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    I had the same problem with my 2006 Freestyle for the last year and a half and the dealership could never get it to do it and I was getting close to the expiration of my extended warranty, so I let the dealership service foreman drive it until h got it to do it. It was the throttle body. I hope this helps.
  • jrmustjrmust Member Posts: 17
    It's been 2 1/2 weeks since the Dealer changed the accellator sensor and have not had any issues since. Not all that excited yes as I have had this problem for a 1 1/2 years. If I get 10,000 miles with no issues on the stalling and cutting off, I'll be happy.
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    Well I just got if fixed. They had my car 3 weeks. THey changed the throtle pin or Throtle piston. They said that helped someone else with the same issue.

    So far so good.... I'll let you know... Also my car is out of warranty and the dealer can fix it 3 times under $1,000 they can charge Ford without them saying anything
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    Please keep up with the updates....I've got a 2005 Freestyle that sounds like it's having the same problem. First time it was going up a hill at 60mph with the cruise time I was in park Idling ...both times my car just shut down....1st time I had to tow it to the Ford garage...after happening to them a few times...then it was fine...they supposedly found a loose wire, and sent me on my way ... I then drove it for about 3 days and then the second occurrence happened in my driveway... after about 8 hours upon getting home...(I took another car) I jumped into the freestyle and it started right up. It's starting to drive me crazy!! :confuse:
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    I'm on a little over 3 weeks now since they changed the accellator sensor and it has not shut down or stalled one time. I hoping this problem is gone for good, but I want at least 10k miles trouble free. It's very troubling to know your can can cut off at any moment or any speed or even in park. It's very dangerous to drive especially if you have kids. I have 3. Construction zones are also a hazard because you usually don't have anywhere to pull off in case the car shuts down. But I'll keep hoping for the best. Stay on the dealership to find the problem. The biggest problem is they will not be able to get it to duplicate. YOU have to insist they drive it alot and not just around the corner. Usually hooking to a computer will not diagnose the problem. I had my dealer install a computer called a data recorder (the dealer called it a flight data recorder) that allowed me to drive around and take digital pictures when the incidents occured. They were able to diagnose from my images about the sensor. Good luck and keep me posted.
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    My 2006 Freestyle has been in the shop for almost a month now waiting on a "throttle body" which they think is the culprit. Had my car about 2 yrs and this was the first motor issue. You'd drive along and it seemed to go into "limp mode" and wouldn't run over 20 mph. They seemed to figure out the part that was the problem but even with an emergency priority, they're telling me it won't be until the middle of August (maybe) when I get it back. There must be a lot of people starting to experience the same problem with an alledged national backorder on a simple part. They have til the middle of next week before I start the lemon law procedures for our state. I can tolerate a week maybe two, but two months is just not right.
  • ekraft90ekraft90 Member Posts: 2 car just shut down again about two weeks ago...for no reason. I was parked idling at the mall. So had it towed to garage, and they finally came to the conclusion that it needed a brand new computer. One week later they put one in. Well has been a problems as of yet...I'm just holding my breath.. Still don't trust it to take it on any long trips. By the way Ford picked the tab on the computer under the 8/80 warranty. Didn't pay a thing......we shall see how this turns out. :D
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    I was told that it was on back order last summer. Just this Saturday, my car stopped dead (in the middle of the street) - luckily I was able to restart it and drive it. I too, had the wrench light and the engine light. After I stopped and started it again, the wrench light went off. I took it in to the dealership where I relayed the story about how I brought it in last year, was told that there was a crack in the throttle body and about how I called and called asking when the part would be in - and was told it was on national backorder. I never heard back from the dealer - and the car had been fine (I actually forgot about it until it happened again).

    The service person looked all through the records on Saturday and found no indication of any previous throttle-related diagnosis - or any indication any part had ever been ordered on my behalf. The guy at the dealership who had waited on me at the time is no longer there either (curious!).

    Well - drumroll - the service person said that they replaced the throttle body and other throttle -related part today. Hmmm....for a national backorder, I sure got my part quick. I am in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

    Anyway, I hope this helps and gives you some ammunition to get your part quickly. I'm not sure what's going on - but something smells a little fishy on my end of the line...and yours.

    Other than the larger section of the second row of seats geeting lodged in the upright position - I LOVE my Freestyle. Best wishes!!
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    After being tied up in the shop for a month, I got to the end of my rope and started the Lemon Law process. Out of the blue I get a call from the dealer saying that even though it wasn't supposed to ship for a week at least, they had received a new throttle body and just by chance the zone tech was in the neighborhood and they went through everything and tested it. "Ready to go" they say. Odd timing but at least I have my car back. Now to see if it really fixed the problem. Given what else I have read in just this one series of threads, it is clear I am not alone, and there seem to be a lot of different fixes for what appears to be the same problem (symptom). We'll see.
  • jrmustjrmust Member Posts: 17
    The Throttle Body sensor was the latest thing they changed on my 2006 Freestyle
    trying to cure my "stalling and shutoff" issues. The data recorder had indicated the sensor lost contact a split second before it would shut down. The throttle body was installed on June 15. 3 weeks later we're back to the shop again with the same issue. I can believe the problem is not fixed. Each time the data recorder give a code to fix something, it doesn't correct the problem.

    So far: instrument cluster
    coils in bank one
    followed by a transmission replacement
    throttle body sensor

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    I also have had problems....I was told I needed a new throttle body and that the part is on national backorder and would not be in for a month to two months. The first time I took it in to the dealer they told me the throttle body needed to be replaced but since it was on backorder they told me to come and pick it up and that it should be perfectly safe to drive...well, two days later it shuts off on me again. I called the dealer and they told me to call Ford Motor Co. about paying for a rental since my car was 1000 miles over my warranty. So far nothing has happened and I am stuck with a dangerous car until the part comes in.
  • jrmustjrmust Member Posts: 17
    Don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but the throttle body sensor did not fix my issue with the stalling and cutting off. It's incredibly dangerous to drive. I have 3 children and am not at all comfortable going anywhere.

    The dealer has now had my car since July 19th. They cannot find the problem. They have driven the car and finally experienced the same issues I've had since March 07. They have called in the Rep or Engineer from FORD that covers our region, but it takes times for the them to get here to work on it. Not even sure they will know what to do. Thank goodness our dealer is very generous with a loaner while mine is broken. I think I've actually put more miles on the loaner vehicle than the one I own!!!
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    "I'm new to this site. I thought I'd done a pretty good job researching the Freestyle before I got it 2 yrs ago. I also had to replace the tires ($$$) with less than 30,000 miles on it, also the brakes, but they had a recall on them so I saved $500 on that. But over the last couple of months my warning light "check charging system" comes on and the battery goes dead. Took it in to the Ford Dealer where I got the car used, said it was the altinator, which would cost close to $600 because of labor. It's in the shop now. My middle seat is stuck too! The guys in the shop have no clue how to operate it at all. I'm going to take some of the information I found today on this site to them, maybe then they can figure it out. Other than that I love how the car handles in snow, much better than my husband's chevy truck! (little joke between us) ;)
  • madden322madden322 Member Posts: 7
    WIth regard to the seat issue. My husband recently got it unlatched, and since then, every time I sit the seat back upright, I make sure to hold the handle immediately after to recline it slightly. Since I've been doing that, I have been able to fold the seat down every time! Woo hoo! No more fighting with the seats!

    Thought that might help someone else out there.
  • jrmustjrmust Member Posts: 17
    The latest fix was a mass air flow sensor. The dealer had the car over 30 days and I had it back 8 days and it was cutting off again. It's been back at the dealer now for over a week. We all know there is a problem, but no-one seems to know what is causing it or how to fix it. The Ford tech reps have been called to help with the issue. I hoping it gets fixed before the change in the weather. Once it cools off, I generally don't have the issue. Only in over 90 degree days. :sick:
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    I'm new to this site and have had a lot of interesting reading. I have a 2007 freestyle fwd sel. Recently, my gas gauge started dropping like a rock to empty from just above a 1/4 of a tank. Last time this happened I knew I should have about 5 gallons of gas so did not fill up. Nice surprise when my car would not start the next morning. The dealership is telling me that these cars have 2 fuel pumps that are supposed to keep the gas level on 2 different sides of the gas tank (hump in middle of floor board created 2 sides on the tank). Apparently, my aren't communicating so my car has gas on one side of the tank that the engine can't utilize. Anyone else had this problem? I also recently replaced the back brake shoes at about 34000 miles. I have 1500 miles left on the warranty. Anything else I need to be aware of?
  • leo44leo44 Member Posts: 5
    jr please keep me posted, same issues w/ mine first they said mass air flow needed cleaning, then they said gas cap, now they cant seem to find anything and are sending it back 2 us. this is getting really stupid
  • coldcrankercoldcranker Member Posts: 877
    leo44 (and maybe others with similar problem): Did the mechanic replace the Accelerator Pedal's Sensor Assembly, part number 9N792 (for those that have it, thats in Freestyle Workshop Manual Section 310-02-2)?

    Its probably the same part they use in the '05 Mustang, and the part is pictured on Acclerator Pedal workshop manual diagram
  • coldcrankercoldcranker Member Posts: 877
    About the fuel pump problems, I was wondering if anyone knows of any other make/model of car/truck that has the dual fuel pump?
    I've never heard of this configuration. I have a Workshop Manual and looked it up after reading godsymyt's post in here. Actually, the way it is arranged is that one side of the gas tank has a fuel pump that only pumps to the other side, where the second fuel pump gets the fuel to the engine. What the heck? There is also a separate fuel level sensor in each half of the fuel tank. I guess they did it this odd way to accomodate the AWD model's driveshaft back there. So we who have the 2WD version of the Freestyle really got the shaft on this one. I'd like to install a low cross-feed tube to gravity-equalize the two sides, but I guess that would be messy, although I could do it since a driveshaft isn't back there in the way.

    The least the engineers at Ford could have done was set up a parallel fuel feed circuit so either pump can get fuel to the engine, with both of them bleeding a little to the other side of the tank, instead of one dedicated side solely feeding the engine. That way you'd have dual redundancy, as in airplanes. Those bums.
  • coldcrankercoldcranker Member Posts: 877
    Ford has known its had major throttle body issues on the Freestyle/500/Montego, and maybe others, for a long time now. They issued a TSB (tech service bulletin) early in the Freestyle manufacturing run. A TSB means that Ford has seen too many failures of this part and is alerting technicians to the problem:

    Copy of TSB:

    The part "5F9Z-9E926-AA Throttle Body" is over $200.

    There was a Technical Service Bulletin TSB that your dealership should be made aware of (tell the dealership to look up TSB 05-25-13 or just print out the following):


    Publication Date: December 13, 2005

    FORD: 2005 Five Hundred, Freestyle
    MERCURY: 2005 Montego

    Some 2005 Five Hundred, Freestyle, or Montego vehicles built on or before 3/9/2005 may exhibit the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) on, with any or all of the following diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs): P0068, P0121, P0221, P0222, P0223, P1120, P1121, P1124, P1125, P2100, P2101, P2106, P2107, P2111, P2112, P2135.

    Perform normal diagnostics. If normal diagnostics lead to an electronic throttle body (ETB) replacement, refer to the following Service Procedure.


    Replace the throttle body referring to Workshop Manual Section 303-04, and reprogram the powertrain control module (PCM) to the latest calibration using WDS release B40.4 and higher or B41.1 and higher. This new calibration is not included in the B41 CD. Calibration files may also be obtained at

    5F9Z-9E926-AA Throttle Body

    Eligible Under Provisions Of New Vehicle Limited Warranty Coverage

    9E926 42


    NOTE: The information in Technical Service Bulletins is intended for use by trained, professional technicians with the knowledge, tools, and equipment to do the job properly and safely. It informs these technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or provides information that could assist in proper vehicle service. The procedures should not be performed by "do-it-yourselfers". Do not assume that a condition described affects your car or truck. Contact a Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury dealership to determine whether the Bulletin applies to your vehicle. Warranty Policy and Extended Service Plan documentation determine Warranty and/or Extended Service Plan coverage unless stated otherwise in the TSB article. The information in this Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) was current at the time of printing. Ford Motor Company reserves the right to supercede this information with updates. The most recent information is available through Ford Motor Company's on-line technical resources.
  • leo44leo44 Member Posts: 5
    no, they cleaned the mass air flow sensor, and then when light came on they said it was the gas cap. third time they advised they could not duplicate the problem and could not fix what they did not know. when it does it again or before hand we will be using another dealership for repairs. i understand where they are comming from but surely they know about issues in these models any advice is welcome
  • coldcrankercoldcranker Member Posts: 877
    At a certain point, I'd think you could invoke the Lemon Laws in your state (assuming U.S.A; don't know about other places). They vary by state. With the Lemon Laws, Ford buys your vehicle at the retail used car price. After replacing a bunch of sensors and parts over much time, I would think you could do that.
    If you have any luck with Lemon Laws, then let me know. Google it and put in your state, or call the Better Business Bureau and they can direct you.
  • godsmytgodsmyt Member Posts: 5
    The dealership has advised me that they are replacing a wiring harness to take care of the problem between dispersing fuel between the two tanks. Does this make any sense when looking at the diagram?
  • coldcrankercoldcranker Member Posts: 877
    There is a part # 14A007 electrical connnector attached to the transfer fuel pump, and a 14A464 electrical connector on the main fuel pump. They are probably replacing one or both of those. It is possible they are right about doing this. Interestingly, to pull those connectors and wiring, they have to remove a fuel tank shield cover under the 2nd row seats and actually pull up the fuel pumps from inside the vehicle. (On most cars I think you put the vehicle on a lift and drop the gas tank down, but not ours.) Sounds like a 1-hour labor charge (not sure).
  • godsmytgodsmyt Member Posts: 5
    Well, after replacing the wiring harness I had my car back for less than 24 hours....gas gauge reached 1/4 tank and dropped to empty. Wonder what they will try now?
  • coldcrankercoldcranker Member Posts: 877
    Maybe they will try to replace the fuel transfer pump itself, as it could have some internal flaw which causes it to not respond to control inputs. Hope its under warranty or extended warranty. I got a third-party extended warranty that I hope I don't have to test to see if they pay up and cooperate.
  • jrmustjrmust Member Posts: 17
    My mass air flow sensor was completely changed. Did not fix the problem. Back at dealer awaiting a technician from Ford.
  • jrmustjrmust Member Posts: 17
    Hi Coldcranker

    Throttle sensor part number that was changed was 5F9Z9F836BA. not sure exactly what it is but no matter. Didin't fix the problem.
  • jrmustjrmust Member Posts: 17
    Lemon Laws in the state of Virginia only apply to new vehicles under 18,000 miles or if a dealer refuses to work on it. I bought it used with 28,000 miles. So I'm SOL in that department. But thanks for checking.
  • coldcrankercoldcranker Member Posts: 877
    jrmust, The info on part numbers I have show a different number for the Throttle Body Assembly (which includes an integral position sensor inside).

    This kind of exasperating repeat parts replacement mystery problem happened to me in 1995 on a Dodge Intrepid. The dealership replaced a bunch of electronic sensors and actuator parts, and then we finally found out the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system was kaput. This ended the sudden-stalling issues I was having.

    I don't blame dealerships for having such a hard time finding the Freestyle's problem, since sometimes all you can do is keep replacing parts. The OBDII diagnostic software system in the engine computer has software that runs around the car and checks voltage ranges and sensor/actuator operational behavior in an active manner, and it usually isolates and nails down the issue.
  • hack4hack4 Member Posts: 4
    We just got 07 SEL FWD 74k my wife on a trip called me and said engine shuts down clock reset to 12:00 can someone help is it elec or mech ?
  • barnstormer64barnstormer64 Member Posts: 1,106
    We just got 07 SEL FWD 74k my wife on a trip called me and said engine shuts down clock reset to 12:00 can someone help is it elec or mech ?

    Sounds electronic to me.
  • hack4hack4 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks that is what i was thinking too. I read about a loose wire a the instrument panel hope that is all !!!!
  • 01taurussel01taurussel Member Posts: 43
    I'd check alternator.......
  • hack4hack4 Member Posts: 4
    Just have to hope she gets back ok. Then i take it in
  • hack4hack4 Member Posts: 4
    I found the problem, the seconary battery cable on the + side was loose and corroded. started car moved wire, engine shut down same way as it was doing before. clean and all is well. Hope this might help someone else. :)
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Thanks for the update. Glad you got it fixed!

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • godsmytgodsmyt Member Posts: 5
    I have a 2007 freestyle. It has recently been surging when I start the car. Someone mentioned that they were having alot of problems with the EGR and some dealerships are saying it could take 6 months to get the replacement part. Has anyone else heard of this or is there a technical service bulletin out for the problem??
  • tim156tim156 Member Posts: 308
    I don't have my Freestyle any more but occasionally check the board to see what's up. Myself, like many other Freestyle owners had nothing bus praise for the car and Ford. I sold mine because I really liked the new 2010 Fusion. Now to your gripe.
    A simple Google search would have answered your first question. All new vehicles have EGR or exhaust gas recirculation valves, the potential for failure is equal for all makes and models. Maybe the reason the part is on back order is, like many auto parts manufacturers, the company that makes them may have gone out of business, be in financial trouble or restructuring and Ford had to find a new supplier.
    The smallest Ford truck is the Ranger. I owned a Ranger a few years back and yes it sits fairly high off the ground but there's plenty of room for two and my 85 year old mother had no problem with a little assistance.
    So what if Enterprise is inside the Ford dealer. Many companies have partnerships with others to provide convenient service.
    You have a right to be "POed" if the dealership isn't being honest with you. I'd go somewhere else if that's the case.
    Ford is not going to go out of business if you choose to by another brand. Ford has the best American cars on the road today.
    Ford HAS gotten their act together. Do some research on the current line up, future cars and Ford's business plan so before you abandon Ford it's for the right reasons.
  • awisemanawiseman Member Posts: 1
    My 2007 Freestyle has been at the ford dealership for 4 weeks. I bought it in May & that is when it started the surge issue. It is a throttle body. I actually bought it through carmax. They are keeping me in a loaner while we are waiting for the part to come in.
  • jrmustjrmust Member Posts: 17
    back on the airwaves again.... The same stalling issues continued to plague the Freestyle in December and once the weather warmed in 2009. Took back to the dealership in July and got it back Sept 4. The mechanic at the dealership has 2 years invested in this and we think it's been solved. During early 2009, we disabled the evap system and I drove the car for 3 months with no problems. So, from there, they tore it down and starting investigating the issue. An evap hose with a sensor that leads to a canister for gas vapors to escape was full of gasoline. That was replaced. I drove less than 70 miles and problem was still occuring, so it went back. Working with the Ford techs, they determined there was something wrong in the gas tank that would malfunction and send a signal to the evap system, flood it with gas and it would shut down. The mechanic was able to duplicate this issue in shop, which they had not been able to do before. A gas tank assembly and new hoses were put in. We hope this is it!!!!!
  • jrmustjrmust Member Posts: 17
    Took the Freestyle to Washington DC on 9/5 after picking it up on 9/4 and it's not as if DC traffic on a holiday weekend isn't stressful enough, but the car started cutting off again downtown DC while viewing the National Monument. Didn't let it keep us, 4 adults, 5 kids and 2 vehicles from enjoying the National Zoo for the day. The ride home was very stressful, kept acting up until the outside temp dropped to about 75 degrees. Last 100 miles home were a breeze. Just have no idea what to try next. We thought the chaning of the gas tank and evap sensor would have fixed issue. Guess not. Any help would be appreciated as the saga continues now for 2 1/2 years.
  • dimattei5dimattei5 Member Posts: 8
    I amhaving the same problem and i was told today that the part is not even going to start production until oct 31st 2009. Which means the part will not be unavail for install till next year..This is a major problem
  • jrmustjrmust Member Posts: 17
    The EGR valve has been changed on my Freestyle. That did not correct the issue. Is that the part you are referrring to?
  • godsmytgodsmyt Member Posts: 5
    I believe so .... the throttle valve. My car is just beginning to show symptoms such as surging but the check engine light has not been on. I'm told this valve is probably going to become a problem.
  • dimattei5dimattei5 Member Posts: 8
    The problem my car is having is from the Throttle Body. And Ford can not do anything because they don't have this part manufactured. My check engine light never came on. It just revs up and stalls. I am looking at the car not being ready till next year Jan 2010. :lemon:
  • madden322madden322 Member Posts: 7
    I had a cracked throttle body last year and was able to get it fixed relatively quickly (like 4 or 5 days, I think). They (the dealership in Arlington, TX) told me that it was a known issue with the vehicle. I am sorry to hear you have this problem.

    The thing that gets me is that they are manufacturing the Taurus X, which I would imagine has the same part - so they're making the thing somewhere!

    Good thing though, once it was replaced on my vehicle, the problem was cured. So, at least you have that to look forward to!

    Good luck, keep leaning on them about this!
  • blsdmomof2blsdmomof2 Member Posts: 10
    What with Ford. I have a 2006 Ford freestyle in the shop now for 35 days. It started to stall and the engine light came on. Took it in and now they are giving me the run around they part is in back order may not be ready until mid to late Oct. I can say why this will be my last Ford I buy. between my husband and I we've had 7 fords. THATS it!! And why isn't this part a recall? They quoted me $650.00 dollars I don't think I should have to pay that. I'm making a car payment for a car I don't even have. Then they are giving me the run around just to get a loaner.
  • blsdmomof2blsdmomof2 Member Posts: 10
    yes, Its sounds like what my car was doing. Ford said it was the throttle body and it has been in the shop for 35 days and still no part Ford said "its on back order" That just makes no sence to me.
  • dimattei5dimattei5 Member Posts: 8
    My car is still under warranty so i won't have to pay for it. Thats the good if it will ever get fixed.. It has been in the shop for 81 days now. I contacted the states attonery office and they looked into it for me and I was told that they still need to find someone to manfacture this part. So it looks like after testing the part will not be available till Jan 2010. What state do you live in. You need to contact as many people as possible to put some kind of pressure on Ford to make this a recall. I have the local news station looking into it. keep me updated
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