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Honda Civic Si Sedan

Fellow 2006 Si owners, how awesome is this car? The 2006 Si is such a great car that I gladly make my car payment each month with a smile. Any Si owners in the New York Metro area interested in meeting up for a rally drive....


  • Last month I purchased a galaxy gray 2006 Civic Si and absolutely *love* the car! It has so many features that just add to the driving enjoyment. It is the best car I've ever owned! I'm in SoCal...and hoping to find some time to take a drive through the Malibu canyons to see what my little Si's got!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I hope you have also found our ongoing Honda Civic Coupe / Civic Si 2006+ discussion - you'll find lots of Si enthusiasts hanging out there.

    Have fun!
  • I'm out on Long Island. I'm going to try and reserve the si sedan today. Long wait until the fall, but i've been waiting for a 4 door SI since my '98 LX Sedan. I'll meet up with you in the future on the streets.

  • How long did it take for you to get your car? I just ordered one, and they are telling me at least 2 months...just trying to be patient here. Thanks!!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    So I've just renamed this one. I think the first couple of posts might refer to the coupe, but let's talk about the Si Sedan here and meet up in the Honda Civic Coupe / Civic Si 2006+ discussion to continue that subject.
  • kronogoosekronogoose Posts: 116
    That was timely! Just today I was just thinking about Googling the Si sedan to refresh my memory about what's been reported on it. So far, we "know" that the sedan will have the same 197-HP engine, limited slip differential (LSD) and six-speed manual transmission as the coupe. It's supposed to be made for the 2007 model year, so we may see it at dealers by the end of this year.

    I'm guessing MPG for the highway will be around 30? Any actual Si coupe owners that can comment?

    With four doors, decent fuel economy and the new Civic's great looks (and pricing?), this should be one awesome car! :)

    And there will be stiff competition from the Mazdaspeed3 and Caliber SRT4.
  • ritlinritlin Posts: 36
    I have had my Si for less than a month. My first tank was mixed driving and of course, during the break in period. I got 28.67 mpg. The next was a little more hwy than city and it was 31.66 mpg. I took it to Dallas one day(about 100 miles away), filled up right before I left and filled up again shortly after I got there, so maybe 15-20 miles of stop and go driving and got 35.5 mpg! Wow! The cruise was set at 70mph. The last tank was more city driving plus a lot of aggressive 6-7000RPM revving and I got just under 26 mpg. I guess that's the reason why they say 23mpg in town-because it's hard to keep your foot of the gas! Tell me what you guys have got as well. Oh, BTW, I usually put in the STP fuel additive with almost every tank(octane booster). It runs about .90$ a bottle. I drive a lot with my work so fuel milage means a lot to me.
  • I have been looking out for this car for over two years. I got my name on a list back in September of 2005 to get this car. The car has received so many positive right ups that it will take some time to get one. You should shop around and try to go in at the end of the month and see if they have one.
  • jthewoodjthewood Posts: 6
    I've been obsessively watching the development of the Si Sedan for months now. I think it's gonna be a long summer to wait through though. I drive an 02 WRX and I'm wondering if any former WRXers switched to the Si coupe? Any driving impressions? Better/worse/same? I really enjoy driving and don't want to make a bad change. The WRX has raw power, but little refinement. I drove the Si Coupe and really liked the layout and handling. My only concern is the reduction in HP and torque. I'd love to hear any thoughts on this...
  • ohiocarguyohiocarguy Posts: 28
    It's been a while...does anyone have any new information about the Si sedan? I've seen a list of the colors, but that is all. Nothing on the release date (other than "the fall"), whether the sedan will have all the features of the coupe, etc.
  • sik99sik99 Posts: 23
    The edmunds 'future' vehicle review says they expect all the features of the coupe to carry over. If anything, i'd expect a minor price difference 200-400 dollars and possibly different stock rims(nothing fancy but the dx, lx, ex and si civics all have different rims so there is a chance the coupe/sedan si might have differing ones)

    To support my price difference theory above, here is the pricing difference between the 'non-si' civic Sedans and Coupes(with manual tranny)

    Sedan Coupe
    DX: 14,760 14,560
    LX: 16,710 16,510
    EX: 18,460 18,460
    EX w/ navi: 19,960 20,210

    As you can see, the dx and lx are only a difference of 200 dollars more. EX coupes have an upgraded stereo which might account for the price difference on the navi version.

  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    please let me know what colors? I am very interested in one. I have a 05 civic ex-se now. would love to have a car with 6-speed but not with 2-doors.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    Am I crazy to consider an Si sedan as an alternative to an Accord hybrid?

    Let me explain - I love Honda stick shift cars. I had a 1992 Prelude si 5 speed and a 2003 Accord with a stick. Love the Honda stick. The 03 Accord stick was nice but the rest of the car was a bit soft. I loved the handling and stick on that Prelude but that was several years ago.

    Fast forward to today and I have to contend with 2 car seats for a 2 year old and a 6 month old. Right now I have a v6 Accord Hybrid. Great car. Fun car. Sensible car. But no stick.

    The si Sedan seems like a dream to me - a car with some verve but practical back seat and 4 doors as well. Along the lines of some of the other hot 4 doors these days like the Sybaru WRX, and Audi A3.

    I thought about getting a 2 door si as a fun car to go with the Accord but maybe an Si sedan could be both the fun car and the practical car.

    At the time I got the Accord I looked at the TSX and deemed it too small for child seats on long trips. Now we have an Odyssey van for long trips and my car needs to haul 2 kids to day care but that is about it.

    If I love stick - why did I get the hybrid? At the time we needed a family car that my stick-phobic wife could also drive. Ody eliminates that need.

    I love the hybrid too. There are just to many neat Hondas these days!

    So Si Sedan, TSX Sedan are contenders again. Even the v6 Accord with a stick is possible but I could not bring myself to get a third accord of the same model and my guess is it would have grunt but not handling. I know I should just wait 5 years till I have gotten the value from my hybrid and then pick the best Honda stick out there that meets the need.
  • vincepvincep Posts: 12
    Let's hope they add an automatic option for the Si Sedan. Yes, I hear your cries that the Si has never had an auto. But it's neither had a Sedan either! I've owned & diven 5 manuals over the past 14 years (I'm 30 now), but at this point in my life, after spending countless hours in stop & go traffic, a little simplicity is welcome.

    Plus, autos have evolved over the years to be nearly as good as manuals, especially in efficiency. Witness the civic sedan, with an auto it gets highway EPA 40 mpg, but the manual only gets EPA 38 mpg. And even though I've had extensive experience driving a manual, I can't say I'm good enough to draw that much better performance out of it.

    Sure, there's the "sporty" nature of a manual, but that's almost it. It's clearly an example of form exceeding function.
  • tarnetttarnett Posts: 7
    Sorry vincep, but John Mendel Sr. VP @ Honda was interviewed by someone from the Temple of VTEC ( at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show when the Si Sedan Concept was introduced and they asked him the same question. The answer he gave was an emphatic "No, Si is NOT automatic." Here's a link to the page with the interview, It's the 18.9 mb file. :(
  • tarnetttarnett Posts: 7
    Sorry vincep, but John Mendel Sr. VP Honda was interviewed by someone from the Temple of VTEC ( at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show when the Si Sedan Concept was introduced and they asked him the same question. The answer he gave was an emphatic "No, Si is NOT automatic." Here's a link to the page with the interview,Si Sedan interview w/ Jon Mendel It's the 18.9 mb file
  • tarnetttarnett Posts: 7
    Sorry vincep, but John Mendel Sr. VP Honda was interviewed by someone from the Temple of VTEC ( at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show when the Si Sedan Concept was introduced and they asked him the same question. The answer he gave was an emphatic "No, Si is NOT automatic." Here's a link to the page with the interview,Si Sedan Interview It's the 18.9 mb file
  • Vincep said:

    "Let's hope they add an automatic option for the Si Sedan. "

    It won't happen because the VTEC engine with all of its power coming at high RPM just doesn't match up with an automatic transmission. Might as well get a regular LX or EX.

    Manual is still the way to go, but then I only have little experience driving manuals starting with a 3 speed on the column around the time Kennedy was assassinated.


  • vincepvincep Posts: 12
    MidCow, all Civics (and most Hondas) have VTEC engines. But your point is still taken. The Si more likely to be driven in the high rpm range than other Hondas, which requires more control over gears, which requires a manual. The 160 hp base RSX, the same engine in the outgoing Si, has an optional auto. More than anything, I'm sure it's a style choice to not go with an auto on Si.

    3 on the column? I used to drive my dad's '67 Ford Econoline van w/ 3 on the column. It had power nothing - brakes, clutch, steering, nothing. Air conditioning came through triangular-pivoting windows. He had to give it up about 5 years ago. The carburetor kept failing, even with the lead fuel additive, the unleaded just chewed it up. They junkyard guys were very happy the day he dropped it off.
  • hangaralf1hangaralf1 Posts: 107
    BLASPHEMER! HERETIC! just kidding. but if you are stuck in traffic that much, you'd be better off with a hybrid. sorry.
    ...and, i think they did have a four-door si back in the 80's.

    and tarnett, - thannkyou, thankyou and one more time thankyou.
  • "3 on the column?"

    51 Chevy , 3 speed manual family car.

    H - pattern

    R 2
    | |
    | |
    1 3

    LOL good ole times,

  • I found this on another forum, but it belongs here as well: nt/2114

  • mik3mik3 Posts: 1
    I have recently heard that Acura CSX Type-S would debut on November 6th, in Canada, sharing the same engine as the Honda Civic Si Sedan. Unfortunately, most likely there won't be the Si Sedan in Canada
  • Do not purchase the Sedan Si yet. A buddy of mine that works over in the engineering department at Honda of Japan. That they are most likely going to add a turbo option to the Si to make up ground against the mazdaspeed 3,GTI, and ever-increasing weight. This is what he told me. Do not be surprised by the next New York Auto Show you will see Honda unveil it.
  • call them EVERYDAY

    I had to...

    they will just sit around and do nothing unless you call them !!

    you can see pics of mine on - i'm Si-Man :)
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    My dealer got a Galaxy Gray, summer tires non-Navi Si Sedan in and I drove it tonight. It was rainy and cold so non-ideal, particularly with the summer tires.

    Still I could appreciate the smooth shifter, the VTEC sound track once the car warmed up. I was impressed with the functional interior which could work with 2 car seats no problem.

    This car is truly a winner and one heck of a value. It's hard to justify anything else when this is out there as cheap as it is. I'm sure some are going to bite on the MazdaSpeed 3 but I think the Honda will hold up better for me.

    My preference is for the Fiji Blue or the Rally red so I am safe till they get those colors in!

    Can't decide on the NAVI though. I have it in the Odyssey we own but I can't see using it too much in a stick shift car. Apparently the demand at my dealer is for the NAVI version of the car.

    I do think for Ohio driving, the summer tires are not the way to go.

    A test drive in better conditions is definitely in order.

    Question - are the WHEELS any different on the summer tire versus non-summer tire Si Sedan? My salesman seemed to think they were.
  • Anyone have any info on the lease program for this vehicle? Salesman at dealership said there currently wasn't one but one would be coming after Honda figured out the residual and money factor. I currently have a deposit on one arriving mid-December and am debating finance or lease. Thanks.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    The reason an automatic would be not so amazing on the si isn't so much that someone would drive in higher rpms as much as it is that you have to. The si's engines peak power comes only a few rpms shy of redline, so shifting is cruicial. I'm an auto fan personally, but because of the nature of this k20, it makes a ton of more sense, most automatics are geared to upshift and downshift to get the most power out of the engine;...would you like to spend all your time driving at 6000 rpms? :blush: Actually, although most honda's have vtec engines, the extremely high revving nature of this one calls for a manual. All si's have had an engine of this nature. (Except last generation si, their redline was a meager 6800 rpms, meager ofcourse when compared to past si's. That is the current redline in the new civics r-series engine and is also the same k20 used in the base rsx that you pointed out comes with the option of an auto. The engine itself was a disappointment, at least when put in a car with the si badge. It suits the base rsx, but again look at the type s: same k20 engineered a bit different that resides in the current si and its only available with a manual. It's not so much a style choice as it is the obvious choice for this type of car, maybe if honda offered a performance sort of manual, i.e. dsg, it would make sense, but the si is supposed to be old school i guess.)

    There was never a four door si in the 80's either. The only thing close to it would have been the 4 door acura integra gsr.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    Definitely a big difference in the tires: i think michellin pilot exaltos are the summer ones; the have much better grip but you can't drive them well on icy roads. If thats not an issue i would say go for it, but they will be pricey to replace and wont last as long.
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