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Mercedes-Benz R-Class Lease Questions



  • Are there still the same type of deals out there on the R class. I just got back from the LA autoshow and I really liked the R. I am planning on buying / leasing by the end of the month -- do the dealers still have any 2006 -- and are the 2007s going for similiar deals ??
  • Dealers here in N. Cal are offering a couple thousands off invoice for the 06 models
  • '07 R350
    Alpine Rain, Ash MB TEX
    Premium Package 1
    Heated Front Seats
    18" Wheels package R41
    Sticker $51,060 incl $775 delivery+Prep
    Sell $42,060

    10k miles/39 Months = $455 + NY Tax = $495/month
    Zero down.
  • I think you may be able to get a lower monthly by going with 27 month. I don't have the exact number for the 39 month lease -- but with the 27 month you get 67% with 12,000 miles. But maybe you would rather go longer ?

    The sales price sounds great -- Has anybody gotten similar deals in So. Cal ??
  • Does anybody have the lease rates for (27 or 36 month lease):
    A) any of the 2006 leftovers; need R350 and or R500 residuals and money factors
    B) Residuals and money factors for R350 2007

    Trying to make a purchase in the next week, but I am not sure what to expect in terms of prices and so on. Also, what is the current price on the 2007 R350s ??

    Please help
  • Saw a 06 R350 in N. Cal (Fremont), MSRP around $62K, will sell for $56K according to the sales.
  • Went to a dealer today who had a 2006 R500.

    MSRP is 63,000 - sales price was 48,000 (that was a beginning number)

    Against my better judgement, I was ok with $3,000 down (1st month, acquisit. and license fee NOT included)

    They told me the residual on a 27 month lease is 39850 (or 63%) and I have Tier 2 credit (I know - not great, but also not the end of the world).

    We could not even come close on the payments ??? They were talking $600+ range (not including taxes) and I was in the $300 range ???

    Are they trying screw me ? Do they not want to lease these cars any more ? Am I making a mistake in my lease calc. ??
  • under their lease thread has a dealer that posts residual's and money factors that based on my recent lease are very accrate....

    MBworld Forum
  • Can anybody please post them for Tier 1+ credit. I am looking to get one this week and want to make sure what the lowest rates currently are. I could trust what the dealer tells me or... ;)

    Thanks in advance
  • I saw the dealersheet of how the advertised special in the 2007 R class is made up. They use .00085 as the money factor (need a very high score for that).

    If you can find a 2006, you should still get a better deal than on the 2007 (if you plan on purchasing after the lease, you should go with a 2007).

    For good credit the money factor will be high at .004 -- BUT here is what they are offering (my money factor is .00485 - Tier 2 - not sure if they can offer any better):

    2006 R500 with limited options -
    retail at 60,400 --
    27 month and 15,000 per year --
    with $3,000 down plus drive off we were talking payments in the $550 range (plus taxes)

    I think that is probably better about what I would be able to do on a 2007 R350. It's a strange deal -- the capital reduction is only about $5000 and the interest is all the rest - but who cares...
  • gpmangpman Posts: 1
    Does anyone know the leasing rates for the R classs that began on January 9th? I'm looking for a R350 or R500 if the difference isn't much.
  • nextnext Posts: 6
    Hi, I've never leased anything before, and even looking through this thread, I'm not sure of several things. Could someone help me with this lease dea?
    '06 r350
    Price with doc and acquisition fee: $49,019
    39 month lease
    $712 (tax included)a month, $712 drive off(includes, all fees and tax plus the first month)

    A couple of questions: why did they quote 39 months? is it because there is a major service at 36month?

    In the 'rate/money factor' calculation, "1.7" was used. I'm sure I'm in tier 2 or 3 credit at worse.

    Does this seem like a good deal?

    Thanks. jim.
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    Bad deal. Look at the postings from July and August. There is a lot of information there. You should be in the $500/month range on a 27 month lease (which is actually less expensive than the 39 because of the big discount)
  • I think the screaming deals from the fall/ Dec. might be gone, the residuals have fallen and the money factor/buy rates are up. If someone can find a fairly loaded R500 in the 500/month range please tell me where and I'll ship it in.

    The mf/buy rate is now pretty good on the 07s, you may do better to find someone who will deal on a 350.

    To answer your question about 39 months, it is the same benefit that makes 27 months better than 24, the residual percentage is the same for those three months so you only pay interest for 3 months which lowers the payment for the term.
  • I am looking at a R350 with a 39 month lease, 25,000 miles/year. The MSRP including delivery is $52,600. Cash due at lease signing is approximaetly $1,100 and the dealer roles the acg fee into the monthly payment. I am being quoted $925/month and not sure if this sounds like a good deal. The dealer states they are giving me $1,600 off from the MSRP and this is the best they can do. Does this sound right? I also need to decide if I should role the dice and wait until February to see what happens with residuals and money factors. Does Mercedes typically role out incentives this time of year? Any thoughts?
  • I don't think that $1600 off MSRP is a good deal at all, I think the best deal someone has posted was closer to 8-9k off MSRP for an 07, I think there is someone on ebay advertising $5koff. I think Mercedes is starting to have incentives as evidenced by the very low money factor, I think more will come but don't know how long they will take. I would do a little more shopping if I were you and check other dealers in your area or nearby states.
  • nextnext Posts: 6
    Denver dealers are giving around 5k off msrp. Got a couple of quotes in denver:

    r350 with P1, heated seat, etc.
    msrp ~52k
    zero down, 12k, 39m, $640/month (tax included). They pick up the first month.
  • Has anyone purchased a vehicle from a dealer that is too far away to handle the service needs of a vehicle? I have no problem driving a few hundred miles to pick a car up, but what happens when I need service and a loaner car? Will my local dealer be receptive to working with me?
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    I have a 2006 R500 that I internet shopped in the L.A. area. I got a local San Diego dealer to match. I would try that first. Having said that, I have a 2005 Jaguar X-type that I bought from Jaguar of South Bay (Torrance, CA, about 100 miles from home), and I have only had the vehicle serviced locally at the only San Diego Jaguar Dealer. They have been absolutely courteous and have never even asked me why I bought elsewhere. In a nutshell, I would try to get your local dealer to match your best price. If they won't, I wouldn't worry about the local dealer not servicing your vehicle. Under warranty, the dealers get reimbursed very well by the factory by anything that needs attention. The only "discrimination" I have found is my local Benz dealer provides C280 loan cars only to customers who have bought their vehicles there. Everyone else gets an Enterprise Rent A Car - not a terrible consequence. Good luck and work the dealers!
  • not sure what terms are like but at holloway benz greenland nh (sister dealer in manchester nh) as of a few weeks ago had few r500s left and sales manager very eager to move.
    I got lucky in sept, mine is loaded, $67k, 12k year, one pay
    $12k out the door, not a nicke more for 27 months. good luck, exceptional car for the $, almost makes me feel a little dirty...
  • I have been trying to lease a 07 R350 with navi and dvd but so far the numbers I have been quoted are significantly higher than what I have read in prior posts (similar car but the monthly payment is several hundreds higher). Am I missing something or it is simply market driving. Any input would be approciated. Thanks.
  • I just signed a lease on a new 07 R350. Options include; pewter paint, PO1, front and rear heated seats. Sticker was $49,995. 39 month lease, 25,000 miles per year with a payment of $877/month. That includes 6% Michigan sales tax. That was the best deal I could find.
  • Thanks for your reply. I am not sure how much mileage would affect lease payment but I don't need that much miles per year so hopeful my payments can be substantially lower than your or I don't think I can afford this car. BTW, how much was the selling price? Were you able to get it below invoice? Thanks.
  • That seems high... Here was what i got when i leased 6 weeks ago - '07 R350, Alpine Rain paint, P01 package, Front Heated Seats & Parktronic - 10,000 miles per year, no money down, taxes (8.025%) in the monthly payment - $497.41/month for 39 months. Sticker was ~$50,100. Lease was based on sell price of ~$45k. I paid only 1st month, $795 origination fee + Tax and Tags - drive out was ~$1,650.
  • I should have mentioned above that my payment due at signing was $1,080 (including my first months payment of $877). The typical acq. fee is included in the $877/month payment. I was only able to get $1,900 off sticker of $49,995. That was the best deal available from two separate dealers. Also, the extra miles in the lease actually cost $.20/mile over 12,000 if included in the lease. The dealer stated they are $.25/mile if not paid until the car is turned in at the end of the lease. I know I drive at least 25,000 miles/year so I bought them upfront. I don't know if this is the best deal out there. I shopped two dealers that were in reasonable driving distance and had to make my decision based upon those deals. Love the car! Hope this helps.
  • Hi,
    I'm new here, have read through all the posts, but not seeing much in the way of lesees with 15,000 mi/year. We're looking to purchase an '07 R350 and would like to know what kind of deal we should be expecting. Anyone with a 15,000 mile/year lease, or experience, please let me know. Thanks!
  • 07 r500. Premium 2, heated seats, keyless go, appearance package, lighting package, voice recognition, 15k miles per year, 27 months, 2100 upfront, 788/month.

  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    What is the MSRP, your discount off MSRP, and the Money Factor? It is hard to evaluate your deal without this info.
  • 07 R350, P1 + DVD Nav + Dealer DVD + heater seat ~ 51,000.

    $1000 out
    Dealer paid my last month payment $800.

    Good Deal?
    Look like the sales person took 1000 off the car for Negociated price around $50,000.

    I think I got screwed..
  • vtraudtvtraudt Posts: 52
    I am from Brighton, MI. May I ask where you got your R class from?

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