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Dodge Ram Lighting and Electrical Problems



  • dmatkodmatko Posts: 2
    Just recently, my truck started popping every GFI outlet I use to plug in the engine block heater. I've tried 3-4 different ones to eliminate a bad outlet. What causes this?

    It still starts ok, but I had to move it into the garage where it is warmer because the temp is supposed to be 20 degrees below zero tonight. Sadly, I can't find a single outlet in my house that does not have a GFI somewhere in the it is impossible for me to plug in the truck with it's current issue.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Have you tried pushing upwards on the center of the rear dome lamp assembly (the lens itself)?

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    There is a Temperature Sensor mounted under the hood that provides a signal to the overhead console readout. You might have an electrical circuit or defective sensor problem. I'm not sure where its mounted, but I think it's near the battery.

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Well, this problem has all the earmarks of a defective Central Timer Module (CTM).

  • I got stuck on the snow big time this morning. in the process of getting pulled out, the mil light came on. The truck seems to run fine.Is there a way to check the codes with out a machine to read them. I thought one could get them by cycling the ignition a few times. thanks for the help. btw i have a 05 dodge ram 1500 with a 5.7
  • i got the code--- po573. Can yanybody tell me what it means?
  • I also have this exact same problem with the Radio/domelights/mirrors.
    Did you ever figure out the problem? I have been checking wiring for days now with no success. 2000 dodge ram club cab.


    David Johnson
  • Hello,

    I bought a 98 Ram 1500 with 100k on it a couple of months ago, and, every since I bought it, the running lights would come on whenever I would start it up. I figured it was a wiring issue with the aftermarket stereo that was installed in it by the previous owner. It had blown door speakers, so I bought a set of 6x9 to replace them. While I was installing them, I decided I would pull the Pioneer C/D player that someone put in, to see if they had tapped into the lights, to power the C/D player, because of the Marker Lights always coming on, whenever the stereo was on. I disconnected all off the stereo wires, and bought an aftermarket wiring harness, that supposedly would work with my factory stereos wiring, and the aftermarket stereo/CD player. After having installed the wiring harness, the Parking Lamps and dash dimmer, seemed to be working as they should (Parking Lamps would only come on, if I turned them on, an I could now adjust the dash light illumination for brightness at night.) However, the following morning, when I went out to start my truck and let it run for a few minutes (it was -29* F when I got up in morning) I started the truck and went back inside. When I went back out, I happen to notice my Back-Up lights where now lit, in Park, with the head light switch OFF) So, I decided to turn on the lights to see if there were any other issues. And there was/still is. When I have the headlights ON, the Back-Up Lights Flash when I apply the right blinker, but, when I apply the left blinker, it comes on, and doesn't blink at all (Back-Up Lights are also lit). When I turn off the Headlights, the Back-Up Lights go out now, but when I apply the right or left blinker, BOTH the Back-Up Lights blink, with whichever turn single blinker I apply. The fog lights wont work now, nor will the Aftermarket C/D Player, nor the Dome or Cargo Light. Oh... and the Dash Lights flash whenever I apply either Directional Light... I went back and removed the aftermarket wiring harness to the aftermarket C/D player, thinking maybe that it was causing all my new issues, but, it didn't change anything. So, I read in another forum, that the headlight switch might need to be replaced, because they sometimes wear-out, and cause issues with back-feeding into other circuit's. But, that didn't help. I clawed under the rear of the truck and found a cobbled up trailer light harness, so I cut that out too... But, that hasn't helped either. I'm not blowing any fuses, but when this all started, I couldn't keep the 15 Amp Park Lamp fuse from blowing. At first, I started blowing whenever I would have the headlights on, and hit the break peddle (at this time I had NO other issues going on with the lights). Then, a couple of days later, It just started blowing the Park Lamp fuse, as soon as I would pull the headlight switch, out to engage the Parking Lamps. I am at a total loss as to where to go from here, because every time I seem to wanna get to the bottom of whatever is causing the issues to happen, the issues change for some reason!!!!!!! Whats next.... I do not know.... I went to the local Dodge Dealership and asked them if they have ever had this happen before, and the two guys I talked to where baffled as well. I mean, something has to be shorting out somewheres, but where do you start looking, when the issue isn't always the same, every time you go to start the truck??? :mad: :confuse: :lemon:
  • Can you please tell me where the temperature sensor is located that connects to the overhead console display? Mine consistenly reads 30 to 40 degrees warmer than actural outside temperature. Perhaps free air is blocked or sensor is mud caked. I can't inspect it until I can locate the darned thing. Thanks
  • I've had these similer problems with my 03 dodge ram I took it to Dodge thinking it must be in the wiring and after they had it for a week they finally come to the conclusion that the forward control module and instrument cluster is bad and they are the only place that you can get the computers programmed at I'm now in search of the parts they say the serial numbers must match and this all started with the factory radio it would quit working and when I'd shut the truck off I could her the cd player running then it stared messing up my gauges they work one moment and the next time i went out to the truck the wouldnt and the final thing was my truck doesnt have anti theft but when i went to get in it the lights started flashing and horn blowing it took dodge a week to figur it out since i dont have a anti theft device they were puzzeled
  • Looking for a replacment seatbelt module, where the heck can i get one?
  • bjornbjorn Posts: 1
    I have lost my electrical for electrical mirrors, dome lights and radio. I have checked all fuses inside and under the hood. Cannot find the problem and am frustrated. Any help out there would be appreciated.

  • It sounds like your heater is shorted, they only way to fix this is replacement, but first follow the cord to the block where the heater is to make sure it is not chaffed through any where. one common mistake diesel engine owners make is starting the engine with the block heater still plugged in. always unplug before starting!
  • i was having problems with my electrical system started with radio and then other hing s started going i had to have my forward control module flashed and replaced my instrument cluster check online for tsb and see if any fits your problem in case your wandering tsb are technical service bullitins
  • kcs88jrkcs88jr Posts: 1
    Curious to know if anybody has ever had or heard of a problem that when you shut off your headlights, the parking & taillights stay on , so you have to remove the relay in order for them to shut off; and then when you need your headlights,(so you don't get pulled over, for no taillights) you have to put this relay back in? It's quite a pain, but I was told that I need to get a part, that only the dealer has, $150 and then it would cost another $150 to have a garage put it in; ($300). All my other lights & stuff work.
  • punch250punch250 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Ram1500 Quad cab, my parking lights won't go off. I swapped fuses but the problem remains. Any ideas?
  • Check your technical service bullitins first you might find something there i have added the link for you
  • I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 and I attempted to modify my instrument cluster, climate controls, and headlight switch lights and convert them to L.E.D. Well, when I got one L.E.D. to work, I took it back out and used it for reference. When I tried it again, none of my lights would turn on. No headlight switch lights, but the headlights work fine. Climate control lights don't work, but the button for mirrors defrost works. On the instrument cluster, the only lights that dont work are my guage lights. Theres no blown fuses, and the circuit boards don't look like anythings broken. I honestly have no idea what the hell happened , nor can I figure out how to fix it. Anybody have any suggestions? Also, has anybody modified L.E.D.s into their ram? If so, PM me if you can help me through it. Having some trouble...
  • kscar50kscar50 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 ram 1500 2wdrive and i have high beam on the right low onthe left , ihave changed the bulbs but it did'nt work i have no power when i use a test light

    Also my turn signals and 4ways don't work, they flash inside on the dash but nothing outside ,it flashes very fast inside i checked the bulbs and they are good

    I checked each fuse with a test light on the box on the driver side under the hood something is clicking under the fuse box when the flashers or turnsignals are on.
    It does not seem like the standard bulb repair just point me in the right direction with a couple of possibillities
    Thank you kscar50
  • seandeeseandee Posts: 2
    I am new, I hope somone can help me out.
    The other day I had three things go out at one time, my dome light does not come on when I open the drivers side door (but does when I open the pass.). The seatbelt light wont shut off when the belts are buckled and the ac blower motor does not work. Does anybody have any ideas? I hope I can get some answers befor I go to the dealership please help. Thank you . I have 2004 dodge ram 1500 3.7.
  • I have almost the same problem with my 2005 2wd 3500. If you have learned any thing, please share with me! All I have learned is that it probably is the fuse block, that has a bad circuit board inside it. = $350 + labor.
  • Hi, I've got an 08 Ram. My DVD player keeps dying on me. It's been fixed 4 times, then the unit was swapped out for another, and the wires re-routed. Then it died again yesterday. What I mean by "died" is, the 'power on' button doesn't even light up. The dome light still works, and all other electronics work fine, it just seems to be a specific issue with the DVD player. Any ideas?
  • flycar01flycar01 Posts: 1
    Need a wake-me-up when driving late at night?

    2007 Ram 3400 4X4 Laramie crew cab, diesel, 80,000 km.

    I need pointers on where to look to replace a relay or fuse or whatever might contribute to this problem. When driving, even though the doors are closed, the interior lights stay on, the automatic locks unlock and lock repeatedly and this goes on till going up to 80 kph. It has also come on intermittently when slowing down to 60 kph, thus the wake-up the other night.

    I've replaced the batteries in both keyless remotes and have checked the door latches and that's about it. I would prefer to troubleshoot this before paying big bucks for the dealership to look at it. Any ideas?

    This isn't the first thing to come and go, this past Fall we looked outside at 8 pm and saw the thing sitting there with it's running lights on. wth? They turned off after a while. The kids thought it was cool, thinking we had a real life Transformers truck. That problem hasn't happened for a while. No knowing what this thing might do next.


    It's almost like the electrical system has a mutan Thanks.
  • who1349who1349 Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 98 Dodge 3500 and I believe my power mirrors caused problems with lights. When my power mirrors were adjusted I lost my running lights, fog lights, console lights and the rear lights - however my headlights work. Then, a few weeks later, I lost the radio, the dome lights. no fuses were blown, but I replaced a few just in case and nothing! Any suggestions?

  • luke1633luke1633 Posts: 3
    2001 dodge ram 1500 5.9.. MY headlights are working but the outside plastic is so fogged out that I need new lights.. I;m in San diego.. and they seem to be very expensive.. Any place where they aren;t too expensive???
  • stanoskistanoski Posts: 76
    You can get clear plastic polish at Pep Boys, etc. that you wipe on the clear plasitic headlights and it makes it almost new looking again.

    Ski in TX
  • ron131ron131 Posts: 1
    Have a 2004 1500 p/u and the parking lights won't go off unless i pull the relay from under the hood or disconnect the battery. All else seems normal. This seems to be a problem as i found a nother posting with almost the same problem.
  • azdougazdoug Posts: 9
    97 ram diesel instrument cluster problem, tach, speedo, temp and volt meter not working, gas and oil pressure work have checked fuses seem ok
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