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GMC Jimmy Starting and Stalling Problems



  • Heres an interesting detail. This evening, I was checking a few things. Still no start after the wrecker ride home today. While under the hood I had a thought, I hadn't checked the fuel pressure while cranking the engine over. I had just taken off the air intake tube, the intake temp sensor and mass air sensor were unplugged and cranked the engine to check cranking pressure when it fired right up and began to idle. I quickly looked at the dash and NO SES light. The motor purred like a kitten for about 3 minutes and quit. It started right back up, idled for a few more minutes and quit with no restart. So I guess its gonna be a another wrecker ride to the dealer on tuesday. will update.
  • Try cleaning the MAF sensor with either MAF, electronic or brake cleaner - no residue - so do not use carb cleaner. Said the mileage droped and thats possible. If the temp sensor reads cold all the time then you can be running rich or in cold start mode also explains the mileage drop. When it quits is the fuel pump still running at pressure - relay good? Still have a spark at the plugs so coil/cap/rotor/wires good - check the coil anyway and if you have the old cap/rotor switch them out to rule that out also. Did you get a code when it stopped and if so what was it? There are so many possible things you need those codes to isolate if a sensor or start checking each with the alldata info. Crank sensor, ign module, etc so don't want to start throwing too many parts at it.
  • Will try cleaning MAF, still no SES light when running. Supposed to come on if key on/engine off. Fuel pressure never drops below 55 psi during cranking, engine running, or after engine stalls. To eliminate ignition, last night after it stopped again, I used a small amount of starter fluid in air intake (put it in behind MAF) and it fired. According to Alldata, the only way to test sensors is with scanner. Dont have access to one (still looking to borrow one). Is there a sensor that would cause the ECM to stop sending signal to the injectors if it malfunctioned? Thanks, Jim
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Should have tested the fuel pressure first to see if it was OK. If this is 4.3 should have the CPI injection and nut kit (lines) that often leaks under the manifold and the way to look at it has been posted many times so search posts. If thats not it and it still does the miss then electrical so cap/rotor/wires/sensors/etc need to be looked at.
  • The dealer charged me 80.00 to check it out. But the found the Mass Airflow sensor to be operating outside of parameters, and that caused the catylic converter to stop up, so I actually had two problems causing it to run the way it was. KUDOS to repairdog, as thats what his first guess was. Hope this helps, Jim
  • I did get my 93 Jimmy fixed. It was wiring that lead to one of the fuel injectors. This wire was red and blue I think and there was no short NOTICEABLE to the naked eye. The wiring was replaced from injector to firewall. Now everthing is fine. It would start, not start, run, miss, stall, chug etc. The actual short I was by the connector on driver's side (top) on engine.
  • Hey i have a 2000 chevy blazer 4x4 and i am having problems with it. It starts and stalls, had bad hesitation at start up when you hit the gas, and horrible gas mileage. Brand new parts:
    -Air Filter
    -Gas Filter
    -PCV Valve

    It didnt help. What the hell is wrong with my truck?

    Please help.

  • Check the fuel pressure, clean the MAF sensor, and if any SES light need the codes. Any vac line leaks, engine rattle, or other signs.
  • My 97 Jimmy won't start and I am 250 miles away from home!!! It has power, can hear the fuel pump, tries to start but won't turn over. PLEASE HELP! :cry:
  • If you are lucky check the cap/rotor for a problem or replace them. All you need is the parts and a a torx screw driver #15 I believe. If not that check for spark (easy way is buy a cheap plug, connect to a plug wire, and ground the screw in base to metal and turn it over (keep your hand away from the spark it hurts!) and if no spark then coil usually. Fuel pressure has to be close to 60psi to start so hearing the pump is not all thats required. Good luck. 97 also has a wiring problem called the ignition switch thats the connector and harness in the column that can prenevt starts (all power goes thru it).
  • tnuddtnudd Posts: 1
    2000 gmc jimmy cuts out while driving. It doesnt give any sign that it is going to. has to sit for about 10 minutes before it will one hour this morning it did it 5 times. HELP!!
  • Fuel, spark, or electrical so have to start stepping thru them or take it to the dealer to be scanned. Could be failing fuel pump, bad connections, relay, clogging fuel filter. Then spark so coil, cap/rotor, pugs, wires, etc. Then theres other possible sensors, ignition switch, etc.
  • jack74jack74 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 GMC Jimmy that has simply stopped running 3 times recently while driving. It will restat after a minute or so and may go for 10 or 20 miles before it does it again. It has been at a dealer for 3 days and they can not find the problem, and it did not cut out for them.

    Any help would be appreciated. Frustrated in Virginia.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Were the turn signals on when it did the stall? If so some GMs have seen a low voltage thru teh ignition switch (actually the harness and connector) that triggers the PCM to shut off. If the security light was flashing thats the Passlock and again that harness. Then could be the idle air solenoid or an intermittant sensor - pain to see.
    They must of checked the fuel pressure as well as changed the cap/rotor and fuel filter to rule them out.
  • mkobmkob Posts: 10
    When I had that issue it was my fuel injector. Thankfully it was still under warranty and the dealer replaced it. I guess the fuel injector stopped working. My brother has a 2001 GMC Truck and now is experiencing the same problem.
  • wpgpaulwpgpaul Posts: 1
    My truck has had the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injectors,the intake manifold gasket replaced,all in an attempt to remedy the stalling problem. The fuel pump is intermittent after a few minutes at idle causing the truck to stall(CHECK ENGINE LIGHT comes on). While driving on the highway, the truck will stall out(possibly the fuel pump)then fuel supply is restored and will continue in this pattern until I reach 50Km/h , then the truck will stall out completely. Could it be that I didn`t torque the intake properly being that it spec`d a setting in inch pounds and I own a foot pound torque wrench. All repairs have been done in the past 2 months. Any ideas?
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Per the Haynes manual, the 94 "W" motor lower intake torgue is 35 Ft lbs so that is x12=420in lbs. The 96 and newer is listed as 132 in lbs or 132x.083= 11 ft lbs.
    Year is critical on these so 94-95 use the higher 35ft lbs while if you torque a 96 and newer to that it will actually cause the block to distort and the crank with fail later (96 newer is 11 ft lbs.) Now if you did your 94 to that low figure it will most likely leak again.

    So what is actually the problem then - an intake vac leak, a bad sensor (crank, EGR, etc) or electrical (cap/rotor, plug wires, coil, ign mod, fuel pump relay, etc)?? Then some have bad/dirty fuel pump connectors at the tank that must be changed (Airtex makes them) or a bad ground. You have to step thru each one, no easy way. Then theres the idle air control on the side of the throttle body that sets the idle mix.
  • lizb1lizb1 Posts: 2
    I have a 96 gmc jimmy. Sometimes it's hard to start, sometimes it doesn't start at all... thats usually after i shut it off and try to start it within about an hour. at red lights and stop signs theres always a chance it will stall out then i have to rev it up alot before it will go again. the guy at the garage said it was mass air flow sensor...but i don't want to buy it until i'm sure thats the problem.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    First is the cap/rotor new and not a cheapo aftermarket. Plugs and wires, good spark, clean air and fuel filters???

    Clean the MAF with spray cleaner (brake, MAF, electronic - but not carb). Test your fuel pressure - need a $35 tester that connects to the fuel rail and key on engine off should be 60psi min top start - that initial pressure up cycle runs for like 2 sec then pump shuts off so press drops 2-3 lbs nd should not drop rapidly after. Running press about 54psi but less than 50 is a problem. Next if this is mainly an idle problem I would look at the idle air control and the port in the throttle body - have to take throttle body off vehicle to replace and clean the port the IAC valve opens and closes for air to set the idle. Then if still a problem I would supect the crank sensor as intermittant.
  • lizb1lizb1 Posts: 2
    well i went to autozone, b/c now my engine light is on, and they said the code came up as an EVAP (evaporative emission system) which could be a loose fuel cap.... which is not, evap canister or hose cracked or not connected, purge or vent solenoid defective, vacuum leak at engine. I also told them the vehicle has been in the garage 3 times in the past month and told them the plugs and wires were changed and the fuel pump, they said if there is a plug that wasnt changed it could be causing it, and they also said the guy sounds like hes just trying to make some cash. a customer overheard the conversation and said he had the same problem and it ended up being a sending pump or valve....something like that. the thing that sucks is i cant do anything until i get paid next week so right now i'm kind of stuck with driving it like this. i dont know but its really frustrating not knowing if my car is going to stall out while driving...or if it will even start.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    All the lines are connected to the fuel pump top - look above the gas tank and the evap can is rear of drivers side rear wheel so get the guy who did the fuel pump to check all his connections - probably simple thing. But never said year or mileage and did you get the code erased and see if it returns after the gas cap was clicked on for sure - may not so thats the first step.
  • e5husmce5husmc Posts: 6
    My wife's Jimmy has had this problems 3 different times now. She has driven it somewhere and turns it off for a short amount of time (less than 1/2 hr.)while she runs into a store or somewhere. When she tries to start it, it cranks and acts like it's going to start but doesn't. She waits about 10 or 15 minutes (takes me longer to get to where she is) and it starts right-up and everything is fine. This has happened 3 times since the first of this year. Only other problem we've had is the fuel guage was messed up around Christmas but after tightening some connectors it has worked fine. Any ideas where to start troubleshooting as the problem doesn't occur when I'm around. Also, where is the fuel pump test connector on a 98 Jimmy?
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Test the fuel pressure, new filter and check relay. If OK then on to electrical or sensors. Cap/rotor would be a good start and don't use cheap auto store bargin ones - Delco or Standard have not had problems. Some fall apart and a pain to find as internal arcing. Then If no codes you need to check the coil and wires. Then intermittent crank sensors can cause this and don't always set the SES light. There are many other possibilities and these are a few.
  • ftorres00ftorres00 Posts: 8
    I've a 97GMC sonoma 4.3 truck with "automatic" transmission. It stalls once in a while, either while I'm in the highway or in a stop/signal light with out any indication nor hesitation. If it happens in a stop/signal light it will start with no problem (by turning the key On), but if I am in the highway it turns back on immediately by it self (with out turning the key On). The "check engine light" doesn't come On, so there is no code. This is driving me crazy since is my grandfather's truck and I really want to help him. Thanks for your help!!
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    @ things come to mind:
    97 only known for a defective ignition switch thats really the column wiring and connector.
    Second is if only at idle there is an idle air control valve on the throttle body that can cause that - one of mine did that randomly every few weeks and that was it - so watch for an rpm swing or slight surge other times that should'nt be there and thats probably it. Have to pull off vehicle to get to and clean the air port in the throttle body at the same time that the IAC plunger seats in.
  • ftorres00ftorres00 Posts: 8
    Thank you so much for answer that quick. I think you're correct about the ignition switch, because the truck turns On/Off really fast even when is running 30, 45 or even 75 mph. The rpm are constant , no noticeable surge. I'll replce the ignition switch as soon as I can, and I'll let you know. Thanks again Mr. repairdog :)
  • gearyrgearyr Posts: 2
    I have a 94 Jimmy with the 4.3 CPI engine. It runs fine till I stop at a red light. It will cut off. I hear the fuel pump kick on when I try to restart it. It will finally start back up. I have not drove it in a year. I got it started back up. I need to replace the fuel filter once I get all of the old gas out. Put a bottle of Seafoam cleaner in. I have alsway had trouble with the igtion control module. Will have it checked out. I am almost afraid to drive it. My drive to work is 43 miles 1 way. Any help? Thanks, gearyr. :cry:
  • sueasuea Posts: 2
    97 GMC Jimmy with 103,500 miles V6 4.3 ~ I've had no trouble with this SUV. I bought gas and a few hours later it had trouble starting. Started real rough. Started driving and almost stalled at the light. I gave it gas and it did not stall. If I started to slow down it seemed like it was going to stall. Got home and changed the air cleaner. It started right up! YAY I thought! I went to drive it and it had trouble starting again and stalled when I put it in reverse. I tried to start it again and I heard kind of like a backfire under the hood, it was not a real loud sound. Now it won't start, it turns over like it will start but it doesn't. I have no dash board lights when I turn the key, no air bag light, no light to tell me to buckle up. I do have head lights and my power windows work.
    Thanks for your help!
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