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Toyota Camry Hybrid



  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    Why would you want an alarm system. They cannot start the car without the chip in the fob. If they are going to load it on a wrecker and steal it. They will be gone before you can respond to the stupid alarm.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Agreed. The alarm seems redundant and an extra expense. A glass breakage sensor is mainly a deterrant to vandals because it sounds the horn at the sound of breaking glass. It might keep your personal effects a little more secure.
  • aaeeekgaaeeekg Posts: 16
    "The Energy Monitor is only available on those units that have NAV. This is the same as in the Highlander Hybrid units with/without NAV. However, all TCHs have the ECO Drive Level display on the speedometer which measures current fuel economy while driving."

    I test drove a base model yesterday and the salesperson was able to select a display in the center of the speedometer which really does the same thing. It did not have the pretty colors, but by the use of symbols (and arrows) that appear at appropriate times, the same information was provided. You could tell when only the battery was driving or when the engine was running and both were providing acceleration. Even the charging of the battery during deceleration was evident. This display did the job.

    I too wished for the Energy Flow display that had been in the advertisements, but I did not want to spend the $2500 for sun roof and Nav, to get it. This display worked for me. It provides the basic, necessary information that the new hybrid owner needs, in a way that is still graphical.

    It just didn't have the same feel of bling !

    And I put a deposit on a Barcelona Red base model, due in next week. :blush:
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    When I had my 93 Chevy PU stolen at Costco, they used an ice pick in just the right spot. Not sure if they would have gotten caught in the act even with an alarm. Good insurance is the best security. Never enough discount to justify the cost of an alarm system. I learned my lesson about leaving valuables in a parked vehicle.
  • I just got a call from SARAH at Toyota of Hollywood. She is very, very nice, and let me know that they have two Camry Hybrids in stock that have no orders pending.

    Both are fully equipped except for NAV. Sarah's phone number is 323-467-6161. Note: posted at 1:30 PM PST... hurry if one of these matches your needs!
  • heathinsdheathinsd Posts: 24
    I originally posted a question asking how to override the Navi lockout on the 07 TCH. No one replied so I searched the web and came across the fix.

    **Please be very careful when doing this! Toyota (Denso) locked the thing down for a reason!!!***

    See this post for info on how to override the lockout.

    P.S. From what I've read, this also allows you to see Caller ID, extended radio station info, and other stuff while driving.
  • germanumpgermanump Posts: 5
    Can anyone tell me how TOYOTA installs the the satelitte radio in the TCH. Does it look like an after market or is it integarteted with the NAV and existing radio in the car. Will I be able to see the satelitte stations on the the display or what?

  • Thanks, heathinsd. The tip was VERY helpful, and I can confirm that at least two things are possible by using the OVERRIDE button: you can manually enter addresses while driving, and you can access normally locked-out features (phone book and manual dialing, for example) of your Bluetooth phone.

    Here's a summary. It takes seconds to do, and is simpler than the explanation would lead you to believe.

    On the panel to the left of the NAV screen, press MENU and then on the touchscreen, press VOLUME. Then, in the upper left corner of the touchscreen, press the speaker icon once. Then, in the lower left corner of the touchscreen, where NO icon exists (blank), press once. Then repeat the last two steps, pressing the speaker icon and the blank lower left corner again. To summarize, the sequence is:


    This will bring up a HIDDEN touchscreen. To use the locked-out features of NAV and Bluetooth, touch and hold the OVERRIDE button for five seconds. It will turn blue to indicate you have highlighted it. That's it! However, the OVERRIDE will be discontinued when you power off your car, and you will need to repeat this procedure each time.

    Obviously, Toyota has locked out some features for safety reasons, but on long trips it may be useful to search for a restaurant while you're driving, or dial a phone number from your saved phonebook. I haven't yet been able to check if CALLER ID is available when OVERRIDE is used, but that would be excellent, too!
  • senseless1senseless1 Posts: 16
    I really want to buy the hybrid Camry, but I don't think I can live with the trunk space. I carry work tools and materials and don't like the idea of having boxes exposed in the passenger compartment.

    I test drove the Camry XLE V6 leather and found it to be competent, but neither exciting or luxurious. It's just another car to me.
  • hamm3rhamm3r Posts: 55
    So I keep reading about better MPG by increasing tire pressure to 46/44 PSI. (By the way...the recommended pressure is 32/ you really overinflate by 14/12 ?!)

    Why the differential between front and back pressures? The TCH recommends the same pressure in front and back.

    On a side note, how are y'all measuring tire pressure? I don't really trust the analog meter on my compressor, and the meters at the gas station don't give me the warm and fuzzies either..
  • cammer2cammer2 Posts: 38
    So far, my dealer has only been receiving "base" Camry hybrids. I'm looking to get one with leather, htd seats, sunroof.

    He indicated that I could install after-market leather - and I saw an example on the lot which was very well done. I'm considering this as a choice - but wondered if putting leather over the standard seats might effect the seat-mounted side airbag and/or void the warranty.

    Does anyone know?
  • rockxprockxp Posts: 11
    I went to purchase a camry a few weeks ago and the dealer was talking me out of it. I was shocked. He goes it's worth paying an extra 10,000 for this car cause the models are the technology is new you wont know what might go wrong. I couldnt believe he was telling me this and he is a car salesman. I thank the guy for this time and moved on to look at other models and another salesperson said the same thing, dont get the hybrid cause it has a battery that you will change every few years and it will cost $2000 plus. They did a good job of talking me out of it that I am actually considering other models of the camry. :shades:
  • willybillwillybill Posts: 83
    That's the most ridiculous sales pitch I have ver heard!. That guy should be fired!. I have all the confidence in the world in the Toyota technology. It is not new, it has been around in thousands of Toyota vehicles and the warranty is 100,000 miles on the battery and even more in some states. Now here's the funny part.. I don't even own a Toyota. My TCH is on order and I am not at all hesitant due to technology. Thanks to the good folks on this forum, I have been put at ease with this vehicle and it's technology. Mine should be here any day now. It has been on order for 8 weeks. Perhaps this guy wanted to fit you with a nice new 4-Runner for about $50k.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    I was shocked

    Did he have a TCH for sale? I ran into the same sales pitch in 2 different states when wanting to test drive the Prius II. If they don't have what you want they try to sell what they have on the lot. A commission today is better than a commission next month.
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    Yes, that's the energy monitor located in the center of the speedomter as apart of the multi-information display. That display measures outside temp., average fuel economy, driving range, average speed, and travel distance since start. Best of luck w/ your purchase.
  • ehaszehasz Posts: 15
    "dont get the hybrid cause it has a battery that you will change every few years and it will cost $2000 plus."

    8 years or 100,000 miles will have to go by first.

    Though I do hear what you're saying. I am less concerned about the "technology" than I am just about the fact that it is a new model. My brother-in-law is a mechanic and says first year models really do have plenty of problems, and that it takes at least a year to work all the bugs out.
  • Going in to test drive TCH - What would people suggest I run through as a checklist to make sure I really :confuse: put the TCH through its paces and try it out for all the most important things?
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    I went through this process earlier this month & decided on a Camry XLE V6. Why:

    Camry Hybrid: Can't save the additional cost in fuel
    Savings - & I drive 60,000 miles a year.
    Fusion/Milan: No skid control, no satellite radio
    Honda V6: Great car with all the whistles & bells;
    but noisier & rougher riding than the Camry.
    Hyundai Sonata
    & Azera: No Satellite radio, can't change
    stations from the wheel, poor real
    world gas mileage, rapid depreciation
    (I trade every 2-3 years)
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    Camry Hybrid: Can't save the additional cost in fuel
    Savings - & I drive 60,000 miles a year.

    I think your math is suspect. How can you not save the additional cost? Would you care to share your numbers?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Let's see these two guys on the same lot chased you away from buying a vehicle? Making you question what brought you to the lot in the first place and ended up selling you NOTHING!!!!

    Man are those two DUMB. Both were wrong BTW. There is no indication that the batteries ever have to be changed. Ever.

    Go to another store and place your order. You somehow turned into a store located in the Twilight Zone.
  • kathyincakathyinca Posts: 8
    Okay, I came late to this message board and the fact that the TCH went on sale recently. We are in the market for a new car and there are a lot of reasons that this car meets our needs. How long is it taking new buyers to find a car to purchase? I'm in Southern California and I've called around and I'm hearing estimates of 15 days to 3 months for the same fully loaded TCH in Titanium, Blue, or Gray. I'm not on any "list" right now and only one dealer actually asked me to put my name on a am I destined to wait for a couple of months, or are people having more success buying more quickly than that? So, I'd like to hear of your experiences if you've just recently determined you wanted to buy this car and went out looking. I want to know if being on a "waiting list" is still necessary.

    Thanks for your help. :)
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Camry Hybrid: Can't save the additional cost in fuel
    Savings - & I drive 60,000 miles a year.

    Wow, that would be about $2700/year in fuel savings. Considering the XLEV6 and Hybrid are comparable in MSRP, then your discount (if you get much) is the only savings you're seeing in the purchase process. The tax credit alone (if you qualify) should offset that cost and then the fuel savings is all yours. At that rate you can even afford new batteries in three years if that's a concern.

    You may have a concern about other things with that high of milage, but saving gas should'nt be one of them
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    & I drive 60,000 miles a year.... (I trade every 2-3 years)..... rapid depreciation

    I would think about anything you would trade in at 3 rears / 180,000 miles will have rapid depreciation. In this case I'd consider everything a throwaway and go for the cheapest car.

    Hyundai/poor real world gas mileage.. OR...Hybrid/can't save the additional cost in fuel savings

    Looks like you're really ooncerned about this on one car and not on the other?
  • ehaszehasz Posts: 15

    A lot of it seems to be based on how flexible you are on colors and options. If you are very specific, you could get lucky right away or it could take you a few weeks of hunting or you could have to order it and wait.

    If you're in So Cal, there are realistically about 45 dealers within about 40 miles of you. So if you are really open to three colors... I don't see why you couldn't track one down within, say, a week at most. (In fact... last week I talked to a dealer or two who had fully loaded mag. grey hybrids immediately available). At every dealer you speak with, if they don't have the car you are looking for right now, leave the details of what you do want and your phone number -- someone WILL follow up with you if a match comes up.

    By the way, some dealers will insist on a 3000 dollar markup, and some will do things like put on chrome wheels as their own version of a markup. Don't settle for that! You are in a very competetive market and should be able to find what you want fairly soon at a fair price (MSRP), even though just about half the dealerships will lie and tell you that "no one" is getting them for MSRP.

    Good luck -- persistence will get you what you want much sooner than a list will -- call around. And be sure to come back and tell us what happens!
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    Sure. The in-town mileage means nothing to me because 98-99% of my driving is open road; so,the hybrid would only save me about 300 gallon a year if it gets an actual 37 mpg on the road; and, from what I read, & friends actual experience, none of the hybrids are achieving EPA mpg.

    Now look at the difference in cost between the two cars, comparably-as possible-equipped, Then look at actual transaction prices between the two cars as reported in Edmunds. My XLE V6 cost $28,000. OTD

    lastly, I'll trade every 2-3 years at between 150,000 & 200,000 miles When you throw in the potential-unknown at this time-for a battery replacement toward the end of the cycle, it was a no brainer for me.
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    Not really. My job requires that I pay my own auto & travel expenses so auto expense & trade in value ars big issues for me. I've always been able to equal or exceed EPA MPG with Japanese cars. I have friends who drive hybrids (can't come close to EPA figurs in town or on the road) & an 06 Sonata: & one who is a service advisor for a Hyundai dealership. The guy who works for Hyundai says poor mileage is their customers #1 complaint.
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    Wow, that would be about $2700. a year in fuel savings.

    No Way! At best I could expect a 6 mpg savings with the Hybrid on the road (98-99% of my driving. Gas must be a lot more expensive where you are than the $2.50 - $2.55 gl. I'm paying
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    if it gets an actual 37 mpg on the road

    I'm averaging 37.7 over the first 2300 miles. 70%Interstate / 30% local (rural). Very little "city" driving.

    My XLE V6 cost $28,000. OTD

    My Hybrid ($30,589 MSRP_loaded w/moonroof, Nav system, leather, htd seats, +) , purchase for $30,000 with $2600 Fed Tax Credits and $3750 State tax credits. Cost= $23,650.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I was figuring 37.5mpg avg (not quite what I'm getting). Do you expect your V6 to average much more than 25? Gas just went down to 2.77 here. Don't suppose you expect it to go up over the next three years?

    I'm able to easily get 40 mpg on flat terrain. However in the hills (of WV) I am able to get 38+ at 70 mph.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Bummer, My buddy just bought a Sonata. Good looking design. He'll be disappointed if it doesn't do as well as his Altma he traded in.
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