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2000 Chevy Silverado Vibration - II

jed1894jed1894 Posts: 337
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet


  • I hope the info in the original thread stays around for a long time. It seems like other frozen data stayes for a year or more, so that is good. If it will stay around, I won't download to save.
  • jed1894jed1894 Posts: 337
    Anyone hear of final cure for launch shutter/vibration on 00 models. I know for the 99s, they have replaced leaf springs, etc. ???

    Now that I have gotten rid of my vibration problem ,I would like to fine tune the launch shutter problem. thanks

  • would take new ink cartritge to print topic 969. Hope it stays on server for awhile.
  • meredithmeredith Posts: 577
    Frozen topics....

    with less than 10 posts are deleted - unless the material has, in my estimation, some especially redeeming value. More than 10 posts and I archive it. Archival storage is long term, but even that is "cleaned out" every couple of years.

    Front Porch Philosopher
    SUV, Pickups, & Aftermarket and Accessories Host
  • On my 00, 1500, x-cab, short bed, 2wd, 3door, 4800, auto, 3.42 locking rear, they replaced springs and shackles. Helped launch shake but did not fix all the way. Can feel it less empty, but with a 300lb load in the bed I can feel it like it was, so really all the springs did was to lift the rear 1 inch which changes the driveline angle when the truck is empty. When the load pushed the bed back down the shudder reappears. Not bad, but it's there. This past weekend I had about 700lbs of people in the cab and a couple hundred lbs in the bed and could feel the launch problem. In addition there was a vibration and humming noise at highway speeds that would come and go every 5 seconds or so. Would start quietly, then build for a few seconds, then fade away. Was weird. Best I could describe is that it seemed to be some type of harmonic. Hadn't heard that before, even with the same people in the cab. Might have been caused by the road I was on, but with these trucks you can't assume anything like that.
    Talked to a service mgr the other day. They had been told by Chev customer assistance there was a "fix" being devised for our normal high speed vibration problem due out by the end of March. Said they did not tell him what the fix was.
  • jed1894jed1894 Posts: 337
    Your "harmonic" vibration every 5 seconds or so sounds exactly like the problem I was experiencing with towing vibration on a particular trailer (light wgt) I was towing. I remember it did it real bad when it went into overdrive--did that happen to you? My towing vibration also vibrated the steering wheel, dash, and seats real bad.

    Anyway, I think I'll wait a while on the launch shutter fix before I take it in. With my luck, something else will be broken while there. Maybe they'll issue a TSB on the 00 model soon.

    Thanks John
  • bg4dgbg4dg Posts: 44
    Also waiting for the "fix" at the end of March, but I think we're getting fed a bunch of BS folks. I have been reading and posting on a few different topic numbers for a couple of months now, and I can say for sure that we are NOT all having the same type of vibration/shaking problems. There is very little chance that the various problems are going to be "fixed" by some TSB or recall from GM. Even though I've asked several times, I can't even get them to acknowledge that there is a problem in writing. Good luck folks, I believe we are going to need it.
  • jraitzjraitz Posts: 1
    Just took delivery of new Silverado with 10 miles on it. I had to pick up 100 miles away. Before I bought, I tested it up to 70mph no vibration at all. I drove it the 100 miles home, ranging from 55mph - bursts to 85mph, no problem. Tires are Generals Ameri 660 AS WOL, 3.73 rear, 2 wheel drive,Ext cab, limited slip, towing package, sticker $29,900 built 02/00. I thought it is important to tell both sides of the story. Hopefully either the truck has the problem or not. As of now I don't. Because of the continuing problems that I have read from these posts, I decided to wait since 11/99 before purchasing. My thought was that given the four months that I have been reading posts on this board, that they would have resolved whatever problem there was. Anyways, thanks for all your posts. I was definitely more diligent during the test drive to any vibration problem.

    By the way, purchased with the GM loyalty program $200 below invoice no other fees. Found the truck through gmbuypower. Great experience, called got the quote no hassling, told him to wrap it up. Purchased from Dyer Moters, in Dyer TN from the owner Norman. In Memphis, couldn't find truck, but special orders were $1000 over invoice.
  • kingfishguskingfishgus Posts: 112
    We haven't heard of enough 4 doors being bought yet, but they may not vibrate like the 3door models. Someone suggested they made a change for the 4 doors, I believe they said in the frame, which may have cured it but time will tell if they actually made a change, and if it is fixed. Hope it's fixed for your sake.
  • bg4dgbg4dg Posts: 44
    Hope so too. Great truck otherwise. My Z71 didn't start the shakes until about 1000 miles. Seems to be worse if anything at 3K now. Tire pressure definitely affects it. You can try lowering the pressures to see if that makes it shake. My tires (P245 Firestones) were way over inflated. Bringing the pressure down made things much worse. A frame and/or body change sounds likely to provide more support without the solid door side. This might be the ticket since I was told by a former GM engineer that the problem is a bad combination of frame flex, spring rate, and shock valving. This could be why I hear of few if any problems on the 3/4 tons. Again though, I believe we don't all have the same problems. My truck shakes as though a tire or tires were badly out of balance. No high frequency vibration. My only other gripes are that it is so low, no skid plate on the plastic gas tank even with Z71, and terrible shock placement in the rear.
  • jed1894jed1894 Posts: 337
    Guess this topic's dead. Maybe someone from GM made a call?..... GM should be happy vibration topic was frozen.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I thought your vibration problems were over. Did it return after the Generals were mounted? or under load?
  • jed1894jed1894 Posts: 337
    No vibration yet. Generals still holding out, so far. I'll see when the weather warms up if that cold/warm weather thing occurs.

    I read this postings out of addiction I guess. Wondering when GM will cure the problem, for those still having the problem.

    Seems to have died down a bit, huh?
  • kingfishguskingfishgus Posts: 112
    Chevy has been putting some folks off for 18 months now. Their wearing us down and don't care that those of us with vibrating trucks just won't buy a Chevy next time.
    I've personally told at least 30 or 40 people of my problems outside this forum, and these are all boating/hunting folks, truck buyers who will remember.
    Some were in the market at the time, so I've made an impact on Chevy's bottom line (I have 3 friends who wanted a Chevy but bought other brands because of me). So I caused Chevy to loose $75,000 in sales already that I know of. Most of the real problem is that Chevy has no idea of what customer service should be. They think if they stall enough, the customers will quit complaining, which is true to a certain extent. They'll quit complaining to Chevy, but not to everyone else they know.
    It is impossible for Chevy to not know what is causing this some 18 months later. I sure hope their engineers and employees are not that ignorant. They just don't want to fix it.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    Doesn't take a genius to lose sales, or lose money.

    The point about Chevy not caring, is bogus also. Post after post, in this topic, people got buy-backs who wanted them. A few have re-purchased GM products.

    I get a call, and/or reply card after every service visit. When I jotted down an offhand remark, about GM not being up to Toyota standards, I got two voice mails, and they opened a file number.

    Obviously, someone's listening. And I'm happy for it, although embarrassed for making the unfair comment.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    .....has bulletins out on this issue, someone posted in another topic about it, Dmr3 I think.

    Ray T.
  • kingfishguskingfishgus Posts: 112
    Customer service is a variable consisting of how the dealer, service manager, mechanics, Chev customer service and other factors combine to address your problems. Personal expectations of service also come into play.
    In looking back through this thread I've noticed you have posted that you do not have any vibration problems with your truck, although apparently you have had some other problems which caused you to call customer service. Until you experience a problem that goes on for months with multiple dealer visits, with something as aggravating as your truck vibrating, you won't understand some peoples views on Chevrolet's service. I've allowed Chevy have several months to fix the problem because 1. I believed they would do the right thing and fix the trucks, 2. I've had good experience with their trucks and their service in the past, and 3. was promised by their service mgr and customer service that they had an official buyback program that I could invoke when I got tired of this mess. A month or two ago I asked to be included in a buyback and was told they have cancelled their buyback for vibrating trucks. The only recourse now is either to wait for a fix, or go through legal channels (Lemon Law, class action suit, etc) . Any buyback in the works could be completed (time was running about 2 months to get a buyback at the end of last year), but no new ones would be started. I am allergic to lawyers, so I really do not want to go that route.
    I do reserve the right to complain about this problem and about the lack of customer service, especially on a forum thread dedicated to vibration problems in these trucks. I owe it to my friends to let them know of any potential problem so they can be looking for that when they test drive, and are not surprised like so many others have been.
    I'm very happy that you and others have good trucks. I've been very satisfied with GM products for decades now. I like my truck quite a bit apart from the vibration, but that problem would keep me from buying another one at this time.
    I don't think Chevrolet is acting appropriately in resolving this one persistent problem, and that would cause me concern about buying another GM truck in the future.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    I never contacted Chevrolet customer service. They contacted me...because I wrote a comment on a reply postcard, that got their attention.
    And you are right. I haven't had a problem as frustrating as yours, so I want to show more understanding, now.

    Back to your problem. Here's where I think you've gone wrong.

    1.) You've shown too much understanding, and trust in them to "do the right thing." When you cease being persistent, stop pestering, you also stop being a problem, and that moves your problem down the list.

    2.) You've let this frustration build, repressed it, and now lash out at everyone except those who can provide direct relief.

    3.) You may "owe it to your friends" to apprise them of the GM conspiracy, but you owe it to yourself even more, and to your service advisor and salesman, to really let them have it...for misleading you if that's what you think about the buyback promise.

    4.) You've got to tell them, if the buyback is now closed, that they better just open it right back up for you, or fix your truck. And don't call back until it is fixed.

    5.) The lemon law is how quite a few of the others found relief. Until now, they've decided you are just not a big enough problem to merit.

    6.) Attorneys are onerous, but this is worth $125-200 for a phone call, send them a letter, make something happen.

    7.) Lastly, you get the salesman and the service advisor together, where one can look right into the other's eyes as you speak. And you repeat that last paragraph, where you state you have been satisfied with GM products for years, and that you don't think they are treating you appropriately, and that if they want you to remain a loyal GM customer, they have to take care of you. Then you finish by stating you want this truck fixed, and not returned until it is, or start some buy back paperwork.

    I'm sorry for doubting you. Now you do the right thing, and show them the righteous indignation they deserve, challenge them to actually do the right thing, and give them a deadline, wipe away the friendly smile, just be firm, be direct.

    If you have to make good on your threat to begin using legal channels, doesn't mean that it can't end with a more satisfactory, out of court settlement.

    I think I've seen enough from customer service to believe you can make this happen. Best of Luck!
  • dmr3dmr3 Posts: 119
    .....has bulletins out on this issue, someone
    posted in another topic about it, Dmr3 I think.
    yes, I did post is the area:
  • jed1894jed1894 Posts: 337
    I agree with you 100%. Although my vibration is gone, and I'm now happy with my truck, it wasn't fiqured out by GM. Five (5) different GM dealerships in two (2) states had a chance to find the problem (warped rims) and all missed the problem. A local small one-man tire company found the problem--then the problem was corrected after I told GM what the problem was. At that point, GM even wanted to try something different but I refused and demanded they put new rims on the truck.

    I complained on every dealer by letter and calling the 800 number, and never received a call from anyone. I only got real action when I filed with BBB. Say what you want, the BBB can get some heads turning, or at least they did in my case.

    The bottom line: GM spent a ton of money on my truck (tranny, drive shafts, tires, etc.) when all-along it was a warped rim causing the vibration. How can this type error go unchecked by GM command. It also sounds like some kind of warranty fraud. I cannot believe they all missed such a simple thing to find. I have no confidence in GM service people and now I doubt everything I'm told by one of them. I only hope that nothing goes wrong with my truck that requires warranty work where I'm forced to return to the dealer.

    Anyway, I'm glad some people are getting good results from GM support....maybe if another problem comes up I'll have better luck.

  • rock29rock29 Posts: 3
    Bought a 2000 Silverado 1/2 ton SWB Reg cab in January. Salesman pointed down a short back road for test drive. Within 2 weeks vibration was noticed at 65 - 75 mph.

    Dealer said Goodyear tires were bad. Good old Goodyear replaced them... same problem. Another dealership did some more tests and could not fix.

    Another dealership said GM specialists suggested putting tires on their 'Special' tire rotation machine but expect this truck to ride rough!!! A new Chevrolet truck to ride rough?????

    They are all but admitting the problem but will not openly admit it or fix it.

    When I do get it fixed there goes my respect (and future business) to good old GM!!!!!!

    Buyers Beware.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    So much for a dead you have at least 400 miles on the Generals? If so, looking at them closely, on the outer tread, running your hand over the outer tread from front to back, notice any sharp edges of rubber or small chunks of tire missing? My Generals started to do this at about 400 miles.

    Ever thought of going to another Chevy dealer for warranty. Yours doesn't seem to take any initiative and try to find solutions more so since you had just bought two trucks from them. OR you could trade the other 1500 for another 2500. A slight change in your attitude toward the dealer might also have an impact. If there is a problem with vibrations on your truck, it is their obligation to try and resolve this issue. If you accept their answer that they will not do anything and GM's that this is "normal" then why should they? I would consider taking it up with the dealership's General Manager and not taking no for an answer. If that doesn't work there is always the Lemon Law. I'm sure the BBB and the Attorney General's Office would be interested to know that your dealer would not even attempt to resolve the vibrations.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    if being confrontational makes you uncomfortable, you could always hire an attorney to do it for you. Either way don't let them get away with this BS. Good luck!!
  • kansankansan Posts: 115
    I went to the NHTSA website to try and find information on TSB 99309002 concerning the vibration problem mentioned in an earlier post, and could not find it. Besides, all the website gives you is an incomplete description of the problem, and no mention of how it was resolved or the results of the investigation. I then called the 1-888 number, and they could not help me or even tell me if that was a legitimate TSB number. All they could tell me was that if I knew the number I could request a TSB for $40. How typical of a government agency, totally useless in my opinion. Has anyone got a TSB or any useful information from the NHTSA, or is this just another self serving organization sucking up our tax money?
  • jed1894jed1894 Posts: 337
    Might want to try what I did: go to independent tire company....GM will jerk you around forever.

    Got over 4000 miles on Generals now and no problems yet. I'll check them good today and let you know. Apparently my combination is working now. Yeah....topic seems to have picked back up....we need to keep up the heat on GM and don't let them wear us down....even the guys who get their trucks bought back and/or fixed.

  • kingfishguskingfishgus Posts: 112
    I've actually tried several of your suggestions about persisting, and the purchasing dealership's owner, salesperson, sales manager, service manager, service advisor and shop foreman are all very tired of having me persisting. Now, I don't really care that they are tired of me, so I still call and go by and brighten up their day regularly.
    I don't let them know it, but I do think they are limited in what they can do, at least mechanically because I don't believe they possess the knowledge or equipment do diagnose the problem. They all agree (along with a service mgr from a totally different dealership) that 80% or more of the trucks have a vibration problem to some degree, and that Chevy was not even trying to fix from the factory. Chevy was sending suggestions from things that had worked at other dealerships. Whether we are to believe that is questionable, but that was their position a couple months ago. Now we are told the factory is working on it.
    I most definitely have made one mistake letting them work on the truck for so long. If I had immediately demanded a buyback, left the truck at the dealership, and busted their butts every day, they probably would have bought it back. I really had no idea that this could go on so long because of my prior experiences with GM.
    Those TSB's mentioned on the NHTSA site are old, but Chev does have a long laundry list of things to try on the trucks. Actually they have reduced the vibration quite a bit, but it is still present, and at this point I'm probably most concerned with what will happen when various chassis components start to wear and what will happen when it's time to buy new tires.
    Posting here does some good, so everybody keep it up. It provides ammo for our Web comrads, and you can bet there are people at GM corporate reading these threads.
    I'm kind of interested in who is still here that has a vibration complaint/concern. I bet there are still lurkers who haven't had anything new to say, and are waiting for us to post "the fix". If you're still out there go ahead and post a short note so we know you're still here.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    I still believe at least part of the problem is your dealer, as you candidly state they are unable, lacking equipment, and exasperated.

    But the 80% number you quoted for trucks affected by vibration has to be way off. I'd be surprised if it was 15%.

    The "fix" just might be better quality control when it leaves the factory, because my '99 was produced in August '98, way before there was a "problem." I have 23,300 miles now, without hint of vibration at any speed, original tires, never re-balanced, rotated twice.

    I heard Pat Goss from Autoweek state that using an impact wrench to tighten lug nuts can warp discs, causing vibrations. Perhaps removing the wheels for balancing, rotations, different tires, troubleshooting et all, is actually contributing if they are careless with the impact wrench.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    your statement about over torqueing lugs. That is not a good thing for the hubs/rotors etc. and will cause problems.
    I am one of the few who post here on positive note, No Vibrations to date on my truck but only 600 miles so far. 2000 Silverado LS 2500 Ext. Cab Shortbox 2wd, locker, auto, 3.73, 5.3L.
    Interesting note my tire inflation rates when I picked up truck were 40 psi all around 245/16R75 all terrain Firestones, that is not what was specified by door sticker, my belief is that door sticker posts maximum tire inflation rates for when hauling at GVW not unlaiden.
    So currently I haven't changed a thing.

    Ray T.
  • y2klegy2kleg Posts: 1
    I ordered my 1500 LS on Feb.23-found this post the following day. I've been monitoring since and wanted to send a thank you to everyone for informing me of the possible problems. I like having ammunition for the situations that may arrive. Expecting arrival of truck in late April. Will post specs on truck and inform of any vibrations.
  • rgould22rgould22 Posts: 21
    Has anybody tried getting the news media interested it this problem. Shows like 60 minutes and 20/20 love stories about defective products that manufactures refuse to fix.
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