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Ford Freestyle Lots of Problems



  • kberly531kberly531 Posts: 6
    I have no extended warranty
  • abessengerabessenger Posts: 10
    Toyota of Florence since that is who I purchased the used truck from and I bought the extended warranty at the same time.
  • l8againl8again Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Freestyle that died on I-95 in New York, bumper to bumper traffic Friday afternoon. I'm told it's a throttle body problem, the part is on back order all over the US, and it may be over a month until one is available. My car was towed to a dealership in CT and we took the train home to PA. I do have the Ford Extended Warranty but it won't cover a car rental for a couple of months. I have also called Ford customer service and should hear from Ford in two days. Perhaps a call to the Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is in order. This is too common of an occurrence and breaking down on the highway is dangerous.
  • kberly531kberly531 Posts: 6
    Had to go without car for four days but luckily my ford dealer gave me a loaner today, I have friends coming from out of the country tomorrow for three weeks, great time to be without car.
  • catcountycatcounty Posts: 3
    Ford Coustomer Care just called. I credit them for promptness. Lady said the pre-payment was a dealership policy. I did take the opportunity to voice the issue about throttle body assembley problems, for what it's worth.
  • alexapfalexapf Posts: 6
    EVERYONE please report this issue to the NHTSA .
    at 1-888-327-4236
  • catcountycatcounty Posts: 3
    I dealer shopped and will get the part for $525, without pre-pay. Parts guy thinks it "may" be available early to mid August. Hope mine holds up that long.....
  • r_42r_42 Posts: 4
    When I called Ford CRC to complain about the issue and that they should pay for my rental they said there was nothing they could do because my car was out of warranty. I told the person that was unacceptable and asked to speak to her manager. Her manager called me back after a day and gave me the same story. I told him my car was being held hostage and was unsafe to drive and I'm being forced to pay for a rental because they won't have the part for at least three weeks. He said there was nothing he could do so I asked to speak to his manager. I day later I received a call saying that they will pay for my rental.

    I think they're starting to feel the pressure. Keep it up everyone. Don't let them off the hook. There should be a National Recall and we shouldn't have to pay for this repair.
  • jeanie4jeanie4 Posts: 3
    I've been on this thread before but had to give it up--was bad for my blood pressure, if you know what I mean. My Ford Freestyle was traded in for a Hundyai (sp?) last September because of the utter futility of trying to deal with Ford. I will never, ever, ever buy another Ford again because of their inferior products--no wonder they don't stand by them. They're too interested in selling and not concerned about quality or follow--through. I,too, was told it would be months-long wait for the part and was offered a rental for a few days at best. My husband and I decided it would be best to cut our losses and go in another direction. This move is especially hard for a lot of people because financially they may not be able to do this. I would not count on the availability of the requested part. The least Ford could do is let the customer know where a part is in the process of getting it to the dealership--just like UPS does with a package--how about it Ford??? Stringing the customer along is a cruelty!!
  • abessengerabessenger Posts: 10
    I'm sorry I do not know what CRC is. I would like to know and I would like the number. I called NHSTA the other day and complained. They said that they had recorded everything I said and read it back to me. I did suggest a recall, but have heard nothing!
  • r_42r_42 Posts: 4
    The CRC is Ford's customer relations department and can be reached at 800-392-3673
  • When I took my car in because the wrench came on they said it was going to be $6100 I was very mad and couldn't imagine how this was possible. They said my throttle body and transmission was shot. I have an 06 at 77,000. After fighting with the dealer about the problem my father in law helped out we got a little knocked off the price. The next day my father in law's car did the same thing he has the same car 06 at 57,000. His car is in the shop right now too. What the heck is going on? So I thought I would research and I found this site I will be calling the CRC and the NHSTA tomorrow and he will too. :mad:
  • cb529cb529 Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    I have just experienced the same issue with my 2007 Freestlye. I called ford CRC and was told they would get back to me but "as the car is out of warrantly there might not be any assistance offered." My next call is to my state consumer protection ageny, the state attorenty general and then to DOT/NHTSA to file complaints. I was told it would be at least 1 month before the part is available by the dealer. I unfortunatly to not have the finances to just go out and rent a car for a month so now I am scrambling to figure out how to get both my wife and I to work every day so we can make payments on a car that we can't even use. This is totally unacceptable. This vehicle has less than 50K miles on it. There is no reason for this failure other than faulty part. Everyone who sees this needs to make as big a stink as possible. $1000.00 for repair of a known defect going back to 05 models. This is outrageous!
  • kberly531kberly531 Posts: 6
    my car is going on two weeks at the shop, with no word on the part! Luckily the dealership gave me a loaner.
  • lcjesselcjesse Posts: 30
    i was having similar problems and got the same answer from my Ford Dealership.
    on the this same Freestyle Forum under Maintenance and Repair i got some excellent advise drom danallan. He mentioned that he was having the same problem at 57K and was told he needed Fuel INDUCTION service, which he got and it fixed his problem and he now has over 85K on his car. I took mine to an independant mechanic that provides this service and told them my whole story. He called today with "good news". With what we had discussed when i took it in he said he skipped over all of the diagnostics to keep from running up a tab and went straight to doing the fuel induction service. He said something to the effect that there was some air flow part ( over my head) that was REALLY dirty and with that cleaned out it is running great. It cost me $125. This is the exact experience that danallan had. I have yet to pick up my car today but am so excited about the possibility that if is fixed that i wanted to share. If this does seem to fix it I'll be sharing this with the dealership as well as the company.
  • cb529cb529 Posts: 2
    Thanks very much for the info. I am not using Ford dealer for the throttle body repair because my local mechanic can repair for $200 cheaper than ford. Unfortunately same back order problem. Let me know please how your car runs as i am going to ask my mechanic to try this first as well.
  • alexapfalexapf Posts: 6
    I waited exactly a month for the car to be repaired and got it back yesterday, also a Freestyle 2007 31 K miles! I called and e mailed Ford Corp EVERYDAY as the vehicle was not safe to drive, filed a complaint with the NHSTA who told me that an investigation for a possible recall takes place based on the number of complaints so please call them and have your VIN ready it takes about 10 mins.
    If you purchased the extended warranty ask for a refund.
    Also the vehicle manual indicates that the emissions has a warranty up to 80K miles so I am now trying to look this of course on my own since I am no longer covered under the warranty!!!
    My auto insurance is covering this under Mechanical Breakdown minus a 250 dollar deductible, so if you have full coverage look into this. I was totally unaware of this option until I called my ins company.
    I will be willing to complain to the state attorney general please post the contact info if you have it. Good luck,
  • We've had the same symptoms with our 07 Freestyle. Our Ford dealer recommended first merely cleaning the throttle body to see if that cleared up the problem. I removed the throttle body (one screw clamp, one electrical connection and four 8mm bolts), sprayed the inside of the TB liberally with Throttle Body Cleaner (~$4), reinstalled everything and problem solved. Took 20 minutes.
  • r_42r_42 Posts: 4
    Keep the spray handy for when it happens again. I hope it's not on the freeway or on some incline. If that's all it took do you really think Ford would want all of the complaints. Good Luck to you sir.
  • Called and they did not tell me anything about the number of complaints for a recall. My phone call is added to the ones that have called or will call now that what you were told has been conveyed.
  • gmiller1225gmiller1225 Posts: 2
    edited August 2010
    I have a 2007 Ford Freestyle, in October 2009 I had problems with the car accelerating when stopped with my foot on the brake, the car would jump forward. I took the car into the local Ford dealer and was told the throttle body was bad. They were very aware of the problems Ford was having with this part. It took over three months to repair because the part was not available. Ford did supply me with a full size rental car for the entire three months. Now three week s ago the same problem started. I again brought the car back to Ford and was told the Throttle body was again bad, they supplied a rental car and five days latter I had my car back. Now today two weeks after getting my car back, my car again started accelerating while stopped at a light with my foot on the brakes. I could not stop the car from going forward, and hit the truck in front of me. Not once but three times because the car keep accelerating until the vehicle actually stopped running. I can say I am thankful we were not the first car at the intercession because the accident could have been much worse, and I had three children in the car. Now Ford is in a hurry to pick up my vehicle from where it was towed, not sure I should let them.
  • lcjesselcjesse Posts: 30
    so sorry to hear that you actually had an accident. That had to be frightening to you and the kids. Ford needs to step up to the plate and realize that replacing the TB is not getting at the heart of the problem.
  • dutchmgdutchmg Posts: 1
    We too have had our throttle body replaced back in March. all was well until last week when on vacation after a 6 hour drive and on a very hot day the car all of a sudden started reving up at the stop light. The display showed FAIL SAFE MODE. I brought it into the dealer yesterday and they of course can not duplicate it or find any stored computer codes. We love the car but we cannot help to think about all the Toyota problems. The dealer assures us that we will still be able to shut of the car or select neutral if it ever happens again.
  • lcjesselcjesse Posts: 30
    Ford Customer relations has sent me a survey to take and i intend on letting them know how concerned i am over this issue and am going to make them aware that i have just seen 2 reports of accidents due to "lurching" (your accident and then another on another forum. Would you mind if I just copied the "body" of your post (will not use your "name" at all). I think it would carry a lot of weight to have supporting documentation of the "recommended" repair being done twice and still you had the same problem and a wreck on top of that.
  • I wish I could agree with Ford that you can turn the car off, but having been in this situation, I do not agree. This happens so fast and after weeks with no problem you are not expecting your car to accelerate on its own, you would have to know it was going to happen to get your car shut off in time.
  • alexapfalexapf Posts: 6
    Please report this to the NHTSA they have to recall the part or the vehicles and incidents like the one you had are the ones that prompt and investigation.
    I'm glad you are fine.
  • jpsuitjpsuit Posts: 1
    My wife and I got our 2006 FS Limited in early April. We bought it from our local dealership where we were assured it was a solid vehicle (naturally). It first malfunctioned in on 7-19 when we were out of town at the 80K mile mark. Found the local Ford dealership where we were and got it diagnosed as the throttle body. They reset the fault and we made it home without incident. That night I found this forum. The next day I went to the local dealership where we bought the Freestyle, and the service department there confirmed the problems people are having and suggested that I contact Ford Costumer Care. I called Ford and they said "they could not pursue the issue farther until they had a diagnostic report from the "home" dealership". We thought this was ridiculous. We have filed complaints with NHTSA, the Better Business Bureau, our State Attorney Generals Office. How many complaints will NHTSA need in order to pressure Ford. As of 7-20 when I called them they told me they had 26 complaints with this issue. It is really wrong of Ford not to take action on this issue. Does anyone know the full scope of the issue, in terms of how many Freestyle/ 500's were produced vs. throttle body complaints?
  • just got car back, it took three weeks, cost $780. I will be emailing Ford and complaining but I will give my dealership rave reviews they gave me a loaner to use the whole time.
  • I have a 2007 Ford Freestyle that started lurching like the others I have read about in this post. I have been told that the throttle body is on back order, it has been nearly one month. The have not told me about the problems so many people are having with this part. They are saying it will take $700 dollars to fix. This is awful that they would charge to fix a defective part. I have two more years to pay on this car and can't drive becuase it is not safe. What do they expect people to do. I will never buy another Ford.
  • My wife and I purchased a Ford Freestyle from a Birmingham, AL dealership after having trouble with our 3 year old Ford Explorer. What dealership did you have trouble with and how was it resolved? Any advise you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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