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2007 Volvo S80



  • I was going by the owners handbook that had service at each 7500 miles. That is what service guideline I was using.
    And what is changed ' under the skin"? The only thing I read is that there is a tire pressure monitor and it is 6 cy rather than 5. What else is there to the new car?
    I do see that much of what was standard on my 99 is extra on the 07.
    I'm not arguing with you, I just want to know before I agree with my wife that we may trade cars after only 2 years rather than wait out our normal 6.
    As for the MB service, I traded the last 320 in when I purchased the 99Volvo, so the cost of service then may have been a little less than now days. But the normal services on the MB and the Volvo and what they were costing are now 65.00 on the Avalon with no major service until 75k. Yes, I try to have all my servicing done at the dealer where I buy the car. Had a bad experience once with one of the quick lube/service deals and don't care to risk it again.
  • I've owned nothing but Volvos for the past 35 years. The cost of ownership with my S80 however convinced me that it would be my last Volvo. Dismal reliability coupled with extraordinary repair costs, and poor resale value don't make for a winning combination. If you do some research to understand the service record of the 99-06 S80 models, you will understand in short order that the cars were fraught with design, parts, and build quality defects. Ford provided scant goodwill support, no service upgrades of known design defects, and inflated parts pricing. The dreadful service experience with the previous generation S80 also resulted in extraordinary depreciation. Take a look at retail prices of used S80's, and understand that the first owners bore the horrific depreciation costs that result in used S80's selling for less than an entry-level Korean car. The cost of service, parts, and depreciation make this a car to avoid.
    Apologists will reluctantly acknowledge that Volvo had some problems with the previous car, but now they learned their lesson and the new 2007 car is completely redesigned to avoid such concerns. Are you willing to take that bet with YOUR $55-65,000 dollars? Do you think that the Ford Motor Company that lost 250 million dollars/day over the past year (per Automotive News) is going to offer generous support for the new S80 while they're hemorrhaging red ink? Ford has one mantra these days and that's cost containment, period.
    Before you buy, ask your Volvo dealer what routine service costs will total for 75,000 miles. Ask him to quote you on the sorts of routine replacement parts and services that you'll likely encounter during your term of ownership. What's a major service cost? What does a set of windshield wipers cost, or a replacement alloy wheel, or a headlamp assembly, or a complete brake job. You'll discover just how proud Volvo is of it's parts. Cost of ownership issues. What is the retained value of the previous generation S80 after five years? Hugh cost of ownership issue. You had better like this car a whole lot because you'll be paying for it at least twice if you keep it for five years. I replaced my Volvo with a Toyota that has yet to be back to the dealer in 22,000 miles, and everything functions perfectly. Yes, I surely do miss the irreproachable comfort of the Volvo, but nothing of the reality of the ownership experience. Stick with the Avalon.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,094
    what exactly did the book tell you to have done at 7500 miles that cost $150? I'm not intimately familiar with the S80 specifically, but my S70 called for an oil change only at that mileage. Granted, that was expensive at the dealer ($50), but still not $150.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • I can't remember specifically. I remember once it had to do with 're-programing an update to the computer". It was usually something like that added to the oil, filter change and rotating the tires. Seems that one time it was changing the air filter. Usually something extra like that. I think the lowest cost was in the 75-85 range, but that was just once or twice. One at the 30 or 45k one was right at 600.00.
    As for the actual mechanical problems, there were very few that were not covered by the warranty.
    One that hit me, not the cars fault, was when the rats got into the engine compartment and chewed many things up. All kinds of warning lites lit up. My insurance covered all of it after the deductible. I live in the country and field rats try to come in every fall/winter.
    But all of this is off subject.
    What has changed in the 07 S80 and are the services still as expensive?
    As for as the reliability, I had no complaints.
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,993
    How many S80's do you have on the lot ?????

  • The Volvo dealers in the Washington DC area seem to all have at least one each of the 3.2 and V8 S80. Drove a V8 with many of the gadgets, but no GPS.

    The adjustable suspension is amazing. In Comfort mode my wife was very happy with the ride and I felt entirely comfortable with the degree of control. Sport mode tightened it up so that I was pleased with its ability to quickly set itself up in cloverleaf ramps and fast corners. I couldn't find a good place to test the Advanced suspension, so I can't say just how much of an improvement it would be. The ride was better to my taste than the M35x (I'm looking for AWD) and a lot better than the A6 with S-line enhancements.

    The BLIS works just as advertised, right and left. The warning light is visible in the corner of your eye, and very noticeable when you look over a shoulder to switch lanes. It comes on just as the car is leaving the rear-view mirror and entering into the blind spot.

    Radar cruise control is excellent. First time I've used that technology, and with my foot poised to hit the brake in case the system didn't work as expected, the car automatically slowed and then gently braked as the car in front slowed to a stop.

    Sound of the engine was satisfactory; very quiet in 6th gear at 1500 rpm; good sound as it downshifts and revs up. Won't be confused with a Ferrari, but a good enough melody. 311 HP in a 3900 pound car is just fine for my needs.

    The interface to the settings menus looks pretty straightforward, a lot more intuitive than iDrive and Audi's equivalents. (Not that they're difficult, but just less sensibly organized.) I didn't play very much with them.

    The V8 with the Sports package doesn't have a spare tire; the tires don't seem to be run-flats, either. There's an engine-operated pump in the area where the spare would be, and a can of some kind of [non-permissible content removed] that seals leaks from the inside. Not so great.

    A manual lumbar support wheel! Least adjustable seats I've seen in a car even close to this in price. I'm sure I'll find a perfectly good seating position, but I'll miss the little adjustments in my 5-year old BMW X5. OTOH, the perforated leather seats with heating and cooling are very comfortable and for my short legs, good around the thighs.

    No reverse tilt-down mirrors--a minor failing, but I will notice it when backing into parking spaces, I'm sure.

    I'll probably order one (10-12 week delivery on special orders to the Mid-Atlantic area) next week.
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,993
    Thanx for the post....... :)

  • shaunsshauns Posts: 24
    I strongly concur with johndjr.

    I just got rid of my 1999 S80 at 94K - the shortest time I've ever kept a car. Here are the hard numbers:
    cost of repairs (not maintenance!):
    11.2c/mile vs. 5.6c/mile large car avg.
    cost of tires: 0.12c/mile vs. 0.07c/mile large car avg.
    depreciation: $5500/yr vs. 4500/yr large car avg.

    There were 20 similar vehicles for sale at the same time as mine, all asking $9K-$10K. And not moving. The realistic price for even a well-maintained and low-problem S80 like mine is more like $5K.

    I bought a Camry Hybrid. The only thing I miss from the S80 is the more adjustable memory seats and more trunk space.

    Undeniably, Volvos are comfortable, roomy cars for the most part. The cost of ownership has been an issue for Volvos for decades. Given that Volvos seem to be a generation behind the near-luxury class leaders in things like engine and suspension technology and sound isolation, particularly over textured or rough roads, purchasing a new Volvo isn't a wise decision in my estimation. Go Japanese.
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,993
    I'm really am surprised that the 07' S80 doesn't have some of the features you mentioned. :surprise:

  • Drove the 2007 S80 V8 today. Volvo did it right...I've owned the 2000 BMW 5 series a Toyota Avalon XLS. They don't come close. My wife's everyday driver is a 2002 Volvo C70 convertible another terrific auto. I'm starting to become a Volvo believer. The 2007 S80 V8 is a great car.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I wonder how soon would we see some of the technology on the '07 S80 trickle down to the XC90, and perhaps even the XC70 and S60?
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,993
    My guess is whenever the models get their refresh or redesign. ;)

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    XC70 will be soonest because the new car arrives this fall.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Any engine news on the XC70? Any chance they would replace the turbo 5 with a V6?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Volvo doesn't make a V6.
    We do make an inline 6.
    This will be the engine in the new XC70.
    After a while the new turbo 6 will be an option.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "We do make an inline 6. This will be the engine in the new XC70."

    That's good news. Hope they don't "supersize" the new XC70.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    FAIK, the new XC70 will only be slightly bigger than the current car.
    It will use the new S80 chassis.
  • Vovlomax, with a new, updated XC70 coming out this fall and the factory at that time undoubtedly offerring inventory-clearing deals, a current style XC70 this coming summer may be the way to go. Contrarian maybe, but still perhaps a smart move. After all the current XC70 is well sorted out, DSTC is now standard, the ETM issues are behind it, and my current set of winter wheels/tires will fit.

    Now, where can a guy find a new XC70 in Barents Blue with Premium, Climate, Zenons and the HU850 sterio? Although on second thought, at $43055 MSRP you are right close to a one or two year old E350 AWD wagon. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the $57K E350 AWD wagon vs. the XC70. A lot of people, I think even Edmunds, class the Suburu and other lesser cars with the XC70, which I think is a mistake.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Doubtless, the current XC70 will be a good deal this summer, although availability won't be great.

    The E350 wagon isn't a vehicle that is cross shopped against the XC70.
    Usually because the Mercedes faithful consider the Volvo beneath them.
    The XC70 has better ground clearance and is a better off road vehicle.
    The Benz is rarer and more luxurious.
    Neither car is going to have spectacular resale.
    Over time, the Benz will cost more to repair and maintain.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "a current style XC70 this coming summer may be the way to go."

    My thoughts exactly. The XC70 and V70 have aged remarkably well, styling-wise.
  • IMHO the cars to cross shop the S80 against would be the E Class MB and the 5 Series BMW. Maybe the Jag S type. Nothing else comes to mind although maybe Avalon and a Lexus might be suitable. Lets do a little comparison of the two Germans against the Swede:

    1) The S80 3.2 has the same size engine as an E Class 6 cylinder, much the same equipment, etc. all for perhaps 16K less. For anyone in the Northeast, it has FWD. On the other hand if you want performance you can buy the V8 AWD and get E Class V8 AWD performance for, again, a lot less.

    If you were shopping the S80 against the E Class, the sweet spot though seems to be a "base" S80 V8 with AWD for about 8K less than a 6 cylinder AWD E Class and maybe 12K less than a V8 E Class. Almost all new E Classes that I see in the Northeast are Fourmatics and by far most are 6 cylinders.

    All this assumes that you don't want the E Class Diesel which to some people at only 1K more than the gas E Class is really the way to go.

    2) The S80 matches up nicely against the BMW 5 Series with more standard equipment. The S80 3.2 again has FWD and a bunch more standard equipment than a BMW 525, in fact any BMW, because BMW plays the options game almost as ruthlessly as Porshe. ("Oh, did you want leather in your BMW? Well thats part of a package for 4K more. Sunroof? Oh, dear, thats more money also.") The S80 V8 AWD should run away from a BMW 530 six cylinder, especially after the roads get slick.

    So, the S80 vs. BMW comparo is going Volvo's way until it comes to resale. Them yuppies do want the BMW and the resale shows it.

    I think Volvo has a hit on their hands.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The only flaw in your argument is the resale one.
    M-B resale is average to below average.
    BMW, outside of the 3 Series, is average, until you get to the 7 which isn't great at all.
    Of course, when 1 car is $10,000 more than another it will resell for a higher dollar amount, but the percentage won't really be better.
    The previous S80 had bad resale for a few years, although the 05 and 06 cars have done better.
    Given the high content, I expect the new S80 to do about average in resale.
  • Volvomax, two points.

    I'll accept that maybe the resale on a 5 Series is "average" but is it higher than its comparables (i.e, E Class, etc.)? If it is, then it is above average for its class.

    Secondly, I may have been little overenthusiastic on the S80 being a hit. Since that post I've seen more of them up close. To my eyes they just don't have the same "presence" as an E Class or a 5 Series. While in many other regards the S80 holds its own, this "presence" thing could hurt the car with people who buy a car for its bold statement to the world that the driver is either very successful (MB), very stylish (Jag) or very sporty (BMW) . Now a lot of people, many of them Volvo owners, don't buy a car as a rolling megaphone but some people do.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Not quite sure how you are defining "presence"
    The E Class really isn't a standout looking car.
    If it didn't have a star on the end of the hood, most people wouldn't give it the time of day.
    I think the Volvo interior is light years ahead of the Benz.
    The bimmer is a better looking car than the Benz.
    Is it better looking than the S80?
    Not sure.
    Wait until you see a pimped out S80.
    Both cars have more status than the Volvo.
    However, both cars charge you alot more for that status.
    There are plenty of people for whom money is no object and the want the designer label.
    Volvo isn't going to get those people.
    The Volvo customer is more pragmatic about what they drive and in many cases is uncomfortable with a car that shouts their status.
    The S80 isn't going to be the hit that the XC90 is, or that the XC60 should be, but I think it will garner more than its share of sales.
  • Maybe the car that the S80 should be compared to is the Audi A6? Moreover the Audi brand seems more vulnerable to Volvo inroads than M/B or BMW. I think that the S80 has the A6 triangulated: the Volvo in two wheel drive format is significantly less at 37K than the comparable Audi at 41K and in AWD the S80 with a V8 for 47K is much better than the AWD A6 with a six cylinder for 44K.

    So, in a comparison between the S80 and A6 it may come down to "did you want to save a few grand to get the same thing in an Volvo or did you want to spend a few grand more to get a really better AWD V8 car?"
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Don't know that the A6 V8 is really ANY better than the S80 V8 AWD.
  • I just want to point out, that 37K Volvo has significantly more features than 41K base Audi.

    For instance, there are several desirable features for me - 17" wheels, sunroof, remote garage opener, memory for driver's seat, parking assistance, leather seating surfaces.

    That all is available in the base Volvo +$495 option.

    To get all this in Audi you have to cash out almost $51K, getting premium, convenience and technology packages + $750 wheel upgrade.

    Given, that you will get a bunch of other options (that I could care less).

    So, new S80 is a tremendous deal, in both 6 and 8-cyl version.
  • capoanycapoany Posts: 32
    Here it is- 07 V8 AWD Sport/ Climate/ Audio/ Electic Silver Met- 24 Mo Zero cap cost reduction- 12K / yr- $711/ mo + Tax. MF .00147 resid 66%. Need immediate help on this one- you lurking Volvomax?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    That is the program. There are no incentives unless you currently own a Volvo.
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