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Ford Freestyle Lots of Problems



  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    The TSB for the second row seat recline issue is #10019950, according to the Edmunds Maintenance Guide. We just have summary info, not the whole TSB unfortunately.
  • heltonhelton Posts: 56
    They expanded the TSB to cover the 2005-2007 Freestyle and changed the number to 06-26-3. If anyone is interested, I have posted a copy of the TSB on My CarSpace.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Thanks Helton - Here's the link.
  • Today I took my 2006 Freestyle to the local Ford garage to have a routine oil change and get it inspected. (My brother happens to be a Tech at this garage.) The oil change went well but my car failed the inspection due to me two front tires being bald (on the outside of the tire) and my front end in desperate need of an alignment. I've never driven my car rough in fact I'm a stay-at-home mom that at least 2 days out of the week stays at home. My car has 14,086 miles on it- it's a lease that I signed for a year ago in August. I tried calling Ford and the dealership I bought leased it from but no one will return phone calls. I'm already frustrated because perfect timing right before Christmas . Has anyone else had any problems like this???
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    There is a TSB for front tire wear. See below from the NHTSA web site.

    Service Bulletins Summary

    Make: FORD
    Model: FREESTYLE
    Year: 2006

    Service Bulletin Number: 06154
    NHTSA Item Number: 10021049
    Summary Description:
  • Holy mackerel! What state do you live in that requires perfect alignment on a vehicle to pass a state inspection? Are you sure it didn't fail because of the tire tread depth alone?
  • No my car didn't fail because it wasn't aligned, sorry if I wrote it that way. It failed because my two front tires were completely bald in the inside tread because it was not aligned.
  • Ok, that sounds better. Obviously you would want to pursue the TSB that tim156 has mentioned with your local Ford dealer. At the very least they owe you a fix on the alignment problem.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Ford 3yr/36k warranty covers alignment for only the first year or 12k miles. SO TAKE A COPY OF THE TSB to the dealer with you.

  • I know this is an "old" problem on this message board, but I am having problems with my 2006 Freestyle middle seats getting locked in the up position on the 60 split bench and in the down position on the 40 split. It has 41,000 miles on it and has been in the dealers shop 6 times for this problem beginning 2 months after we bought it new and continuing until 12-6-07. Now the 40 split is doing it again-freezing in position. They have replaced both seat recliners twice, lubbed the seat latches, replaced the center latch assembly twice and replaced the pivots. This is getting OLD! Any suggestions? I would gladly trade it except I owe too much on it!
  • I'm not sure what EGR stands for,but my '06 Freestyle has been back at the dealer for the past 2 weeks waiting on a part that's on backorder for the surging problem. The dealer can offer a loaner but the best they could do was a small Ford pick up. I've been driving a sportscar (spare car) to work everyday--45 mi. commute one-way-and have been managing on that. "Conveniently" the Enterprise rental store is inside the Ford dealership. Ford is telling me the only vehicle they will loan out is a Ford. Today I had planned on picking up my 80 yr. mom and taking her into Houston. There's no way she can manage in a sportscar or a truck! Needless to say I'm throughly POed!! After this Ford experience, there will be no more family! Ford needs to get its act together!
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    You have to make sure that the seats are totally LOCKED to the floor from tumbling forward. For safety reasons, the seat back will not move if the seat is not locked to the floor. Make sure nothing is in the crevices that is preventing the seats from locking down, especially the floor mats.

    Lube the clamp that locks the seat down, maybe its not engaging.

    I hope this helps.

  • I purchased my 2005 Freestyle as a used vehicle...wish that I had read some of these posting before I did that. I have taken my car in 3 times for the seat not folding both prior times they didn't record the visit so there is no record of those repairs. now the car is out of warrante and they want to charge me $600 to fix the issue.

    they described the issue as beeing a cable that is kinked and frozen...

    thank you so much for the TSB as now I'm going to call back tomorrow and see if I can get it fixed using that least I can try :) :sick:
  • riddybearriddybear Posts: 3
    Hi, I was wondering if they ever figured out what was wrong with the freestyle that would die when you backed up and had no acceleration, mine is doing the same thing and I have taken it to the dealership six times in the last 2 years and they can't get it to do it again either. It also takes of by itself when you put it into gear. It's very dangerous and don't know what to do about it.
  • fordwrenchfordwrench Posts: 70
    I would take it to a differant dealer, tell them the problems and hopefully a competent tech will work on your car. A PCM update would be the first thing I would check for. Good luck.
  • jrmustjrmust Posts: 17
    I'vd had 2006 Freestyle for 18 months. The first 10 months were spent back and forth from the dealer with a shutting off issue. It will randomly cut off. Stopped at idle or 65 mph down the interstate, just cuts off. Dealer reset the computer. Same issue kept occuring. Had it timed to when it would start cutting off. We put in a data recorder and after several tries a coil problem in bank 1. All 3 coils were changed, problem continued. After that, they put in a new PCM. Problem solved until 3 weeks later at 42,000 miles the transmission went out. Had that replaced in November of 2007. Now 8 months later with a little heat (it's been over 100 degrees) it's started cutting off again. Took to dealer. Can't get it to duplicate or get a read. Is anyone having the same issues or can possibly give an idea of what's wrong. Help is much appreciated.
  • volfangaryvolfangary Posts: 105
    My 2005 has done this once about 3 months ago. I was driving back to Nashville TN from Columbus OH and about half way home, going up a hill, everything went dead and I coasted off of road. No warning lights were on dash and all gauges went dead. Put in Park, Turned ignition to off and started it back up. Has not happened since and we have been to Ohio and back since.
  • I am having huge issues with my 2006. It is cutting off and jumping in reverse and in drive. I have taken it in over 10 times and they say they can't duplicate the problem. anyone know? they have reprogrammed the computer chip, re-wired the car (as the gauges all shot off and stopped working.
  • jrmustjrmust Posts: 17
    Hi jstradpalm

    I've been in your boat with my 2006 Freestyle for 18 months. It's a long story, but here's the latest. The dealer put in a computer called a data recorder. It comes with a joystick and when your car is acting up, you push the button. It takes a "picture" of what the car is doing like for 5-10 seconds and also backs up 5 seconds prior to.
    The latest thing they were able to read was the sensor in the accelator was losing contact with the computer a split second before it would cut off or start to die. Sometimes it would chug or jump instead of cutting off.
    The sensor was ordered on 6/20 and installed in my Freestyle yesterday. I picked it up yesterday afternoon. So far so good but have only driven about 40 miles. Sometimes it takes days for it to happens sometimes weeks. It's been pretty hot around here so if I'm going to have a problem, I should know pretty soon.
    This is just the latest round of things we have tried. We have replaced the instrument cluster because the data recorder information was not readable when they tried to diagnose. We've replaced the PCM (main computer).
    I'll keep your posted
  • x19nutx19nut Posts: 1
    Other than poor tire wear (all 4 bald at 36,000 miles), my 2006 Freestyle Limited FWD has been perfect; however, on 6/8/08 while parking,it lurched when I put in reverse and died. (Lucky I had my foot on brake...) Restarted and engine light came on. Engine lurched again after restarting and had "wrench" and "engine" light icons on dash. Turned engine off and restarted. Wrench light went off, but engine light stayed on. Called dealer and they said to bring in ASAP. Turned out to be just diagnostic and not a transmission issue. They found the power train module software out of spec/date, so they cleared the power train module and reprogrammed it with all updated software. Has been working fine since. (Don't know if heat/load related but temperature was 100 degrees that day and AC was full blast, city driving...)

    NOTE: I have the extended warranty and maintenance/service contract but since this was a "software" fix instead of "hardware", I got charged $87.50 for the reprogramming since it was beyond the 36,000 mile dealer warranty... FYI for you folks under 36k - tell the service manager to update all software (get it written on the work order) and save yourself some money.
  • riddybearriddybear Posts: 3
    I had the same problem with my 2006 Freestyle for the last year and a half and the dealership could never get it to do it and I was getting close to the expiration of my extended warranty, so I let the dealership service foreman drive it until h got it to do it. It was the throttle body. I hope this helps.
  • jrmustjrmust Posts: 17
    It's been 2 1/2 weeks since the Dealer changed the accellator sensor and have not had any issues since. Not all that excited yes as I have had this problem for a 1 1/2 years. If I get 10,000 miles with no issues on the stalling and cutting off, I'll be happy.
  • Well I just got if fixed. They had my car 3 weeks. THey changed the throtle pin or Throtle piston. They said that helped someone else with the same issue.

    So far so good.... I'll let you know... Also my car is out of warranty and the dealer can fix it 3 times under $1,000 they can charge Ford without them saying anything
  • ekraft90ekraft90 Posts: 2
    Please keep up with the updates....I've got a 2005 Freestyle that sounds like it's having the same problem. First time it was going up a hill at 60mph with the cruise time I was in park Idling ...both times my car just shut down....1st time I had to tow it to the Ford garage...after happening to them a few times...then it was fine...they supposedly found a loose wire, and sent me on my way ... I then drove it for about 3 days and then the second occurrence happened in my driveway... after about 8 hours upon getting home...(I took another car) I jumped into the freestyle and it started right up. It's starting to drive me crazy!! :confuse:
  • jrmustjrmust Posts: 17
    I'm on a little over 3 weeks now since they changed the accellator sensor and it has not shut down or stalled one time. I hoping this problem is gone for good, but I want at least 10k miles trouble free. It's very troubling to know your can can cut off at any moment or any speed or even in park. It's very dangerous to drive especially if you have kids. I have 3. Construction zones are also a hazard because you usually don't have anywhere to pull off in case the car shuts down. But I'll keep hoping for the best. Stay on the dealership to find the problem. The biggest problem is they will not be able to get it to duplicate. YOU have to insist they drive it alot and not just around the corner. Usually hooking to a computer will not diagnose the problem. I had my dealer install a computer called a data recorder (the dealer called it a flight data recorder) that allowed me to drive around and take digital pictures when the incidents occured. They were able to diagnose from my images about the sensor. Good luck and keep me posted.
  • My 2006 Freestyle has been in the shop for almost a month now waiting on a "throttle body" which they think is the culprit. Had my car about 2 yrs and this was the first motor issue. You'd drive along and it seemed to go into "limp mode" and wouldn't run over 20 mph. They seemed to figure out the part that was the problem but even with an emergency priority, they're telling me it won't be until the middle of August (maybe) when I get it back. There must be a lot of people starting to experience the same problem with an alledged national backorder on a simple part. They have til the middle of next week before I start the lemon law procedures for our state. I can tolerate a week maybe two, but two months is just not right.
  • ekraft90ekraft90 Posts: 2 car just shut down again about two weeks ago...for no reason. I was parked idling at the mall. So had it towed to garage, and they finally came to the conclusion that it needed a brand new computer. One week later they put one in. Well has been a problems as of yet...I'm just holding my breath.. Still don't trust it to take it on any long trips. By the way Ford picked the tab on the computer under the 8/80 warranty. Didn't pay a thing......we shall see how this turns out. :D
  • madden322madden322 Posts: 7
    I was told that it was on back order last summer. Just this Saturday, my car stopped dead (in the middle of the street) - luckily I was able to restart it and drive it. I too, had the wrench light and the engine light. After I stopped and started it again, the wrench light went off. I took it in to the dealership where I relayed the story about how I brought it in last year, was told that there was a crack in the throttle body and about how I called and called asking when the part would be in - and was told it was on national backorder. I never heard back from the dealer - and the car had been fine (I actually forgot about it until it happened again).

    The service person looked all through the records on Saturday and found no indication of any previous throttle-related diagnosis - or any indication any part had ever been ordered on my behalf. The guy at the dealership who had waited on me at the time is no longer there either (curious!).

    Well - drumroll - the service person said that they replaced the throttle body and other throttle -related part today. Hmmm....for a national backorder, I sure got my part quick. I am in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

    Anyway, I hope this helps and gives you some ammunition to get your part quickly. I'm not sure what's going on - but something smells a little fishy on my end of the line...and yours.

    Other than the larger section of the second row of seats geeting lodged in the upright position - I LOVE my Freestyle. Best wishes!!
  • After being tied up in the shop for a month, I got to the end of my rope and started the Lemon Law process. Out of the blue I get a call from the dealer saying that even though it wasn't supposed to ship for a week at least, they had received a new throttle body and just by chance the zone tech was in the neighborhood and they went through everything and tested it. "Ready to go" they say. Odd timing but at least I have my car back. Now to see if it really fixed the problem. Given what else I have read in just this one series of threads, it is clear I am not alone, and there seem to be a lot of different fixes for what appears to be the same problem (symptom). We'll see.
  • jrmustjrmust Posts: 17
    The Throttle Body sensor was the latest thing they changed on my 2006 Freestyle
    trying to cure my "stalling and shutoff" issues. The data recorder had indicated the sensor lost contact a split second before it would shut down. The throttle body was installed on June 15. 3 weeks later we're back to the shop again with the same issue. I can believe the problem is not fixed. Each time the data recorder give a code to fix something, it doesn't correct the problem.

    So far: instrument cluster
    coils in bank one
    followed by a transmission replacement
    throttle body sensor

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