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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • sj110sj110 Posts: 13
    Is there a break in period required prior to towing?
  • ssilverssilver Posts: 1
    Hi Dave

    We are investigating an '07 yukon XL or suburban. We tow a 4800 pd RV trailer in the summer(only) we are interested in the DOD but are worried about reliability of new technology. You indicate that you have heard numerous comments on the DOD. Is there a forum out there. We are trying to do some research. Thank you in advance for your help.

  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    Although I've seen some negative comments about the DOD, there isn't any real world issues that I've seen regarding reliability. It seems to be a subjective thing.

    You can do some research right on this website by simply searching on "DOD". You'll have to wade through some threads, but you will start to see some comments such as I have.

    I can't say that the 5.3 wouldn't do a good job. I used to tow my boat with a '96 Suburban 1500, which had a less powerful engine package (5.7 ltr 250hp/325ft/lbs). I never complained about the Suburban, but the Escalade is a big improvement.

  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    The book says that there should be no towing in the first 500 miles. I remember that when I got an '05 Denali, 3 days before Memorial weekend. I had to drive all over to get enough miles so I felt confident pulling the boat to a camping weekend, 200 miles away.

  • junglegeorgejunglegeorge Posts: 129
    Do you know what is driving the reduction in towing ability, my 04 Tahoe, 3:73, 5.3 – 190 hp, 4 speed auto has a maximum trailer rating of 7400 lbs, the 07-LTZ I have ordered is reduced to 6700 lbs even though the 5.3 is now capable of producing 320 hp, and brakes have been improved. Tire size does not seam to be the issue as the stock 245/70/17 and the optional 265/55/20 have approximately the same diameter as the stock 04 tires.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    Sorry, but I'm not up to speed on the reduced towing. It may be simply a matter of weight. It also could be that the LTZ with its premium ride suspension has some limiting factors.

    The HP is only a component. Torque is more important. And there are considerations on the ability of the cooling system, transmission, axle ratio's etc. in handling the extra loads. You'll note that if you go with a 4.10 rear axle ratio, the towing cap goes up. Also, the 5.7 ltr engine produces more of its power at a lower RPM than the smaller 5.3 ltr engine.

    In the older Suburbans, the greatest towing capacity came with a rear leaf spring suspension, and those ugly steel wheels. For good measure, they offered the 454 big block or diesel.

    Maybe someone else on this post knows the inside scoop.

  • junglegeorgejunglegeorge Posts: 129
    If I am correct, both the 04, and the 07 both have the 5.3, I do believe that the 5.7 was ever available in the new style.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    You are correct. The 5.7 was retired prior to '01. I'm mostly familiar with the 6.0 ltr ('01 Denali), and the 5.7 in the '96 Suburban, so this didn't cross my mind.

    I would have to guess that its a matter of the newer platform, meaning frame, suspension, curb-weight, cooling, that is made them revise their ratings.

  • killenkillen Posts: 3
    Has any one notice the rear door weather strip is exposed to the rear wheel well
    I see problems with this design
    I have order a 2007 LTZ. I am having to to re think this
    can any owners tell me there likes ans dislikes
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    I believe this is part of the double seals used to help make the ride quieter. It also keeps rain and mud from entering the area where the latch is, and on the lower sill. Other than getting some wax on it, and having to put armour-all on it, it doesn't seem that big a deal.

    My wife's BMW has a similar double seal on the rear doors, but they do a better job of hiding it.

  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    My 2002 TrailBlazer had the same type of exposed weatherstrip and never seemed to be a problem. Hope my '07 LTZ proves out as well.
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,721
    I'm guessing it has to do with the extra curb weight. The new design gained at least 500lbs. IF the GCVWR (Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating) didn't change and the curb weight increased then the tow rating goes down.

    The decreased towing capacity is interesting. Heck, the current Explorer is rated to tow more.

    Lots of things effect tow ratings. HP & torque probably have the lowest effect on what the ratings actually are. The suspension, chassis, brakes, and transmission etc. are far more important in determining what a vehicle can safely tow. Look at 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. The diesel option does not increase tow ratings over the biggest gas engine.
  • tuscotoddtuscotodd Posts: 50
    jnrz -
    I have my new performance exhaust on order with Zoomersexhaust (supposed to be shipped 5/26) - I will be able to let you know how it sounds (along with a link to an mpeg hopefully) shortly after that. :shades:
  • sj110sj110 Posts: 13
    Thanks for the info. My old Yukon did not have autoride. What kind of hitch do you use on a Denali? (2" drop, etc.) assuming it keeps level when you hook up the trailer. I used to have a hitch that was flipped over to raise the trailer level on my old truck because the backend would sink everytime I hooked up my trailer.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    Same here. I had a 2" drop, that I flipped UP because the boat trailer needed it high. I had a Schuck cushioned hitch.

    On the new Escalade, I had to change to a 4" drop to maintain the same hitch-ball height. There's a 6" difference.

  • noneillnoneill Posts: 11
    I installed the GMC performance exhaust cat back single side with the dual wall angle cut tip. My first time with exhast upgrade ---sounds great - gets better mileage unless I am showing off the rumble to the cars trying to race me....
  • sj110sj110 Posts: 13
    Thanks. What size tires do you have? My new Denali (which I just drove home with :)) has 20" rims. Wonder if that would make a difference if you have larger rims for your Caddy. The problem is that my boat is stored away from my home and when I pick it up I will need a new hitch for the Denali.
  • rat55chevyrat55chevy Posts: 19
    I love my truck. It is well built and I'm not experiencing rattles and clunks that have been posted here. I've been towing with it and it pulls quite well, better than my 99 Suburban did. There are two things that I would change and dislike about the truck. One is the height of the trailer hitch. It requires me to use a 12" drop that is huge to store and moves around considerably more than a slight drop. Second is the light color of the roof/ceiling material that dirties very easily, especially around the grab handles. :)
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    The Escalade has 22x9 wheels, using 285x45x22 tires. The diameter is 26", which is the same as your 275x55x20 wheels.

    You will have the 5-6" difference (higher) in height from any previous generation of GM SUV. Be prepared.

  • sj110sj110 Posts: 13
    Thanks Dave, I really appreciate your help. One last question....What is the distance from the ground to the bottom of your receiver on your Caddy? This would help me double check if mine will likely be the same. With the autoride, does this pretty much stay at the same level when you hook your boat up? SJ
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    The Denali and Escalade are identical in the ride height and suspension. If I remember correctly, the new hitch is 21" from the ground, measured to the bottom-inside of the receiver.

    When you put the boat on, the air compressor will kick in within 5 seconds, and restore the same rear height.

    On a side note, I have since lowered my Escalade by 2", by replacing the rear coils springs. This actually makes the vehicle "level". GM SUV's tend to have a large amount of wheel well clearance, and so it has the stink-bug look. I didn't want to alter the front end, since this affects the CV boots, axle angles and such, but I wanted the rear down a bit.

    I used a Hotchkis "leveling kit", designed for the '02-05 years. Seems GM didn't design different spring mounts. However the 1.5" drop kit created a 2" drop on the '07. Must be some extra weight in the rear of the new generation GMs.

    The air system pumps up 1/4 inch to make the total drop actually 1.75". The kit contains 2 coil springs, 2 replacement air-ride level sensor rods. Did the whole thing at home in 1 hour, using a floor jack, a bottle jack, and basic tools.

  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    NO vehicle is designed to recycle only cabin air, otherwise you will die from lack of oxygen. It may be that GM is a little liberal on the amount of outside air that is brought inside .

    On my wife's little BMW X3, the air is drawn in under the windshield, because everytime we hit the washer's, we smell the fluid immediately.

    It may be that the GM SUV's are pulling fresh air from an area that is susceptible to vehicle exhaust in front of you. Who knows.

  • yukon7yukon7 Posts: 7
    I bought a 07 Yukon and have had the same problem. I end up smelling exaust from someone in front of me when its on recyle. It has also switched from recyle to not recycle by itself as well. Will be speaking to the GMC dealership about this.
  • sj110sj110 Posts: 13
    Any cargo liners available for these new trucks?
  • jjmjgnxjjmjgnx Posts: 34
    I ordered a couple splash guards for my rear tires, but should I get another set for the front tires or do the running boards on the side do a good job of keeping rocks from dinging the doors?
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    Cargo Liner's by Husky. Get's pricy for the larger ones that fit behind the 2nd row seats. However, they are shaped to accomodate the plastic guides on the floor. Je1Ua5DD6C1-25106269026.58
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    Here's the flappers available from GM, on all 4 wheels.

    I think it balances out the whole look, when flappers are installed. Kind of the "Land Cruiser" look.">


    <img src=""
  • jnrzjnrz Posts: 8
    thanks..look foward too it. :surprise:
  • junglegeorgejunglegeorge Posts: 129
    Dave, nice rig! Looks like the flappers will fit my LTZ, do you happen to have the p/n. I was going to order from Chevy, yours look better, or is it just the lighting?
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    I got the flaps on eBay, from a GM dealership. Here's the link F-4_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ50455QQitemZ8067170851QQrdZ1

    This is a black set, and the part numbers are shown.

    Other colors available.

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