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Pontiac G6 Hardtop Convertible



  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    where do you plug in the ipod?
  • hl12hl12 Posts: 11
    Interestingly, I have a similar issue now. When I took my car in to a local Pontiac dealership for the rattles (not the same one I purchased the car from) the service manager told me that he believes something happened to my car too. As a matter of fact, he insists that parts of my car has been repainted (he measured with a paint thickening device which showed very wide variations and also showed me up close that parts of the car were a shade darker). I was quite surprised knowing that I purchased this car brand new. Interestingly, this car was delivered to the dealership way back in Oct 2006, 14 months before I purchased it. Interestingly, it showed only 19 miles on the odometer. Anyway, I am now working with an attorney who is very confident that he can at the least get GM to buy the car back. Oh, by the way, the rattles are slowly coming back again after 2 times in the shop.

    If GM does buy back the car, I will be thrilled to get rid of it. As I've said before, aside from the great looks of the car and having the HTC, there is really nothing else this car offers except sheer mediocrity. Maybe if I had the 3.9 instead of the 3.5 I would be a bit happier with it. The 3.5 performs like a bunch of mules are pulling the car.
  • As far as paint variations, it's been pointed out that you will definitely see variations when you compare colors on sheet metal sides vs. composite bumpers on the ends. This is normal due to the differences in paint absorption from the different parts.
  • sobeg6sobeg6 Posts: 50
    Hi There Sidebride, I Totally understand what you are going through.. I was so excited to buy my G6 3.9L with all the options and waited for the gold/blue metallic. The car finally came in at the dealership (family friend Orlando) The vechicle came off the truck and into storage at dealership.. I flew from Miami to pick up the car and drive it home.. Disappointed from that ride home just grew over the months.....

    anyway, getting to the paint. I had the car in at local dealer regarding the ongoing rattling of the roof.. I received a call from the tech advising they must STOP working on the car immediately as my warranty was void due to an accident I did not disclose.. I thought the guy was out of his mind.. The approach, lack of customer courtesy and the assumption that I had an accident and did not advise them as to body work.. I immediately spoke to service mgr, sales mgr at dealership where car was purchased and was on the phone with Pontiac corporate. After hrs of calls and me threathing to bring a friend from the news to the dealership, they asked me to come back to the dealership and look at my car side by side with another new one from the lot.. they looked the same.. basically the tech jumped to conclusions and made assumptions without reseaching. The paint... especially metalic will take on shade varations and even thicker in areas..

    In the end I was so unahppy with the ongoing rattles, vibrating in steering wheel, drivers window ratteling while down, I finally got GM to return my extended warrantly money and with the trade in being pretty generous, i purchased a new car.... I would never recomend this car........3.9 or 3.5.. best of luck to you!.
  • hl12hl12 Posts: 11
    The Pontiac service manager who brought this paint variance to my attention felt it was highly unusual. He should know........he works on these cars all the time. he noticed this paint situation as soon as I brought it in for service. He actually showed me another new G6 HTC on their lot and with his digital paint measuring device showed me that the paint had consistant thickness throughout that car. The attorney I'm working with has had experience with these cases and feels very, very strongly that this is NOT a usual situation. He is not even charging me (attorneys fees would come from GM if they lose the case). He claims he has had success with similar cases. I'm just praying that he can get GM to take back this piece of junk. If the paint doesn't win out, the other issues will most likely eventually reach the parameters of the California Lemon Law (4 times in service for the same problem). Now that the weather is getting warmer and I'm keeping my windows down, I am starting to notice other rattles on the outside too. AUGH!!

    On top of the rattles, BAD performance, & subpar stereo, I am now going to pay through the nose for GAS. The gas mileage on this car is horrendous. They posted 20 - 28 yet my highest does not go beyond 20 while it mostly hangs between 18 and 19 mpg. And this is with the weak 3.5 engine. (I do freeway and street driving equally).

    One lesson I learned here. Always insist on taking a car on the freeway to test drive. Had I done that, I never, ever would have bought this car (at least not with the 3.5 liter engine).
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    the attraction of the car is only the HTC-the underpinnings of hte car is a lower end car

    I agree with stereo comment-low power amp and speakers-the so called monsoon. No mp3 plug , poor tranny, rattles, low gas mileage (BMW gets the same mileage with a faster and better car) --i

    my car goes at the end of 3rd year--I got 3 yr zero financing.

    need to avoid future problems.
  • I have to say that I am happy with my car. I don't know if I am lucky, but I am in the northeast and I have had the car for 19 months and I have not experienced anywhere near the problems that is mentioned here. I can't say absolutely no rattles but they are so slight and so few as not to rise to being even a slight annoyance. I too thought that the missing IPOD jack would be an iconvenience, but I have fallen in love wit XM radio. FYI, the new models have the jack, maybe they will trade the radio out for you. Today I had three other adults that went to lunch and although not spacious we all fit. The usable back seat is something that almost all the convertibles lack. maybe my standards are low(tin ear), but I am very happy with stereo and I know that I would probably get a $100 ticket for a loud stereo if a cop were nearby. The gas mileage does really suck for the 3.9 liter, I am getting between 16 and 17 MPG, but I do live three miles from my office and I am only averaging 60 to 70 miles per week on my car. Now that spring and summer are upon us I can't wait until the top-down days are here. Even during the winter, the hard top and the remote start made the cold much easier to take. The traction control really helps on slippery roads. Although I have the stabilitrac it never seems to kick in no matter how hard I take a corner.
  • I have been having problems with the rattling for 18 months and the dealer can't fix it. I contacted GM to have them buy the car back and am waiting to see what happens. Interesting thing in my case is I contacted my dealer and asked for a report on all the times I had the car in for service and surprisingly when someone test drove my car (had 33 miles on it) they complained about the top not working. Do you think the dealer disclosed this information to me prior to me buying it? NOPE. I purchased the car at 86 miles. I paid $33,000 cash for it and am asking GM to buy the car back. Can't wait to see what happens.
  • for those of you who hear a whistle when giving the car gas, it's your exhaust system. GM had to replace mine free as there is a defect in the exhaust on the G6 Hardtop Convertible.
  • It's a hole in your exhaust. GM is aware of this. Bring it in for a new muffler, GM is paying for the costs as it is a defect.
  • Yes I constantly get the message TOP NOT SECURE
  • The whistle noise you hear is a hole in your exhaust. GM is aware of this problem and replaced my muffler free of charge.
  • howardpmhowardpm Posts: 28
    Anyone finding the rear license plate area smaller then normal, I can't seem to fit my license plate frame in the area since its a bit to large.
  • billdamanbilldaman Posts: 37
    Has anyone in the forum purchased the OEM windscreen from GM? How well does it work? My car is off yhe road for the winter and I recently purchased a "new" windscreen for a substantial discount but havent had the chance to install it.
  • doeydoey Posts: 4
    just got a white 07 htc listed at 29.9 for a great price of 24.3, without the conquest rebate but with a whole bunch of others...
    initial thoughts:
    good--interior has two tone black on tan with fake walnut touches, and has a better look than i thought...the top works well so long as you hold the button until the all clear msg on radio comes on...manual override kind of nice...quiet interior and solid overall feel on ride.
    bad--the hard top is a maintenance call waiting to happen with all the gizmos and seal issues, but i can't say i've had a problem YET. only used it five times...the front driver's seat bottom doesn't slide up when you try and put something in the rear seat....
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186

    Was this a brand new 2007? For 24.3 maybe I need to get shopping. :)
  • doeydoey Posts: 4
    yes...12 miles i think...there were mucho rebates but at least one of them, a 500 for some auto show here in w. pennsylavnia, expired...good luck!
  • macmackmacmack Posts: 1
    I think the reason for all the racket & rattling is coming from the hydraulic hinges in the trunk & the roof brackets - I also think there is no fix for the problem. I really, really hope you get all your money back.
  • hl12hl12 Posts: 11
    At 29.9 list, I assume you got the 3.5 engine. Just do you feel about the power and performance? I have a 3.5 and feel the car is quite underpowered especially at higher speeds.
  • rjentrjent Posts: 19
    Hey hl12

    I am one owner of these cars who is very happy with it. We have the 3.9 and the 3.69 ratio diff and I must say the car is very peppy including over 100 MPH.

    We have had a few rattles, but they have been taken care of. I wish all of my cars through the years would have been this fun! :)
  • chrissy9chrissy9 Posts: 8
    I'm with you rjent- I love my car! I got mine in June of 07 & I couldn't be happier. I've had a few rattles too, but they were successfully taken care of. I've got the 3.9 liter as well and I find that my gas mileage is right around 23 mpg. I can definitely live with that.

    I'm getting antsy for spring to break in Northern Michigan so that I can drop the top & cruise! Hope all continues to go well with your toy! :shades:
  • aaamorrisaaamorris Posts: 21
    I agree with rjent -- it's a great car. I also have the 3.9 engine, and it apparently makes a huge difference based on what I have read here. Any faster and I'd be in big trouble. Especially peppy in the mid range, when you punch it to pass. I like that they are still relatively rare. Other drivers often compliment the car and ask what I am driving.
  • doeydoey Posts: 4
    yes, the 3.5...i don't have an issue with the power but that was never a big deal to me...i just like the ragtop, i'm not much of a speed/power fiend...
    plus, i used to have a 4 cylinder grand am, so compared to that......
    p.s....i play around with the manual shift and that does perks things up...
  • I've been interested in one of these for my wife's '08 convertible. Can you tell me what you paid for it (your substantial discount) and who you bought it from? You can reply to if you don't want to post it here.

  • billdamanbilldaman Posts: 37
    Hi Harvey,

    I bought the windscreen on ebay for $200.+ Shipping from LKQ Auto Parts online. It was in the box unused. They and some others sell windscreens on ebay, but its hit and miss as to when they become available. There is a GM parts seller that sells them for $355 plus shipping which was the best price I had seen before I purchased mine. BTW the windscreen works very well and looks good, but you have to remove and store it if you have a passenger and buy more than a bag of groceries (top down)!

    Good luck

  • howardpmhowardpm Posts: 28
    Anyone read the latest consumer reports on convertibles. The G6 was listed #8 of out 10 cars tested. Said the G6 is not recommended because of low reliability.
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    i have not had problems with my car--it's just not an exciting car.
  • billdamanbilldaman Posts: 37
    I will second that. I have the 2007 3.9L GT and it is not an exciting ride. Traded in my Solstice which I loved in order to get a vehicle better suited for the northeast, with room for the family. At the present time the roof will not open, the roof and doors rattle like crazy even on smooth pavement at low speeds and I only have 6100 pampered miles on it. That is an embarrassment

    I am aware of the TSB, so maybe I will feel better when the dealer gets a crack at fixing it. All this aside it is a looker vehicle when its polished up
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    6100 miles...and those issues???

    How did you like the Solstice when you had it? How was is reliability-wise?
  • billdamanbilldaman Posts: 37
    Loved the Solstice, a great 2 seater, not the best performer in the non turbo verson but fun to drive and great to see the BMW and Mercedes owners buyers regrets when they saw the SOL side by side their over priced rides at the fuel pumps.

    THe Solstice had a differential problem that was replace N/C otherwise no problems.

    GM knows full well about the problems with my G6. They spent 2 weeks working on solutions to the roof and door rattle problems a couple of months ago ( I know...I worked as an engineer for GM for 14 years until 2007 ) The problems with the G6 are correctable, and its still the best value in a RHTC. The closest thing is the VW "ERO" which is a POS in my opinion. At least my vehicle stays dry inside going through a automatic car wash. VW ERO.s owners manual specificly says "dont run the vehicle through automatic car washes" Now that is very poor engineering.
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