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Ford Freestyle Lots of Problems



  • back on the airwaves again.... The same stalling issues continued to plague the Freestyle in December and once the weather warmed in 2009. Took back to the dealership in July and got it back Sept 4. The mechanic at the dealership has 2 years invested in this and we think it's been solved. During early 2009, we disabled the evap system and I drove the car for 3 months with no problems. So, from there, they tore it down and starting investigating the issue. An evap hose with a sensor that leads to a canister for gas vapors to escape was full of gasoline. That was replaced. I drove less than 70 miles and problem was still occuring, so it went back. Working with the Ford techs, they determined there was something wrong in the gas tank that would malfunction and send a signal to the evap system, flood it with gas and it would shut down. The mechanic was able to duplicate this issue in shop, which they had not been able to do before. A gas tank assembly and new hoses were put in. We hope this is it!!!!!
  • Took the Freestyle to Washington DC on 9/5 after picking it up on 9/4 and it's not as if DC traffic on a holiday weekend isn't stressful enough, but the car started cutting off again downtown DC while viewing the National Monument. Didn't let it keep us, 4 adults, 5 kids and 2 vehicles from enjoying the National Zoo for the day. The ride home was very stressful, kept acting up until the outside temp dropped to about 75 degrees. Last 100 miles home were a breeze. Just have no idea what to try next. We thought the chaning of the gas tank and evap sensor would have fixed issue. Guess not. Any help would be appreciated as the saga continues now for 2 1/2 years.
  • I amhaving the same problem and i was told today that the part is not even going to start production until oct 31st 2009. Which means the part will not be unavail for install till next year..This is a major problem
  • The EGR valve has been changed on my Freestyle. That did not correct the issue. Is that the part you are referrring to?
  • I believe so .... the throttle valve. My car is just beginning to show symptoms such as surging but the check engine light has not been on. I'm told this valve is probably going to become a problem.
  • The problem my car is having is from the Throttle Body. And Ford can not do anything because they don't have this part manufactured. My check engine light never came on. It just revs up and stalls. I am looking at the car not being ready till next year Jan 2010. :lemon:
  • I had a cracked throttle body last year and was able to get it fixed relatively quickly (like 4 or 5 days, I think). They (the dealership in Arlington, TX) told me that it was a known issue with the vehicle. I am sorry to hear you have this problem.

    The thing that gets me is that they are manufacturing the Taurus X, which I would imagine has the same part - so they're making the thing somewhere!

    Good thing though, once it was replaced on my vehicle, the problem was cured. So, at least you have that to look forward to!

    Good luck, keep leaning on them about this!
  • What with Ford. I have a 2006 Ford freestyle in the shop now for 35 days. It started to stall and the engine light came on. Took it in and now they are giving me the run around they part is in back order may not be ready until mid to late Oct. I can say why this will be my last Ford I buy. between my husband and I we've had 7 fords. THATS it!! And why isn't this part a recall? They quoted me $650.00 dollars I don't think I should have to pay that. I'm making a car payment for a car I don't even have. Then they are giving me the run around just to get a loaner.
  • yes, Its sounds like what my car was doing. Ford said it was the throttle body and it has been in the shop for 35 days and still no part Ford said "its on back order" That just makes no sence to me.
  • My car is still under warranty so i won't have to pay for it. Thats the good if it will ever get fixed.. It has been in the shop for 81 days now. I contacted the states attonery office and they looked into it for me and I was told that they still need to find someone to manfacture this part. So it looks like after testing the part will not be available till Jan 2010. What state do you live in. You need to contact as many people as possible to put some kind of pressure on Ford to make this a recall. I have the local news station looking into it. keep me updated
  • This part will not be available for instal until after the first of the year. Contact your states attorney general office by email and they will look into for you. My car has now been in the shop for 81 days
  • Thank you I will contact them today. I did speak to Ford today and they said the part should be in first week if Oct. I think they are just blowing smoke up my rear just to shut me up. I live in Simi Valley, CA. I spoke to another lady at the ford the other day and her Freestyle is in for the same thing. Throttle body. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the advise.
  • You know I was thinking. You said your car is in under warranty, but what's warranty if they don't even HAVE the part to fix it. Did you pay for extendend warranty? I'm just frustrated that ford is even giving me a hard time to get a loaner. What year is your car? and how many miles do you have? Mine is 2006 with 48,000 miles.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "The thing that gets me is that they are manufacturing the Taurus X, which I would imagine has the same part - so they're making the thing somewhere! "

    Not necessarily. The Taurus X has a different engine, 3.5 vice the 3.0 in the Freestyle. So the parts are probably different.
  • # 3 problems..sounds like the Throttle body and that is the part they are re-making right now and will not be ready for install till Jan..2010. My car has been sitting on a Ford lot for 83 days now waiting of this part..And they are doing nothing for me at all..I would get rid of the car while you still can..
  • My husband and I have only bought Ford. The company makes good cars when they run..They DON'T take care of the customers. If you sell a car to someone they need to stand behind it. My car has been on Fords lot for 83 days now and it looks like it will be there till Jan 2010. That means I am out of a car for 6 months and still have to pay for it and also have a warranty on this car. That does not make for happy customers when they buy something and it doesn't work. They need to recall this Model due to many problems they can't fix. :lemon:
  • Yes, the part is possibly different, because they knew it didn't work in the freestyle so they changed it in the Tarus. Now why don't they just admit ohh Ford made a mistake ands fix it. Can we all just open up a class action law suit? We all have the same problem and its just not fair that we just sit and wait. I could see waiting for a week or two but not over 83 days. Come on now.
  • I contacted my states attorney. Whats next? Do I just sit and wait again.
  • I know what you mean! My dealer in Alabama said it was going to cost me $761 and they were going to put a used Throttle Control on it. Why would I want a used one if mine has gone out a 50,000 miles? My wife uses this car to work out of and they will not even discuss giving us a loaner car. My service manager said he had no idea when the part would be available. That is what you want to hear from your dealership. Makes you want to buy another vehicle there doesn't it? :cry: :cry:
  • I have a Ford Freestyle with 50,000 miles that the Throttle Control just went out on. They are saying it is going to cost me $761 to get it fixed, but they have no idea when they will have the part in. Could be first of the year. I know I am in Alabama but come on now, this is insane. I have read some of the forums on here and see this is a huge problem. Is there anyone out there with any ideas or helpful hints. My wife uses this car to work out of, and cannot be without one. They will not even consider giving us a loaner car because it is out of its "Factory Warranty". I am just thinking with all of the problems they are having, they should try and help the customer. PLEASE HELP!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • I have posted MANY MANY complaints about my 2006 Ford Freestyle. Same thing Throttle body control. Parts not going to be available until Jan or Feb. 2010 if we are lucky, Which is so crazy they dont have a manufacture to make this part. What I've been researching is that the manufacture that made this part went bankrupt. SO Ford needs to find another manufacture then test the part. YADA YADA YADA. My throttle body went out at 48 thousand miles no its not under warranty, but no way was I going without a car. Ford agreed to pick up EVERY CENT of my rent a a car which I am going on about 46 days. My car has been in the shop for about 48 days. I can give you the number to ford which makes all decisions on the rent a cars. Maybe if you bug her enough she will pay for a rent a car. let me know. I can't believe Ford is getting away with this and not recalling this part!!!! URG so frustrating.!!!
  • Thanks for the reply. YES Please give me the nunmber to Ford for the rental car. Maybe I can get something done with them. Thanks so much.... :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    You are welcome to contact each other off the boards (mark your email public in your profile or use your CarSpace email), but please don't post phone numbers or names of customer service people on the forums. Numbers change and we get complaints and many people don't want their names posted on the net.

  • I'm watching your thread with great interest. I've got an 05 SEL that my folks bought new. The engine has died maybe 5 times, most recently two weeks ago in central Florida. I believe each time it's happen it's been when coming to a stop. My father took it in under warranty, but of course they found nothing. I own the car now and this is the first time it's happened to me. I'd like to get to the bottom of it myself if possible, I'm a DIY'er.
  • I have a Ford Five Hundred 2005---Been in shop since July13th 50,000 miles, Throttle Body on backorder...was Oct, then Dec, who knows now. I am getting no help, no car rental. Actually went and purchased a new car because I didnt have a vehicle.

    I am interested in getting local news, and a recall. I have contacted the attorney generals office and now the Office of Defects Investigation....they can make Ford recall the part. Has anyone got an attorney yet? Really, this is crazy...
  • I have contacted several lawyers about this situation..if you find one that will take the case he will have a lot of people to back the claims. My attorney general did nothing..
  • I have contated several people but no one is returning my calls or e-mails. My car has been in the shop now since Sep 2. THIS IS JUST CRAZY.... Someone help...
  • I dropped out of this message board for a while because the whole issue of Ford's poor service was making me crazy. Reading about others' misery was only reinforcing my own. My husband and I were fortunate to be able to trade my nonfunctional 2006 Freestyle and his wornout Ford 350 diesel truck circa 1992 for a new Toyota Tundra and a new Hundyai (sp?) Genesis. I have nothing but disgust for Ford and I will never even entertain the thought of owning another one. If you look at the number of types of Fords and discontinuation of models you'll be flabbergasted. It's as if Ford has ADHD. Couldn't that company just make a reliable product and stick with it?? Oh, well---when they can't keep customers............
  • Hello again. From what I am seeing it will not let you post a phone number on this board. Will you please send it to my email at [email protected] Thanks again for your help. :D
  • seems like i have a lot of company with 2006 freestyle power loss problems. mine began with one occurrence in highway traffic this past spring. engine would race but no power to drive train. wrench light went on. i nursed the car to a friend's house where i turned ignition off and let car sit for a couple of hours. upon re-starting, everything was fine. i called dealer the next morning and was told there was nothing they could do if wrench light or engine light was no longer on. was also told they had never heard of a problem such as this.
    problem did not occur again until middle of october, again in highway traffic. i pulled over to shoulder, turned ignition off then re-started car which seemed to re-set the computer. problem occurred 3 times within 15 minutes/wrench and engine lights both went on. i drove another 50 miles home worried about car dying in traffic.
    took car to dealer the next day and was told problem was a bad "megatronix" unit. $1,500.00 dollars and 1 week later, i picked car up from dealer. it ran great for 4 days then problem occurred again.
    took vehicle back to dealer and am now told that Ford is recommending a new transmission at the cost of over $4,500.00
    i feel at wits end and that they are just jerking me around. it appears that there are well documented, dangerous problems with the freestyle and ford should be held accountable for them.
    any suggestions on how to proceed as a group toward justice and restitution for this extremely dangerous problem?
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