold Mist, LT3 package, sun roof, and 4.10 axle ratio. We paid $50.00 over invoice. Is that a good price? We were not asked to put down a deposit, so we didn't.

    I read the posts concerning paint sealing. The dealership didn't say anything about it. Is the paint different on the later models of the Tahoe? Is the paint different from what is put on the Yukon? I had a 2003 Yukon and never had any problems with the paint fading or chipping. Does it start to fade after four or five years? Should I have it sealed?

    Thanks for any input you can give,
  • I recently purchased a 2007 Yukon - Is there a way to disable the V4/V8 mode, so the vehicle ONLY operates in V8 mode?
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