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Pontiac G6 Hardtop Convertible



  • Monday Dec. 17,2007 will be my third time to the dealership to try and get the top from rattling. The first time they greased the hinges. The second time it was done by a different dealership and they adjusted the roof latch,adjusted the bump stop,performed adjustment TSB for noise 060859003B. Lube weather stripes and clean and adjust floper doors B9800 2.3.
    The top rattles when I drive on rough roads at speeds above 45.
    Also I had to have the radio replaced, it had a crack on the radio display.
    I have also called the g6 customer center and they have lied and are giving me the run around. I have talked to at least 3 different people. They say they will call me on a certain day and never do. When I call them, I ask for their extension and the other person says I have to leave a voice message. The last person I talked to was Allison and I asked to speak to her boss and she would not let me. The number to the G6 customer center is 1-800-762-2737.
    What other help can I get because of this problem?
  • catkccatkc Posts: 10
    I sorry I haven't posted for a couple of weeks. My top the rattle has totally gone away other than a little rattle near the door post. It is great. Again, I know that my dealer performed a service bulletin on my car which was replacing some bushings and other alignment work. It was "Rattle/Creak Noise Retractable Hard Top (Convertible) (Adjust Roof) #06-08-59-003B - (07/30/2007)
    Models: 2006-2007 Pontiac G6 Built Prior to June 1, 2007

    This bulletin is being revised to address new concerns with the top. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 06-08--59-003A (Section 08 - Body And Accessories).

    Important: U.S. Dealers: Technicians should have viewed IDL course 12442.10V and 10206.13D. These courses will aid in the repair of the retractable hard top.

    Rattle/ticking type noise over bumps in colder weather from mid-roof area - Correction 1, 1A, 1B
    Rattle/ticking type noise over bumps from the front top of the windshield header area Correction 2, 2A
    Creak/pop type noise over bumps from rear quarter panel area Correction 3, 3A, 3B
    Seal itch type noise Correction 4
    Snap/ticking type noise over bumps from rear quarter glass area 5, 5A, 5B
    Snap/knocking type noise over bumps from rear shelf/tonneau panel/flipper door area Correction 6, 6A, 6B
    Creak/pop/thump type noise over bumps in rear whell well area Correction 7
    Creak/pop/thump type noise over bumps in rear trunk area Correction 8

    Condition 1
    Noise over bumps in colder weather from the mid roof area
    Cause 1
    The roof panel to panel pin to receiver may be making a rattle noise (either side of vehicle).
    Correction 1
    Procedure for Vehicles Built Prior to 11/15/2006
    Remove the existing rubber sleeve and grommet and install a new rubber sleeve (P/N 25898407) and a new rubber grommet (P/N 15815546) to each of the pins. Adjust both pin receivers to the fullest rearward position to create a better compression.
    Important: If after performing Correction 1 the noise is still present, contine with Condition 1A.

    Condition 1A
    The roof panel to panel side rod latch to striker may be out of adjustment, causing a rattle (either side of vehicle).
    Correction 1A
    Procedure for Vehicles Built Prior to 7/18/2006
    Slightly loosen and adjust both panel to panel side rod latches to fit tighter to the striker when the roof is fully closed. If a loud pop noise is heard when opening the roof, the adjustment is too tight.

    Condition 1B
    Noise over bumps from rear roof area (either side of vehicle).
    Cause 1B
    The roof side arm UP stop rubber bumpers may come off or may be out of adjustment and create a creak/thumping noise (both sides of vehicle).
    Correction 1B
    Procedure for Vehicles Built Prior to 2/28/2006

    Open the roof to the service position. Replace any missing rubber stops. Measure the ehight of the bumper screw from the bumper servace to the base of the attaching arm. Loosen the jam nut at the base of the bumper screw and adjust the bumper height to 13 mm (0.51 in). Tighten the jam nut.

    Condition 2
    Noise over bumps from the front roof area.
    Cause 2
    The front roof panel pins to the header bracket may be out of alignment making a ticking/rattling noise (either side of the vehicle).
    Correction 2
    Procedure for Vehicles Built Prior to 05/16/2007
    slightly open the roof. Place a piece of maksing tape over the bracket hole. Close the roof enough to observe pin alighment. Remove the interior trim access cover behind the sunshade to expose the three receiver bracket screws. Adjust the bracket in the required direction to center the pins in the receiver bracket and tighten the screws.

    Tighten the screws to 10 N m (89 lb in).

    Condition 2A
    Noise over bumps from front area with top closed.
    Cause 2A
    this ticking/rattling noise may be coming from the front header damper.
    Correction 2A
    Clean the four fingers with alcohol and install flocking tape.

    Condition 3
    Noise over bumps from the rear upper quarter panel (either side of vehicle).
    Correction 3
    For Vehicles Built Prior to 10/30/2006

    Notice: Take precaution not to damage the outer sheet metal.
    Remove the rubber seal from the top of the quarter panel and slightly move the inner sheet metal away from the outer sheet metal.

    Condition 3A
    Creaking/popping noise over bumps from the rear of the door (either side of vehicle).
    Cause 3A
    the door spring pin may be out of adjustment or frozen.
    Correction 3A
    Adjust the receiver to pin and lubricate the door spring pin.

    Condition 3B
    Deck lid area metal creak/pop noise ober bumps (either side of vehicle).
    Cause 3B
    this noise may be caused by the stand-off bracket making contact with the paint.
    Correction 3B
    Procedure for Vehicles Built Prior to 04/03/2006
    Adjust the deck lid stand-off bracket and install a piece of mylar tape to cover the paint area. Use alcohol to clean the area.

    Condition 4
    Noise from roof seals.
    Cause 4
    the seal may be dry and making a noise.
    Correction 4
    Lubricate all seals (refer to illustrations) with GM Dielectric Silicone Grease.

    Condition 5
    Noise over bumps from top of the quarter panel and the base of the window (either side of vehicle).
    Cause 5
    The rear quarter panel window belt molding may be making a clicking/snapping noise.
    Correction 5
    Procedure for Vehicles Built Prior to 10/12/2006
    Remove the window belt molding and clean the flange of the quarter panel with alcohol. Install three pieces of BRS Tape (flocking tape) to the flange and install the belt molding.

    Condition 5a
    Snapping noise from the rear quarter panel/roof area when cycling top open (either side of vehicle).
    Cause 5A
    This condition may be due to contact between the rear roof panel trim and the quarter panel upper trim.
    Correction 5a
    Procedure For Vehichles Built Prior to 03/01/2006
    Slightly adjust the quarter panel upper trim outward.

    Condition 5B
    Noise over bumps from mid-roof area(either side of vehicle).
    Cause 5B
    the top of the front door clip may be squaking/itching or making a ticking noise.
    Correction 5B
    Adjust the door glass clip outward and lubricate with GM Dielectric Silicone Grease.

    Condition 6
    snap noise from rear shelf area when clcling roof.
    Cause 6
    The bulkhead may be damaged from the rear seat upper trim that is not fully seated.
    Correction 6
    Procedure for Vehicles Built Prior to 05/04/2007
    Verify that rear seat upper trim is properly seated. Verify that the center tonneau and the flipper door area area adjusted properly or this issue may reoccur. Refer to Corporate Builletin Number 06-08-67-013.

    Condition 6A
    Noise over bumps from the rear shelf area.
    Cause 6A
    The tonneau flipper door may be contacting the center panel while the roof is in the stored position (both sides of vehicle).
    Correction 6A
    Procedure For Vehicles Built Prior to 03/30/2007
    From the side of vehile, observe the clearance of the flipper door to the underside of the center tonneau panel. The clearance should be 2-3mm (0.0
  • catkccatkc Posts: 10
    I have to look up my invoice but I had asked the dealer for the Service bulletin which is where all the information in my previous post came from...

    I have an orchestra concert tonight in a snow storm so I better get off the computer and ready to walk out the door. I did drive alittle bit in about 3 inches of snow today and car seems to handle well.

    Will get back to everyone before the weekend is out with the details off my dealer invoice for the roof repair.
  • That is alot of information. The mechanic probably will have to do a few of the procedures until he gets it right. I hope one of these procedures will work. The rattling noise is really getting on my nerves. Other than the torque steering and cheap interior I love the G6. Thank you for the information.
  • Awesome Catkc and or Poarchman - thanks for the info. I have been living with 75% of all the symptoms described in that TSB, now I can go to this little dealer with confidence that they have a clue of what to do, heck I might even work on it myself with all that technical info. I have not been driving my G6 convertible during the winter even though that was kind of why I bought it. Decided it looked too good to ruin in Central New York winters with all the salt and crap, so its a 10 year old Lumina for the winter, and it does fine!

    Thanks again for the detailed post.

  • Well I finally got sick and tired of my top making noises so I made an appt to have it looked it.

    The first time I took it in the service manager was like "we don't have time for this, come back later (I had my oil changed at the same time so they just changed the oil).

    The second time I took it in they had the car for 4 hours and could not fix it. I was told that I would have to make an appointment and they would have to keep the car for a few days. The tech bulletin I provided was like 20 pages and he said it will take some time to figure it all out.

    I just dropped my car off today December 27th. I told him to fix it and take your time because I do not want to bring the car back again. Will update everyone as to the outcome.

  • giff2giff2 Posts: 6
    I don't know what the code was, I didn't get a work sheet. He just lowered the top part way and popped in 2 rubber plugs into the holes in the back glass section. It took him all of 5 minutes. Now my roof is tighter and no noise. I did have to have the passenger windows adjusted, because with the roof being tighter it nocked my windows out of alignment. But no rattle. Now if they could find out what the air leak is under my car. My car is 9 months and I have to have the traction control serviced, and we have only had 1 month of snow and ice. Good Luck with your roof.
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    I had my car in for service last week and for the most part the rattles are gone.

    Still have problem where when the heater is on panel or floor, air and noise comes out of the front window defrost. Still have a transmission lurch mostly on hiways in congestion when you speed up.

    Still overall disappointed with car--with Stereo was a bit better--the cars is "OK" but does not wow me other than the fact its a four seat hardtop convertible.

    I guess better than the chrysler new one where nardelli dissed it last week and 20k less than the BMW class leader.
  • hl12hl12 Posts: 11
    I just purchased my G6 HTC last Friday. The only issue I've had with the car is the stereo. It's the upgraded Monsoon system. It sounds real bad. FM is totally unlistenable.. Subwoofer is extremely overbearing and midrange sounds hollow. But if I turn down the bass the sound gets tinny. XM sounds a little better but still far below average. CD's are OK.

    Have any of you replaced any of the stereo components with aftermarket items? For those who did, were you able to dramatically improve the sound? If so, I could use some suggestions.

    The rest of the car seems fine. It looks awesome. It's very comfortable & quiet. Performance seems decent although the car seemed to struggle on the portion of the Simi Valley freeway that goes uphil. If I could do something about the stereo I would be happy with the car.
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    I too think the stereo is for the birds. My wifes 9 year old explorer has a better sound system.

    Needs amplifier, speakers, subwoofer--

    no real sound separation.

    They market it as sounding top end with Monsson but its not and thats because its a lower end car.

    My dealer said its operating as designed--and then said its not a bose.

    if anybody has modified i too would like to hear what you have done if on the cheap. I do not want to pour $$ into the car. Will dump it at the end of warranty as I suspect tehre wil be loads of problems.

    Also wish they would have put in aux inputs jack. GM is not too visionary.
  • I got my G6 HTC back on 1-3-08. The rattles are gone from the back window but now I have a little wind noise and there is a rattling sound near the driver door or near the driver side back seat window. For the back window rattling noise they used bulletin 06-08-59-003B. Adjusted the rear roof as the bulletin states #B9800.

    I took it back on 1-7-08 to have the rear passenger cup holder replaced. While I was there I talked to the service manger and told him that the top still rattled and he said that the car was designed that way and that they have done all they could.

    I am not satisfied, so does anybody know what course of action I can take. Can I file a lemon law complaint.
  • hl12hl12 Posts: 11
    Originally I only complained about the bad stereo. Now I too am noticing rattles on the driver's side (I'm probably more aware of it since I read the posts here). Nice Car!! Although this car cost a ton less than some other HTC's, it is still close to a 30K car...........not cheap.. For 30K my expectations are such that the workmanship should not be so shoddy.

    I will take it to the dealer to try to get this fixed.

    One more thing...........I don't live in a cold weather climate. The weather here in SoCal should not have the same effect on the car in the same way that some of the other posts described. But I still have the rattles.
  • :lemon: Hi, I'm sorry to hear you are having troubles. I have a 07 G6 Conv. I purchased in Nov. of 06. I've had the car in the shop 10 times for 47 total days. The rattling is not limited to cold climates. There are several GM work orders out as to how to repair the car. In my case that has at best been a temporary fix each time. Your rattles will start at the windows. Then the overhead connection above the back seat. There is also a problem with the back glass and windows in the doors. The last time my car was in the shop the service manager had to send it to a body shop to have the skin of the interior trunk lining re welded. It seems they are having a problem with the welds in the trunk breaking. It's not a frame issue but causes a squeak in the rear quarter panel. They said it is probably due to the pressure of the top going up and down. They have seen more than one car with this problem.

    If anyone has a copy of the GM Bulletins I would really like a copy !!!!!

    My advice to you would be to make certain you keep a VERY detailed log of the issues you are having. Keep the work orders from the dealership. IF you continue to have troubles follow the Lemon Laws for your state. Unfortunately I can also tell you this is a very slow, annoying process. After the final repair attempt was not completed in the allowed time line I requested a buyback. I am currently fighting with GM to see if we can make that happen. I haven't had my car since Mid October, and we haven't had the hearing yet.

    Take lots of pictures, if possible while the dealership has the car disassembled. Good Luck !! :lemon:
  • I've been reading all the messages about the creaks and rattles with the G6 HTC. I've had those problems as well, but my most frustrating issue with the car is an intermittent problem where the top won't retract - except when I take it to the dealer and it works perfectly! If my memory serves me correctly, both times I've taken it to the dealer because the top wouldn't retract, it had been a relatively cold day for the Austin TX area (50's), but sunny and calm and perfect for a top down drive! Of course the top operated for the dealer and they said there was nothing they could do.

    Today I put the top down (temp in the 60's), went to the grocery store and back home and the top would not go up! I talked to the dealer just last week about this intermittent non-working top and asked if there had been any service bulletins. He said "No." Has anyone else out there had this problem?
  • Ror the longest time I had the same problem for months after I first got my car. It turned out that the latch on the driver side had com completely un-attached and was floating freely. sometimes that latch would be locked most of the time it would not. on times that it would be in the latched position the roof would not open. it took several visits to the dealership to discover this. also once they fixed that problem, a rattle inside the roof went away(apparantly the linkage that controlled the latch. Hope this helps.
  • hl12hl12 Posts: 11
    Well, I didn't think 'cold' in LA would have been bad enough to have an effect on the rattling. Maybe I was wrong. We had tempuratures in the 40's - 50's for about a week and a half after I purchased my car. I continously had severe rattling from the rear part of the roof. It has finally warmed up over the last 3 days and guess what? The rattling is completely gone. Interesting!

    If it is a cold weather issue does anyone know why it has such an effect?
  • hl12hl12 Posts: 11
    I finally took car into service today. They repaired according to GM Bulletin # 06-08-59-003B. Rattles were about 75% gone on the way home............I would have expected 100%, I have a feeling I'll be back.

    The stereo is actually growing on me. I guess I needed to fiddle with it a bit. It's still average at best but at least it seems much more listenable (XM & CD's) than I originally stated. FM sound is still awful.

    You say great car performance. Do you have 3.9 engine? I have 3.5 and it seems to be underpowered, especially on Freeways at a higher speed. I find myself using Manual Mode a lot so I can accelerate better. Car accelerates very poorly with Automatic Trans. If any of you have 3.5 engine, I'd be interested to know if you're satisfied with it's performance.
  • Hi. I posted all my troubles with the G6 earlier. I've since learned something I think a lot of you may like to know.

    The weld on the body panel in the trunk of the car, on the side that the mechanics for the top are located, is coming loose. This is a problem you can't see unless you take all the trunk finish out. If you can stand on the side of the car and push on the rear quarter panel and it squeaks this could be a large portion of your problems. The service manager explained to me that every time they adjusted the top this weld would give a little more, that is the reason the rattles are better for a short while, but always come back. If they fix the weld, maybe that will be a long term fix.

    This problem was found on the final repair attempt on my 2007 G6. To my knowledge there is no bulletin on it yet because a lot of dealerships don't know of the problem. My dealer only found it because my car was taken apart to an extent that most cars never reach. After finding it in my car they have seen it 3 or 4 times in other cars in less than 2 months.

    GM will be buying my car back because I won the arbutration hearing, but maybe this information will help other people not have to go to that extent. The G6 is a very pretty car but GM still has to work out all the bugs.

    Good Luck!
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    the amplifier on the g6 is weak as are the speakers-

    all you have to do is get in any other car-even a 2000 grand marquis or an 1999 explorer (my other cars) have a better stereo.
  • hl12hl12 Posts: 11
    I agree with you about the stereo but I've also heard a lot worse too. The components are weak but XM and CD's still seem listenable. FM sound is horrible. Part of the problem is that the sub-woofer doesn't have a separate control and sometimes overwhelms the sound as you turn the bass up. My expectations for the stereo were very high when I purchased the car so of course it's very dissappointing to me. But, aside from the sub-woofer, the components are actually well matched which makes the most out of the mediocre components.
  • hl12hl12 Posts: 11
    Well, it only took about a day for the rattling to come back in full force. In other words, what the service shop did was a waste of effort. I will now bring it in tomorrow for service #2 (which I'm sure will be the second of many). And I will keep bringing it back until either they get it right or I can force GM to buy the vehicle back. Since I'm not happy with this car in the first place, I wouldn't mind the latter.
  • My G6 was in for rattle repair on the 8th of January and I got it back on the 10th of January. I live in a pretty rural area and the service manager had yet to deal with this issue. I brought several pages of these posts with me for him to review. So far, 99.5% of the rattle is gone. Mine was primarily coming from the back area above the glass. Occasionally, I will get a slight rattle/vibration from the drivers side windshield/ roof latch area. But other than that, I am pretty pleased up to this point. It was -1 during my morning commute today and not a sound from the top!

    Here is what the service order says: Customer states rattle noise from convt top while driving. Test drove, heard rattle, inspected vehicle, reviewed customer information from internet, looks like other dealers having trouble fixing rattles, some noise may be inherent to design. Reviewed bulletin and lowered headliner, needs new bumpers and grommets to start with. Removed rear glass trim, installed new bumpers and adjusted, installed new rubber sleeves and adjusted pin receiver, adjusted panel latch. Reassembled headliner.

    I will update if the rattle returns. Oh, and I do have the same heater issue that someone else mentioned where air comes from the windshield defroster even when the panel is set to floor or floor/dash. I just noticed that this morning. Good luck to all. Chrissy
  • Here is your solution if you top rattles over bumpy roads
    Part#'s 25898407 and 15815546 they need to order 2 of each.
    These are two new rubber sleeves that install on the two pins located on the rear top half. They mate with two reciever block that will need to be adjusted to the rearward most position.

    We love our G6. The top rattle has been the only major problem we have had. see below for symptoms and solutions for this TSB.

    Also if you hear a creak it may be coming from the two rubber seals in the doo jam rubbing. apply some Dielectric grease and it stops.

    Service bulletin "Rattle/Creak Noise Retractable Hard Top (Convertible) (Adjust Roof) #06-08-59-003B - (07/30/2007). Models 2006-2007 Pontiac G6 Built Prior to June 1, 2007. The conditions identified in the document were
    Rattle/ticking type noises over bumps in colder weather from mid-roof area; Rattle/ticking type noise over bumps from the front top of the windshield header area;
    Creak/pop type noise over bumps from rear quarter panel area;
    Seal itch type noise;
    Snap/ticking type noise over bumps from rear quarter glass area;
    Snap/knocking type noise over bumps from rear shelf/tonneau panel/flipper door area;
    Creak/pop/thump type noise over bumps in rear wheel well area;
    Creak/pop/thump type noises over bumps in rear trunk area.

    I would print this off and bring it with you - I find my vert's clunking roof sound is worse when really cold out. Planning on bringing it in next cold snap - when warmer the noise is greatly reduced.
  • My G6 HTC has the stabilitrac ooption. Whenever the temperature is 20 degrees or below, the "stabilitrac not ready" light comes on when I start the car and stays on for about 5 minutes. Has anyone else seen this problem?
  • I have the exact same problem. Mine isn't quite as predictable as 'every' time it's under 20 deg out, but I've probably had it act-up about 4 or 5 times this winter on cold days. (I live in Saginaw, MI, so we've been under 20 deg almost every morning for quite some time.) Let me know if you happen to find a fix.

    I'll be taking my car in for a laundry list of issues in early March, I'll also ask them to look at it then. My plans for repairs in March:
    - broken plastic latches on back of driver seat & side airbag
    - mis-fit of plastic panelling on wall leading up to passenger seat-belt
    - no-power from the lighter (looks like a piece might have been missed in assembly)
    - dent in back rear corner panel (got hit by some a-hole in the parking lot who never left a note :( )
    - get a replacement key FOB (original had a bad solder on the battery casing & stopped working
    - maybe try to get them to work on noise from the top if it's acting up at the time
  • Purchased a 2008 G6 Convertible last Sat. Sports, Premium, and Chrome Package with the White Diamond Tricoat.

    First of all this car looks amazing in the sun especially with that paint job, I can't wait till March or April when I'm able to drop the top.

    I previously had a Mini Cooper Convertible, and this car is actually more fun to drive so far, more responsive and faster.

    I'm sorta mad they didn't put an auto dimming mirror or Xenon lights on this car, that pretty much would have made my day. Also wish the gas mileage was a little better 15/22 sorta sucks but I work a mile from my place so its not to bad.

    I do have a few concerns/issues if anyone has the answer.

    1. Does the 6 Disc CD changer not play Mp3 CDs? Even my old sunfire did this.
    2. Is there a way to stop the AC from coming on everytime I turn on my car when its set to Auto?
    3. There a few scuff/scratch marks in the interior plastic, any way to do anything about that?
    4. Looking in the rearview mirror through the back window has a glossy/blurry look.
  • Congrats on the new car! To your points:

    wish the gas mileage was a little better 15/22
    - I've cleared 10K miles on my car and have found my mileage improved to about 18/24. Fortunately I'm not far from work either, it took me over a year to hit 10K miles.

    1. Does the 6 Disc CD changer not play Mp3 CDs? Even my old sunfire did this.
    - It won't play MP3s unless you burn them as regular audio tracks. This issue inspired me to get the XM subscription.

    2. Is there a way to stop the AC from coming on everytime I turn on my car when its set to Auto?
    - If the interior humidity is high, AC automatically turns on to keep your windows from fogging... it's a good thing that it turns on if you want to see out the windows, so I'm not sure why you'd want to deactivate it.

    3. There a few scuff/scratch marks in the interior plastic, any way to do anything about that?

    4. Looking in the rearview mirror through the back window has a glossy/blurry look.
    - Mine looks fine...
  • 1) I don't mind the CD player can't play Mp3 files, especially since I can just plug in my Ipod, I was just wondering, you'd think that would be standard today on an upgraded sound system. By the way love XM ever since I got my first sunfire with it I'd been hooked ever since.

    2) Only reason I don't need the AC on is because when its 30 degrees outside and the AC goes on, it actually makes the heat blowing out of the vents colder, and besides you get worse gas mileage with it turned on. :)

    3) The interior plastic is very cheap seems to scuff or scratch easily, was just looking for a way to touch it up if that happens.

    4) Looking out the back window is fine, it just seems to be when I look out the rear view mirror through the back window, almost like a glossy blurr.
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