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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8

blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
edited July 2014 in Jeep
I figured it was time to make discussion topic specifically about the SRT-8 and let the SRT vs. SS be just that.

Anybody received their SRT-8 yet? Getting mine Friday. Can't wait.


  • steverstever Posts: 52,572

    And for those who missed the review (I know you didn't Blkhemi):


    Steve, Host
  • Very Jealous!! But very happy for you. I can just imagine your ear to ear grin waking uo on Friday :)

    Anyway, mine was orderd Dec 8th here in South Fla, and I was under the impression that all vehicles were beginning shipment in mid January. But now I'm thinking I may get mine early January - yay!
    Here's a nice pic in Black
  • Some new JGC SRT-8 pics by WK Jeeps here:
    link title

    Some good undercarriage shots. Looks like there's plenty of room to work with the exhaust. I might send them out to the side and have just the hitch come out the middle cut-out
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Right again Steve-O
  • Don't forget a smallish hitch to bring all the Hondas and Acuras you find stuck in the snow, back to town.

    But a word of warning. Don't tow them to the Honda dealership, cause their warranties are not worth the cost of your fuel to pull them into town! :lemon:

    I never did have the Yen for any Honda auto products anyway!

    Had one new Honda in my life and spent more on it in 5 years than I paid for it. Honda covered nothing!

    I have had over 15 Jeeps! I spent more on that Honda in 5 years than I have spent on all the Jeeps I've have in the past 30 years! Honest to God's truth!

    ON THE OTHER HAND!!!??? I have two Honda Motorcycles and have never had one problem with them in 10 years! Go figure?

    Moral of this story----Ride Honda --- Drive Jeep!
  • I'm very interested in purchasing the new Grand Cherokee SRT8. What are people paying out there? Sticker? Over?
  • FLASH!!!! As a super hero, I get all the news first!

    Santa will be driving his new Grand Cherokee SRT-8
    This Christmas Eve!

    No Present left behind!

    Can't you just see all those little kids crying their eyes out if Santa had to drive an Explorer? Not only would he get stuck in the snow, but he wouldn't be able to get up those steep roofs!

    For a job like that, only the Jeeps 6.2 Hemi and Qudradrive will save the day!

    Merry Christmas. If you Explorer drive are very very lucky (and have a great wife) you may just get a Jeep for Christmas. :)
  • For the most part, if the vehicle is already in the dealers posession, then expect to pay at least $5k over sticker. One dealer down here in South Florida told me to expect a $10k premium. That's the price for not having to wait for it.

    If you order it, definitely don't pay more than MSRP. You're looking at probably 3 - 5 months before delivery.

    If you find it too frustrationg, I'd go with the Trailblazer SS. More int room, more tow capacity, tougher looking (IMO), and much cheaper. I've heard people are getting from $2k - $5k under MSRP.
  • Mgeamike, Hmmmm, one lump of coal!
  • Anyone have any reliable production number estimates for the SRT8? I can get one at MSRP now, but I figure that if Diamler cranks them out in a significant volume, the price has to drop below MSRP in the not too distant future. It just seems wrong to pay msrp.
  • Well you can't get the Chrysler 300 SRT-8 for under MSRP (actually I've only seen them at $5k or highr OVER MSRP at dealers), and they've been out for a year.

    From what I've understood, the won't make more than 1500 of the Jeep SRT-8 per year.
  • Good to know - I also heard from a couple dealers that the 300 SRT8 is still selling over sticker. So MSRP might be the best deal for the GC. I can also see that even if they ever sold for under msrp, it wouldn't be much (you can see I'm rationalizing here pretty fast). Thanks.
  • subdensubden Posts: 40
    I think it is generally true that 300C SRT is still generally going for MSRP or over since there are no discount programs applicable to it or other SRT-8's.

    I just ordered a Jeep SRT-8 ($500 deposit) last week from a smallish dealer in Boulder, CO for $1K under MSRP which I think is a decent deal for right now. The Denver dealers I talked to either didn't know much about it or were demanding $5K deposits and well over MSRP.Plus they throw on $400-$500 dealer handling while Boulder dealer was "only'

    I also found the Chrysler dealer in Topeka KS with a loaded 300C SRT asking $3K over MSRP, but my feeling was he would deal "a little".
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    from the Rose Bowl today(GO HORNS). I finally got the chance to open up this thing to see what it can do. Long story short, I still have the WOW factor on my face. There are very few cars(besides Corvette) in this price range that can beat the SRT-8. Maybe none. I got quite a few gawks and stares as I was returning home. One motorist at the fill station asked the dumbest question of '06: THAT THANG GOT A HEMI? I told him he could find out. I guess he was little antsy driving his Mach 1 Mustang, but then decided to stand down after his friend told him that his Stang was no match for the HEMI.

    Just crossed over 700 mile mark, and the 6.1L is really loosening up. It's not quite as tight wound as before, which brings more flexibilty into the motor. I'll post more updates
  • Post some pics!
    Unless, of course you're full of fluff ;).

    Yeah, screw USC - GO UT!!
  • cuppy1cuppy1 Posts: 28
    I just ordered a GC SRT8 from a dealer in central PA for $360. over dealer invoice [37,474]. Sticker price is $40,220.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Cuppy, that's one heck of a deal. What color combo did you go with?
  • cuppy1cuppy1 Posts: 28
    Inferno red/medium slate gray
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    YOU"VE GOT MY JEEP!!!!!!! Except I went with the parchment interior. Keep us posted on your new ride.
  • subdensubden Posts: 40
    Hey, blkhemi;

    how did you get a "parchment" interior? The only one I saw on the dealer order form and elsewhere was the slate grey.

    Maybe it was offered when you ordered yours, but not now?

    On a related note, the steel blue exterior is now listed as unavailable according to the dealers..

  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I specified that I wanted the JGC's Limited "tan" interior color scheme. I now understand that DC is allowing parchment, slate, and matching interior/exterior color combos for the special order SRT's. I do believe that the steel blue is "unavailable" to the dealers, but I chose to do my own foot work and get my SRT on my own, just like most of my previous Jeeps.
  • subdensubden Posts: 40
    Interesting..have to try a couple of dealers to see if I can get a different interior color on a special order. Would like to do the "tan" too..I've already got mine ordered, but could kill the deal easily..
  • tl767tl767 Posts: 2
    What is the name and location of that dealer? I'd like to order at that price as well!
  • Cuppy1, Since I live in PA, would like to know dealer for your price............ nice deal!
  • Cuppy1, Since I live in PA, I would like to know the dealer where you bought your SRT8..... nice deal!
  • cuppy1cuppy1 Posts: 28
    New Holland Dodge,Chrysler,Jeep 501 East Main St. New Holland,PA 17557. 800 772-4411
  • tl767tl767 Posts: 2
    Thank you very much, I'll give them a call. Did they give you a time frame for delivery?
  • sbecksbeck Posts: 1
    Can 420 HP take me to the front?? After I driving a friends 2006 Porsche Cayenne turbo (450 HP)I have my doubts. What about adding a twin turbo to the new Jeep?
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