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Jeep Commander Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2006 Commander and it has been back to the shop 5 times in the last 3 weeks. First the radio stopped working and was told the radio was bad. They ordered a radio and 2 days later the battery died. Was told that the battery is why the radio died and blah blah blah. Then after the battery was replaced the service 4 wheel drive light came on. Took it back and they were unable to determine why. After they got the code to go away they told me it was fixed. 4 times since then it has come on and they have been unable to fix it. This truck has been the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned.
  • I bought a new Commander in NOV05.First own came in with major paint defects.The dealer ordered a new one fromthe factory.On12/05 I picked up my truck.It came in with 20 miles I was told that this truck went through quality control at the factory. had the truck for one week and put 102 miles on it.while getting on the highway the tranny went.I was able to get back to the dealer checked the codes and thought it was the tranny mogule. They changed that, took it for a ride and the tranny went.The dealer had to order a new one and now it is on back order. This is the HEMI LIMITED.Anyone have a similar problem. took the Miles of Freedom plan so Jeep will have me around for a while. In my state if vehicle is in shop for m,ore than 30 days for the same problem in two years I can go under the lemon law clause.
  • After new tranny was put in didn't drive it for two weeks,took car out drove it on LIE in N.Y. rocks starting
    flying fron gravel truck dented my crome grill and large chip in paint on hood, craked windshield. Now Sirus radio
    looses signal.Told by Sirus that the antenna wasn't connected at the factory. With all my mishaps I only have
    302 miles on truck. The dealer couldn't gave a crap about
    my truck but the service dept. is trying to bend over backwards, because they are looking for a good response to a survey. It's amazing how these dealers keep their 5 star
    ratings. Maybe if chrysler would start taking care of these vehicles that come from the factory and not try to keep bringing back old relics. ie charger challanger and srt models maybe all these problems wouldn't occur on the new models.
  • Just out of curiousity, any specifics on your major paint defects?
  • jemeabdajemeabda Posts: 1
    Just bought a Limited 4X4 5.7 Hemi loaded - it is soaked on the passenger side floor board after 300 miles and five days. Back to the dealer this morning. Pulled the sill trim, and the insulation, carpet..... everything underneath is wet. Stains start on the firewall. Any ideas? Haven't even had time to get a plate on this thing - extremely disappointing. It rained slightly the first day I had it, but it's been dry ever since.
  • mbeverlymbeverly Posts: 2
    Just purchased a limited, 5.7 Hemi loaded. I have been about 300 miles and so far love everything about the car.
    I have had a problem with the heating and cooling system.
    Some days it works great and the next day I only get very cool air blowing out. At 30 degrees outside, when the car is started it immediately blows cold air. The next time I get in it seem to work properly. Has anyone had this problem?
  • I have a very similar problem. Water was leaking in through upper handle on driver side windshield. We thought that this was causing the drivers side floor to be wet. We took it to the dealer and they peeled back the weather stripping and re-glued it. A few days later, I drove it through a car wash and the problem was still present. It's at the dealer again. They have inspected the same area and decided that this time it was the roof racks. They fixed it, took the commi through the car wash and the floor is still soaked. They contacted Crysler techincal support and they said to check the sunroof (we do not have that option) or the air conditioning could be leaking. (uh, it's still winter in Indiana, we're not running the air conditioning.) It's still in the body shop working on a diagnosis. This is the only major issue that we have had, however it's already been in for a defective rear wiper motor, misplaced ambient sensor, incredible dangerous headlamps(needed to be re adjusted) and the rear hatch was stuck. I love my commi, but my confidence is shaken.
  • My gues is someone left the window open at the dealer's lot or in transport.
  • Could be a few things,
    water getting past the door water dam behind the door panel and dripping down to the floor (check for this by looking for water when you open the door in the groove of the seal, at the bottom that goes around the door opening).
    A urethane skip or lack of, around the front windshield (peel back the carpet and with a trickle of water from a hose, slowly pour water around windshield and look for any water dripping to floor).
    Missing rubber body plug possibly where sunroof drain hose comes out or would have come out if equipped or any hole where required.
    Missing or loose floor plug, put on at the factory to cover drain holes from vehicle being dipped. With car in the air inspect plugs for seating evenly and all holding it in place).
    This ones a little trickier but in the course of spotwelding the body you can sometimes get a burn through or a tiny pinhole in the weld itself which still big enough to cause a leak. (pouring water over spot welds but would require trim, carpet and possibly dashboard pulled away).
    Related to the above would be body seam sealer used to seal all metal joints between the in and ouside of the car.
    Problem with water leaks is that water travels but they should be using a water additive to show its path under an ultraviolet light.
  • crowheadcrowhead Posts: 1
    Purchased Commander Limited 4WD in December, . I love the vehicle and enjoy driving it despite the gas mileage, however....
    Two weeks ago the service 4WD system light came on. The transmission seems to be engaging the 4wd system all the time instead of when necessary. The service light is intermittant, when the light is on, heavy friction when turning especially at low speeds, when the light goes out the friction goes away. Dealer claims they have not heard of the problem and were unable to fix it. It has been in twice to no avail. Service manager on vacation, so little assistance there. He returns on Monday, lets see if they can get it right. I have already paid for a weeks worth of rental car and not looking forward to doing it again. Frustration level is rising by the day. UGH :mad:
  • Been a very loooooong time since a post. Have since put 6k miles on my Silver Hemi Lmtd & it has been outstanding. I have seen a few posts about unexplained stalling issues and would like to ask a very dumb question... has anyone accidentally bumped the keys or fob while in the ignition & driving? Just a little tap and the car turns off. I actually did this once (or twice) while backing out and have since always made a point of positioning the keys in a way so they do not dangle down or contact with my knee. I can't be the only person who has done this. Because I am tall I am very conscious of this but could see how someone could do it accidentally. I wonder if this could contribute to any of the stalling issues and if Chrysler will ever address this. Also anyone else take allot of rocks to the windshield this winter? I have been a magnet with 4+ this year on NY roads. Could it be because the windshield is so large or some other design issue, or should I be taking it personally?
  • edccsaedccsa Posts: 1
    I purchased a Jeep Commander a month or so ago. Last night at 2100 miles while turning the corner it just died. I will schedule an appointment with the Dealership. I am only hoping it won't happen again.
  • fudge55fudge55 Posts: 1
    there is a hook up for i Pods in the jeep grand cherokee. I was wondering if anybody knew if there was one for the commander.
  • sonji1sonji1 Posts: 3
    Ok folks...for the last hour I have sat here and read every post about this vehicle and I have never been more turned off in my life. I have been eyeing the Commander for the last month and hesitated buying it just because I was not impressed with the incentives Chrysler was offering. Today I get an email that Chrysler is offering a $2,000 rebate along with another $1,000 for Chrysler financing and in seeing that my enthusiam for the vehicle spiked again, but after reading all these posts I am back at square one...SCARED TO PURCHASE SUCH A NEW MODEL!!!

    I am looking for some seasoned advice on whether I should or should not buy what appears to be a piece of CRAP!!! :confuse:
  • kk28kk28 Posts: 1
    Has anyone else had success in getting their brake harness wired on a Commander? My local RV store couldn't find wiring and called a couple different car dealerships, but didn't get any help. HELP! I need to tow soon!!!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    Keep in mind that you're looking at a "Problems & Solutions" forum so you're not likely to find any "trouble free" posts. Be sure to check out the main Jeep Commander discussion as well.

    tidester, host
  • slam4slam4 Posts: 3
    After reading the pro and cons of all the commanders' owner I am very confuse. I have a grand cherokee limited and love it. Now I want a commander, like sonji1 I am scare to purchase the commander. I am curious statistically how many "happy" vs "unhappy" owners? :confuse:
  • evaddaveevaddave Posts: 156
    The Commander is a new model, true, and new models tend to have more problems than ones that have been around a couple of years.

    For me, it didn't seem like too much of a risk because the Commander is based on the Grand Cherokee platform. In other words, the major mechanicals have been "out there" for a while now.

    Also, a lot of the difference between "happy" and "unhappy" lies in your perspective. (Some of it is how the dealer treats you.) If you expect your brand-new car to be flawless, then you'll probably be unhappy.

    We have had our Commander for a couple weeks now. We love it. And already it's been to the dealer twice for service. The first time was because the back driver's side assist handle wasn't attached right. No big deal. I have no idea who was test driving that Jeep before we bought it, but the dealer fixed the problem. The second time it was for a little water leak. After a rain, a little bit of water stared to leak out of the trim cap above the driver's side assist handle and drip onto the dashboard.

    Both of those issues are directly related to the Commander being a new model, and are the kinds of things I would expect to encounter. Maybe the rear assist handle is shared with other cars, but how it attaches to the body is unique to the Commander.

    On the grand scale of things, I'm more aggravated that the nav system doesn't know where my house is, even though it's been here for almost 7 years!
  • babyrnbabyrn Posts: 2
    I just bought a 4WD JEEP COMMANDER in Jan. 06. After just 20 days and 300 miles it started to grind and drop speed from 35 to about 10 in a split second. I took it back to Jeep and they could not find anything wrong. 2 weeks later it did it again. I took it back and they ordered a new tranmission. They found the gears damaged when they replaced it. I got the car back and 3 weeks later it did it again and I was stopped to fast that I bruised my collar bone from the belt. I had it towed in but it ran fine after I put the brake on and it went back into drive mode.I have filed for a buy back on the :lemon: JEEP. They have my car trying to find the problem and are putting lots of miles on it with a special STAR computer. Headquarters in Michigan okayed a rental. When I went to pick up the rental, the district Manager refused to PO my rental. I can either sign a release and drive my JEEP at my own risk or rent a car at my own expense. I now have a case number with Crysler and sent in my card certified mail and now having to seek counsel for help. All you Commander owners beware. I loved the JEEP until I got hurt. Now I have no JEEP and am paying off the cost of $46,000 and paying for a rental...... This is really hard to swallow!! :lemon: :sick:
  • tgretztgretz Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 2006 Jeep Commander. I really like this SUV except for a persistent noise. AT speeds of 60+ miles per hour I'm hearing a whistling sound which I believe is coming from the engine compartment or the front of the car. The source of the noise seems to be at dashboard height on the inside. My first thought was noise coming from the luggage racks which I repositioned several times. I finally removed them completely. The whislting noise still continues. It's not extemely loud, but very annoying.

    Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.
  • Hi All,

    I have had a Commander (5.7 Hemi) since December last Year. Been in and out of the dealerships over the past 4 Months, in most cases for weeks sometimes. Problems ranging from Power Steering Failure in the first 2 weeks, Transmission Problems that they fail to acknowledge, ESP, Problems, Numerous computer problems, Seat Memory Problems, I have a file over an inch think! - Daimler Chrysler refuses to buy back this piece of CRAP. Going to arbitration here in Canada. I had a Jeep Cherokee Limited for 10 Years and never had any major problems!

    My advice - Stay away from Jeep Commanders. Period! :mad: :mad:
  • qaqoonqaqoon Posts: 1
    Hi All,
    Just got a 2006 commander 5.7 Hemi. 5 days and some rain, and the car in the shop for water leaks on both ends of the car. Took it in, the dealership refused to change the carpet even though it was soaked (they vacuumed, opened the doors and let the air out!!!!). A week later it rained again and it leaked again. Today the car is in the shop. Very disappointed. On the bright side, this time the dealer agreed to change the carpet - Great! Called Chrysler, they advised me to read the 'lemon laws' in the state of Virginia!!! Not good. 44k down the drain.

    Shame on Chrysler.
  • evaddaveevaddave Posts: 156
    Well, the good news is that they gave you (or at least they should have given you) a book with the lemon laws for all the states when you bought the Commander.

    I had a small leak that just got fixed (keeping fingers crossed) today. The dealer said they tested and found a leak around the windshield. They sealed that and tested again, and there was no leak. We'll see how this holds up.
  • sonealsoneal Posts: 4
    I too recently purchased a 2006 Jeep Commander and am hearing the same whistling noise. It happens at 60+ speeds, and doesn't occur all of the time. I do not have the roof rack cross bars so it can't be that. This is very annoying, and suggestions?
  • I too had a whistling noise, except mine was a perfect harmonic tone noise. If you press on your windhield behind the mirror, does it get higher? Mine did. Turns out Jeep (in thier non-wind tunnel tested commander) put a gasket on the top of the windshield that has a little grove in it. Seems that at various speeds it acts just like you are blowing across the top of a bottle. (at least that is the way mine did) I took it back, they lied and said they had to take my windshield out, yadda yadda you don't...just replace and re-glue the gasket and it is ok...This should be a TSB and they should re-design the gasket with a smooth exterior. Also, in a quick fix, I bought a $3.97 of clear silicone bathtub caulk and placed a tiny bead of caulk in the crack in the solved the problem. No I was not happy with putting tub and tile caulk on my 45K vehicle and I expressed that to the service writer...he wanted to blame ME for the problem. Later when they lied about getting my windshield out they complained that they had trouble getting the windshield out because of the caulk I put on the car to stop the noise...this was total crapola!!! they didn't even take the windshield out...but because my wife took the car in and I had STUPID tattoed on my forhead when I challeneged them on such nonsense...I guess they all chuckled at their idiotic creativity. Yes we consumer car buyers are real idiots...especially at Chrysler! Customer Service??? What's that? Oh..and I am suing Chrysler Financial for screwing up my credit because they had erroneously added to their computer that I filed bankruptcy...Nope I've never filed bankruptcy before in my life...and it appears nowhere in my other credit reports...Yep they are going to get to pay off my new car! I don't play. Good luck with the whistle... requires an PHD level engineer to build 'em and a less than high school educated nuthead to keep them on the road...what a country! :mad:
    RW commander
  • sonealsoneal Posts: 4
    I will try and see if it gets worse if I press on the windshield. Did you place the caulk on the outside of the glass or the inside? I haven't looked to see where the gasket is located yet, I assume on the outside. Thanks for your advice.
  • Ok...Got Harmonic noise fixed...same glue, bath and tub caulk gone...seems to be without noise this time. I imagine they changed the angle of the gasket so no noise.

    NEW PROBLEM... Engine light just came on with no reason. I read the book...seems that it can happen if gas is questionable...I added premium to the tune of 3.00 per Gal.

    Anyone have this problem? Any ideas? Please respond! :P
  • I placed the caulk on the outside in the little crack/channel across the top gasket at the crown of the front of the rear view mirror. Hope it helps. RW
  • sonealsoneal Posts: 4
    So did you end up getting a whole new gasket put on from the dealer? Seems every time I take mine to get it checked at the dealer it doesn't perform the annoying "whistle" for them on the test drive. Did you put the caulk all the way across the crack the length of the whole windshield or just behind the mirror? I haven't noticed mine getting any worse if I press on the glass behind the mirror. Don't know anything about the engine light thing, but my air conditioning light blinks on and off occasionally. I have only had this thing 2 months, I hope this is not the beginning of more problems to come. :cry:
  • I just bought the Commander with the Hemi. I get about 10 mpg. It has 400 miles on it. People say after the break in period I should get better. How long is break in. I don't expect to get great mileage but is should be better than 10mpg.
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