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Pontiac G6 Hardtop Convertible



  • vagatorvagator Posts: 18
    i agree that the problem is not enough experts on the top mechanics yet. The top has really been my only problem and we love the car and get decent millage, as I have said.
    to those that don't like negative things posted, i hope they never have problems. I came back to this group to see if my problem was rare as the dealer kept saying, and found it wasn't. If you back in the group far enough you will see my first posts from when i got the G6. I must say that I don't understand someone not wanting to hear about problems they may have in the future. I don't think I have been THAT negative. The forum as a whole has a high rating of the car and positive posts.
    I really don't understand it. But with that said, there are some that are paid by product makers to try and keep negative posters about their. But that is neither here or there. My top is still working good so far. BTW, t is covered by the 3yr/36,000 mile warranty.

  • rcfoprcfop Posts: 2
    When I suggested that the service manager AND the sales managers go to this site, they were initially reluctant to do so. However, once they saw the large number of comments on the G-6 top, attitudes changed immediately. The Owner of the Dealership asked that I do NOT send any negative dealership comments in on my GM requested survey. The car is in the shop. They now admit to hearing the "noise" and acknowledge a problem with the top. To date they "re aligned" the moldings along both sides of the the roof, one side off to the degree that water leaks would be evident. I have a "loaner" for the duration and will see just what answers they will come up with in order to address the malfunctioning of the top. Will let everyone know.....

    Have a good day
  • We have an 07 3.9 HTC that has had a rattling problem for the last year. Took it to my dealer 5 times to fix, they adjusted the door latch, adjusted the window regulators, adjusted the cables in the top and would return it saying it was fixed. Each time the rattle was still there when I took the car back. Called other dealers, but they wouldn't take the car (I thought you could go to any dealer). Finally called GM and complained. GM said any dealer should have taken me, they made an appointment with another dealer. The new dealer found that all 4 chrome moldings at the bottom of the windows were loose. They fixed that and now the rattle is gone. Unbelievable that my dealer couldn't figure it out, but now am happy with the car. Just want to put this out if anyone else is having rattle problems.

    Besides this, no other issues with the car. The top works each time. Gas mileage around town isn't good (14 or 15), but highway is acceptable (26).
  • :surprise: I am just updating on what has been going on. My G6 went in on Sept 5th and was returned to me on Oct 16th. They had my car for 6 weeks. I was told they found the problem after replacing all the seals, weatherstripping and rear windows. I was skeptical to say the least. I took the car to the car wash and my son was dodging the water drops and sitting in a puddle of water. Call Pontiac told them the car has been in six times, Pontiac engineers have been out to trouble shoot, the GM District Manager is involved and I was done. I wanted a buy back started. The next day I was called by Pontiac and GM to start the process. I am currently looking. My choice is a buy back or a collateral exchange. I'm choosing a collateral exchange. MSRP for MSRP and they pay all taxes and destination charges. I was asked if I wanted another G6 or Convertible (absolutely not)I am currently looking at a 2008 Acadia or Lucern. I do have to say they have all worked with me. It has been a lengthy process but they are fixing the problem. I never had any problems with the top retracting after they fixed the silinoid. My gas mileage around town was 18.6 and 21 highway. I live near chicago so have been through all the seasons. It doesn't have the best traction. Good luck to everyone who has this car. Be patient and work through the process. If you have a case file, do not let them close it or they can start all over. :O
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    i am north of Chicago so I am not pleased to hear traction is not all that great in winter.

    Now that it is getting colder I am beginning to hear more rattles in the top.

    I know GM can build a real good car--my 99 vette is fantastic. But now 7/8 years later it appears GM is not progressing and learning on design, engineering and customer service.

    I bought this car using the GM rebate card which I am no longer using. Do not want to be locked into a GM car.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    Assuming similar drivetrain layouts (that is, comparing only FWD to FWD, or AWD to AWD)... snow traction is mostly a function of what kind of tires you run. I live in Cleveland so I need winter traction as well.

    Those of you with G6 GTP... do you have the Bridgestone Potenza RE050A? These are "summer" performance tires. A hard rubber compound, larger tread blocks. Designed for stability, control... not snow and ice.

    You should consider moving to an all-season tire.

    Put the same tires on the G6 and any other FWD car and it will do just as well.

    Now for those of you upset that GM put a summer tire on GTP's, that's a hard tradeoff for them. If they put all-seasons on, the people in the south who want serious handling and drive aggressively will call the tire choice mushy. If they put a summer tire on, northerners complain about snow traction.

    Every buyer has different tastes when it comes to tires - I wish there was a way the manufacturers could ship the cars without tires and install them according to customer taste at time of purchase.

    For those of you running the 225/50-18 size and needing snow traction, these would do very well for you: M-25&partnum=25HR8BZLM25&vehicleSearch=true&fromCompare1=yes&place=0&speed_ratin- g=S&speed_rating=T&speed_rating=U&speed_rating=H&speed_rating=V&speed_rating=Z&s- peed_rating=W&speed_rating=Y&speed_rating=(Y)&minSpeedRating=S

    They're a real winter tire. Which means twice a year you'd have to swap them with your other tires, but the cost isn't great, and the benefits during winter are tremendous. Plus your tires will last twice as long, considering you only use them part of the year.

    Or you could switch to an all-season tire.
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    The std tire is an all season Goodyear LS which is a relatively inexpensive tire.

    Check with for alternatives--a few months ago all that was available was the OE tire--now there are several alternatives. All upgrades.

    I do not think that with fwd one needs to change to a specific winter tire.

    But tirerack rates the tires for you so you can make your own choice

    has anybody upgraded the tire yet?
  • giff2giff2 Posts: 6
    I wish I had read these messages before I bought my car, because I would have left it on the lot. The roof on the driver side rattles, worse when it is cold. The dealer has washed his hands of it, sent us to an auto glass co. They tightened everything they could, it lasted a day. The rattle is back. Has anyone had any luck getting it fixed, and where did they take it. The brakes squealed so bad when we first got the car, we had to fight with them to do something about. After the second visit they replaced the brake pads.
  • sobeg6sobeg6 Posts: 50
    Don't let the dealer wash his hands of it.. It is their responsibility to fix it. You need to find out who the area manger is for GM and contact them. You should call GM direct and find out who the contact is and tell them you want to meet them at the dealer.. Once you tell your dealer you're doing so and you will also write a complaint about them, you will see how fast they will jump hoops for you.. I did it before I sold my G6, It worked for me... I was also sorry for buying the car.. Looks great, but what a piece of krap....
  • giff2, when you said the dealer washed his hands of it I have to wonder if you bought the car used and with little or no warranty. If that is the case, your car may be one that GM bought back and dealer passing on to used car buyer. If you bought it used I would do a carfax and see what history there is on it.
    My top is still working so far. The wife is working with GM to get the top stuff covered for as long as I own the car. So far the dealer just wants to go 7yrs/100K miles. That is what I have with the extended warranty anyway. The only thing they are REALLY offering is to pay the 100.00 deductible and provide a loaner. We will see how it all works out in the end.

    Good Luck,
  • I got my G6 Conv in June of this year. I live in Northern Michigan and I was wondering how the cars get around in the snow. Thanks for the input.
    Christine :)

    And for the record my top has started rattling as well, primarily on the drivers side. I haven't taken it to the dealership yet. However, when I do I will be taking along the information from these postings. Thanks to everyone for their postings.
  • Has anyone been successful in getting their rattling top repaired? I have yet to take mine into the dealership. It didn't start rattling until about a month ago when the outdoor temperature started to drop.
    I was also curious if anyone is having a problem with the fan & temperature controls. The "auto" mode on the fan knob works sporadically and the temperature setting doesn't seem real accurate. I can have it set for 70 degrees in the "auto" mode and it won't shut off when it reaches temp. And sometimes the "auto" mode won't work at all; I'll have to turn the heat/cool on/off manually.
    Other than the rattling top and the flaky temperature controls, I have been very happy with my new car!
  • rjentrjent Posts: 19
    I know I can control my "rattles" (I don't really consider them that, because I think they are squeaks from rubber on glass, but whatever) with the spray on RV slide rubber lube. Just go down to your local RV dealer and they will have cans of product which is designed to keep the slide seals flexible and soft. I can spray mine down every couple of weeks and I have no "rattles". :D

    As far as the temp controls, I don't know what to tell you. Everything is controled by computer these days so who knows what is up. :confuse:
  • Just picked up my HTC from dealer, had it in at 11951 miles for TREMENDOUS rattling from roof by the back window. They had the car 4 days and did A LOT of work and it seems to be rattle free. It was REALLY bad when it was cold. We'll see what happens in the next week or so. Checking the Dealers repair order there are "bulletins" for the top rattle issue.I might even like the car now that the rattles are gone for now!!
  • giff2giff2 Posts: 6
    We bought the G6 brand new. I told our dealer about this forum, and guess what? they wanted the car back to check it out. They said they are getting bulletins from GM. It seems there are two hinges above the back glass, and second section that have to be replaced. I am going to take it in on Wed, we'll see what happens. Now I have a noise from underneath it sounds like a whistle, but they know what that is. My problem is all the parts have to come from the States, so it takes longer.
    We didn't get extended, maybe we should have. I'll let everyone know what happens. Thanks for the interest. Giff2
  • giff2giff2 Posts: 6
    We had a lot of rain which turned to ice, then it snowed, all in one day. I was nervous driving at first but with slower speed I made my 20 min drive to work in 30 min. not bad. The car handled really well. That was Thur, by Fri. it was all gone. It's just letting us know what we are in for. Well when you live in Canada you can expect anything. Living in Michigan you know too. Good Luck with the roof. Giff2
  • Just to update everyone, the car has been out of the shop about 6 weeks now. The top is still working fine. The rattles everyone is talking about are noticeable now. I think it has something to do with cooler tempatures. I think I will try the silicone lubricant and also tell dealer about the hinges bulletins mentioned here, thanks. The wife heard the rattles before I did, when we first got it out of the shop. But she was not about to put it back in the shop for it until convertiable weather was over. Now, she says she will wait until after the holidays. She is driving the car exclusively as I do not want to put the mileage on it from my 100 mile a day drive.
    The dealer offered to pay the deductible on extended for 7 years or 100K on top problems. The wife is not happy and still working on it.

    Merry Christmas to all,
    va gator
  • I'm in Saginaw, Michigan (mid-Michigan). I was very happy with the vehicle's handling on snow last year. However, since my last car was a rear-wheel drive manual Firebird without traction control, anything was a huge improvement. One thing that suprised me a bit with the traction control is how any tire slippage severly limits your throttle control for a couple seconds. This can make pulling out into traffic interesting. If you start on an icy patch, you may still have the throttle limited when you clear the ice and get onto the dry road. You won't be able to accelerate for another second or two.
  • robatrobat Posts: 1
    I got my G6 the day after Christmas, it had 17 miles on it. Before it turned 1000 miles it had to be towed back to the dealership because the power steering pump blew & locked up my steering! Thank the gods I was in a parking lot & not on the highway. 3 days later I get it back, that problem is fixed. Then I start in with the back window. It sounded like it was going to fall out every time I hit a bump. The dealership put some clips in & told me it was fixed. I didn't even get out of their lot before I turned around & took it back. They put some sealant in it this time & told me i was good to go. Same deal. I took it back & was told there was nothing they could do & I would just have to live with it. After going over the service managers head to the regional service manager (who said no problem, there are 3 bulletins & he knows how to fix it) it was finally fixed. Great! Shall I go on? Next my transmission decided it would no longer shift into 4th gear. They had the car for a week this time. It hasn't given me any trouble for 4 months now, but I am car shopping because I just don't trust it to not blow up in my face.
  • I'm wondering if your top is currently working correctly. I've had an 07 since Nov. 06 and it's been in and out of the shop a dozen times. This last time the dealer said they couldn't fix it without GM help and instructed me to file a lemon law compalint. I did and they came down, took the car in to work on it and kept it for 17 days. The law says they have 10 to fix it so I'm trying to decide if we want to push the issue. I hate having a car that I LOVED when I bought it but now it just rattles and klanks, all top issues. The dealer told me there is a weld in the trunk that is coming loose, he's seen it on more than one. Has ANYONE who has one of these cars had it fixed after having trouble and it stay fixed. Mine has been fixed 11 times but it always starts rattling agian.
    Thanks for your imput!!!
  • giff2giff2 Posts: 6
    Hi, I had my car back to the dealer on Wed, it took 5 min to fix the rattle. Two rubber plugs between the back window and the next section. So far so good. Now if they could find a fix for the whistle everytime I accelerate, my car just might be as good as new. (No)
  • catkccatkc Posts: 10
    I purchased my 2007 Pontiac G6 convertible on July 28, 2007 new. I mentioned when I drove the car that I was concern about the amount of noise coming from the car. The dealer said they would take care of the problem. I took delivery on the car and took it back the next week and they adjusted an issue in the panel behind the driver seat. I continued to complain about the noise and took the car back the day after Thanksgiving and the service advisor agreed for me to take him for a drive so that I could point out the noise. We got no more than 100 feet out of the garage bay and he finally got it! I had to bring the car back for 2 days of work the week after Thanksgiving where they had to order some parts and use a service bulletin titled "Rattle/Creak Noise Retractable Hard Top (Convertible) (Adjust Roof) #06-08-59-003B - (07/30/2007). Models 2006-2007 Pontiac G6 Built Prior to June 1, 2007. The conditions identified in the document were
    Rattle/ticking type noises over bumps in colder weather from mid-roof area; Rattle/ticking type noise over bumps from the front top of the windshield header area;
    Creak/pop type noise over bumps from rear quarter panel area;
    Seal itch type noise;
    Snap/ticking type noise over bumps from rear quarter glass area;
    Snap/knocking type noise over bumps from rear shelf/tonneau panel/flipper door area;
    Creak/pop/thump type noise over bumps in rear wheel well area;
    Creak/pop/thump type noises over bumps in rear trunk area.

    They told me when I picked the vehicle up that the tech working on the car said that I should put silicon on a rag and wipe the moldings down every 2 weeks. I am working on confirming the type of lubricant so that GM does come back and invalid my warranty due to using incorrect libricant because the moldings are now too soft.

    I will say that my car yesterday afternoon and evening was so quiet. It was great, I know can enjoy the stereo and xm even more. It is about 28 degrees here this morning and I will find out how it does after sitting all night and is really cold what it sounds like.

    I will update if and when I get more info.
  • Thank you for the information in your post. I printed it and will be taking it with me to the dealership next week when I have my top looked at. Will you let us know how your top repair holds up? And also what type of lubricant GM recommends. Thanks so much! Christine
  • catkccatkc Posts: 10
    Ok here is a update to my earlier post today about the lubricant on the roof.

    I had an opportunity to talk to the individual that worked on my convertible roof.

    He recommended that I keep the rubber moldings lubricated. I will need to wash them with soap and water and let it dry.

    Don't put the pure silicon spray on the molding near the glass (side windows).
    I will get into this later in the posting. He uses the Pure Silicon sprayed on a clean rag vs. the Dielectric Lubricant.

    So the molding between the roof, around the seals of the trunk when it opens to take the roof into the trunk. The panels that fold in the back behind the back seat in the desk of the back window is another location. Also the top of the windshield where that molding use the silicon spray.

    The part of the roof that has the rubber pin (don't know what else to call them) that fit in the top of the windshield. He recommended keeping them lubricated with petroleum jelly.

    They used a product by Kent Automotive Super Slick Dry Lube which it says "Clean, non-staining, non-silicone, dry lubricant for use on plastics, rubber, vinyl, fabrics, and metal surfaces.' He said that he used this product on the stripping around windows otherwise if you use silicon product it gets on the glass and it is hard to get off the window.

    They recommended that I do this to keep the squeaking under control. That if you live in an area that is out in the country where is really dusty, that I might need to clean and lubricate more often but depending on if the car is parked outside vs. garage. Part of the key is that you clean and make sure that the stripping is dry and then use the 3 different products depending on where the stripping is on the car. I probably could provide more details if needed. I hope that this helps. Let me know if this does not make sense.
  • Hi, was wondering if you could post the labor code and description for the work that was performed. My Pontiac dealer is in a very small town and I dont think they have worked on a single G6 Convertible. I have been holding off letting them touch it for fear of them making the rattles worse. Thanks!
  • Can you post the labor code and description of what the dealer did to fix from the repair record? Thanks!
  • Can you post the labor code for the repair that they did to fix the rattle? Thanks!
  • Oh my God that is horrible! I hope this works out for you.. Mine has rattled since the day I took delivery, especially the doors when the top is down and the top rattles when up, especially when very hot or very cold. Dont trust the small town dealer to dig into it without screwing it up!
  • Hi, does the service order say what parts were replaced? Thanks!
  • Hi, could you please post the labor code and description for the fix?/ Haave any rattles reemerged?

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